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Good afternoon and welcome to BBC News.


The United States and Japan have condemned North Korea


for test-firing a ballistic missile - the first such test


since Donald Trump took office as US president.


Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said the launch was "intolerable"


and President Trump said the US stood behind Japan,


The missile flew for about three hundred miles and landed


Our Tokyo correspondent Rupert Wingfield Hayes has more.


It is now thought the missile fired from North Korea early this morning


was one of these, a ballistic missile. It flew about 500


kilometre, before splashing down in the Sea of Japan.


North Korea's dictator had been promising to test fire a much longer


range missile, capable of hitting the United States. That has not


happened. Instead, Mr Kim is almost certainly


using the launch to crash this weekend party in Florida.


Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has been spending it golfing with


President Trump. Shinzo Abe was not amused by the


intrusion. North Korea's most recent missile


launch is intolerable. North Korea must fully comply with the relevant


United Nations Security Council Resolutions.


Then in his response, President Trump appeared to forget to condemn


the North Korean launch. Thank you very much Mr Prime Minister. I just


want everybody to understand and fully know that the United States


stands behind Japan. Its great ally 100%. Thank you.


In South Korea, the military made the normal noises.


TRANSLATION: Our military is poised to respond immediately to any


provocations from North Korea, that threaten the security of the


republic of Korea. Missing from all of this, so far, is


China. The country that many think holds the key to stopping North


Korea. China's leaders say they do not want a North Korea armed with


nuclear missiles but nor do they want the Kim regime to collapse.


With each new test, North Korea comes a step closer to that goal, of


becoming a nuclear missile armed state. The prospect makes South


Korea and Japan extremely nervous. But nobody seems to have any idea


how to get North Korea's nuclear genie back in the bottle.


Labour's deputy leader, Tom Watson, says the party's leadership


Speaking to the BBC this morning, Mr Watson played down reports that


Labour is using focus groups to test out the popularity of alternative


He said that this was "not the time" for another


We have had a tough 18 months, we had a damaging second


So we have got an uphill struggle ahead, the polls


aren't great for us, but I'm determined, now that we've


got the leadership settled for this Parliament,


that we can focus on developing a very positive, clear message


to the British people in a general election.


The Royal College of Surgeons, and the organisation that


represents NHS Trusts, is warning that highly qualified


surgeons in England are being left "kicking their heels"


while they wait for hospital beds to become available


They argue a lack of funding for health and social care means


patients are not being discharged when they should be.


NHS England says only 1 percent of operations were cancelled


The Commons Speaker has been accused of compromising his impartiality


by telling a group of students he voted to remain


John Bercow was filmed telling students at Reading University


it was "better to be part of a big power bloc" than


One Tory MP has called for him to resign,


but this morning politicians from both the Conservative


and Labour parties have come to his defence.


Our political correspondent is with us, how much of a threat is his


position under? His critics say he is at threat and certainly, there is


a motion that has been put, calling for there to be a vote of no


confidence in him, so far that only has one signature but it is recess


next week so that might pick up. Today there have been a lot of


people coming to his defence, his supporters say he wasn't being party


political, he was expressing a view on the referendum which is an issue


that the Conservative didn't have a united front on any way and he was


only making that point, long after the actual vote itself, and so we


have heard from the Conservative Leader of the House of Commons,


David Lidington who said in his experience the speaker is someone


who never shies away from calling Members of Parliament who have


difficult questions to ask. We heard from John Whittingdale who said it


is not helpful to express no confidence in the speaker and Labour


have been supportive, Tom Watson talking about how he has confidence


in the speaker, so he is somebody who does have support in the House


but he has a lot of critics and this will no doubt bubble on.


Protests in a Paris suburb turned violent again overnight,


at a demonstration in support of a twenty-two year old black man,


who was allegedly raped by a policeman earlier this month.


The man, who's known only as Theo, has appealed for calm


Police fired tear gas during the clashes.


A policeman has been charged with rape, and three


others with assault, in connection with the attack.


Tens of thousand of people in the Greek city of Thessaloniki


have been moved out of their homes so that an unexploded World War Two


The forty stone device was discovered under


a petrol station last week - it's thought to be one


of the biggest war time bombs ever found in Greece.


A state of emergency has been declared in the area.


Hollywood's finest will be out in force in London this evening


for the annual British Academy Film Awards.


The modern day musical La La Land leads the field


has been taking a look at the contenders.


Welcome to La La Land, the musical homage to Hollywood that


leads the BAFTA nominations, including one for its


and its two lead leads - Emma Stone, as a wannabe actress,


and Ryan Gosling as an aspiring pianist.


Andrew Garfield finds himself among the best actor


contenders for his role as a heroic pacifist in Hacksaw Ridge.


But he will have to see off the hotly-tipped Casey Affleck,


who is nominated for his portrayal of a broken man in


Meryl Streep is in the frame once again - this


time for her performance as the delusional Florence Foster Jenkins


- for which she has a Best Actress nomination.


It is a hotly-contested category, with Natalie Portman


the one to beat for playing the title role in Jackie,


a biopic that tracks Jackie Kennedy's


reaction to her husband's assassination.


It's not easy for me to admit that I have been standing


Fences, the August Wilson play about America in


the 1950s, adapted and directed by Denzel Washington, sees his co-star


Viola Davis get a Best Supporting Actress nod.


will compete with her for that BAFTA, having been nominated


for her role as a compassionate mother in Lion, with


Dav Patel playing her adopted son, for which he gets


As does Mahershala Ali for his sensitive performance as a drug


But it is likely to be La La Land's year on a night that could have an


added dimension with a possibility of politically-pointed


What we do know is that Stephen Fry will


host proceedings again, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge


will be in attendance and Mel Brooks will be


From movies in London to the music industry across the Atlantic.


Los Angeles is gearing up for the Grammy Awards,


and Adele and Beyonce will go head to head for the top honours.


Adele is up for five awards - including best song for the single


Beyonce's also nominated for best song and album and is leading


She'll make her first public appearance since announcing


You can see more on all of today's stories on the BBC News Channel.


The next news on BBC One is at 5.35.


Good afternoon. Well, some know enoticeable weather changes, after a


weekend which has been dominated by raw easterly winds, a bit of snow


here and there across the hills of northern England a temperatures


which have struggled to reach three or four degrees. The wind changes