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The Prime Minister is warning GPs they could face funding cuts,


if they don't keep surgeries open for longer to meet


The Government says many people are going to hard-pressed accident


and emergency departments because they can't


Doctors leaders accuse the Government of failing to address


Our political correspondent Tom Barton reports.


The news from the NHS last week wasn't good.


Now there's a suggestion from Number Ten that part


of the cause is that family doctors just aren't open for long enough.


A Downing Street spokesman said, "It is increasingly clear that


a large number of surgeries are not providing the access that patients


need and that patients are suffering as a result".


And so ministers are proposing withholding extra funding from GPs


who can't show they're offering appointments at the times


The Government sees GPs as key to reducing pressure on hospitals,


pointing to figures which suggest that nearly 30% of patients at A


But those who represent GPs see today's announcement as an attack


There's no point in blaming hard-working doctors


There's no point blaming one part of the system when clearly,


we know what the reasons for the problems are.


The reasons are we have too few doctors - lower


So patients who are in hospital can't come out into the community.


Jeremy Corbyn today defended GPs and argued the solution to pressure


in hospitals is to improve funding in the care system.


A Labour Government would give social care the funding it needs


and give a firm commitment to take failed private care homes


into public ownership to maintain the social care protection


It's the very least we can do to guarantee dignity for people


who have given so much to our country.


Ministers say stopping people from using A inappropriaty should ease


pressure on hospitals and they say other parts of the NHS including GPs


must play their part in making that happen.


Residents in parts of the east coast of England have been returning


to their homes after escaping largely unscathed from a tidal storm


in Great Yarmouth, following fears of significant flooding.


There are no longer severe flood alerts although more than a hundred


Our correspondent Alex Dunlop is in Great Yarmouth.


How are things there, Alex? Well, not too bad. This river flows


through Great Yarmouth. It is calm now, but at 9.30pm last night, at


the peak of the high tide, there was 13 inches from topping the defence.


The waters have receded and apart from a few pockets of isolated


flooding, Great Yarmouth has escaped the worst of the surge. However, at


Hornsea in East Yorkshire, 30 properties were flooded and three


people had to be saved from a car that was trapped in five-feet of


water on the sea-front after the water overtopped the sea defences.


We had 17 severe flood warnings in place. Now, there are none. So, a


huge relief for coastal communities down the East Coast, but emergency


services say that this was a close call.


Alex, thank you very much. Now a cross-party group of MPs has


called on the Government to publish its Brexit plan


by mid-February at the latest. The Exiting the EU Committee also


called for transitional arrangements to smooth Britain's departure


from the European Union. Our Business Correspondent


Joe Lynam reports. Britain's biggest industries


employing millions of people have long been calling for some sort


of transitional arrangement They needed to avoid a sudden change


in the rules post Brexit. Now, they've got support


from a key group of MPs We think that any return to tariffs


or bureaucratic obstacles would not be in the interests of British


business and the committee believes that transitional arrangements


will be needed to smooth the process as we leave the European


Union particularly, if there were to be any


changes to the way we trade The Brexit committee of MPs says


the Government should set out by mid-February whether it aims


to remain in the single market It should press for a transitional


arrangement with the EU if it can't secure a full deal within the two


year time frame. Crucially the committee said


that the Government should offer MPs a vote on whatever is agreed


at the end of the negotiation. But some lobby groups


dismissed the idea. We should spend the two years


of negotiations on the financial services and ensuring


the City is OK. We don't need


a transitional arrangement. The Government said we will set


out our plans by the end of March and that Parliament will be


appropriately engaged throughout the process of exit,


abiding by all constitutional Next week, Theresa May gives


a big speech on Britain's At the same time, the Supreme Court


could decide whether she, or all MPs in Parliament will decide


whether and when to formally A teenager stolen as a newborn baby


from a Florida hospital 18 years ago has been found in South Carolina.


Kamiyah Mobley was found after a tip-off and DNA tests confirmed her


real identity. The woman who raised her has been charged with


kidnapping. This is Kamiyah Mobley with the


woman who she believed was her mother. She seemed a normal and


happy family living in a quiet part of South Carolina. But today, her


mother, Gloria Williams is under arrest, charged with kidnapping her


after she was born 18 years ago and giving her a false identity. In


South Carolina, we found an 18-year-old, young woman, with the


same date of birth, but a different name. So further investigation


revealed that fraudulent documents were used to establish that young


woman's identity. In interviews with people, it supported the possibility


that this young woman maybe Kamiyah Mobley. After she was born in this


hospital in Florida in 1998, Kamiyah Mobley was abducted by a woman


posing as a nurse. But it was only last year, that police received a


tip which eventually led to the arrest. For her biological family, a


moment of huge relief. She sounds so intelligent and so respectful and


she says she will be here to see us. For Kamiyah, disbelief, that the


mother she loved as a mother is now being accused as her abductor.


Now let's get a round-up of the latest sports news


with Mike Bushell at the BBC Sports Centre.


Spurs can go second in the Premier League this lunchtime,


for a day at least, if they can beat West Brom at White Hart lane.


They're approaching half-time and Tottenham have continued


where they left off last week against Chelsea with Harry Kane


And they were helped to a second when West Brom's Gareth McCauley


Questions are being raised about Diego Costa's future at Chelsea.


He hasn't travelled with the team for their match at Leicester today.


It follows a disagreement between the player and coach


about his fitness, but comes amid reports of a huge money offer


The reported offer of ?30 million a year is more than the sum that


tempted Oscar to leave Chelsea for China.


Ahead of the Australian Open that starts on Monday,


Britain's Dan Evans has lost in the final of the warm-up event,


But it was his first ATP Tour final and after his run this week,


Evans is already guaranteed to climb to a new career-high ranking,


He saved two set points, against Gilles Muller of Luxembourg


before losing the opening set on a tie-break.


Evans couldn't recover in the second as he lost


Tonight in New York, James DeGale will attempt to unify boxing's


super-middleweight division against Badou Jack.


DeGale was the first British boxer to win an Olympic gold medal


But even that hasn't yet made him a household name,


In the bustling streets of London and anonymity is the norm. Even for


Olympic Gold Medallists and world champions. James DeGale enjoys that


luxury which is surprising given his record. Listen, I don't want to blow


my own trumpet, but my results speak for itself. Being Olympic world


champion and now I'm about to unify the world. Do I get enough


recognition? Probably not, but it's coming.


Arguably recognition might have come sooner had it not been for this man,


Anthony Joshua, an Olympic Gold Medallist four years after DeGale at


London 2012 and now a world champion too. I always say I have done it the


hard way like, just look at our Olympic Games. It went to Beijing. I


went away from home. COMMENTATOR: And James DeGale is the


Olympic champion. Anthony Joshua won it at home. I boxed a former bronze


medallist at the Olympics. My journey has been similar, but I've


done it the harder way and Anthony Joshua is a fantastic fighter and he


will be a superstar. Superstar Dom would follow for DeGale with a win


in New York, but it demands a certain approach. My mum says all


boxers are mad because when I'm in camp, she called me De Gold because


she says I change as a person. I'm a diva, I'm like rude. Those traits


haven't gone unnoticed in the States, but DeGale embraces,


anything to help him reach his goals. I'm dreaming about this. I'm


ticking off the boxes and I will become the first Olympic Gold


Medallist from Britain. Now it is time to unify and be the man. A win


might bring some of the recognition that DeGale deserves.


And Sam Sunderland has won the Dakar Rally bikes


classification, making him the first British rider to win


More on that historic win in Sportsday on BBC News at 6.30pm,


The next news on BBC One is at 5.20pm.


Good afternoon. Well, throughout the weekend we're


going to lose the cold wintry weather that we have seen of late


and replace it with something milder, but wetter. There is some


cloud around and a few nuisance showers it has to be said. Those


showers have been driven in by a north-westerly wind across the Irish


Sea and into north-west


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