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President Trump says he may rewrite his travel ban,


after his initial attempt to bar travellers from seven mainly Muslim


But he said he hasn't ruled out an appeal to the Supreme Court


It's unclear what his new immigration plan might look like.


After a federal appeals court backed a stay of his executive order,


Donald Trump vowed he would see his opponents in court.


Speaking on Air Force One, en route to his weekend retreat in Florida,


the President revealed he was actively weighing


We'll win that battle, but we also have a lot of other options,


including just filing a brand-new order on Monday.


We need speed for reasons of security, so it could very


Unveiled at the end of a frantic first week in office,


the original order suspended America's refugee programme


and banned travellers from seven majority Muslim nations


It caused chaos at airports and sparked protests


Quite how the White House might rewrite the order isn't clear,


although lawyers would almost certainly have to address the claim


that, in its existing form, the order is unconstitutional,


in that it blocks entry to the United States


Mr Trump has continued to insist that tough immigration


measures are crucial to America's national security.


Labour frontbenchers who defied Jeremy Corbyn in the Commons Brexit


vote will be sent a formal written warning over their behaviour


Mr Corbyn had ordered his MPs to vote to back Brexit.


But 52 Labour MPs rebelled in Wednesday's vote,


All rather unusual this? It is. Normally if a front bench MP votes


against a direct order from the party leadership one of two thing


happens, they resign or they are fired. For these 14 junior Labour


frontbenchers who voted against triggering Article 50, ignoring the


stringest possible order from their leadership, a three line whip, they


are getting off with nothing more than a formal warning. In the next


few days the 14 will get letters from the leadership team, insisting


simply they must comply with the whip in future. Three of those


rebels are themselves whips, means they face the potentially awkward


task of persuading colleagues over the next few weeks to obey rules


they themselves have just broken. By not firing these MPs, Jeremy Corbyn


has saved himself a potential human resources challenge, because in a


party where a significant number of MPs are refusing to work with the


leadership as part of their top team, his options for finding


replacements were potentially limited.


Thank you. Three Iraqis have been killed


after police forces protecting Baghdad's fortified Green Zone


fired at protesters The demonstrators, who had


gathered in their thousands in the heart of the capital,


were demanding electoral reform ahead of provincial


elections due in September. Thousands of British school children


are to be offered intensive lessons in cyber-security,


to encourage more teenagers to pursue a career in defending


the country from online attacks. It's hoped almost 6,000 pupils aged


14 and over will spend up to four hours a week


on the subject in a five-year pilot. Daniel Kelly's a convicted teenage


hacker, facing a jail sentence. In 2015, he took part


in the massive digital break-in But what if his potential had been


harnessed at an earlier age? He might have ended up joining


a new breed of apprentices learning the cyber security trade like these


at BT's headquarters. With that in mind, the government


is putting up ?20 million, for nearly 6000 schoolchildren aged


14 and above to take four hours of cyber security lessons


after school each week. We think that will help seriously


with this shortage Now, of course, will always


keep it under review, in case this needs to get bigger,


but getting it going on that scale, I think shows serious ambition


to make sure that we can have the pipeline of talent that we


will need in the years ahead. While the police are stepping up


the fight, this is not a threat which can be defeated on the ground


by raiding the hackers. The cyber crime battlefield will be


online and Britain's GCHQ 58,000 people are now employed in


the growing anti-hacking industry. But more will be needed


and the government knows it has to start finding them


when they are young. Volunteers in New Zealand say


a further 240 whales have become stranded on a beach


on the country's South Island. Hundreds have already died in one


of the biggest ever mass strandings It's hoped they'll be able to swim


to safety during the next high tide. You might find some


of the scenes in this report Doing whatever they can to help


before it's too late. These volunteers have been


working for many hours, trying to keep the whales cool


as they lie stranded. Some say singing also


helps to keep them calm, but what they really need


is high tide. Very quickly this tide has come


racing in, and now we're all up to our knees,


some people are up to their waists in water, and we're starting


to get a bit of floating, and we're just helping assist


the whales with their breathing until the water gets deep enough


they can swim. This is one of the worst whale


strandings in New Zealand's history. 400 whales came into


Farewell Spit on Thursday. Rescuers managed to refloat 100


of them, but they failed to stop Scientists don't know for sure


why beaching happens. The whales could simply


have become lost. One theory is that if a single


whale gets stuck, others But once it has happened,


it can lead to devastation. For those ones that restrand


there's very little chance they will ever swim away,


so we have to euthanise We do hope they coral their


resources and head back out to sea. It's very difficult to manage that


part of it, but dealing with the ones that are let


is quite an issue. Efforts are stood down


overnight for safety reasons, but the logistics of trying


to save these whales and then dealing with


the aftermath if they can't It's one of the biggest days


in the Six Nations calendar as Wales try to be the team,


to give Eddie Jones a first Our correspondent Joe Wilson


is at the Principality Where do you think this game will be


won or lost? Well, good question, we spent so much of this week looking


for clues in history, England's superior record in Cardiff when the


roof is open, Wales' victory in 2013, 30 points against an English


team buoyant then. What will be key is whether England's players can


cope with the atmosphere, even with the lid off it will be a cauldron.


Wales have experience where ever you look. Both teams will be desperate


to be more urgent from the start than in their opening weekend. That


is crucial for Ireland. One imminent Vic Friday for England, the women's


international is ongoing but England against Wales have scored over 60


point, they are looking like the professionalles which they are.


I am sure the men's will be closer. Thank you.


The early Premier League kick off is already underway at the Emirates.


Arsenal are taking on a re-juvenated Hull City.


Sanchez has put Arsenal ahead. Just after the half hour mark. Have


another look because the replay show that is an Chez, he bundled it in


with his hand, although whether he meant it or not is another question.


Arsenal are in fourth but have lost the last two matches.


If I am going to be honest, I get the impression


I genuinely believe, you know - I was with him for a few hours last


He didn't say I'm leaving at the end of the season,


but I get the impression, looking at him, that's it.


He mentioned when we were talking last night that


This week marked one year to go until the Winter Olympics,


They achieved a record-equalling four medals in Sochi three years


ago, but that figure could yet increase as inevstigations


The GB bobsleigh team may be upgraded to bronze,


but have remained quiet on the issue, until now.


They've spoken exclusively to our Olympic reporter Nick Hope.


The British four-man team delivered an impressive fifth place in 2014


but could they have been celebrating greater success? Russia finished


first and fourth but the host nation's result have been


discredited with the damning report alleging over 1,000 Russian athletes


benefitted from a state sponsored doping programme. For me it's the


biggest sporting scandal of my lifetime. I think it is huge. Do you


feel like you are the bronze medallist? I suppose I kind of do.


We were that close and we know that we competed clean. Clean. If I had a


bronze medal it would be nice, the moment has gone, it is nearly four


years ago, looking at the next one, its would be a nice but not the


occasion it would have been. If it is changed who would that mean? The


truth would be more important to me than receiving the medal itself. The


International Olympic Committee are investigating the findings of the


report, so no-one knows what will happen to the results from Sochi


2014. What we know is that the city won't be hosting this year's


skeleton and bobsleigh World Championship. They were stripped of


that event. It will happen in Germany from next week. That is


something the GB athletes are in favour of Until things are properly


investigated I don't think it was safe to Sochi from a sporting


perspective. We are required to provide whereabouts for where we are


and provide samples at a moment's notice, it is safer being done in a


country that we can trust at the moment. I don't think that country


right now is Russia. Those stripped of the right Russia


will compete in Germany next week, with the team hoping to challenge


for a medal on the day rather than several years later.


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