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Nelson Mandela Announcement

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greatest son -- lost its greatest son. Yet what made Nelson Mandela


great was precisely what made him human. We saw in him what we seek in


ourselves. And in him, we saw so much of ourselves. Fellow South


Africans, Nelson Mandela brought us together and it is together that we


will bid him farewell. Our beloved Madiba will be accorded a state


funeral. I have ordered that all flags of the Republic of South


Africa be lowered to half-mast from tomorrow, six December, and to


remain at half-mast until after the funeral. -- sixth December. As we


gather to pay our last respects, let us conduct our selves with the


dignity and respect that Madiba personified. Let us be mindful of


his wishes and the wishes of his family. As we gather, where ever we


are, in the country, and where ever we are in the world, letters recall


the values for which Madiba fought. Letters reaffirm -- let as reaffirm


his vision of a society in which none is exploited, or pressed --


oppressed or dispossessed by another. Let us commit ourselves to


show together, with strength and courage, to build a united,


non-racial, nonsexist, democratic and prosperous South Africa. Letters


express -- let us express each, in our own way, the deep gratitude we


feel for the life spent in service of the people of this country and in


the cause of humanity. That is indeed the moment of our deepest


sorrow. Yet it must also be the moment of our greatest


determination. A determination to live as Madiba has lived. To strive,


as he has strived, and to not rest until we have realised this vision


of a truly united South Africa. A peaceful and prosperous Africa. And


a better world. We will always love you, Madiba. May your soul rest in


peace. But bless Africa. -- God bless Africa. I thank you.


We have just heard the very sad news announced by Jacob Zuma that Nelson


Mandela has died. He was 95 years old. She had been suffering from a


recurrence of a lung infection. -- he had. He was admitted to hospital


three times, receiving treatment since September at his home in


Johannesburg. He contracted tuberculosis during his 27 years in


prison for leading the fight against apartheid in South Africa. Of


course, he is revered as the father of the nation for overseeing the


transition from white minority rule to democracy and we heard there


president Zuma announcing that Nelson Mandela has to be peacefully


on Thursday at his home in Johannesburg. We can cross live to


speak to the BBC's Gabriel Gatehouse in Johannesburg. Deeply, deeply sad


news. Yes, and you saw the very sombre tone taken there by Jacob


Zuma, speaking at union buildings in Pretoria, saying that Nelson build


-- saying that Nelson Mandela had departed, passing on peacefully and


that the nation South Africa have lost its greatest son. And that our


people had lost a father. He talked about the deep emotional attachment


that South Africans have four Nelson Mandela, who many here called


Madiba, and he said nothing can diminish our sense of loss, his


utility and compassion, and he said we saw so much of ourselves in him.


That is crucial at the moment here, even now Nelson Mandela had departed


from public life quite some time ago, many, many South Africans, most


South Africans, saw in him the embodiment of their better selves,


the nation they wanted to see. Jacob Zuma talking about I united South


Africa, building a united, nonracial South Africa in which no one is or


pressed or exploited. At this time, whilst the nation as morning, even


though this was something they knew would happen, it is also a time at


which this nation is contemplating how much further it will has to go


to achieve that vision of Nelson Mandela's. Very upsetting and, as


you said, we had been planning for it, of course, Mr Mandela has been


so ill for so long, but still comes as an incredible shock. I think so,


he was old, 95 years old, very frail, he had been very ill on and


off for the past year, hospitalised and months ago, released from


hospital to intensive home care macro, that was in September. In a


sense, the South African nation had this time to prepare for the


possibility of his passing, and yet, and missed all of that, still is


hoped that he would pull through, always the talk of his being a


fighter, putting up a courageous fight. His oldest daughter said,


only on Tuesday, that even though she could see her father was still


struggling on what she called his death bed, that he was putting up a


brave fight, still teaching the family and the South African nation


lessons of tolerance and patience. This evening, increased activity at


around Nelson Mandela's Johannesburg home, which I guess led to thoughts


and fears being heightened, and now been confirmed. That is right, we


saw earlier today at gathering of the family, larger than we had seen


in some time, and some government vehicles arriving, then about ten


ago, police vehicles putting up a Gordon, trying to keep some of the


smaller crowds. -- putting up a cordon. What they understand will


now happen is that Mr Mandela's body will be moved to a mortuary in


Pretoria, which has been prepared for him, then a whole set piece


number of days of mourning, culminating in a state funeral, as


Jacob Zuma said, most likely next out of the. Saturday week. -- most


likely next that today, Saturday week. Thank you very much for


updating as on the deeply, deeply sad news that Nelson Mandela has


passed away, was 95 years old, a consumer making that announcement


that Mr Mandela passed away peacefully. -- Jacob Zuma making


that announcement. He spoke about the nation losing its greatest son


and people their father. He also said, letters express our own way


gratitude for a life spent in service for the people of this


country. The flags around the country will be kept at half mast


from tomorrow, Friday, until after the funeral. He said, this is the


moment of our deepest sorrow, and also the moment of our greatest


determination to live as Madiba live, striving as he strived and not


resting until we have realised his vision of a united South Africa.


Jacob Zuma speaking earlier. Condolences coming from around the


world, David Cameron, the British Prime Minister, saying a great light


has gone out, that he was a hero of the time and the flag at number ten


will be flown at half mast. For those joining us, sad news that


Nelson Mandela has died at the age of 95. He had been suffering from a


recurrence of a lung infection. We are watching live images from


outside his home, where he passed away peacefully at the age of 95.


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