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Hundreds of thousands of people joined protest marches


around the world today, on the first full day


The demonstrations are to highlight women's and minority rights,


which protesters say are under threat from the new administration.


Tens of thousands of people joined the rally in London,


and other cities across the UK, but the biggest event


Washington has a long history of public protest but even judged by


those standards, this march is massive. Hundreds of thousands of


women and many men as well poured into the capital to make their


voices heard. I came from Hawaii to be here today and I am here to


represent all the people back cannot be here. I am glad there is a lot of


people who are willing to come and stand up for these things. I feel it


is important. It's not that we hate Trump but we hate


what he stands for. Bigotry and racism, we will not stand for that.


It gives me hope for the future, it was a really dark day when the


election results came in and seeing this gives me hope that we will move


forward for the better. It is clear from the scale of this march that


President Trump faces an enormous and perhaps impossible challenge,


convincing these women and many more like them around the country that he


governs for all America. He will need more than a prey to unite the


nation. Mr Trump and his Vice President started their first full


day in office at church with their families. The new President shows no


sign of compromising with his opponents as his choice of music at


this inaugural ball handed. Even as they danced, plans to repeal a


President Obama's health-care were underway. We want to see great


things happen for our country. We want to make America a great again


and be well. Politicians around the world are now adjusting to the new


era, Britain's Foreign Secretary give his reaction. Our new President


has made it very clear that he wants to put Britain at the front of line


for a new trade deal and that is exciting and important. But the


German leader had what sounded like a coded warning for President Trump.


TRANSLATION: I believe it is best if we work together based on rules,


common values and joint actions on International trade and military


alliances. There was less subtlety on the streets, these were the


scenes in London at an anti-trump-macro demonstration. They


were reflected here in the Kenyan capital Nairobi and in the


Australian city of Sydney and in many other places. The elevation of


a controversial populace to the most powerful office in the West has


shaken the entire world. James Cook is in


Washington for us now. How is this being reported and what


message for the new President? Well, I think it is difficult to


ignore the scale of the opposition to the new President Donald Trump,


not only here in Washington, DC and as we saw around the world, but


across the United States. More than 600 marchers are planned today and


in fact they are even marching or at least demonstrating against as far


as way as a research station in Antarctica. What the White House and


President Trump would say is that his supporters are in great number


as well and that many of them perhaps do not travel to the likes


of Washington, DC, the swampy has said he wants to drain, not least


because at least according to his side, they are the poorer members of


society for whom he says he will stick up. It has become a cliche to


say that this country is divided and as for Mr Trump, this afternoon we


expect him to go and meet the CIA, that will be potentially very


interesting, possibly fraught, given his conflict with the intelligence


services during the latter stages of the election campaign and following


his election with their assessment that Russia had attempted to


interfere in the US election on his behalf. Clearly the wheels of


government are going into motion and he is now in charge. Indeed. Thank


you very much. Ukip's candidate for


upcoming by-election in Stoke-on-Trent Central will be


the party's leader - The MEP took charge


of Ukip in November. He'll now try to win


the seat off Labour, whose previous MP Tristam Hunt stood


down to become the head of the V museum.


Our political correspondent Iain Watson is here -


how risky is this for Is this a risky move. It is for Paul


Nuttall. He is a straight talking Scouser who set out this ambitious


aim of replacing the Labour Party and making new kept the Patriot


voice of working people. In Stoke, two thirds of people backed Brexit


and he called the city the capital of Brexit and if he fails to beat


Labour there it could damage his leadership. His predecessor Nigel


Farage despite various failed attempts to get into Parliament. If


he wins, he strikes a body blow at Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour leader


was campaigning ahead of another by-election today. It is a Labour


seat but people there and local campaigners are saying that there


are undecided voters. It represents high stakes. Thank you.


Sixteen people - mostly teenagers - have been killed in Verona


in northern Italy after their bus hit a highway barrier


and caught fire. The school students from Hungary


were returning from a skiing trip with teachers and parents


Around forty people were also injured.


Twenty-three people are still missing three days


after an avalanche buried and partly destroyed a hotel in central Italy.


Nine people, including four children, have so far been pulled


From the ruins of the hotel, in the last moments of light on the third


day, rescuers pulled this six-year-old girl to safety. She was


the final member of her family to be saved. Relief workers then carried


away a boy who had been with her. Concrete walls had protected them


from the avalanche. Later, rescuers made their way to for more


survivors, two men and two women. The rescued adults and children were


flown to hospital in a coastal city where they are recovering quickly.


TRANSLATION: The medical condition of the survivors is good. Only one


patient is currently in the operating theatre having surgery on


their right arm. The survivors family members can now breathe


again. TRANSLATION: Doesn't my face show


how happy I am? It is great. I cannot describe it in words. I would


like to see him but for now the boy is safe. Fresh rescue teams prepared


to relieve their exhausted colleagues this morning. They have


plenty of work ahead. TRANSLATION: We are going to take


over. The rescue operation will continue through the night. We are


convinced that we will find other people still alive. To find them,


they will have to dig through tonnes of snow, rock and concrete. How many


more survivors might there be underneath all of this? James


Reynolds, BBC News, Rome. Onto sport and Wayne Rooney has


become Manchester United's leading goalscorer.


His equaliser against Stoke City this afternoon was his two hundred


and fiftieth for the club and takes him past the record


of Sir Bobby Charlton. British number One Johanna Konta


is through to the last 16 She saw off former world number One,


Denmark's Caroline Wozniaki to make it though to the fourth


round in Melbourne. Few British parts people are as well


received in Melbourne as Johanna Konta, she was after all born in


Australia, played for Australia and is currently, they think, playing


like an Australian. Whatever her nationality, she is becoming


world-class, her power broke the former number one Caroline Wozniaki


midway through the first set, the second was a dismantling. Caroline


Wozniaki has been enjoying a renaissance recently and here she


was taken back to the dark ages, chasing shadows. Johanna Konta was


not hanging around, it took 75 minutes to complete her eighth


straight victory, such was its style, such was its acclaim, well,


they had to answer. What do you think issue British? But what do the


Aussies think? That is an awkward conversation. It is an awkward


conversation. Next up, Katarina Makarova, Johanna Konta will be


favourite, as it seems she always is around here.


We are back with the late news at ten past ten -


now on BBC1 it's time for the news where you are.


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