Oscar Nominations 2014 BBC News Special

Oscar Nominations 2014

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Welcome to this BBC news Oscars special, with me, Jane Hill. We are


minutes away from finding out what has made it onto this year's short


list. With me here, the film critic Jason 's -- Jason Solomons, chair of


the London Critics Circle. Let us take a look at the scene live


in Hollywood. It is only half past five in the morning. Chris Hemsworth


is up early, he will be revealing the all-important nominees shortly.


That also means it is an early start for our correspondent Alastair


Leithead, who is at the Samuel Goldwyn theatre. Always an exciting


day in LA. A huge amount of excitement here among all the


entertainment watchers, the Hollywood insiders, desperate to get


a hint of who has been tipped for what. The Golden globes gave us an


idea, the Oscars are different matter.


-- a different matter. Jason, a few predictions of what we


think might be happening. If we are talking pure hard numbers, it is


fair to say that Gravity could do very well because there are so many


technical achievements. Yes, you look at the numbers of nominations a


film gets. I think they will be spread quite widely this year, but


Gravity stands a good chance because it is a space spectacular with


visual effects and a great reformers from Sandra Bullock. -- performance.


But it is the visual effects that were caused -- created over here.


Those technical effects, the cinematography, were all bagged it a


number of nominations. -- will all bagged it. The film with a real


emotional heart, 12 Years A Slave directed by Steve McQueen. How you


compare these two films is impossible. It is the story of a


freeman in New York State, captured and sold into slavery with this


brilliant performance by Chiwetel Ejiofor.


Yes, we are keeping our fingers crossed for Chiwetel Ejiofor, and


extraordinary performance in a remarkable film. We are quite well


into awards season already, American Hustle has done very well so far. I


guess because there are so many strong performances in it. Yes, it


emerged last Sunday as a front runner in the race, the BAFTAs have


already nominated Christian Bale, Bradley Cooper, Amy Adams, Jennifer


Lawrence, and David O'Russell. It revels in the make up, the costumes.


Films are about having fun and pretended to be someone else. --


pretending to be so. -- pretending to be somewhere else.


It is set in 1978, and the hair, the costumes, make-up, they go to town.


Kristian Bell there, who put on a huge amount of weight. -- Christian


Bale. That leads us to perhaps what is going to be the toughest category


to call, best actor. In previous years it has almost been a fait


accompli. But there are eight or ten performances this year jockeying for


the nomination. People but -- people like Idris Elba, Chiwetel Ejiofor,


Matthew McConaughey, Tom Hanks so good again in Captain Phillips. And


one of the Academy favourites, Leonardo DiCaprio. Is that your car?


I have not seen that yet, I am seeing it tonight. But it has


divided people, it is said to glamorise moneymaking and much more


besides. It is a very close to the mark film.


As we head into Hollywood very shortly, I will put you on the spot.


Your predictions, best film. They nominate ten sometimes, sometimes it


is nine. I am going for Gravity, American Hustle, 12 Years A Slave. I


have put Nebraska in there, Wolf of Wall Street. Woody Allen's blue


jazzmen. Philomena with Judi Dench and Steve Coogan. Captain Phillips


with that wonderful Tom Hanks performance. And then I have also


gone for a movie called, which is not allowed in the UK yet. I hope I


am right. -- her. We are going to see Chris Hemsworth


very soon coming onto the stage. I think he is coming now.


Hello, everybody. Good morning. And welcome to the Academy of motion


picture arts and sciences. I am Cheryl Boone Isaacs, president of


the Academy. I want to thank everyone for joining us for these


exciting announcements, celebrating the heroes of movie-making. And


lucky for us, we have a super hero here with us today. Ladies and


gentlemen, the very talented Chris Hemsworth.


Good morning, everyone. That is get right to it. 2013 nominees for Best


performance by an actor in a supporting role.


Thank you. Best performance by an actress in a supporting role.


For best performance by an actress in a leading role.


For best performance by an actor in a leading role.


And finally we are pleased to announce that the films selected --


the films selected as the best picture nominees.


For the complete list of all nominations please visit Oscar .com.


And join us on Sunday night, March the 2nd to celebrate these


incredible artist and films at the Oscars. See you then.


And we can get the initial thoughts of Alistair Lippert. What strikes


you there? Well a lot of figures coming out. But two films have got


ten nominations, American Hustle and Gravity. Nine nominations for 12


Years A Slave. American Hustle is the only film that has got all four


acting categories nominated as well as best film. Gravity has Sandra


Bullock nominated. A lot of it is both technical categories as well.


Nine nominations for Chiwitel Ejiofor in the running for best


actor. And Captain Phillips and Dallas Buyers Club, they both have


six nominations each. Things that jumped out there was the walls of


Wall Street has been nominated once again. Steve Coogan and then Judi


Dench also nominated for Philomena. Some fact and figures, Jennifer


Lawrence now the youngest person to ever have three nominees, aged just


23. Eight of those nominated tonight our first time nominees. And just to


settle the discussion, nine movies out of a possible ten were put


forward for best picture this time around. So a lot of things there


were expected. Joke in Phoenix not nominated, perhaps that is not


expected. But what stands out is American Hustle and 12 Years A


Slave. More reactions to come over the


course of the day. We said at best actor would be tricky. No one


ordered for Tom Hanks, which some might have expected. He has been


left off the list. And also Robert Redford who is in the film called


All Is Lost. It is a fascinating list and I cannot help which is


going to win. Bruce Dern is wonderful in Nebraska. Matthew


McConaughey lost weight to become best act. Almost a weight watchers,


edition! And the brilliant Leonardo DiCaprio who is brilliant in The


Wolf of Wall Street. Chiwitel Ejiofor, not well-known to audiences


in America. Let us see a bit of that. Survival is not about certain


death. It is about keeping your head down. Days ago I was with my family.


In my home. Now you tell me All Is Lost. Tell no one who I am, that is


the way to survive. Well, I do not want to survive. I want to live. So


does he have something of a battle? He is the least known of the


nominees. We know and love him from the London stage but he will have


his work cut out. Now the campaigning will start. Does he have


the kind of off-screen presence to go and charm Hollywood and get those


votes against the big stars. Because some people the Academy just seems


to love. Leonardo DiCaprio is one of those. I think this is his best


performance. And he is brilliant. We will have to wait until March the


2nd. Best actress, we have been saying that Cate Blanchett is the


woman to beat. Usually when Daniel Day Lewis is around he wins Best


actor. But Cate Blanchett is fantastic in Blue Jasmine. I thought


it was an Oscar performance as soon as I saw it. They love Cate


Blanchett. She is brilliant in Blue Jasmine. I want to go back to


school. Get my degree and become much you know, something


substantial. Not just do some mindless job. I was forced to take a


job selling shoes on Madison Avenue, so humiliating. Friends came


in and I waited on them. Do you have any idea what that is like? One


minute you're hosting women and the next you are measuring their shoe


size and fitting them. One friend came in and was so embarrassed for


me. You could watch that for a long time. Blue Jasmine. Should we take


it as read that Cate Blanchett, shades of Claire Danes. The


wonderful Sally Hawkins alongside her, and test it to see her


nominated in the Best supporting actress category. When someone gives


such a good form and Cate Blanchett, to be in her shadow and yet to shine


yourself, that is what Sally Hawkins has done. A great performance from


her. She gets that Woody Allen vernacular. I am delighted to see


her getting herself up into the Hollywood a list. It is a real treat


as the film overall, I think. I was surprised to see the film not


nominated at Woody Allen got a screenplay nomination. -- but. And


Jennifer Lawrence in that category. A woman who is on such a trajectory


at such a young age. She can do no wrong. She got Best actress last


year for Silver Linings Playbook. And playing another ditzy blonde for


American Hustle. She is a Hollywood star because of hunger games.


Supporting actor, that is quite an interesting category. Michael


Fassbender terrifying as a very nasty plantation owner in 12 Years A


Slave. Jared Leto has done well in the Golden globes. Jonah Hill as


well. Yes he is usually just in comedy films but he is brilliant


alongside Leonardo DiCaprio. And to complete unknown, not so long ago a


taxi driver in Minnesota. He plays the Somali pirate in Captain


Phillips. The Oscars can do this, they can transform someone's life.


Remarkable. And Bradley Cooper, American Hustle was not my favourite


film but I did think Bradley Cooper was fantastic. He has the best


hairstyle as well. I do like the film. I think it is what movies are


about, about having fun and conning people. I thought ultimately it was


slightly empty as the film but it was a good Friday night film. That


could actually stand in its way. Something like Gravity, you need to


see that on the big screen. If you have only seen that on your


television does lose some of its impact. So something like American


Hustle could be the one to challenge 12 Years A Slave. On the night


itself we will see the Academy I think going you know what, slavery


is the most important thing here. We have got the first African American


president of the United States. It is time that story told. Well I'm


delighted to say that we are joined by someone having an extraordinary


time, Steve McQueen. The director of 12 Years A Slave. Many


congratulations. Your thoughts on your various nominations today? Good


morning. Just very excited. A lot of the nominations British. We worked


very hard and we are privileged to be in the position of having so many


nominations. This weekend I went out to see 12 Years A Slave, the first


weekend it was out. People were queueing up, performances were sold


out. And half of the audience was clapping and half the audience


sobbing. Everyone struck in one way or another. I wonder what sense


you're able to get yourself as to the kind of impact that this film is


having? What is interesting for me is that there is a debate. It can


only happen through Cinema. Not to documentaries or whatever. Cinema


has the power to reach out and communicate directly with an


audience. That is why I leave that Cinema is in no way dead. People


want to go to the cinema and communicate with one another. Many


congratulations again. Fantastic news. That's it for this BBC News


Special. A full list of the nominees online. Goodbye.


It has been perfect weather for visiting the cinema in recent weeks


with this unsettled spell we have been seeing. The West is certainly


seeing the worst of the showers. Those are spiralling in


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