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Donald Trump has begun his presidency by sticking to his pledge


to repeal Barack Obama's affordable healthcare plan.


Mr Trump signed his first executive order forcing government offices


to minimise the cost of the reforms until they can be overturned.


The White House also signalled his intention to remove


what he called "harmful and unnecessary" climate


And now, the president and First Lady of the United States


Never has a song been more


Donald Trump got here by doing things very differently,


a trait he shows no sign of losing as commander-in-chief.


Should I keep the Twitter going or not?


He beamed as he arrived at galas across Washington,


clasping the hand of his wife and First Lady.


Inaugural balls are part of the choreography


And Mr Trump invited supporters from across the country.


We began this journey, and they said we - we and me -


we didn't have a chance, but we knew we were going to win.


that he had already made his first executive move...


This is an executive order minimising the economic burden of


the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.


will help repeal Obamacare, his predecessor's signature


Across the country, gatherings of a more hostile nature


In Washington, over 200 people were arrested


after a handful of small anti-Trump rallies turned violent.


In Chicago, hundreds peacefully voiced their concerns


at Donald Trump's agenda, and in Seattle, they marched


Further demonstrations are planned over the weekend.


But the new president will shrug off this criticism,


Surrounded by family and friends, he is taking a moment to enjoy this


particular piece of pageantry before the real work begins.


Our correspondent Barbara Plett Usher is in Washington for us.


Barbara, what has the president got on his agenda in his first full day


in office? He will probably be watching this, to some degree. We


are expecting tens, possibly hundreds of thousands of people to


march here in Washington and around the country. These other people were


afraid of what a Trump administering might bring. They are demanding that


he protect minorities and women's writes. Mr Trump is getting off to


his first day, attending a national prayer breakfast at the Washington


National Cathedral, the last part of this official transition. He is also


expected to visit the CIA headquarters. You will remember he


was sharply critical of them and other agencies over Russian


interference in the elections. It seems he will mend some fences


there. As we've heard, tens of thousands


are expected to join the rally It'll be one of nearly 700


demonstrations globally organised Women of the world, unite!


Women of the world, unite! In Australia, 3000 people marched


to the US consulate in Sydney. Organisers said they wanted


to present a united voice Our correspondent Sian Grezeszcyk


is in Central London, What is the atmosphere there like?


Well, I have just come from the US embassy over in Grosvenor Square,


which is where London's March got underway within the last half an


hour. A very defiant, calm atmosphere with the marchers who


started... They are heading this way to Trafalgar Square, where a rally


will be held at 2pm. The organisers say that they want the Trump


presidency to hear loud and clear and to ensure that women's rights


are protected. That is why they have joined here in solidarity. Speaking


to many people in the crowd, they say it is not just about sending a


message to the White House. They say it is also about highlighting


women's writes in general as well. They are expected to arrive here


within the next hour or so. Of course, this is one of more than 600


marchers taking place across the world. Thank you very much.


An 18-year-old man has appeared in court charged with murdering


The body of 16-year-old Leonne Weeks was discovered on a path


She'd been stabbed a number of times.


Five people are known to have died in the Italian avalanche last week.


It's thought around 15 people are still unaccounted for.


Nine people, including four children, have so far been pulled


alive from the rubble of the Rigopiano hotel


From the ruins of the Rigopiano Hotel, in the last moments of light,


rescuers pulled a six-year-old girl to safety.


She was cold but apparently uninjured.


Relief workers then carried away a boy who'd been


For 48 hours, these children and two others had


managed to survive underneath concrete walls.


After these pictures were filmed, rescuers made their way


to four more survivors - two men and two women.


The rescued hotel guests have been flown to hospital in the


Doctors say that they are cold and dehydrated


The survivors' family members can now


TRANSLATION: Can't you see it from my face?


But other waiting relatives have no such relief.


TRANSLATION: You need to speak to these ministers here.


You need to ask them why they didn't go get the


people out the day before the tragedy.


Italy's rescue services promise to continue their rescue


How many more people might be trapped alive


With the sport, here's Mike Bushell at the BBC Sport Centre.


Johanna Konta's Australian Open challenge is gathering serious


momentum after she won her eighth match in a row, to


If she can get through her next match, she would potentially face


Serena Williams in the quarter-finals.


Konta's been in fantastic form this year, winning a title in Sydney


in the build up to the big Grand Slam in Melbourne,


and Wozniacki simply had no answer to Britain's number one.


Wozniacki, seeded 17, only managed to win four


games, as Konta cruised to an eighth straight victory.


She'll now play Ekaterina Makarova in the fourth round.


Things got simplified for me today, and I enjoyed trying to execute the


plan. I really enjoy being out there. It was a really nice


atmosphere on court today. There was a lot of people. A lot of support,


so I enjoyed the whole thing. It's a busy day of football with


seven matches in the Premier League. Spurs and Liverpool can narrow


the gap on leaders Chelsea. Liverpool have had the better


of the play so far, The Swans are in a battle


for Premier League survival. There are 14 matches


in the fourth round It's currently goalless at Ibrox,


Lee Wallace with the best Last week, seven sports began


an appeals process against UK Sport's decision not to provide


funding for the Tokyo 2020 Games. Sarah Davies is one of the leading


GB women and knows the effects a funding axe can have,


with her Olympian boyfriend suffering the same fate


after London 2012. Beneath the hair is Sarah Davies, a


weightlifter on the rise in a sport that is under threat. I was in the


gym when I got the phone call from our performance director. I was


struggling through the end of my session and I managed to get an


extra ten repetitions out of what I was doing through upset, anger. It


will have a massive effect. Sarah is one half of Great Britain's power


couple, alongside her partner, Jack Oliver. COMMENTATOR: Jack Oliver,


brilliant stuff there. The men's team lost their funding three years


ago. They are always saying, do you get physio? No. Even though you


might be the best in the country, competing on the world stage, you


don't get a penny. Sarah is now a full-time athlete, but if funding is


cut, that will affect our chances of becoming the first British woman to


win an Olympic weightlifting medal. It will be tricky to see where the


income comes from. I qualified as a PE teacher, but I am not teaching,


because it affects my training. I am a little bit in limbo. Being


unpredictable doesn't faze Sarah. When she is not in the gym, she


competes for a different type of Crown - in beauty pageants. She won


miss Leeds in 2012. I always get, oh, you don't look like a


weightlifter, so it is good to break those stereotypes and get a positive


body image into pageants. They are hoping for a positive result in the


appeal against the cuts for 2020. What they have achieved in the last


few years has been phenomenal. Unfortunately, I'm not holding out


much hope, so it is a case of looking for a job and potentially


going back to working full-time as a teacher again. They have an anxious


wait before UK sport announces its decision next month.


Let me update you on the football. With 40 minutes gone, at Ibrox and


Anfield, it is still goalless. Hello. Temperatures fell as low as


minus eight Celsius last night, and this afternoon, with cloud or


sunshine, most of us are in


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