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The Prime Minister is warning GPs they could face funding cuts


if they don't keep surgeries open for longer to meet patient demand.


The government says many people are going to hard-pressed accident


and emergency departments because they can't


Doctors' leaders accuse the government of failing to address


Our health correspondent Robert Pigott reports.


Hospitals have faced a winter crisis like none before. Unprecedented


pressure in the New Year, led almost half to declare a major alert


doctors warning patient safety was being compromised. Today the


government said GP surgeries were partly at fault, failing to provide


the access patients need, forcing them into accident departments


instead. The government wants surgeries to open from 8am until 8pm


and open seven days a week unless they can prove there is no demand.


They said they will withhold extra funding unless GPs comply. I have


worked as a nurse for many years in the NHS and I know every winter is


difficult, but this winter in particular, I have seen the highest


number ever attending A so we have to make best use of resources.


Funding is tight and if GPs will not be open when the public need them to


be open, the funding can be directed to other places in the NHS such as


A But GPs say they are being made a scapegoat for the government's


failure to fund the NHS sufficiently. If all practices were


expected to open seven days a week using five days worth of funding and


staffing, all that would happen is we would undermine the quality of


care we can provide to the vast majority of our patients and we


would stretch an already overstretched service more thinly.


Some health experts have supported claims by doctors that congestion in


A Department has been caused by finding beds for more seriously ill


patients than overflow from GP surgeries. They say medically fit


patients are clogging up badly needed beds because of the shortage


of money to care for them at home. Today, Jeremy Corbyn took the


opportunity to announce a new Labour proposal to ease the pressure on


social care. A Labour government would give social care at the


funding it needs and give a firm commitment to take failed private


care homes into public ownership to maintain the social care protection


that our people need. Research suggests three in ten people in A


would be better treated elsewhere and the government insists GPs are


vital to stopping them going there. It is now ready to take tough


measures to see that they do. Let's speak to our political


correspondent Chris Mason. What's your assessment then Chris,


about what Theresa May's I think after a howling gale of bad


headlines from the government over the past couple of days, Theresa May


wants to be seen to be taking charge and be on the side patients, the


underside of the woman who came up to me a couple of minutes ago with


her phone, counting on a stopwatch, nearly seven hours she has waited to


get her elderly mother checked into a bed. She was full of praise for


the staff saying it wasn't their fault, it was the system under too


much pressure. Theresa May, rather than GPs is pursuing a risky


strategy. We have seen that with the reaction it has provoked. But


arguably, politically it would have been more risky to say nothing. For


a long time, it has been an Achilles heel of the Conservatives and they


have not been trusted with the NHS. This week, this month, this winter,


doesn't with that. Chris, thanks very much.


A teenager who was stolen as a newborn from a hospital


in Florida 18 years ago has been found in South Carolina.


Kamiyah Mobley was discovered after a tip-off and DNA tests


The woman who raised her has been charged with kidnapping.


Our Washington Correspondent Laura Bicker sent this report.


This is Kamiyah Mobley, with a woman, who for Hall and her life she


believed was her mother. But the 18-year-old has discovered the


truth. And today that woman, Gloria Williams is behind bars. You have


been charged with kidnapping. Kamiyah was stolen from a hospital


in Florida eight hours after she was born, by someone posing as a nurse.


Her family pleaded for help to find her and police received thousands of


tip-offs. But it was only in the last year they had a breakthrough.


She had an inclination beginning a couple of months ago, she may have


been involved in this in some way. She has a lot to process and a lot


to think about. Kamiyah's family in Florida have never forgotten the


baby that was snatched from them in 1988 and they have been in touch


over the Internet. She sounds so intelligent and she said she will be


here to see us. Every day you get up, there is always hope. There was


always hope. For Kamiyah herself, there is shock and disbelief, as she


watches the woman she thought was her mother, jailed for being her


abductor. The US President-elect,


Donald Trump, has suggested he may drop sanctions imposed


against Russia over In an interview with


the Wall Street Journal, Mr Trump said he would retain


the sanctions "at least for a period of time"


but could scrap them if Russia was helpful to the US,


for example in fighting terrorism. The committee of MPs overseeing


the Brexit process has called on the government to reveal details


of its plans by next month. The all-party group of MPs also says


the government should reach a transitional agreement


with the EU, to give Our business correspondent


Joe Lynam reports. For months, Britain's largest


employers have been calling for clarity on what type of deal


will emerge post Brexit. Many want a transition arrangement


with the EU so they can plan Today, MPs on both sides


of the Brexit argument, piled more pressure on Theresa May


by calling for exactly that. We think any return to tariffs


or bureaucratic obstacles would not be in the interests of British


business and the committee believes transitional arrangements will be


needed to smooth the process as we leave the European Union,


particularly if there were to be any changes to the way we trade


or the way we sell our services. This group of MPs and business


want to know whether Britain wants to remain within the single market


and they want to give MPs And if a deal can't be reached


within the two-year time frame, they want a transitional phase


to smooth the process out One of the key sectors in all


of this is the City of London, which provides more than a tenth


of UK tax revenues. Critics say that's what


the government should be protecting. We should spend the two


years of negotiations on the financial services,


ensuring the city is OK. We don't need


a transitional arrangement. The EU's chief Brexit


negotiator Michel Barnier, warned there wouldn't be any special


deals to protect UK On Tuesday, the Prime Minister


gives a key speech It's far from certain though


that she will be able to provide the detail that many on both sides


are now demanding. Football and Premier League leaders


Chelsea play Leicester this evening, without their leading striker Diego


Costa. The player's been central


to Chelsea's success this season. But there are claims he's fallen out


with his manager and talk of a multi-million pound move


to the Chinese Super League. Here's our Sports


reporter Patrick Gearey. Where there is Costa, there is


danger. The Premier League's top scorer is a headache for defenders,


but now it seems also for his manager. Diego Costa will not play


against Leicester this evening after a dispute with the coach over his


fitness. Reports emerged last mike. Big-money interest in the player


from China. Yesterday Chelsea's manager was shy about his team


selection. I have, honestly I have to check a couple of situations and


then decide tomorrow. The pull of the East recently Lord O, now on an


estimated ?400,000 a week. China has been the destination of John Obi


Mikel and Didier Drogba, who left in 2012. Costa has been offered ?30


million a year by an unnamed Chinese club, so why stay? He is at his


peak. The team is built around him, absolutely, totally. He is a top


player. If he wants to go to China and be bored for 18 hours a day,


good luck with that. Harry Kane offered the perfect example of a


striker's value in the Premier League. His hat-trick moved Spurs


second behind Chelsea. Costa offered his support on social media as they


prepare to play Leicester, but Chelsea will be worried about


Chinese cheque-books. There's more throughout the evening


on the BBC News Channel,


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