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President Trump says he may rewrite the executive order that attempted


to ban people from seven mainly Muslim countries from


The President's initial executive order was, of course,


overturned by the courts on the grounds it was


But Donald Trump did say he had still not ruled out an appeal


to the Supreme Court over the original directive.


Our correspondent Dan Johnson has this report.


It was one of his boldest first actions on taking office. After an


appeals court backed the suspension of Donald Trump's travel ban, he


vowed he would see his opponents in court. But speaking on airforce one


the President revealed he's now considering other options. We will


win that battle. But we also have a lot of other options, including file


ago brand new order on Monday. Is that the plan? Could very well be, I


would like to surprise you. We need speed for reasons of security, so,


it could very well be that we do that. But his tweet this morning


showed he is still not happy with the judges. Our legal system is


broken, he wrote. 77% of refugees allowed into the US since the travel


reprieve hail from the seven suspect countries. So dangerous!


The original executive order was signed at the end of his frantic


first week. It immediately brought chaos to


airport terminals and sparked protests across the country. It


suspended America's refugee programme and banned travellers from


seven majority Muslim nations. Exactly how the White House might


rewrite the order isn't clear, perhaps that's something Donald


Trump's considering this weekend as he hosts the Japanese Prime Minister


in Florida. Lawyers would almost certainly have to address the claim


the ban is unconstitutional in its current form, essentially because it


discriminates by blocking entry to the US on the grounds of religion.


As he went for a round of golf, the President reasserted that tough


immigration controls are crucial to protect America. But for now people


are free to travel. Dan Johnson, BBC News.


European Union countries could struggle to maintain a united


front during Brexit negotiations, according to the President


Jean-Claude Juncker has told a German radio station


that the challenge of Britain dealing with each country


individually will put pressure on the bloc.


Our political correspondent Chris Mason is here.


Explain perhaps exactly what he means, what has he said? This is an


interview he had done with a radio strags to be broadcast tomorrow.


It's reported what he said within the last hour. What's interesting is


that inevitably the focus here in the UK on the forthcoming Brexit


negotiations has been what might the British Government be able to


achieve or not. What are the hopes and fears? What this interview


offers an insight into is the hopes and fears on the other side of the


channel. Here is a key quote. The other countries don't know it yet,


he says, but the Brits know very well how they can tackle this, they


could promise country A this and country B and C something else and


the aim game is there wouldn't be a united European front. That's the


challenge for the 27 countries, they're part of this bloc that


requires a certain amount of working together but they all have their own


individual demands and desires too. Another reminder of the


unprecedented scale and challenge coming for the UK and the EU as we


are now weeks away from the Brexit process beginning.


Thank you. At least six people have been killed


and more than 20 injured in a car bomb attack in Lashkar Gar,


the capital of Afghanistan's A car loaded with explosives


was driven into a group They had been queuing


to collect their salaries. The Taliban have taken


responsibility for the attack having Campaigners have delivered


a petition with around 50,000 signatures to Downing Street calling


for Theresa May to reopen a scheme The campaign has been led by former


refugee Lord Dubs. The government this week


scrapped its plans to re-home thousands of unaccompanied children


from Syria and other war zones, after the arrival


of just 150 youngsters. Another 240 pilot whales


have become stranded in a remote bay in New Zealand


in what conservationists say is the country's biggest


beaching for 100 years. The pod is thought to include some


of the 100 whales who were rescued You might find some


of the scenes in this report Doing whatever they can to help


before it's too late. These volunteers have been working


for many hours trying to keep the whales cool


as they lie stranded. Some say singing also


helps to keep them calm but what they really need


is high tide. Very quickly this tide has


come racing in and now we are all up to our knees,


some people are up to their waists in water and we're starting to get


a bit of floating happening and we're just helping assist


the whales with their breathing until the water gets deep enough


so they can swim. This is one of the worst whale


strandings in New Zealand's history. 400 whales came in to Farewell Spit


on Thursday, rescuers managed to refloat 100 of them


but they failed to stop Scientists don't know for sure why


beaching happenings. Scientists don't know for sure


why beaching happens. The whales could simply


have become lost. One theory is that if a single


whale gets stuck others follow its distress signal but once


it has happened it can For those ones that restrand


there is very little chance So we have to euthanise


those ones there. We do hope that they corral their


resources and head back out to sea. It's difficult to manage that part


of it but dealing with the ones that Efforts are stood down overnight


for safety reasons but the logistics of trying to save these whales


and then dealing with the aftermath if they can't


will start again tomorrow. Sport, and in a week when there has


been renewed speculation over manager Arsene Wenger's future,


Arsenal have beaten Hull City 2-0 The win came after two


defeats for Wenger's side. At Arsenal they're united


in gratitude but divided by faith. Manager Arsene Wenger


is the dominant figure in their modern history


but what about the future? Consider the words of a former


Arsenal striker who met He actually mentioned


while we were talking last night Wenger's attacking philosophy


is still clear to say Look at the numbers swarming


over Hull City here. Alexis Sanchez was


the important one. After the break Hull


channelled their protests In their relegation fight


every chance matters. Hull felt Kieran Gibbs denied them


a goal-scoring opportunity here. Fired by frustration,


the Tigers threatened It was important for to us win.


How the final three months of Arsenal's season pan out may


determine whether these are supporting words or parting ones.


Patrick Gearey, BBC News. The second round of Six Nations


matches are taking place today. Ireland are facing Italy in Rome


right now, while Wales take on England in less than an hour


in Cardiff from where we can join Much anticipated match this is going


to be. Absolutely. The roof may be open but you didn't think it would


be quiet. We are already warming up and some of the Wales players are


over there. England players the other side. Dan Biggar warming up,


by the way, if you were worried about his fitness. It's cold outside


it's an incentive to come into the stadium early. The six nations is


played over weeks but you can't start slow. Both teams won their


opening matches but both need to find more urgency in this game. A


lot of focus of course on England's Cardiff novices. Ireland started so


slowly in the Six Nations they lost in Edinburgh. So, a really essential


for them to come up with something against Italy in Rome. They've been


on top in that game almost from the start. Scored four tries in the


first half. It gave them the first ever Six Nations bonus point. One


result to give you from Cardiff already in the women's Six Nations,


it finished Wales 0, England 63. If the score is anything like that in


the men's match they'll be opening the exits, never mind the roof. Of


course it will be a lot closer. Thank you very much.


Before we go, a group of tigers in a zoo in China have become


a tourist and internet sensation because they're so fat.


The big cats have packed on the pounds over winter,


but zookeepers say they'll slim down in the summer.


They're blaming unflattering camera angles for making some


of the animals so portly but said they would step in and help any


There's more throughout the evening on the BBC News channel.