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Trident missile test went wrong. to explain why MPs weren't told a


A missile, like this, failed to reach its target


just weeks before a Parliamentary vote to renew the system.


Did you know that misfire had occurred?


Well, I have absolute faith in our Trident missiles.


When I made that speech in the House of


our Trident. was whether or not we should renew


Also tonight: ministers make a statement


The White House is accused of telling "falsehoods"


inauguration. about President Trump's


Choose life, choose Facebook, voting on their candidate


Choose life, choose Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and hope that


someone, somewhere cares. for a new generation.


now Trainspotting returns The Prime Minister is under pressure


tonight to explain why MPs were not told a Trident missile test went


wrong last summer. It happened just weeks before


a crucial Commons vote on the future of Britain's nuclear deterrent,


when Theresa May urged Parliament to back renewal


of the weapons system. Today, she repeatedly declined to


say whether she knew of the malfunction, when an unarmed missile


failed to reach its target. Our Defence Correspondent


Jonathan Beale reports. This is what the launch


of a Trident missile looks like. Last June the Royal Navy carried out


what it calls a "routine un-armed something went wrong.


but we now know that HMS Vengeance was about 200 miles


off the Florida coast. It was to fire the missile around


5,000 miles across the Atlantic. didn't reach its target.


during its flight and it THE SPEAKER: I call


the Prime Minister. Yet, just weeks later,


Theresa May was asking MPs to vote on spending ?40 billion to renew


the weapons system. Mr Speaker we've waited long enough,


it is time to get on with building the next generation


of our nuclear deterrent. there'd been a problem.


times if she knew then Did you know that


misfire had occurred? Did you know it happened?


in our Trident missiles. I think we should


defend our country. nuclear deterrent.


in NATO with an independent Did you know about it when you told


the House of Commons? was a very serious issue.


about in the House of Commons It was about whether or not


we should renew Trident. Whether we should look to the future


and have a replacement Trident. That's what we were talking


about in the House of Commons. Jeremy Corbyn voted against it.


of Commons voted for. Prime Minister, did you know?


country with an independent for our nuclear deterrent.


all the time, regularly What we were talking about in that


debate that took place... I'm not going to get


an answer to this. We understand the Prime Minister


chose not to inform Parliament about this and it's come out


through the media some months later. in the wrong direction.


error when a missile goes Whilst the Ministry of Defence has


publicised past success launches of the Trident missile,


in this incident they say they would give no further details


of the test in June, because of national


security reasons. In a statement, the MoD would only


say that the submarine HMS Vengeance and her crew were successfully


tested and certified. But significantly, officials


do not deny that there veered off course.


or that it might have should have come clean.


Navy says ministers There was some minor problem.


since 1990, regularly, I don't think it would have made


any difference at all. It was a stupid thing to do.


it immediately makes you think - The Government still says it has


absolute confidence in Britain's about its reliability.


incident just raises questions How damaging is all this for the


Editor John Pienaar How damaging is all this for the


Prime Minister? Well, you only had to watch that interview, Clive, to


see this is a difficult story, and an uncomfortable time with potential


for political embarrassment. The betting is the Defence Secretary,


Sir Michael Fallon, could well be asked to make a statement to the


House of Commons tomorrow, on all of this and he could argue this was a


routine test, that there's no realistic chance of a nuclear


accidental strike on Moscow, let alone Florida. Experts would say a


stray missile would be aborted long before it land on Disneyland. It's


also true that most MPs at Westminster do


The Prime Minister has also confirmed that she'll visit


Washington for talks with President Trump on Friday,


the first world leader to meet him since his inauguration.


Mrs May said she would build on the special relationship


she finds unacceptable. but would challenge any opinions


We'll have an opportunity it talk Correspondent Iain Watson.


We'll have an opportunity it talk about our possible future trading


relationship but also some of the world challenges we face. It all


sounds positive but the two leaders will have to square this circle. ! I


want us to be a global Britain. As you can see, our business with


our EU partners is worth far more than our trade with the United


States. No trade agreement can replace or match what we will lose


our own doorstep Europe. It is well known here that the team around


Theresa May were not exactly the biggest fans of Donald Trump when he


was a candidate, but as soon as he was elected his officials were


dispatched to the States trying to mention -- men


now the Prime Minister insists she still isn't fair to raise really


difficult issues with the new leader of the free world.


Theresa May was a little coy on what she would say face-to-face with


Donald Trump, but... I think the biggest game of that will be made


about the role of women is the fact I will be there as a female role


model. In the 80s, Mrs Fach and Ronald Reagan had a close and candid


relationship. -- magus -- Mrs Thatcher.


"tooth and nail", over to fight the news media


what officials see as unfair attacks on Donald Trump.


The new President has taken issue with estimates


of the size of the crowd at his inauguration on Friday.


His press secretary says it was the biggest


in history for such an event, but as our North America


support the claim. the evidence doesn't


The weightiest issues on the planet were discussed


at Donald Trump's inaugural address, but what the president is in a white


rage about are suggestions that the crowds for him were not


as big as they were for Barack Obama eight years ago, even though


the evidence is incontrovertible, as these two photos,


started, make plain. before the inauguration


But last night, journalists were summoned to the most


extraordinary White House briefing to be told they were lying.


an inauguration, period. audience to ever witness


This kind of dishonesty in the media, the challenging,


the bringing of our nation together, is making it more difficult.


There has been a lot of talk in the media


about the responsibility to hold Donald Trump accountable,


and I'm here to tell you that it goes two ways.


No questions were allowed. accountable as well.


Earlier in the day from Donald Trump, on a visit


the target different. a similar attack, though this time


As you know, I have a running war with the media.


They are among the most dishonest human beings on earth.


with the intelligence community. sound like I had a feud


But, hang on a minute, how do you reconcile the suggestion


tweeted this 11 days ago? by the journalists when he


He accused the intelligence services of leaking material against him,


living in Nazi Germany. it seem as though we were


And today, key lieutenants were intensifying their attacks.


There is an obsession by the media to delegitimise this president,


and we are not going to sit around and let it happen.


Our press secretary gave alternative facts to that.


Look, alternative facts are not facts, they are falsehoods.


Part of this can be put down to Donald Trump's obsession


strategy here too. but there is deliberate


It seems the White House wants to undermine the conventional media


so that Donald Trump is able to present his own version


of reality through Twitter and Facebook without any mediation,


or the establishment media? who do you believe, me


And while this battle plays itself out, the satirists are making hay.


This is their take on what Vladimir Putin makes of it all.


Jon Sopel, BBC News, Washington. showed up to your inauguration.


The authorities in Israel have approved the construction of more


than 500 homes for settlers, in occupied East Jerusalem.


power in Washington. until Donald Trump took


He spoke to the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu by phone


today, and had previously said, he would be Israel's "best friend".


A woman with dual British and Iranian citizenship,


rejected by a court in Tehran. a five-year prison sentence


Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe hasn't been told the full details


of the charges against her, but her husband says


and of being married to a spy. for the BBC's Farsi service


He says she's innocent of both claims.


France's socialist party, will be choosing between a former


Prime Minister and a staunch left-winger for it's candidate


in April's Presidential elections. left-winger for its candidate


Initial results from the first round of voting suggest


he wants to legalise cannabis. will take on Benoit Hamon, who says


But the eventual winner won't be the only socialist


He was the liberal Prime Minister reports from Paris.


He was the liberal Prime Minister who divided the Socialist Party. Now


Manuel Valls wants to unite it as its candidate for president. His


opponent for the run-off, Benoit Hamon is offering voters a very


different brand of socialism, including a monthly payment to 750


euros to every French citizen, regardless of income. Trands transby


putting me ahead of the other candidate you are sending a message


of hope and renewal. You want to write a new page for the left and


for France. Today's result is the verdict of a party divided, and also


disillusioned. Turnout was much cloeer than in the socialist primary


five years ago. A sign that few here believe they are choosing the next


president. There is going to be very little chance for the left wing


because I think the people are so disappointed in Francois Hollande's


presidency. But there is still hope. Even if we don't win in the next


election, it'll set the mood for what is going to happen and what


type of a position we can do. When it comes to finding a left-wing


candidate for the presidency, the Socialist Party race is only part of


the story. After five years of President Hollande's unpopular


government, interest in this primary is low and two of the most popular


left-wing politicians aren't even left-wing politicians aren't even


taking part. Emmanuel Macrn left the Government


last year and is drawing business crowds to his own independent


president campaign. And the leader of the France's far


left party is also running on his own ticket. Whoever wins the


socialist nomination next Sunday will leave left-wing voters with a


choice - split their votes among three different parties, or unite


behind one of the candidates on offer.


They might be celebrating now, but to stand any chance of keeping the


far right Front Nationale from power, the socialist candidate may


have to choose who they want to help, their opponents on the right,


or their rivals on the left. Now, to a film that


defined a generation. Trainspotting made stars


of the original cast years on, it's back.


and now more than 20 Trainspotting 2 has had its premiere


in Edinburgh tonight, and our Entertainment Correspondent


Colin Paterson was there. After more than 20 years,


the Trainspotting the orange carpet of


the long-awaited sequel. I really don't.


to the 1996 premier? I mean, yeah, for probably


a very good reason! LAUGHTER Apart from all


the fun stuff in the first movie, I think


people found it relate to ball, even though


it was maybe about subjects


they weren't involved in, pull in some way.


to This is carrying such


a cultural weight associated with it, that it feels like no event


I've been to before. The movie poster was on student's


choose a career... The movie poster was on student's


withdrawals, the sound track in CD players. It dealt with addiction,


hedonism and friendship. So what you are looking at is that? Thief


changed the wall, haven't they? Earlier in the day, the director,


Danny Boyle took us back to where it all began. We implied they were


straight from Prince's Street, where they were being chased by detectives


and he gets hit here. What have you been up to for 20 years? Since


Trainspotting, Danny Boyle has dominated the Oscars with Slumdog


Millionaire and triumphed at the Olympic opening ceremony. Since we


made the first movie, people come up to you and talk about the characters


like you know them. That made you think we had caped of duty to


perhaps turn to it again. Here we are, more than 20 years' later. How


do you make sure this is not the film equivalent of dad dancing? ?


The truth is, you can't. Part of the responsibility


of what we were doing is embracing people knew intimately.


a sequel to a story that someone, somewhere cares.


Twitter, Instagram, and hope that What, in our 60s?


about a third film, based I think the chances are good.


in some skag house old folks I mean, I think, the blade artist,


Irving, who is just arrived there, Colin Paterson, BBC News, Edinburgh.


so don't think you've seen at the BBC Sport Centre.


here's Hugh Woozencroft Andy Murray is out of


the Australian Open. The number one seed was beaten


by the world number 50, as Katie Gornall reports.


round in Melbourne, Andy Murray leaves Melbourne having


missed an opportunity. With Novak Djokovic out,


the draw had opened up for him. His path had been blocked


by an unexpected obstacle. He played extremely well,


especially tend of the match. A tough one to lose.


some great stuff. Mischa Zverev isn't even the best


player in his family. His younger brother Alex is said


to be the one to watch After losing the first set


against the player ranked almost 50 places below him,


Murray tried to repair the damage. an awkward opponent.


but the German was proving His game plan was to


serve and volley. Ronnie O'Sullivan is aiming


for a record seventh title He faces Joe Perry in the final at


Alexandra Palace. Having been 4-1 down,


O'Sullivan is now with 10 frames You can watch the


conclusion on BBC Two. England's cricketers have


dramatically won the third and final one day international


against India in Kolkata. India needed only six runs off


the final four balls to win England had earlier scored 321-8


from their 50 overs. Wasps booked a place in the last


eight of the Rugby Champions Cup with a 41-27 win over


Zeebre in Italy. Wing Christian Wade scored arguably,


the pick of their seven tries. Britain's Dave Ryding has finished


in second place in the World Cup slalom race in


Kitzbuehel in Austria. He was quickest after the first run


but eventually beaten by home No Brit has won an Alpine World


Cup Ski race in the 50 The last on the podium


was Konrad Bartelski, back in 1981. Before we go, just time to tell


you of a new BBC global affairs programme starting tomorrow,


with the focus on Donald Trump's It's hosted by Katty Kay


and Christian Fraser. That's at 7.00pm on the BBC


News Channel and BBC Four. But do stay with us on BBC One, it's


now time for the news where you are.


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