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US Inauguration

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Welcome to Washington, where Donald John Trump is soon


to be sworn in as the 45th president of the United States.


Hello, I'm Katty Kay - with you on BBC News


for this momentous day of ceremony and celebration.


The crowds are gathering and we are now little more


than an hour away from the formal ceremony.


Donald Trump will take the presidential oath just before


noon, Washington time - before delivering his


That will signal the end of President Obama's term of office -


the two men are now holding a final meeting ahead of the ceremony.


The inaugural platform is ready and waiting for Donald Trump to utter


the 35 words written by America's founding Fathers, the Oath of Office


which will make him the 45th president of the United States.


Here on the National Mall, excitement is mounting.


Hundreds of thousands from across the United States gather here on the


National Mall to witness history. Dignatories, senate leaders,


military leaders are already taking their seats on the platform -


ahead of the ceremony - In less than two hours,


Donald Trump will be sworn in as the 45th President


of the United States. The property tycoon won


an unexpected victory in November's election


after a controversial campaign. Hundreds of thousands


of supporters - and protesters - are in Washington DC for the event -


an event that will also be The ceremony is being attended


by former presidents and first ladies, including Bill Clinton


and his wife Hillary, Mr Trump's In keeping with the new style


of politics in the Trump era, he posted a message on Twitter


earlier today - saying "the movement continues -


the work begins!" Let's go over to Capitol Hill and my


colleague Nick Bryant who is where the president will be taking his


oath of office. What is the scene at the moment? It was very wet until


recently, the weather forecasters have proved themselves to be more


accurate than the political forecasters who did not expect


Donald Trump to be taking the oath of office today, they thought it


would be Hillary Clinton but the weather forecasters have predicted


rain and it has been raining. People have been coming in their ponchos


and in the scarlet red Make America Great Again hats which were a


feature of Donald Trump's campaign. There is the beta of the military


band behind me, it is an extravaganza here as they go through


the repertoire that is familiar on these national pageants. They have


taken off the cellophane which was covering the inaugural lectin from


which Donald Trump will deliver his long-awaited speech, it is said that


he has written his speech himself. -- inaugural


lectin. They are sat in the White House as part of the tradition, they


have had their church service, it is the last time that Michelle and


Barack Obama will be in their home of the last eight years before


accompanying Donald Trump to the Battle, where you are now, for the


services. -- to the Capitol building. What do you think Barack


Obama is passing on to his successor now? Wouldn't you love to know! ?


Wouldn't you love to be a fly on the wall in that conversation... Never


before has an incoming president had such a different personality and


political agenda than an outgoing president. You will remember Barack


Obama thrust himself into the midst of this campaign, so too did


Michelle Obama in an emotionally powerful way. Both said that Donald


Trump was tempering -- temperamentally. This is not how


Barack Obama wanted to end his presidency, handed over to somebody


who has vowed to dismantle and demolish his signature achievements,


like health care. But it has been a peaceful transition, Americans pride


themselves on this and one suspects it will be a civil conversation as


they have a chat and a coffee at the White House. It was a nice moment


when Melania Trump arrived at the White House, and the couples were


met. We can bring in these pictures from moments ago, of Melania Trump


and Donald Trump meeting Barack Obama and Michelle Obama on the


steps of the White House, and Melania Trump offering Michelle


Obama a nicely wrapped gift, it looked suspiciously like Tiffany box


to me! A nice gesture, the crowds are gathering and there were tears


of invitation to inauguration cheap seats and the less cheap seats!


These are people who have come from all over the country, who have long


been supporters of Donald Trump, handing him victory and who believed


in him early on. They are here in Washington, DC, and are here ready


for the inauguration services. I am joined here up on the podium on our


perch over Capitol Hill... Carlos Watson is


Founder of OZY Media. former speech writer


for President George W Bush. Carlos Cuellar you predicted that


Donald Trump would become the President of the United States. You


can see him now on Inauguration Day, is he now


President Trump? We have been surprised by President-elect Trump


and President Trump regularly but in the transition of the last 60 days,


the candidate you saw for the last 15 months is


likely to be the president you will get. Some of these early fights,


most significantly a supreme court battle, and fights over immigration,


in some way, will that temper his approach? I doubt it but we will


see. And you are a former speech writer, he will be on the podium,


George W Bush, his father is in hospital sick with pneumonia, but


George W Bush will be there. How much pressure is there on the


President-elect, on this day, to say the right thing to the American


people? This is the most pressure that he has faced to date in his


speech, for the longest time he was not taken seriously and I think that


the pressure was not as high profile but now the eyes of the world and


the nation are on him. This is his first address to a country, half of


whom did not support him and he has to explain to them why he is


everybody's president and how he will work to make America a nation


everyone is proud of. We know that the country is divided, a recent


poll showed that more than 80% of Americans think that the country is


more divided than it used to be and they do not feel very optimistic


that it will get less divided over the next four years. This is


something that George W Bush thought about in his presidency, and he did


reach out after a very contentious election in 2000, when he gave his


inaugural address to those people who have lost the election campaign.


Do you think that it matters to Donald Trump, to be seen as a


president who tries to unite the country, or not the ticket Lily?


Absolutely, in many of his speeches he spoke about it being a divided


nation, this is something that has been on his mind and he will be


looking to draw on the common themes of what makes Americans a common


people, what resonates with them, and how they can appreciate


unifying, even around something as amazing as a peaceful transition of


power. The average American, myself included, you feel overwhelmed by


the patriotism from these traditions that we observe today, regardless of


who was sworn into office, that remains true, and he will draw on


that. He will have, Carlos Watson, behind his sales, if you like, the


wind of the whole Republican party. He has the Senate and the House of


Representatives, and the Supreme Court, and of course he has the


White House. It gives Donald Trump an awful lot of power? It does, and


the power is strengthened further by the fact that many of them did not


support him. You will remember the House Speaker, Paul Ryan, famously


said would one month to go committee all but walked away from the Dem


candidate Donald Trump. -- he all but walked away. In states like


Wisconsin and Ohio, where they were not supporting him, it will give him


a lot of sway and a bit of power. Reince Priebus, the former National


committee chair, coming in as chief of staff, will be very valuable. And


Kellyanne Conway has distinguished herself as a thoughtful counsellor,


and a spin master for him. Let's pause and we will talk about what we


are seeing in these pictures from Capitol Hill. There is the former


Republican Speaker of the house John Baena. What is happening on Capitol


Hill, the members of Congress, Donald Trump supporters, former


presidents, Republicans and Democrats, are making their way to


the platform on the west side, just behind where we are seated, of


Capitol Hill itself. They are making their way down and awaiting the


arrival of President-elect Trump and President Obama, John Baena on his


way out. The top dignitaries, you President-elect, Vice


President-elect, President Obama, Michelle Obama, they will all be


announced by a Herald who will call them individually onto the platform.


At the moment, the seats are filling up with the political and military


dignitary, Newt Gingrich and his wife, a long-time supporter of


Donald Trump, part of the campaign as well, making their way to the


podium. It's not a very cold day, I have covered much colder in


operations for right have won what I would have wanted goalie skiing


holiday! This is damp but not that cold? -- I would have worn on a


skiing holiday! It was frightful the last time! The campaign chairman for


Donald Trump, will be a special adviser. It is fair to say, Anita


Green, one of the more controversial figures entering the White House? He


was the CEO of Breitbart News, who has published very far right things.


It was the third shift in the campaign that Rob had undergone, and


he had been doing poorly at that point. -- Donald Trump. He and


Kellyanne Conway were seen as resurrecting a campaign that was


flagging and ultimately went on to victory. Newt Gingrich and his wife,


making their way through the Capitol Building, you go through on the red


carpets, and get onto the viewing platform. And Steve Bannon, he has


been a strong supporter of nationalist movements in Europe,


this is an interesting moment in history that we are at, not just


here in the USA, but we've seen this populist wave, which you could argue


started with the Brexit movement in the UK and came to the election with


Donald Trump, and people watching other countries in Europe now to see


if they will be the next dominoes to fall in the populist wave, or if you


are a supporter of populism, the rising movement, which Steve Bannon


has specifically said that he hoped it would be? As you know, in May,


the French will vote, and that could be quite a significant... Steve


Bannon has reached out to Marine Le Pen, they have been in contact with


one another? And Nigel Farage has been over, I saw him in DC not long


ago, no doubt about it, much like we saw in some ways with the Tony Blair


and Bill Clinton movement, the third wave movement some 20 years ago,


there is clearly a uniting across the Atlantic among various European


efforts and various US efforts as well. He will need to get off to a


good start that is credible enough, others will follow and mimic him,


and his candidates and in his policy, that is not clear, but Steve


Bannon, it is incredible. Katty comes you been here long enough to


show that -- to know that he covered the things that Breitbart News did,


and consistently, we clean it up and call it the alt-right, it is a


factual viewing of it, the fact that that person is literally just down


the hall is typical, the other thing that Steve Bannon symbolises is a


return of Goldman Sachs to power. There was a time when Goldman Sachs


could not participate in senior levels of government, along with


Gary Cullen and several others, they are now back. You've worked with


President George W Bush's White House committee came in on an ethos


of compassionate conservatism. He had high ratings with Hispanic


groups can he did well in the 2004 election with Hispanic groups, how


different is the philosophy and tone and political style of the Trump


administration, compared to the Bush administration? It's been very


direct, in ways that the Bush administration did not embrace.


There was that emphasis, like you said, on compassionate conservatism,


they had to figure out a way forward, we all did, with the


attacks of 9/11, President Bush came in with a domestic agenda and then


became a wartime president, he was not looking for that. It was


different, President Trump, in one hour, will be President Trump, not


President-elect Trump, he has been himself, he shoots from the hip, you


can see that from his Twitter feed and his own advisers don't know at


times what he will say which is very different from the Bush


administration. What about what Carlos was touching on? Some of the


things that Donald Trump said about women and allegations about


Breitbart News gritter muck that it was anti-Semitic and wrote


anti-Semitic headlines at time? There were accusations of racism


about Breitbart News as well? What would George Bush have made about


that if it was in his White House? When he sits there in one hour's


time and watches Donald Trump become president, as a former speech writer


to his, what will be going through his mind? He is there to support the


next president and the process, he was very supportive of Barack Obama


and President Obama has mentioned it several times, how he appreciated


it. I know that one of President Bush's worst moments in his


presidency was when can you West says George Bush hates black people,


which could not be further from the truth -- Kanye West. He took it


seriously, and Donald Trump, if that kind of charge was levelled at him,


he would have thought that it was the media being hyper partisan and


would not have taken it to heart in the same way... Let's run through


what we will see... There are the members... You are looking at the


platform filling up where Donald Trump will give


his inaugural address. That is the young lady who will sing the


national anthem, it looks like? We will see her, she was the winner of


America's Got Talent, and she will sing the national anthem.


President-elect Trump and Barack Obama are in the White House having


a cup of coffee and a final meeting between the two of them. They will


make their way in a brand-new version of the Beast, the


presidential limousine, which has been refitted for Donald Trump. The


President-elect and the president will drive together to Capitol Hill,


in the Beast, and they will make their way onto the podium,


President-elect Trump and Vice President-elect pence, President


Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, they will come into the Capitol


complex, taking their seats, and the official services will begin at


midday local time, that's 5pm London time. President Trump will become


President Trump when he takes the oath of office, and will give his in


your -- give his inaugural address, we do


not know how long it will be, some presidents before have given very


short addresses previously, having given that, the Vice


President-elect, Vice President, president and President Obama will


depart, the Obama family will head to Andrews Air Force Base, where he


will depart the scene, he will then be ex-president, and President Trump


will go back to Capitol Hill for lunch with supporters. We will look


out for that in the next couple of hours in Washington as the services


begin. We are currently waiting for President Trump and President-elect


Trump to leave the White House and head down towards the Capitol. It's


a very formulaic day? Yes, Ronald Reagan encountered bad weather in


1981 which calls for a variation in plans, and other kinds of things


have happened in the past. Other than that, it's largely formulaic.


At one point, we expected that... Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton are


going in to the Capitol Building, the building where she used to work


as a senator for the New York State. This is an extraordinary moment,


seeing Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton, when George Bush took over,


it's not unusual for your rifle to be sitting there, Al Gore would have


been sitting on that platform as Bill Clinton's vice president as


well? -- it is not unusual for your rival. I'm sure that John McCain


will be there, it is unusual, historically speaking, to have so


many political rival pull for power,. What will it be like for


Henry Clinton sitting and watching Donald Trump take the oath of office


gritter muck it will -- what will it be like for Hillary


Clinton sitting and watching Donald Trump take the oath of office? No


matter what, when you are on the losing side, it cannot feel good...


But they had to be there, Bill Clinton is a former president, he


has two B there and there will be some tight handholding between the


two of them? It sends a terrible message, if she was not to be there,


her whole question was, will you do the presidential dignified thing,


when you lose, and attend my inauguration? One thing that you can


say is that she is incredibly disciplined? She is, she's been seen


around town in New York recently, any kind of loss, whether you are Al


Gore, or Hillary Clinton, it hurts, but people saw her in bakeries and


in restaurants around New York. She has got a lot of love, and that


discipline is taking place. President Obama has tweeted, from


his Twitter account @POTUS, I do not know how long he will have that


for... "It has been the honour of my life to serve you, you have made me


a better leader and a better man". We should spend a moment talking


about President Obama, he is president for another hour and 40


minutes? Incredible in so many ways, it's an unusual time in American


history, when you think about the people elected to the highest office


in the last few years, you've had Bill Clinton, the son of a single


mother, who grew up in working-class Arkansas, not immediately the kind


of guy like his predecessor, there was controversy with the Supreme


Court, you get the first African-American elected, and very


few people expected a 70-year-old reality star... He will be the


oldest president to take office? Yes, Barack Obama goes out on a wave


of enthusiasm, with very high approval ratings, as does the first


Lady. When you think back on his record, even if you disagree with


him, a lot got done. If you think about what happened with health care


and immigration, and the movement between the two wars... Thing about


the economy? Former Vice President Dick Cheney and his wife, and


Kellyanne Conway, campaign manager, wearing a very patriotic coat, she


will be senior adviser to President Bush, she is the first woman to have


run a presidential election campaign and the first woman to have led a


winning presidential election campaign.


A very important figure in this transition process. Kellyanne, she


told me on election morning very confidently that Donald Trump at


seven different parts to the White House. Few people believed her on


that election morning. And the poll suggested that this would be a


victory for Hillary Clinton but, I have to say, that morning Kellyanne


Conway sounded confident and she was absolutely right? She certainly will


be remembered as one of the most valuable players, as you pointed out


earlier, she was part of the third set of changes which is unusual in a


general election... It was quite a choppy campaign? Yes, and yet again


someone who started something called The Apprentice, and was regularly


firing people, it's not that surprising... But Kellyanne Conway


is clearly an important person internally and externally. It's not


unprecedented to change your campaign manager. Hillary Clinton


didn't, I wonder she regrets that, given the strategy that was pursued


to neglect entire states at times, like Wisconsin? Whenever someone


loses, you hear the recriminations and now you are hearing them about


the campaign manager, and incredibly young campaign manager in his early


30s, and former President Bill Clinton who argues he repeatedly


went to the campaign manager and encourage them to go after the


states that he used to call "But -- Bubbas". That looks like


the Beast. We did not see pictures of President Obama and


President-elect Trump leaving the White House but this cavalcade looks


very presidential... They may well be on their way to the White


House... A little earlier than we may have thought. I'm not going to


swear by that! I have not seen evidence with my own eyes, what do


you think? I'm trying to figure out... No, I understand that they


have not left the White House yet, they were random pictures, maybe


that was the Beast going to pick them up? It could be President


George W Bush? It could be. Let's go down to the national more now, where


of course the supporters are already beginning to gather. Mike colleague


Rajini Vaidyanathan is down there. -- my colleague. When I saw you


there earlier, it was not looking very packed. It is a wet day but


what is it like there now? I am in the middle of the national more


because we are near the broadcast position. But, much further down it


is filling up -- National Mall. From the Capitol onwards, I do not know


if you can see that, but it is filling up. Even in the area that we


are, their people streaming past in greater numbers, they are estimating


some 900,000 people will be on the National Mall for the inauguration


of Donald Trump. I'm joined by two Trump supporters who have come here.


I'm joined by John and Charles. Let's start with you, John. You are


a trump supporter from the liberal state of Massachusetts? Yes. How


does it feel to be here today? You supported Donald Trump from the


start? Yes, I supported him from the start, and I decided two days ago to


fly here, and I feel ecstatic that he has been sworn in as the


president. And I'm quite excited. Massachusetts went for Hillary


Clinton, do you think that there were more people who actually, even


in liberal areas, voted for Donald Trump than people may have expected?


Yes, I do. A lot of the people I grow up with voted for him. I quite


frankly, despite the polls, thought Massachusetts would have voted a bit


more for Donald Trump, they did not. But we did not need their votes


anyway! Charles, you are from the state of Maryland? Let's have a look


at your heart. You have a badge on it saying" President Trump, get used


to it!". How can Donald Trump unite the country for everyone? He has


made a good start, he has got... What's his name, Brown and Ray


Lewis, to help him out with the inner cities and Ben Carson as his


secretary, if the Democrats let him get approved. He has made some good


starts. What is the biggest priority that you personally have four


President Trump? Was the first thing that you want him to do? I think


jobs and tax reform. It would be nice not to face so much taxes, and


get some jobs back in the country. There have been jobs coming back,


corporations have seen the writing on the wall. We have companies


making plans to expand in the US, he is making inroads into the economy.


John, what do you think Donald Trump's weaknesses are? What


concerns do you have for him, if any? As for concerns, the only


concern that I have, I do not know if it is so much his weakness as it


is the desire to not work with him from the left, I think that he is


willing to work and his biggest weakness, from his opponent side, is


that he may need a bit of a filter! Instead of coming out as hard as he


is, even though I enjoy it, in order to get it all to work together, I


think he needs to filter a bit but he is the king of the deal. I think


that he will get it done. Thank you to both of you for joining us and


enjoy the inauguration. The point that John made there, I have spoken


to several Trump supporters since he won the election, some have concerns


about his tweeting and think perhaps that he should bring back on that a


bit but certainly, there is definitely a celebration spirit here


on the National Mall from the many people who voted for him, people


have travelled from across America to make it here today to be part of


Donald Trump's inauguration. OK, Rajini Vaidyanathan on the Mall for


us, it's always extraordinary how many people come from all over the


country, they turn out to vote and months later they get on buses, get


into cars, get on planes and trains and come here for this extraordinary


day where there is this peaceful transfer of power. It is a


fundamental tenant of American democracy. Something Americans are


incredibly proud of, especially when they watch other countries around


the world. We can see it happening in the Gambia today, that transition


of power is not happening peacefully. Whether it is a change


of administration or the successful second term of an existing


president, inauguration sorry big day for celebration. That is the


White House where Donald Trump, Michelle Obama, Barack Obama and


Melania Trump will be wrapping up their coffee morning and getting


into their cars to come to Capitol Hill -- inauguration day. You cannot


have an inauguration ceremony without a fairly strict schedule!


People do not show up late to these events, Donald Trump will be heading


down to the Capitol very shortly... In the Beast, which has been read


version for his successor, that will be the last time the Obamas, I do


not know if they will take a moment before stepping out, saying goodbye


to the home of the last eight years, it is where they have raised their


two daughters here in Washington. It has been a family home and Michelle


Obama's mother has lived with them as well. They had to say goodbye to


their family home, moving a couple of miles down the road to a rented


house here in Washington, DC. Anna Kerr, tell us about the White


House and what it will be like for the Obama is to be leaving it as


George Bush did in 2009 himself? It is a bitter ex-variants, to be


short. I didn't live there but I worked there. I slept on the couch


in the West Wing, that happened! It is incredible to be there. You slept


on the house ash on the couch in the West Wing, let's pause for a moment!


We are expecting the president and the president elect. They dry


together in the Beast and the First Lady will dry separately and the


vice president and the vice president elect. That is not


Michelle Obama, that is somebody coming out to check everything is


ready. This is a day that has two work very well. Anna Carr, you were


telling us about sleeping in the White House. -- Anneke. When I left


the White House, I took a pic of everything. George Bush's little dog


was a Scottie dog. I walked around, Leo -- realising I was leaving, and


you cannot just walk back in again. The Obama daughters, a significant


portion of their lives was spent growing up there. A playground that


was donated to them, they have given that away to an organisation. Each


first family makes it their own and the staff that go in there with them


really see themselves as a part of it. Talk to us about what happens to


the staff? They hand in their passes and that is it? There are a few


people who stay through to the very end and the chief of staff is one of


them. Many have already left, they have packed up their offices. I


would be surprised if anyone was still there, saving file, or


printing documents. Everyone has patched their things and are just


waiting. When the Obama is leave, they will film that. There will be


staff there, in the corner, crying, and watching that happened, and


saying thank you. That is true, regardless of what your politics


are. A friend from Barack Obama's Chicago days we could picture of


herself taking a final walk the White House grounds with a it'll


message saying, after tomorrow, I will be a citizen and watching from


the outside in. You literally lose your privileges. You cannot go back


in. As Anneke said before, so many have people have given so much. They


are looking forward to it all down time and for the most part, that is


the feeling. We have had in recent years a few presidents in


particular... We have pictures of what seemed to be President Obama in


the Oval Office, wow, leaving. Perhaps there is a custom, the


president leaves a note for his successor. George W Bush and Bob


Barack Obama and Barack Obama is doing it. Mr Obama, leaving the Oval


Office. His time as a resident almost at an end. He leaves that


node in the draw of the desk that was made from the timber of the ship


that was donated by the British. Not when we but it down. No! This is a


remarkable moment. This is the transfer of power. President Obama


in the Oval Office. Walking out of the Oval Office. He has been


resolutely... You have to wonder what he and his wife are going


through in these final moments. There has rarely been a transition


web people with such different worldviews and a lot of it between


these two men, during the course of the last two years. But he has


during the last few weeks been resolutely positive and up beat


about his time and the state of America. Indeed. And for several


each reasons. One is the reference for office love of democracy. I


remember his campaign manager telling me that the loss that the


Obama campaign had in 2008 in New Hampshire was critical because from


that point forward, he never had to remind his team again not to take


anything for granted. I am sure part of what President Obama is saying to


lots of young people and particularly young progressive women


is that after this campaign, you will never listen to polls and you


will never listen -- take things for granted again. The end of the world


only happens when it is the end of the world and everything so


something you learn and grow from. He has spent a lot of time on the


phone with president-elect Trump. They have worked closely with


Kellyanne Conway. She has said that a number of times. All of that


point. Carlos Watson and Anneke point. Carlos Watson and Anneke


Green, thank you for joining us. That's go to Nick Bryant. You do


know a lot about American politics. How does this rank in historic


terms? This will be memorable for the


surreal nature of it. Nobody really expected this moment to happen. We


are seeing gathering behind me senators and congressmen from both


parties. On both sides here in Washington, very few people gave him


any chance of winning. He set out for the presidency back in June 2015


and even on the morning of the election itself, some people, senior


Republicans saying, it would take a miracle for him to winds but he has


John just that. And what seemed to be the physically impossible is


about to come true. I'm going to interrupt you. We can see pictures


of the protesters. We have been speaking a lot... They seem to have


frozen. We are getting rather grainy pictures of protests in the city. We


have been talking a lot about the supporters. There are hundreds of


thousands of Trump supporters in the city as well. Let's not forget that


this is a very divided country. Donald Trump has the lowest approval


rating is on record of any president-elect. A lot of people in


the country are very angry at the moment, who do not feel that Donald


Trump represents American values and who are fearful about what the Trump


presidency will mean for this country. There are people who feel


that he ran a very divisive and negative campaign, minorities who


say they feel threatened by the this Administration's tone, and Muslim


Americans who feel they are in some jeopardy, of course, now what we are


seeing is that some of these protesters, it is hard to know


exactly how many there are, I can hear them from where I am, some of


these protesters. Apparently, we are hearing that shop windows have been


smashed. This seems to be a fairly violent protest that has taken


place, which is unusual on inauguration day. I have not seen


violent protests take place on inauguration day since I have been


reporting. People in balaclavas. They are running away, perhaps, from


the police. This is a couple of blocks from where I am, so very


close to the parade route and capital help stop it looks like


there are several dozen protesters there are several dozen protesters


running away from the scene. It looks like people have come prepared


looks like an organised and looks like an organised and


potentially violent protest. We are potentially violent protest. We are


getting reports of shop windows getting reports of shop windows


being looted. OK, let's bring in Ron Christie, a Republican strategist


who is here with me, up on our perch above the parade route. We spent


election night together. It was a long night. And an unexpected


result. And we made it through. I think it is an amazing day for


America. Whether you support or oppose Donald Trump, one of the


things that makes us a hallmark is our beacon of democracy. I'm going


to get you to talk about these pictures. This is fairly dramatic.


It looks organised and liberty violent. Looks like they know what


they are doing. Look at that, people smashing windows of a McDonald's


downtown. This is very unusual. We can hear this from where we are. We


can hear the yelling going on. This is unprecedented. None of us


expected this today. There is a lot of security in town. We have been


hearing. It looks like the police are responding as well. Using water


to try and disperse the protest is, getting them out of the area. I


think this is very close to where we are sitting at the moment. I know


that Macdonald is very well. It is a couple of blocks away from here.


During the day, if there wasn't an inauguration going on, there would


be a lot of people there. Wow. Look at that picture. Carlos. As you have


said, your people have -- fewer people have turned up in support of


this resident. We may see as many of the couple of hundred hours and


protesters. There was a sense on the part of the number of the protesters


from the access Hollywood remarks to the disagreement with the con family


and the arguments in terms of the Muslim registry that Donald Trump


talked about, and I think that has caused a greater level of agitation


and protest than you might normally have seen in 2000 and one or in


2009. We were having a party switch but there is more than a party


switch going on here. These are clearly organised protests, they had


come prepared with their bases covered, there are all night


security measures which is why we are seeing these protesters running


away from the scene. We saw some of them smashing shop windows. Also on


the streets of Washington, DC today, they will work hard to dispel these


protests as quickly as possible. I think you will see a fair number of


protests over the next year. We often focus on the first 100 days,


in terms of what the president will do but I think one of the hallmarks


of this next year, and for some, they will feel it is unfortunate, I


think you will see very strong, very frustrated, very angry protests. I


don't think they will be small and I don't think they will be limited to


Washington DC. The level of frustration, I think, that you see


in some of the polling going on, is significant. The last 60 days of


transition, it is normally a time when the president-elect bills more


support, and unfortunately in the case of resident elect Trump, you


see fewer people supporting him so he hasn't gone from 46% to 60%


support, is dead he went from 46% of the vote to 40%. I think we are


going to see a fair amount of protest. I think it unfortunate. The


way we have the electoral college system, it is not the popular vote


that winds. You have seen this several times over the last hundred


years. We are coming away from the protests now. Jimmy Carter, Alderley


and recovering from cancer. That is a beautiful shot of. Chief Justice


John Roberts who would live the oath of office and there are the Supreme


Court justices following him in. There are only eight of them at the


moment since the death of one of them last year. This is a very


moment fought President Trump as well because he has the chance to


put in place a Supreme Court justice and tilt the Supreme Court in favour


of conservatives. He hasn't named who that will be but we expect that


to be one of the first things that he does, Ron, in the next couple of


weeks. We should point out these are unelected people at, my goodness,


are they powerful, in the way they affect American life and possibly


one of the most important things out of the selection will be that they


will be more conservative for the next generation. And once you are a


federal judge, you are appointed for life. It is not a term, you are


there for life. There is a lot of speculation that the new president


will select someone who is very young, could be on the court for 40


years that could have a rheumatic impact on jurisprudence. --


dramatic. He could get as many as four. The reality is some -- several


of them are elderly and have had public struggles with health issues.


We know that in the case of Justice Ginsburg. Some of them are 80 or


close to 80 and they will step down. This is something which point out. I


think we are going to start getting the pig just when the White House as


well. -- the pictures. President Jo Biden's wife has already left. Vice


President Jo Biden's wife, they are starting to get ready, all of them,


to get -- make their way down. You will hear the helicopters, down


Pennsylvania Avenue, you will hear protests from others. A remarkable


sight. And the former president Jimmy Carter, the oldest living


former president. She flew up yesterday from Atlanta on a


commercial ELT airlines. He made a point on his flight of saying hello


to every single person on the -- every single person's hand. 40 years


ago, he was a surprise winner. Or one term governor from Georgia. And


there we have Melania Trump and Michelle Obama leaving the White


House. This will be the last time Michelle Obama is in the White House


as First Lady. This is an emotional moment for her. This has been her


home for eight years. She gets into the car, without a look back she


gets into the limousine and she and Melania together will drive down


Pennsylvania Avenue. Donald John Trump and Barack Obama, two very


different men and two very different agendas, leaving the White House


together, as is part of the custom. Here they go. No. Jo Biden and Mike


Pence come out first. Full start! The vice president and the vice


president elect. Getting into their limousine. Jo Biden, one of the more


consequential Bice presidents. A very close duration ship with Barack


Obama and he himself thought of running for the presidency and there


was a lot of speculation between Democrats. If it had been Mr Biden,


would be Mr Biden taking office now? I think he would have. The support


he had. He is very popular amongst them American people and sadly with


the passing of his son, I think he would have had a groundswell of


popular support. It might have been him in the limousine. And what a


different moment, what a different day that would have been in American


history. An even older president than Donald Trump. And here we go.


Donald John Trump and Barack and saying Obama coming out of the White


House. That is the last time they will come out. Too sombre looking


men. This is an important sombre looking -- sombre day. A moment of


advice there, perhaps, from Barack Obama to his successor. And in they


get, into the Beast. 90 days ago, very few people thought we would be


seeing that scene. You have to wonder what is going on in the mind


of those two men. A sense of relief... The expectation is now on


him, he is going to be our president and he has to lead us forward. He


will spend the next four years at least travelling in this limousine.


This is his life now. He is about to become the president with all the


trappings of office and all the seriousness of office and as you


said earlier, Carlos, he has not necessarily made the progression yet


from candidate Trump in his behaviour to President Trumper.


Today is the day he has to do that. He becomes the 45th President of the


United States. -- President Trumper. -- President


Trump. They are leaving the White House. A mile down the road. They


head down Pennsylvania Avenue, they come down to, and the honour guard


is all out, there are no press to -- no protesters anywhere near this


route, they have been moved swiftly along, I don't know whether Donald


Trump will be aware that there were violent scuffles on the morning of


his inauguration. He is talking firmly to his supporters are the


moment. There you can see Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton. Of


course, all of the former president apart from George HW Bush who is


sick in hospital. There is George W Bush and Laura Bush as well. George


Bush has made it even though his father and his mother are both in


hospital. George H Bush sent a nice note. He said his doctor said if he


sat outside, he would be six speed under. His sense of humour still in


evidence there! A true gent. And George Bush himself who went through


this recess in 2001 after a very contested election. He too lost the


popular vote but by much less than Donald Trump has lost the popular


vote, and his wife Laura. They have had eight years out of the public


eye by and large, and I've actually had a very good relationship with


the Obama is. George Bush has had a very good relationship with ill


Clinton working on things like Haiti and international aid efforts. I was


there on the last day, eight years ago, and when you go through this,


it is so emotional from the sense of the president is going through a lot


of emotions and he will fly out on a helicopter to Andrews Air Force Base


and the staff is there to wish the president well but I have to say, it


is a remarkable feeling, Katty, to be there with them when they


transition from resident to private citizen. -- President. It will be...


Former president Bush Dr sell-off in the sunset, several thousand miles


away to Texas but Obama is staying in DC, in part because one daughter


is still in school. I wonder whether that will be making the transition


easier or more difficult. And that has never happened before. You have


never had a former president decamping a couple of drops down the


road from the president. This is the cavalcade, it is heading along


Pennsylvania Avenue from the White House. At some point, I ink, on


their route, they will pass Donald Trump's new hotel, which is also


quite a thing, the fact that Donald Trump has this big, swanky hotel,


which is a couple of hundred yards from the White House. The new


residence for Trump will be in Pennsylvania Avenue. I have a


feeling we will see him a little bit there over the next fool years. The


helicopters. -- the next four years. Here they are, the cavalcade,


carrying the 44th President of the United States and the 45th President


of the United States, two very different men, with two very


different world views sharing a car together in this important process


of the transfer of power here in America. There is a new government


on its way, a new way of doing business coming into town, and there


you go, the Trump Hotel, they just drove straight past it. Maybe Mr


Obama will stay there one day when he is a private citizen. Some of the


tape I saw when LBJ was in office and you hear him talking about


former come editors and Eisenhower and Truman and you know it is a rare


fraternity and you know that President Trumper will be talking to


former resident of Obama and seeking advice. They have both said that


conversation had been cordial. The Obama team has left stacks of


national security documents, who knows whether the Trump team has


read them. Everything from North Korea to Iran. To the state of the


rest of the world. China, relations with China. Russia, I imagine. And


those documents sitting on the desk now are heading on their way. I can


look over my shoulder, I can start to see the motorcade. There are the


outriders on the motorbikes and police cars. They are all starting


to head our way. Coming to Capitol Hill. It is worth pointing out that


Donald Trump comes into office in quite a storm of controversy is.


This is not a smooth, calm, quiet, necessarily dignified transition.


You can lift them from Russia to his taking on civil rights leaders, this


is quite... It is a troubled transition, would you say? I big you


would. I think you would look at everything that Donald Trump ran on,


I think are Kabbalah who is leaving will say is this man going to and do


this legacy. Will this man this legacy. Will this man


transformed the artist Steve and harm my legacy -- there is


investigation of the Russian involvement. It is a relatively


small number of people who have been nominated head. More important


people have denominated and will move through the process. Not only


is there significant dissension and their buck he won't have a full team


as soon as he might want it. It will be interesting to see what kind of


support he gets from Paul lying and Mitch O'Connell, the two leaders of


the House of Representatives. -- Paul Ryan. Will they be supportive


as Trump takes on if a cult policies and takes a different approach. One


of the things that will be difficult for Donald Trump is what will his


relations be with those two leaders, can he govern with them or will they


try to support his Administration's plans, along with the Democrats?


Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton there, the woman who wanted to be


the first female President of the United States. There is the beast.


The president and the President elect inside the car, making their


weight to the capital.


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