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Theresa May tells GPS to keep their surgeries open longer


Doctors say they're being made scapegoats for the NHS crisis


but the government says the move will reduce


Funding is tight and if GPs aren't going to be open when the public


need them to be open, then that funding can be


directed to other places in the NHS, such as A


An American teenager abducted at birth defends the woman


who claimed to be her mother for 18 years.


And what's the cost for Chelsea without their star striker


as speculation grows over his future?


GPs are being warned they could face funding cuts if they don't


keep their surgeries open for longer.


The Prime Minister says many people are going to hard-pressed accident


and emergency departments because they can't


Doctors say they are being made scapegoats and have accused


the government of failing to address a deepening NHS funding crisis.


Our health correspondent, Robert Pigott, reports.


Hospitals have faced a winter crisis like none before.


Unprecedented pressure in the New Year led almost half


to declare a major alert, with doctors warning that patient


Today, the government said GP surgeries were partly at fault,


failing to provide the access that patients need, forcing them


into accident and emergency departments instead.


The government wants surgeries to open from 8am in the morning


to late in the evening and open seven days a week, unless they can


They say they will withhold extra funding unless GPs comply.


I have worked as a nurse for many years in the NHS and I know that


every winter is difficult in the NHS.


But this winter in particular has seen the highest number


And so we have to make best use of our resources.


And funding is tight and if GPs are not going to be open


when the public need them to be open, then that funding can be


directed to other places in the NHS, such as A


But GPs say they're being made scapegoats


for the government's failure to fund the NHS sufficiently.


If all practices were expected to open seven days a week,


using five days' worth of funding and staffing, then all that


would happen is we will undermine the quality of care that we can


provide to the vast majority of our patients and we would stretch


an already overstretched service more thinly.


Some health experts have supported claims by doctors that congestion


in A departments has been caused more by problems finding beds


for seriously ill patients than it has by overflow from GPs' surgeries.


They say that medically fit patients are clogging up badly needed beds


because of a shortage of money to care for them at home.


Today, Jeremy Corbyn took the opportunity to announce


a new Labour proposal to ease the pressure on social care.


A Labour government would give social care the funding it needs


and give a firm commitment to take failed private care homes


into public ownership to maintain the social care protection


Research suggests that three in ten people in A would be better


treated elsewhere and the government insists that GPs are vital


It's now ready to take tough measures to see that they do.


Let's speak to our political correspondent, Chris Mason.


Why is Theresa May saying this to GPs now?


The Prime Minister wants to be seen to be on the side of patients, but


the woman I was chatting to earlier, who had a stopwatch on her mobile


phone, she had been waiting for seven hours to get her elderly


mother checked into a bed for care. She was full of praise for the


staff, they were doing as much as possible, she said, but the problem


was that were not enough of them. Theresa May is facing criticism from


all angles, patience, the opposition and trade unions and the


Conservative chair of the Health Select Committee who said it was not


right to be going after and scapegoating GPs. Tonight, in the


Observer, the former head of the civil service, he chairs a London


hospital, said there is enormous fragility across the NHS. She might


expect politically this would be very dangerous for Theresa May, not


least because historically the Conservatives have polled very badly


when it comes to trust in the NHS. Tonight, there is an opinion poll,


just a snapshot, from the Independent and Sunday Mirror


suggesting Theresa May is more trusted than Labour and Jeremy


Corbyn on the NHS and that, despite the headlines she has faced this


week. Chris, thank you very much. A man has died after the clifftop


where he was believed to have been Police were called to the beach


in Thorpeness in Sussex this afternoon following reports that


a man was trapped. Despite efforts by the emergency


services to locate and free him, Donald Trump has said he may drop


sanctions imposed on Russia In a newspaper interview he said


he would retain the sanctions "for a period of time"


but could scrap them if Russia A teenager who was kidnapped


as a newborn baby from a hospital in Florida 18 years ago has been


found in South Carolina. Kamiyah Mobley was discovered


after a tip-off and DNA tests The woman who raised her has been


charged with kidnapping. Our Washington correspondent,


Laura Bicker, sent this report. This is Kamiyah Mobley with a woman


who for all her life But the 18-year-old has now


discovered the truth. And today that woman,


Gloria Williams, is behind bars. You have been charged


with kidnapping and we have Kamiyah was stolen from a hospital


in Florida just eight hours after she was born by someone posing


as a nurse. Her family pleaded for help to find


her and police received But it was only in the last year


that they had a breakthrough. She had an inclination beginning


a couple of months ago that she may have been involved in this


in some way. She has a lot to process and a lot


to think about, as you can imagine. Kamiyah's family in Florida have


never forgotten the baby that was snatched from them in 1988


and they have now been She sounds so intelligent


and so respectful and she said Every day you get up,


there's always hope. When I wake up, I believed


she was waking up, too. For Kamiyah herself,


there is shock and disbelief as she watches the woman she thought


was her mother jailed Iraq has said its forces have taken


control of one of so called Islamic State's main bases


in the city of Mosul. It said it's close to capturing


the eastern half of the city. A major offensive has been underway


since October to recapture Mosul The committee of MPs overseeing


the Brexit process has called on the government to reveal details


of its plans by next month. The all-party group of MPs also says


the government should reach a transitional agreement with the EU


to give the economy time to adapt. Our business correspondent,


Joe Lynam, reports. For months, Britain's largest


employers have been calling for clarity on what type of deal


will emerge post-Brexit. Many want a transitional arrangement


with the EU so they can plan Today, MPs on both sides


of the Brexit argument piled more pressure on Theresa May by calling


for exactly that. We think that any return to tariffs


or bureaucratic obstacles would not be in the interests of British


business and the committee believes that transitional arrangements


will be needed to smooth the process as we leave the European Union,


particularly if there were to be any changes to the way we trade


or the way we sell our services. This group of MPs and business


want to know whether Britain wants And they want to give MPs


a vote on the final deal. And if a deal cannot be reached


within the two-year time frame, they want a transitional phase


to smooth the process out And one of the key sectors in all


of this is the City of London, which provides more than a tenth


of UK tax revenues. Critics say that is what


the government should be protecting. We should spend the two years


of negotiations on the financial services and ensuring


the City is OK. We don't need


a transitional arrangement. And the EU's chief Brexit


negotiator, Michel Barnier, Responding to newspaper


reports that he wanted a special deal with the City,


Mr Barnier said "non". On Tuesday, the Prime Minister gives


a key speech on her plans It's far from certain, though,


that she'll be able to provide the detail that many on both sides


are now demanding. Some news just coming in, aid


officials in at least a migrant ship carrying around 100 people has


capsized off back the coast of Libya but only four survivors rescued. It


said a number of bodies have been recovered but poor conditions or


hampering the search for survivors. Now, with news of how Chelsea got


on today without star striker Diego Costa and all the rest


of the sport, we can cross There were eight matches


in the Premier League today. If you don't want to know the scores


you may want to look away now. There was a notable absentee


from the Chelsea side that beat champions Leicester this evening,


the league leaders without their striker, Diego Costa,


amid claims he's fallen out with the club's coaching staff


and talk of a multi-million pound offer on the table to move


to the Chinese Super League. Here's our sports


reporter, Patrick Gearey. At the home of the current


champions, Chelsea showed why they are still favourites to be


the next ones. A 3-0 win at Leicester


is some statement. The only questions


surround a man not here. Premier League top scorer


Diego Costa didn't travel after Reports suggested there


was big-money interest Reports Chelsea's manager says


he knows nothing about. If there are the problems,


you solve the problems That word again - "if" Costa did go,


he would be following the likes of Oscar in heading


for Easters riches. He is earning an estimated


?400,000 a week. China has been the next destination


for other Chelsea players. John Obi Mikel this year


and Didier Drogba back in 2012. Costa has reportedly been


offered ?30 million a year The team is built around him,


absolutely, totally. If he wants to go to China and be


bored for 18 hours a day, Before today's game,


Costa used social media That, like the league table, makes


reassuring reading for Chelsea fans. If football's financial power


is moving East and China wants a star signing,


it's getting harder Watford have led tributes to former


England manager Graham Taylor, At Vicarage Road, where he enjoyed


two spells in charge, a minute's applause was held before


kick-off for the man they called the greatest Watford


manager of all time. Tributes were paid at Wolves,


who played Aston Villa, two sides Taylor also managed


in his 31-year managerial career. The England striker Harry Kane


scored a hat-trick as Tottenham beat West Brom 4-0 at White Hart Lane -


a result which moves them up There were wins for


Burnley, Hull and Stoke. Arsenal enjoyed a 4-0


win over Swansea. Watford and Middlesbrough finished


goalless whilst West Ham A late try for Wasps


in their penultimate pool game has put them on the brink of reaching


the quarter finals of It was some quick thinking


from Dan Robson as he crossed over with just 58 seconds remaining


as his side beat four-time European Elsewhere, Glasgow and


Leicester both lost. Britain's number three Dan Evans


has lost in the final of the Sydney International,


the first time he's He led briefly in a first set


tie-break before succumbing 7-6, Disappointed after the defeat,


the 26-year-old is guaranteed to climb to a new career-high


ranking - just outside the top 50 - ahead of the Australian Open,


which starts on Monday. You can see more on all of today's


stories on the BBC News Channel. Good evening. There will be some


rain around but most of us over the next 24-hour


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