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The Prime Minister, Theresa May, says she has "absolute faith"


in the Trident nuclear missile system, despite claims


that an unarmed test firing veered off course.


It's claimed an unarmed rocket fired from HMS Vengeance


in the Atlantic Ocean shot off in the direction of


But on the BBC's Andrew Marr programme this morning, Mrs May


declined to answer if she'd been made aware of the incident before


a crucial vote on the future of the Trident programme


in Parliament, as Daniel Boettcher reports.


This is what the launch of a Trident missile looks like.


Last June, the Royal Navy carried out what it calls


a routine unarmed test launch from HMS Vengeance.


But according to the Sunday Times, it went wrong.


The paper says the submarine was about


It was due to fire the missile 5600 miles to a location of the West


Instead, the paper says it may have veered off in


That was just weeks before a vote in parliament to renew


Britain's ageing Vanguard submarines.


Today, the Prime Minister was asked four times if she


had known about the alleged incident when she had made a statement on


The issue we were talking about in the House


It was about whether or not we should renew Trident, whether we


should look to the future and have a replacement Trident.


That is what we were talking about in the House of Commons.


That is what the House of Commons voted for.


He doesn't want to defend our country with an


There are tests that take place all the time


What we were talking about was the future.


The paper says there had been four previous Trident tests since 2000.


In the past, the MoD has issued a press release and video of


The Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has accused the Prime Minister of


not telling the public about the alleged misfiring.


I think this failure is something that ought to


pause everyone for a moment and just think what happened.


We understand the Prime Minister chose not to


inform Parliament about this and it has come out through the media


It is a pretty catastrophic error when a missile


While the Ministry of Defence is the test launch was a success


for the crew and the boat, it has not denied the report


that the missile itself might have veered off course.


But it does say the capability and effectiveness


of the Trident missile is unquestionable.


The Prime Minister has also confirmed she'll visit America


to meet President Trump on Friday - the first world leader to meet him


Mrs May said Britain's "special relationship" with the US


would allow her to speak up to say she disagrees with some


Here's our political correspondent, Susanna Mendonca.


As Britain pulls away from its ties with the European Union, it is


looking to rekindle old alliances with a brand-new American president.


The special relationship between the UK and the US has been


We will have the opportunity to talk about our future


possible trading relationship, but also some of the world challenges


that we will face, issues like defeating terrorism,


Comparisons will be drawn to another female British Prime


Minister who forged a close relationship with


Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher were united in


their free trade aims back in the 1980s,


and it has been reported that


Donald Trump has already referred Theresa May is his Maggie.


But no previous US president has been so


In particular with women, who turned out in their hundreds of thousands


to protest against him in America yesterday and in cities including


Mrs May wouldn't be drawn on whether she plans to challenge Mr


Trump on the things he has said about women.


I think the biggest statement that will be made about


the role of women is the fact that I will be there as a female Prime


Minister, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, talking to him


directly about the interest that we share.


No longer back of the queue on trade, Mrs May's focus in her talks


with Mr Trump will be on building a future


trade deal with the US after Britain leaves the EU.


He and people around him have also spoken about


the importance of a trade arrangement with the United Kingdom,


and that that is something they are looking to talk to us about


I would expect to be able to talk to him about that


alongside the other issues I will discuss with him


If Mr Trump's inauguration speech is anything to


go by, though, he is more focused on protectionism than free-trade,


insisting that he will put America first.


So critics say the Government should be cautious about putting US


No trade agreement with America, however ambitious, can replace


or match what we are potentially going to lose on our


As Brexit negotiations loom, though, Mrs May knows that she needs trade


This week's meeting with the US president is a


At least 36 people have been killed and many more injured after a train


derailed in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh.


Many people are still trapped in the wreckage and it's feared


It's not yet clear what caused the train to derail, but police


are investigating claims the track could have been tampered with.


The former president of The Gambia, Yahya Jammeh, has flown into exile -


22 years after taking control of the west African state in a coup.


He sparked a political crisis when he refused


to accept the outcome of the country's election.


Jammeh finally agreed to hand over power to the winner


after the leaders of neighbouring countries threatened


Many councils in England are taking far too long to determine patients'


needs so they can be discharged from hospital.


Guidelines say the assessment should be done within six weeks -


but a report for the health watchdog Healthwatch England has found


Smitha Mundasad is outside St Thomas' Hospital in central London.


Four weeks, we have been hearing from accident and emergency is


experiencing extreme winter pressure, from hospital saying they


cannot admit people into hospital because they cannot discharge people


home because they don't have the social care they need at home, or


can't get into residential care. Healthwatch England now says there


was another part of this problem, that people are waiting too long to


get those initial assessment from local councils to see if they are


eligible for care, for example help at home if they cannot walk, or help


getting into residential care. Their investigation found data was patchy.


People waited on average between two days and 52 days to get the initial


assessment, and then maybe months to get the care they need. In one case


they found someone waited nearly two years for an initial assessment, and


they say things need to change. There is no statutory time, but the


local government ombudsman says between four and six weeks is


reasonable. The government says it is putting 900 million of additional


funding into adult social care in the next two years, and says it will


challenge local authorities that do not give care in a timely fashion.


Thank you. The time new cars are allowed


on Britain's roads before they need an MOT could go up from


three to four years, The Department for Transport said


safer technology and improved manufacturing means new vehicles


stay roadworthy for longer. The change, which could come


in from 2018, would bring Britain in line with Northern Ireland


and many other European countries. Andy Murray is out of


the Australian Open, after a shock defeat by a player


ranked 50 in the world. The world number one


lost his fourth round match to Germany's Mischa Zverev in four


sets, as Ben Croucher reports. With Novak Djokovic out,


the path for Andy Murray to win the Australian Open had become


a little clearer. Blocking his path, though,


was the imposing figure of Germany's Mischa Zverev,


earning the biggest win of his career and arguably one


of the most surprising When the world number


50 took the first set, Murray knew it wasn't


going to be as smooth And although Murray levelled


the match, he was fast Zverev had one main idea -


serve and volley, and it was a specialty he was frustrating


Murray with to go a set clear again. The top seed, though,


is a specialist in dealing with adversity,


and he wasn't about It's Murray's earliest exit


in Melbourne in eight years, Who will win the title now


is anything but clear. You can see more on all of today's


stories on the BBC News Channel. The next news on BBC One


is at six o'clock. We have had high pressure keeping us


fairly settled in the past week, but it is seen being quite varied, the


weather. We have seen some hard frost in recent days. Some have been


quite funny at times in


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