Presidential Inauguration Parade BBC News Special

Presidential Inauguration Parade

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Welcome back to Washington. I am Katty Kay bringing you this day of


celebration. He looked in relaxed mood ahead of the ceremony showing


no obvious signs of nerves before taking the oath of office, a quick


thumbs up to his supporters. Past presidents were there as well as


Donald Trump's defeated rival, Hillary Clinton. They all came to


witness him being formally sworn in as President of America. Preserve,


protect and defend. The Constitution of the United


States. The constitution of the United States. So help me God. So


help me God. Congratulations, Mr President.


In his inaugural address, Donald Trump promised the assembled crowd


that America should unite, and he will make America great again. And


you can see the live pictures now of Andrews Air Force Base, just outside


Washington, where Barack Obama and Michelle Obama have arrived on an


official helicopter to say goodbye to their members of staff. Then they


will get on a plane that looks remarkably like airports one, but


because it's no longer the president travelling, it's no longer called


Air Force One. This is a very emotional day for presidents as they


leave office. He may be relieved after eight very busy years, and a


gruelling election campaign to be leaving office. There he is, Barack


Obama. And his wife, Michelle Obama, coming down the steps of the


helicopter. Issuing the umbrella that is on offer. He has told


Americans that he will be quiet for a moment now, he and his wife will


take time and sit back and not be heard from, leaving space for the


new president to take over and command the international and


national spotlight. They say goodbye to people who have served them for


the last 80 as, many who they will know personally, the military and


our force personnel there. He had seen the president of from Andrews


Air Force Base as he has gone on foreign trips. He has worked with


these people for eight years, and now he says goodbye to them, thanks


them for their services. This is a tradition of departing presidents


will stop they have moments, all the White House staff will be gathered


at building, and he will take time to address thank them. An emotional


time for White House staff, because it's not just that he is leaving


office, but that the transfer of power is so complete to the other


side, to the Republican side, and the Democrats are now on the back


foot in Washington and in the White House. And that the transition of


power that not have been more complete. Let's have a quick listen


to Donald Trump as he took the oath of office just over an hour ago on


the steps of the Capitol, behind me. Please raise your right hand and


repeat after me, I don not John Trump do solemnly swear.


I Donald don Trump do solemnly swear.


That I will faithfully execute. That I will faithfully execute.


The office of president of the United States.


The office of the president of the United States.


And well, to the best of my ability. Well, to the best of my ability.


Preserve, protect and defend. Reserve, protect and defend.


The Constitution of the United States.


The Constitution of the United States.


So help me God. So help me God.


Congratulations, Mr President. The moments when the transfer of


power was complete. He went on to get an inaugural address that was a


rallying cry for change in this country, a direct address to his


supporters, saying the power is being taken away from Washington and


handed back to you, and from now on, it will be only America first.


January 20 2017 will be remembered as the day the people became the


rulers of this nation again. APPLAUSE


The forgotten men and women of our country will be forgotten no longer.


Everyone is listening to you now. You came by the tens of millions to


become part of a historic movement, the likes of weight the world has


never seen before. That's the likes of which. At the centre of this


movement is a crucial conviction that a nation exists to serve its


citizens. Americans, want great schools for their children, safe


neighbourhoods for their families, and great jobs for themselves. These


are just and reasonable demands of righteous people and a righteous


public. But for too many of our citizens, a different reality


exists. Mothers and children, trapped in poverty, in our inner


cities. Rusted-out factories, scattered like tombstones across the


landscape of our nation. An education system, flush with cash,


but which leaves our young and beautiful students deprived of all


knowledge. And the crying, and the gangs, and the drugs that have


stolen too many lives and robbed our country of so much on realise


potential. -- unrealised potential. This carnage stops right here and


stopped right now. APPLAUSE


We are one nation, and their pain is our pain.


Their dreams are our dreams, and their success will be our success.


We share one heart, one home and one glorious destiny. The oath of office


I take today is an oath of allegiance to all Americans.


APPLAUSE For many decades, we've enriched


foreign investor Ray at the expense of American investors.


Subsidise the armies of other countries, while allowing for the


very sad depletion of our military. We've defended other nations'


borders, wild or refusing to defend our own.


Let's go back to Andrews Air Force Base where Barack Obama is about to


address White House staff members. He promises he's about to become it


is now he's leaving office, but that is one last time we will hear from


him, which is now as he addresses White House staff, thanks them as he


says goodbye. It is gruelling working in the White House, we heard


earlier today from a former member of the Bush White House who says she


ended up sleeping on a sofa in the Wetwang halve the time because the


hours are so long. So fit -- server in the west wing.




Barack Obama, mouthing the words to national anthem, singing along to


the Star Spangled Banner. This is a moving and difficult


moment for the Obamas. They are leaving office, and in some way is,


shedding the cares of the presidency must be a relief, and I'm short that


vacation in California is going to be a welcome relief, but you can't


help but feel that this has also been a tough day for them, and you


can see it on Michelle Obama's phase as she says goodbye to Washington


and the White House staff, knowing they are handing over to someone has


a very different philosophy to theirs, and is a very different type


of political animal from her husband, Barack Obama. They're


please be seated. Curious, Barack Obama addressing the


star. Hello, everybody! You know, Michelle


and I, we've really been milking this goodbye thing. So it behoves me


to be very reef. -- very brief. Yes, yes. I said before, and I will say


again, that when we started on this journey, we did so with an abiding


faith in the American people and their ability, our ability, to join


together and change the country. In ways that would make life better for


our kids and grandkids, that change didn't happen from the top-down, but


happened from the bottom up. It was met sometimes with scepticism and


doubt. Some folks didn't think we could pull it off. There were those


who felt that the institutions of power and privilege in this country


were too deeply entrenched. And yet, all of you came together, in small


towns and big cities, our whole bunch of you really young, and you


decided to believe. You knocked on doors and made phone calls and you


talked to your parents, who didn't know how to pronounce Barack Obama,


and you got to know each other. And you went into communities that maybe


you never had thought about visiting, and met people that, on


the surface, seemed completely different from you. Didn't look like


you Alexis... So comic here we are seeing Donald


Trump now for stop the feed we are now reliant on coming into us. It


has switched from Barack Obama, quite right, of course, to the new,


the transition of power in one television feed! There you go. He's


still in Capitol Hill, waiting for his lunch. He has orders to sign,


which allow for his appointees to take over power. Some of them have


already been signed, but he has business to do. He says he wants to


hit the ground running, and intends to start work for the American


people straightaway. And here he is, starting work. But, it also, of


course, provides for a portrait. He is signing orders, these are staff


orders, not executive orders, as far as we understand. They are part of


the function of Government. It looks like he's still getting


instructions, maybe he doesn't quite know what it is a has to sign


either. That's Paul Ryan there, telling him what it is he needs to


do. And for the first time, he will be signing as president of the


United States. Go to.


Very good. Looking relaxed.


Mike Pence behind him, his vice president. Paul Ryan. Nancy Pelosi,


the Democratic leader of the house. Let's see if we can listen in.


Take that pen. This one I'm signing quite a few


times, folks. This is for Rex, I assume he was


approved today? LAUGHTER


It's coming, right, Chuck? It looks like you added some letters


in your naming? Donald Trump there, signing orders.


Mostly routine orders now, these are not executive, legislative orders,


they are to do with his staffing, and they have to be signed by him.


We saw Donald Trump there with his first business, his first


signatures, as resident of the United States. And watching him with


his family to those around him as well, the vice president, of course.


Let's go to Nick Bryants, you watch that inaugural address, I haven't


had a chance to speak to you since the present stop speaking, what did


you make of it? I thought it sounded like a campaign


speech, to be honest. So many of those things he said on the


campaign, speaking to the people on those rallies, the forgotten people,


as he called them. Sure, there were some flowery rhetoric about national


unity and living under the same sky and stars, and having the same


dreams. But so many of the themes he is dropped with a hallmark themes of


his campaign, the America-first rhetoric, which was the bedrock of


his political campaign. And that rest at the end, the make America


great again rest. Which, if you've been at any of the rallies, you've


heard repeated, and did more than anything else to help him win the


White House. The own creation was a bit like those rallies too. He was


heckled throughout his speech, many people wearing red caps. This was a


different and operation to normal, Donald Trump's speech sounded like a


continuation of his campaign. It was a strongly nationalistic


speech, he said, from now on, every decision he makes on trade, and


taxes, is going to be about putting America first, and in a sense, the


world will have to get used to this new world order. You see him there,


still waiting for his lunch, but before he has his lunch, he has to


sign various papers. Let's listen in.




She doesn't get a vote. Tom prize, a he's going to be


terrific. LAUGHTER


Mr President, ... He did very well yesterday, Rick


Perry. He's better Ben Carson. -- Dan


Carson. This is a tough group of people.


They're learning the hard way. Education, writes? I know Chuck


wanted it. This is a rough group! Next. I think we're going to need


some more pens. Labour. Where's Kelly?


He's going to do a good job. OK, this is a person who's gotten


rave reviews, this is the Veterans Administration, I'll let you make


the trade. This is what a lot of people once,


John Kelly, he's a good man. Chuck, put the cap on, or you're


went to get your shirt stained. John Kelly. He should get something.


I getting some more pens back there? It's any core number.


I think Dan is a good man, right? So there you have Donald Trump,


signing orders that will allow his cabinet nominees to take up their


positions. They haven't been confirmed yet, they have to be


confirmed first of all by the Senate, once they're confirms, these


are the orders that will allow them to become the cabinet members. It's


the first thing the president - I was about to say President elect -


but the presidents, Donald Trump, is doing. We heard on being called


present -- Mr President by Nancy policy, the top Democrat in the


House of Representatives. This is a Republican tableau, there are a two


Democrats here, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, but otherwise this


represents the transfer of power not just from Barack Obama to Donald


Trump, but from the Democratic party to the Republican party as well. I'm


joined here by a former spokesperson of the Republican National


committee. They give very much for joining me. You watch the


inauguration and listen to the speech. As a former spokesperson of


it's public National committee, what did you make of it?


It was a short speech. That's not unusual, John F Kennedy's was very


short. The themes were what you have heard throughout the campaign and


the reasons why Donald Trump is now president. You heard a lot about


America first. It is important to know that a country should be


sovereign. But that a strong country is a strong ally, so I don't think


this is anything about saying we don't want to do business with other


countries - which he did reference in the


speech, saying this is not about being antagonistic to the world


start but we had to take care of business at home.


It is very different, I was thinking back to President Bush's second


address, which was an address in which the president spoke about


America are spreading democracy in the world. It was a globally


orientated speech. This was an American is heightened sense of


speech. It was an American-centred speech,


but goes back to Americans having concerned that we haven't paid


enough attention to our country, that's on the infrastructure.


And started with the Ward? That is true to an extent, focusing


not just on the economy, not that you don't just look abroad, but that


you are a stronger ally to your friends around the world. -- started


with the Iraq Ward. In what way can he set out to


achieve what he put forward in that is speech, he sets the bar high? He


does, he says -- he does, he says he will start immediately.


I think you will see him rolling back regulations that I believe, and


many people in this country believe, have put strains on the US economy,


or even stopping people who have jobs from getting the type of wages


that should be getting. I think you will see that immediately. That'll


be on things dealing with health repeal, environmental regulations, a


whole host of things I think you'll see him getting to work on very


soon, possibly today, certainly early next week.


Ebola watching this from around the world, seeing the American economy,


saying that my goodness, what's the problem? You've got good growth


compare to other countries, the dollar is strong.


Because 2%growth in our economy is not want to be.


Unemployment below 5%is not bad? When you peel back the covers and


look under the hood you realise that is because many people have dropped


out of the labour force and stopped looking for work. That is one


reason, when you see numbers like that, you say, why are people still


hurting? Donald Trump wrapping up this


section -- session of signing orders. Heading with members of


Congress to go for lunch. They're running a little behind. They have


this celebratory lunch that he and Mel Annie are sure will go to with


all the other members of his family. -- Mullaly trump will go to. It is a


tradition that pens are handed out after the signing. You see the


statues around the hall, and the Trump family will come in and enjoy


lunch with members of Congress. Let's get back to talking about the


agenda that Donald Trump has laid out, specifically this issue of


jobs. That was an oral speech about American jobs.


White micro that was what the focus of the speech was, and what he says


the focus of the speech will be. He says that many of those jobs that


have been lost, as you know, have not been lost because of trade or


immigrants, they've been lost because a computer chip has taken it


over? That's not going to change. The industrial world changes and


business changes and innovation changes, but that's defatted issue.


We have been looking at the United States corporate tax, which is much


higher than other parts of the world. If you go to places like


islands, for example, where we've lost many American companies setting


up headquarters in Ireland. It's greater islands, I don't own them


for that, but white we're trying to be more competitive when other


countries around the world want to set their headquarters up here two


that's been going on for a long time, it's not just about trade,


it's part of the equation. Do you think that manufacturing jobs


in America are going to come back in perhaps the way that Donald Trump


supporters believe they might do? Or is that era over?


Is it going to look like it did in the 1950s, no. I don't think that's


what people expected, what they do expect is for their elected


officials to do everything they can to make sure we have the best


economic environment in this country for US workers to survive. I think


many people don't believe that's what lawmakers of either party have


been doing. There are mines, Donald Trump is a Republican presidents,


indeed, but hears that core a disrupter. I, as a Republican, but


really as a Conservative, think that is good, this town needs shaking up,


both parties were too set in their ways, but have special interests


they too often cater to. Donald Trump has made it clear time and


again, and I hope he governs this way, that of the American people


will be his special interests, and he began his sweet that way.


Exactly what he said in his inaugural speech. The Democrats are


on the back foot for the next four years, they have a lot of rebuilding


work to do in their party, but the arrogance be a lot of Republican


members in Congress and the Senate saying, we agree with some of what


Donald Trump wants to do, but not all of it. In some ways, Donald


Trump is not a conservative Republican as they might define it?


When I look Donald Trump, and see what he said as he plays it out, I


think he's very much a pragmatist. As a Conservative, I'm not scared


about, because I think conservative ideas work.


I'm disco to interrupt you, this another important moment. Barack


Obama saying goodbye to the members of White House staff and their


families. This is a difficult moment for any president, George Bush went


to the same thing. Bittersweet.


Yes, I'm sure in some ways he's relieved to leave office, it's a


gruelling job, there's nothing else like the president of the item says


that a man's stamina. Eight years is enough!


We say often it we see how presidents have days when they leave


office, Obama looks great. He has high approval ratings, he


leaves office a popular man. I think that's a good thing, a good


thing for the transfer of power. The fact is people don't begrudge the


president and want a good transition. History to time and is,


ultimately, the way it's written about any president, that one day


out will be different from the way people are writing 20 years from


now. We mention approval ratings, Donald


Trump comes into office with historically low approval ratings


for a president elect, down in the 40%. In fact, his approval ratings


have dropped since the election, which is almost unheard of. How


concerned are you about that? You want your number is to be high,


but the polls haven't been right about Donald Trump for most of this


election season. Nobody thought it was going to be presidents, he


defied those thoughts. The matter what people think about him, he


wants to do a good job. Donald Trump's going into the hall


for the lunch. Hear someone, no matter what he says, he does watch


the polls. He will want to be popular.


I think he knows if he does do what he said he was going to do, he can


turn that around. I think he believes that family. I don't think


he's worries about the numbers today, because he hasn't had a


chance to govern yet. That's what starts as of right now, and think he


will say, ask me next week, asking after the first 100 days.


Narnia is there anything about his communication style, his use of


Twitter for example, which she would urge him to change? -- is there


anything? Absolutely no. One of the reasons he


was elected because the way he said it. He was not going to try and hide


behind words and one-liners and talking points. He said what he


thought. Even people who thought, that was front and centre, he said


what he thought. People know he is going to tell us what he thinks, and


also tell the folks down here at the Capitol. I think he's been very


straightforward, he's not going to do what... He said, I'm here to


represent you, and he's going to be tough on everybody. So there you


have it, Donald Trump coming into lunch, you can see his son Eric


standing right there, they've already come in, they are waiting


now for Donald Trump, the 45th president of the United States, for


the ceremonial lunch, and then the parade will begin, these


inauguration festivities are not over. For the moment, we will leave


you here from Capitol hill. You can watch the rest of this delicious


lunch. I know it involves lobster and


shrimp and beef. Even though Donald Trump himself


does not drink. Let's just take you back, as we were


hearing, Donald Trump and his family now...


Ladies and gentlemen, Kevin McCarthy, accompanied by Mrs


McCarthy. Attending this celebratory lunch for


the 45th president of the United States, Donald Trump has already


signed some Executive orders, we saw them handing out different pens for


each order as is the tradition. And giving them to the members of his


team, there's Nancy Pelosi walking in there now. And just on the


Reuters news agency in the last couple of minutes, already in power,


Donald Trump now says he will develop a missile defence system


against Iran, North Korea, his administration intends to develop a


state-of-the-art defence system to protect against attacks from Iran


and North Korea. I think that's the first statement, posted on the


website within minutes of his inauguration. No more details about


where the system would differ from those already under development or


its costs or indeed how it will be paid for. These pictures live as we


can see from Capitol hill, Donald Trump about how to his first


celebratory lunch, having already signed his first Executive orders.


Meanwhile, back at Andrews Air Force Base, Barack Obama and Michelle


about to board that flight, the burden of office, the responsibility


of office now removed from him. This flight taking them down to


California for a few days -- a few days' rest, to catch up on some


sleep, the last flight for the former president Barack Obama,


Michelle, the former first lady. As they go down for a few days in


California. Barack Obama saying that in fact he will not be making any


comments, he's not going to comment on international matters for a few


weeks, but they will curiously and quite unusually be moving back to


Washington, because one of their daughters is in high school. So,


President Trump, first Lady Melania, about to attend but lunch -- that


lunch. Earlier, as he was signing those Executive orders, surrounded


by his children and grandchildren. Let's just listen.


Ladies and gentlemen, the president of the United States, Donald Trump


and Melania Trump. Well, as President Trump and Melania


go to the table, you can see Bill Clinton and Hillary, they will be


announced by the chairman and his wife at this lunch, and then there


will also be an indication -- and address.


Mr Vice President, honoured guests, welcome to this inaugural luncheon.


The joint Congressional committee has been pleased to host this lunch


at least since 1953 with President Eisenhower. In 1981 president


Reagan's first inauguration, the lunch took its current form and


moved to this grand Hall. It served until 1857 as the chamber of the


House of Representatives. The statues that line the walls of this


room are placed throughout the capital -- Capitol, and they


recognise important figures in our national history. The collection


doesn't change very often, but since this lunch was held the last time it


has had several additions. Rosa Parks is now in statuary Hall, and


she is seated rather than standing, as she should be. When she died in


2005, she was one of the few people who had never served in any public


office or served in the military to be laid in honour in their Capitol


rotunda. Another addition, the leader of the Green Revolution, this


was about his great efforts to feed people, demands in food production,


and he was really a leader in that area in talking -- and in talking to


the governor last night about what's going to happen as world food


doubles -- world food demand doubles in the next 45 years. Barry


Goldwater, an inspiration to a generation of Conservatives, was


added to Statuary Hall, and Thomas Edison of Ohio, who discovered more


than 10,000 ways not to make a light bulb until he discovered the one way


to make that light bulb. The painting in the middle of the room


is from a great Missouri artist, George Bingham, he did three


election series, the painting here, a three painting series, one was the


county election and this is "Verdict of the people." In the 1850s when


this was painted, often it was several days after the election


before the results were announced, and all kinds of people are in this


painting, people from all walks of life, people who are excited,


confused, people who wonder what's happened and people who wonder


what's going to happen, they are all there. Actually he painted this


painting about the same time that in this very room some of the least


successful debates in the history of our country were being held, and of


course we paid the price for not being able to find solutions. Now,


one of my favourite statues in the building is in a room that I have


here in the Capitol right now, I had it in the whips' office when I was a


whip. Nobody knows who it is. I don't mean nobody here can guess who


it is, I mean nobody knows who it is, and nobody's known since about


1930. Couldn't have been in the Capitol building more than about 100


years before people began to wonder who is this person? And I think it's


a great reminder that what we do here is a lot more important than


who we are. So we have worked in front of us, it is a wonderful


opportunity, it is a great day, and I am asking Barry Black, the


chaplain of the Senate, to come and give us our opening prayer. There


will now be a short prayer, we understand, and then the lunch will


start. And the menu, Maine lobster and Gulf shrimp, with a saffron


sauce and peanut crumble. Just to whet your appetite. Second course,


grilled seven Hills Angus beef with a dark chocolate and Juniper juice


and potato gratin, and then a chocolate souffle with Cherry


vanilla ice cream. Donald Trump himself a teetotaller, so his guests


-- his guests to having Californian champagne and Californian red and


white Chardonnay. And a black stallion 2012. But as I say, Donald


Trump does not drink, and neither do his children. Well, it is a little


under two hours since Donald Trump was sworn in as America's 45th


president... His family and the members of his Cabinet, with the


shield of your divine protection in favour. Made president Trump seek


your wisdom, justice and grace, leading with your strength, which


reaches out to those on life's margins. The lost, lonely, last,


least and left out. May he remember that those who would leave a legacy


of greatness must strive to become servants of all. Lord, inspire our


president to perform his God appointed duties, with such


reverence for you that his tenure will be like the sun, shining forth


on a cloudless morning, like a rainbow after a storm, and like the


singing of the birds at dawn. Bless our food and fellowship, we pray, in


your sovereign name, Ahmed. -- Amen. Lunch will be served. The address,


the prayer, the prayers, and now lunch. So Donald Trump, the 45th


president of the United States, with first lady Melania now, sitting down


to a lunch of Maine lobster and shrimp, with a saffron sauce and


peanut crumble and some Angus beef as well with a dark chocolate and


juniper juice. So, let's just take you back a few hours. As I say, the


inaugural oath, or the inauguration of Donald Trump, happened at that


two hours' ago, with the oath being sworn, 45 words long... Let's just


remind us of that both. The office of president of the United States.


The office of president of the United States. And will to the best


of my ability... Preserve, protect and defend... The Constitution of


the United States. The constitution of the United States. So help me


God. So help me God. Congratulations, Mr President. Well,


a moment that many never predicted when this race started, when Donald


Trump announced he would be standing as a candidate. The first thing he


did actually when he walked to the platform just before delivering that


oath was a thumbs up, and then after this oath, a rallying, nationalistic


speech, promising Americans who voted for him that he would always


put America first. Hear these words, he said, you will never be ignored


again. A campaign, he said, of buying American infrastructure,


creating jobs, and taking the focus away from the political class in


Washington and interesting power back with Americans outside the


capital. This gun salute, as is traditional, following his swearing


of the oath. Well, already in the last ten minutes or so, the first


policy announcement from the White House, it's about a missile defence


system to protect the country against any attacks from North Korea


or Iran. No detail about quite how much that would cost, or indeed


where it was going to be positioned. Let's just get some reaction though


now from two countries which have been playing very largely in this


campaign, and indeed in the new presidency.


Steve Rosenberg is in Moscow for us, and Will Grant joins us


What sort of reaction so far there? A lot of coverage here. The whole


ceremony was shown live on Russian state television, and I think a lot


of what Donald Trump said in his speech will have been music to


Moscow's is. Things like Donald Trump's pledge that the US will not


impose its lifestyle on anyone else, and his criticism that the US had


defended other nations' borders and not its own. Also his comments that


the US had spent trillions of dollars overseas, in other words, it


was time for America to focus on America. That will have struck a


chord here, because Moscow has long criticised US administrations for


interfering or meddling as the Russians often put it, in other


parts of the world and particularly in a part of the world that Russia


considers to be its sphere of influence, countries like Ukraine


and Georgia, and I suspect that after hearing that speech, Moscow


may well see an opportunity now to increase its influence or restore


its influence in the former Soviet space. One of the first policy


announcements was about this missile defence system. Not quite sure about


the cost, but when it comes to the actual defence spending and budget,


Donald Trump has made it pretty clear already that he wants to bring


reduction of nuclear weapons, although a few weeks beforehand, he


basically said he would match nuclear weapons with Russia as well.


Yes, I think the Russians were slightly confused by those mixed


messages, and they have been waiting for the Donald Trump to be sworn in


as president and see what his first steps will be. Missile defence is a


thorny issue, the defence shield that America has already been


installing in eastern Europe, Russia sees that particular missile shield


as a threat to its national security. And it's been one of the


many disagreements with -- between Moscow and Washington. OK. Steve,


thanks very much. Will in Mexico City, presumably a lot of coverage


there as well. But some sort of trepidation about what the future


holds no? Absolutely, for everything that Steve mentions that was music


to Moscow's is, there were alarm bells in Donald Trump's address,


being sounded in Mexico. The mention of American carnage, about the


shuttered factories, scattered like tombstones across the country. That


from this day forward it would be America first, and that they would


follow two simple rules, by American, higher American. That is


very worrying if you are in Mexican labour are all working in a Mexican


factory producing goods for the United States. Particularly for US


car firms, I'm thinking of the recent closure of a $1.6 billion


plant, car Assembly plant by Ford, which was going to employee a


significant number of people in that community, but has now redirected --


is redirecting some of the funds to match again instead. So this was a


very nationalist, protectionist speech in many ways, and certainly


in Mexico there will be a lot of people who will be very concerned,


not just for their jobs but also of course the rhetoric about the wall


but has peppered his entire campaign and that this will continue. There


is also a fear for a lot of Mexicans being sent money by relatives in the


United States that there will be a cut to those tax remittances as


well? I mean, it's not easy to do, that, under our all sorts of legal


ramifications, but it's been posited by the Trump administration and


might be seen as a way to get Mexico to pay for the wall as he puts it.


It is a very complex picture, it is honestly very, very early, but there


are going to be some thorny issues ahead, remittances is one, jobs in


Mexico with US firms is another, of course the wall and cross-border


immigration is another. Because we have had a speech which was about


looking inward and defending America first, there are distinct cages


rattled in Mexico I would say. Stay with us. Steve, what is being mooted


in terms of the first meeting between President Putin and


President We haven't had any details of that. Russian state television a


few days ago suggested the meeting would happen pretty soon. But we


haven't got a date for it. There will probably be a telephone


conversation between the two leaders sometime soon, and then preparations


will start for a meeting. And on Russian television today, a leading


Nationalist politician, a famous firebrand, he said the main thing


now was to get the two leaders together for a one on one, to


basically solve the world's problems, he said. And I think


Russia sees Donald Trump as a businessman, who it can do deals


with. And the Russians want to do a big deal, a grand bargain, with


Washington. For the last couple of years the Russians have suffered


from sanctions, and I think they believe that Donald Trump is the man


to remove the sanctions. Steve and Will, thank you very much indeed.


Well, the new president, Donald Trump, now having lunch, Maine


lobster and Aberdeen Angus with his wife Milani and the political class


of Washington, the political class he was very critical of in his


inaugural speech. -- wrote Milani. Let's leave you with some of the


highlights of what has been a momentous day for the United States.


Please raise your right hand and repeat after me. I will faithfully


execute the office of the president of the United States.


Congratulations, Mr President. From this day forward, it's going to


be only America first, America first.


More on that inauguration in the next few minutes. Before that, let's


catch up with


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