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Theresa May says she has 'absolute faith' in Britain's nuclear


deterrent, despite claims of a test firing going wrong.


A Trident missile, like this, apparently veered off course last


June, just weeks before a crucial vote on the defence system, by MPs.


The Prime Minster will hold talks with Donald Trump


at the White House this week, the first foreign leader


Andy Murray crashes out of the Australian Open,


Choose life, choose Facebook, Twente, Instagram, and hope that


someone, somewhere cares. It helped define the 1990s,


now Trainspotting returns Theresa May says she has 'absolute


faith' in the UK's Trident nuclear deterrent system,


despite claims an unarmed missile veered off course during


a test last summer. today, the Prime Minister declined


to say whether she knew of the incident, before a crucial


vote on the future of Trident, Our Defence Correspondent


Jonathan Beale reports. This is what the launch of a Trident


missile looks like. Last June, the Royal Navy carried out what it calls


a routine on armed test launch from HMS Vengeance. But it now appears


something went wrong. HMS Cowan vengeance was about 200 miles off


the Florida coast. It was going to fire the missile around 500 miles


across the Atlantic but a malfunction occurred during its


flight. Yet just weeks later, Theresa May was asking MPs to vote


on spending ?40 billion to renew the weapons system. Mr Speaker, we have


waited long enough, it is time to get on with building the next


generation of our nuclear deterrent. Today she was asked four times if


she knew then if they had been a problem. The issue we were talking


about in the House of Commons was a very serious issue, whether or not


we should renew Trident, whether we should look to the future and have a


replacement Trident. That is what we are talking about in the House of


Commons, that's what the House of Commons voted for. I believe in


defending our country, Jeremy Corbyn voted against it. Prime Minister,


did you know? There are tests that take place all the time regularly


for our nuclear deterrence. What we were talking about in that debate


that took place... Not going to get an answer to this. We understand the


Prime Minister chose not to inform Parliament about this, and it has


come out through the media some months later. It is a pretty


catastrophic error when a missile goes on the wrong direction. While


the Ministry of Defence has publicised past successful test


launches of the Trident missile, in this instance is they say they will


give no further details of the incident in June because of national


security reasons. In a statement, they would only say that HMS


Vengeance and her crew were successfully tested and verified,


but significantly officials do not deny that there was a problem with


the missile or that it might have veered off course. The former head


of the Navy says ministers should have come clean. The missiles have


been fired now since 1990 regularly, and they work overtime. This clearly


was a problem, that's why you have tests, to jacket. If there were some


minor problem I don't think it would have made any difference at all, but


by not publicising it, it immediately makes you think are they


hiding something, is there something wrong? It was a stupid thing to do.


The government still says it has absolute confidence in Britain's


nuclear weapons system. But this incident does raise questions about


its reliability. The Prime Minister has also


confirmed today that she'll visit Washington for talks


with President Trump on Friday, the first world leader to meet him


since his inauguration. Mrs May said she would build


on the special relationship between Britain and America,


but would challenge any opinions Here's our Political


Correspondent Iain Watson. On the surface, the special


relationship appears almost intimate. Britain's Prime Minister


will be the first foreign leader to meet the new president. At that


relationship with Donald Trump may have to become extra special after


Brexit, as Britain searches for new global trade deals. The special


relationship between the UK and the US has been strong for many years.


We will have opportunity to talk about our future trading


relationship but also some of the world challenges that we all face.


He and people around him are also spoken about the importance of a


trade arrangement with the United Kingdom, and that that is something


they are looking to talk to us about at an early stage. It all sounds


positive, but the two leaders will have to square this circle. I want


this to be a truly global Britain. America first! America first! The


President's critics say that his emphasis on protecting American


drops might make things difficult with the UK -- jobs. Recent figures


show that we sell more to America than we buy. We saw them ?88 billion


worth of goods and services and brought in just ?52 billion worth of


imports. The reverse is true with the EU, we buy more goods from them


the missile of ours. But you can see our business with EU partners is


worth far more than our trade with the United States. No trade


agreement with America, however ambitious, can replace or match what


we are potentially going to lose on our own doorstep in Europe. It is


well known here in Downing Street that the team around Theresa May


were not necessarily Donald Trump's biggest fans when he was a


candidate, but as soon as he was elected, the officials were


dispatched to the States to try to mend bridges quicker than


construction workers on overtime. But now the Prime Minister insisted


that she still isn't afraid to raise really difficult issues with the new


leader of the free world. Yesterday, millions of women across the world


and thousands here in London marched against a president they see as


disrespect for. Theresa May was a little coy of what she would say


face-to-face with Donald Trump, but she argued her own presence in


Washington made something of a statement in itself. I think the


bigger statement that will be made about the role of women is the fact


that I will be there as a female Prime Minister, Prime Minister of


the United Kingdom, talking to him directly about the interest that we


share. In the 80s, Mrs Thatcher and Ronald Reagan had a close and candid


relationship, while Donald Trump reportedly calls Theresa May his


Maggie, it is likely to take a lot of diplomacy and good grace to form


a similar partnership. Let's speak to our Deputy Political


Editor, John Pienaar, John, Theresa May, she will have


preferred the headlines to be about her meeting Donald Trump later this


week, rather than this controversy over Trident. Yes, she would. This


story on Trident isn't just awkward, it's embarrassing. Ministers can


argue there is no realistic chance of the Navy launching a nuclear


strike against Moscow, or for that matter Disneyland, by accident. They


can point out that MPs, most of them, support the nuclear deterrent,


that is true, but the way that MPs were kept in the dark head of such a


crucial vote on Trident, it would be hard for the opposition tomorrow to


make the government look and feel uncomfortable, and even looked


rather evasive when they would rather be talking about the coming


American trip. As far as that trip is concerned, we don't know how the


Trump presidency will play out but we do know something of his


character and style, and given that it is hard to see Theresa May


exercising the same sort of influence over Donald Trump that


Margaret Thatcher did over Ronald Reagan back in the 1980s. Some will


worry in the party that the party could be a barrister, the government


could be a barrister by this relationship. But then


predictability, that was a fixture of politics, and now that seems a


long time ago. Thank you for that, John.


The White House has vowed to fight the news media "tooth and nail,"


over what officials see as unfair attacks on President Trump.


The new President has taken issue with estimates


of the size of the crowd at his inauguration on Friday.


He claims at least a million people attended; aerial photographs appear


As our North America Editor Jon Sopel reports,


The weightiest issues on the planet were discussed at Donald Trump's


inaugural address, but what the president is in a white rage about


suggestions that the crowds for him were not as big as they were for


Barack Obama eight years ago, even though the evidence is


incontrovertible, as these two photos, each taken 45 minutes before


the all migration started, make plain. -- the inauguration started.


Last night, journalists were summoned to the most extraordinary


White House briefing to be told they were lying. This was the largest


audience to ever witness and inauguration, period. This kind of


dishonesty in the media, there has been a lot of talk in the media


about the response bulleted the whole Donald Trump accountable, and


I'm here to tell you that it goes to waste. We are going to the press


accountable as well. No questions were allowed. Earlier in the day


from Donald Trump, on a visit to CIA headquarters, a similar attack,


though this time the target different. As you know, I have a


running war with the media. They are among the most dishonest human


beings on earth. They sort of made it sound like I had a feud with the


intelligence community. But, hang on a minute, how do you reconcile the


suggestion that it is all got up by the journalists when he treated this


11 days ago? He accused the intelligence services of leaking


material against him, and suggested their behaviour made it seem as


though we were living in Nazi Germany. And today, key lieutenants


were intensifying their attacks. There is an obsession by the media


to delegitimise this president, and we are not going to sit around and


let it happen. Our press secretary gave alternative acts to that.


Alternative facts are not facts, they are. Is. Part of this can be


put down the Donald Trump's and session with the size of his crowd,


but there is deliberate strategy here too. It seems the White House


wants to undermine the conventional media so that Donald Trump is able


to present his own version of reality through Twitter and Facebook


without any mediation, and said to the public, who do you believe, me


or the establishment media? And while this battle plays itself out,


the satirists are making hay. This is their take on what Vladimir Putin


makes of it all. I am glad to see so many people showed up to your


inauguration. Oh, wait, that's the women's March. Here is the


inauguration. Jon Sopel, BBC News, Washington.


The authorities in Israel have approved the construction of more


than 500 homes for settlers in occupied East Jerusalem.


The decision was delayed until Donald Trump took


power in Washington, with the new President promising


He's due to speak to the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu


At least 39 people have been killed, and many more injured,


after a train derailed in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh.


Police are investigating claims the track may


It's thought a number of people remain trapped in the wreckage.


Here, many councils in England are taking too long to determine


patients's need, a consumer group which monitors health services says


several local authorities take far longer than the recommended six


weeks. Smitha Mundasad is at St Thomas'


Hosiptal for us this evening. In recent weeks we have heard of


Accident Emergency departments buckling under when the pressure,


with hospitals unable to admit patients because sometimes on their


wards are people who could have gone home, if only they had got the


social care they needed. Now, health watch England says there is another


side to this problem. It says that local councils are taking too long


to assess whether people are eligible for extra support at home.


Its own investigation found the data is patchy, but people on average


weighted between two and 52 days, and in one case, someone waited two


years. They say that isn't good enough. Now, the local government


ombudsman says that actually between four and six weeks is reasonable,


but that's not mandatory, and the local government Association says it


needs more money. The Department of Health says it has put in 900


million extra pounds over the next two years for adult social care, and


will challenge local authorities if they don't do their job in a timely


fashion. Thank you for that. With all the sport,


here's Hugh Woozencroft Andy Murray is out of


the Australian Open. The number one seed was beaten


by the world number 50 - Germany's Mischa Zverev


in the fourth round in Melbourne, Andy Murray's leaves Melbourne,


having missed an opportunity. With Novak Djokovic outcome of the draw


had opened up for him. His path had been blocked by an unexpected


obstacle. He played extremely well, especially at the end of the match.


He came up with some great stuff. He deserved to win. Tough one to lose.


Mischa Zverev is not even the best player in his family. His younger


brother, Alex, is said to be the one to watch and saw this coming. After


losing the first set against a player ranked almost 50 places below


him, Murray tried to repair the damage will stop he levelled the


match but the German was proving an awkward opponent. His game plan was


to serve and volley, an old-fashioned approach. Here, it was


brilliantly effective. Eventually Murray ran out of ideas and games.


Five times he has been a runner-up in Melbourne but this year's open


has been anything but predictable. One British player who has defied


expectations is Dan Evans. Playing in the fourth round of grand slam


for the first time, he made a promising start against Jo-Wilfried


Tsonga, but the 12th seed's heavy hitting took a toll, and Evans was


eventually overpowered in four sets. He may have lost here, but Evans has


won something important in Australia: respect.


In the Premier League, ten-man Arsenal needed an injury


time penalty to beat Burnley 2-1 at the Emirates Stadium.


The visitors drew level with 93 minutes on the clock,


A frustrated Arsene Wenger was sent to the stands for his reaction.


time, his team were awarded their own spot-kick.


And Alexis Sanchez stayed calm to secure all three


In the early kick-off, Southampton beat Champions,


Leicester, 3-0, and the match between Chelsea and Hull


No Premiership football this weekend in Scotland


Scott Sinclair helped Celtic reach the fifth round with a 3-0


Earlier, Hearts were held to a draw by Championship side Raith Rovers.


Britain's Dave Ryding has finished in second place


in the World Cup slalom race in Kitzbuhl in Austria.


He was quickest after the first run but eventually beaten into second


place by home favourite Marcel Heerscher.


No Brit has won an Alpine World Cup Ski Race in the 50


The last on the podium was Konrad Bartelski, back in 1981.


That is all the sport for now. Back to you.


Now to a film that defined a generation.


'Trainspotting,' made stars of the original cast


including Ewan McGregor, and now, more than 20 years on,


they're back, and Colin Paterson is at the world premiere,


It is a sequel that has been talked about for more than 15 years, but


T2: Trainspotting is finally here. There is the director, Danny Boyle.


The cast have been working on the orange carpets here, Robert Carlyle,


Jonny Lee Miller, Ewen Bremner and Ewan McGregor, who told me earlier


today that until the first day of filming last summer, before of them


had not been in the same room for more than 20 years. -- the four of


them had not been in the same room. Choose life, choose a job, choose a


career... Trainspotting was the defining film of mid-90s cool


Britannia than stop the movie poster was on students's walls, the


soundtrack in their CD players. It dealt with addiction, headedness and


friendship, and more than 20 years later, the gang is back together. So


what you are looking at is that. We met the director Danny Boyle where


it all began. We implied they rushed straight from Princes Street where


they wheel being chased by store detectives, onto this road and then


rent and gets hit by a car. So what have you been up to the 20 years?


Since Trainspotting, Danny Boyle has dominated the Oscars with slum dog


millionaire and trampled the 2012 Olympic opening ceremony, so why now


for a sequel to the film which made his name? Since we made the first


movie, people constantly come up to me and talk about the characters


like they know them, and that made us think that we had, not an


obligation, but kind of a duty to turn to it again. Trainspotting was


about the cutting edge. Here are more than 20 years later. How do you


make sure this is not the film equivalent of dad dancing? The truth


is, you can't. Part of the responsible to what you are doing is


embracing the fact that we were making a sequel to a story that


people knew intimately, and how we would go into grown up with that


story, really. What really captured the zeitgeist in the original was


the famous choose live speech. Choose leisurewear and matching


luggage. And it is back in an updated version. Choose Facebook,


Twitter, Instagram, and hope someone, somewhere cares. Delivered


once again by Ewan McGregor returning in the role of Renton.


After Trainspotting came out, we were like the Oasis of the movie


industry in Britain. We represented Britpop movies, like. It was


amazing. There was always a part of me that yearns for that again, I


suppose. The four guys, it's fair to say, they have lived a bit, how do


you think they have aged? There was was a moment in every shooting day,


like the 20 years later moment, where you suddenly for 20 years had


gone by since you were last playing this guy. So far reviews have mainly


been positive, but it will be audiences who choose if it tarnishes


their memories of the original.


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