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North Korea test fires a ballistic missile, the first


The US President has condemned the launch,


and vowed to stand by allies to deter what he calls North Korea's


14 retired Bishops accuse the Church of England,


of ignoring the views of gay and lesbian christians.


France edge Scotland in a tight Six Nations clash in Paris.


And will La La Land, waltz off with top honours,


America and Japan have strongly condemned North Korea


for test-firing a ballistic missile, the first such launch since Donald


Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said it was "intolerable,"


while Mr Trump said the US would back Japan 100 percent.


The missile flew for about 300 miles, eventually falling


Our Tokyo Correspondent Rupert Wingfield Hayes reports.


This is the launch of a Musudan ballistic missile.


The same type that was fired from North Korea into the Sea


Today's launch was almost certainly timed so that North Korea's dictator


Kim Jong-un could crash a weekend party taking place on the other


President Donald Trump and Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe have been


spending the weekend golfing in Florida.


Mr Abe was not amused by the North Korean intrusion.


TRANSLATION: North Korea's most recent missile launch


North Korea must fully comply with the relevant United Nations


In his response President Trump seemed less certain.


Even neglecting to condemn the North Korean launch.


Thank you very much Mr Prime Minister.


I just want everybody to understand and fully know


that the United States of America stands behind Japan,


Kim Jong-un recently promised to test a much more powerful


President Trump has vowed that will not happen.


But it's not clear how he intends to stop it.


North Korea already has short-range missiles capable


And medium-range missiles capable of hitting Japan.


The Musudan is an intermediate-range missile which may be able


The ultimate goal is the so-called ICBM, able to hit parts


For more than 20 years the outside world has been trying to stop


North Korea with tighter and tighter sanctions.


The border with China remains open and trade is flourishing.


The United States and its allies will now move to tighten sanctions


further and accelerate the deployment of new anti-missile


But no one seems to have any idea how to stop North Korea


from becoming a fully fledged nuclear missile armed state.


Our correspondent David Willis is in Washington -


is this being seen as a direct challenge to the new


It is being seen as that by some here certainly. Prompting the


question, how does the United States responded now? President Trump made


various comments whilst he was on the campaign trail about North


Korea, calling the leader Kim Jong in a bad dude. But also saying he


would be willing to sit down and talk to him over a hamburger. This


is an issue which has vexed American presidents all the way back to


George Bush senior. But clearly neither sanctions or direct talks


have yielded anything as far as the nuclear effort by North Korea is


concerned. It is likely President Trump may fall back on China,


seeking to get some sort of Weybridge, China being the main


provider of food and energy to North Korea in an attempt to sort this


problem out. But it's a thorny one and it has vexed as I say many


presidents in the past. You David Willis in Washington.


The Speaker of the House of Commons John Bercow


insists he remains impartial in performing his duties, despite


saying he voted Remain in the EU referendum.


The revelation has led to repeated calls for him


to stand down, as Chris Mason reports.


The speaker, a role with a history dating back to at least the 14th


century. Order, order. Sitting between the political parties during


debates. But for the second time in a week it is John Bercow's opinions


which have generated attention. Talking to students at the


University of Reading he said EU migration had been a good thing and


added... This may not be popular with some people in this audience,


personally I voted to Remain. I thought it was better to stay in the


European Union than not. He had already irritated some by accusing


President Trump of racism and sexism. I would not wish to issue an


invitation to President Trump... Some MP's club that but his critics


are repeating he must be replaced. I am incredibly surprised the speaker


has now expressed views on a number of issues, on Brexit, an


immigration, on state visit, on diplomacy, he is incapable of


impartially chairing debates in the House of Commons now and must go.


And ally of the speaker told me he did not speak out during the


referendum campaign and is scrupulously fair when checking


debates. Plenty of MPs agree. I am confident John Bercow has got the


numbers and support across the parties to see off this attempt by a


handful of crusty Tories to unseat him. And those in government


remained supportive too. I had more than six years as Europe Minister


under David Cameron and in that time I never find the speaker was shy of


calling lots of people who are critical of the EU to ask the


difficult questions. The job description is clear, he is obliged


to be politically impartial but for now at least he does not appear to


be at much risk of being toppled. Protests in a suburb of Paris


turned violent overnight, at a demonstration in support


of a young black man allegedly raped by a police


officer earlier this month. Tear gas was fired to disperse


the crowds during clashes, The alleged victim of the rape,


a 22 year old social worker, has appealed for calm after several


days of protests. One policeman has been charged


with rape, and three others with assault,


in connection with the attack. Fire crews in Germany had


to temporarily evacuate Hamburg Airport, after the spread


of an unknown hazardous material left dozens of people


needing hospital treatment. Both terminals were cleared


and flights stopped, after numerous complaints of coughs


and eye irritation. Firefighters later said they found


an empty cartridge probably containing pepper spray


for self defence use. 14 retired Anglican bishops,


have accused the church of ignoring In an open letter they said


an official report into the Church of England's position


on homosexuality didn't contain "authentic voices" from the gay


and lesbian community. The letter comes ahead of meeting


of the General Synod, later this week, the body


which approves church law. Here's our Religious Affairs


Correspondent Martin Bashir. If the Church of England was tempted


to believe that its recent report on same-sex marriage had settled the


matter, then this letter is an indication that the issue is still


tearing at the heart of church unity. The peace of the Lord be


always with you. The letter says that the house of Bishops report


which maintains that marriage is between a man and women, is not


sufficiently inclusive. Our perception is that while the pain of


LGBT people is spoken about in your report, we do not hear authentic


voice. One of the signatories says members


of the LGBTQ community have been The people who entered those


conversations knowing that they would have to reveal


themselves in a circumstance in which that might carry a price,


in terms of their life, and their career, and they feel that


what has come out here is a betrayal in the specific sense


that their voice is not heard. For some attending morning worship


in Leeds, it is time for same-sex The community of LGBTI people has


not been fully heard. And I just think that is a terrible


sadness in terms of the broad So long ago people could change


their mind about slavery, Why can't they realise


that we are real people But for evangelical Christians, even


those who may be same-sex attracted, the critical issue is not


inclusiveness, but obedience The teaching of the Bible says all


of us are broken in different ways. All of us are broken


in our sexuality, in fact. Whether that is heterosexual


or homosexual, all of us have sexual desires that we all need to say no


to, for the sake of our integrity The House of Bishops


has called for a change That will be put to the test


on Wednesday when members of General Synod will


debate the issue. In football, Champions Leicester


City are looking for their first Premier League away win


of the season right now at Swansea. With just a couple of minutes left


they 2- down. Earlier leaders Chelsea


drew 1-1 at Burnley. But Burnley equalised thanks


to a superb free-kick The result means Chelsea


have a 10-point lead at the top. In Six Nations rugby,


France beat Scotland 22-16 Scotland outscored France


by two tries to one, but Camille Lopez kicked 17 points


to guide France to victory. Here's our Sports


Correspondent Patrick Gearey. Home of a rugby team built


around a 150 stone pack. When faced with such


an obstacle Scotland decided the best option was to distract


them, then sneak around them. In this battle the French


goliath had the slingshot in the form


of fly-half Camille Lopez. With France now ahead,


the battering rams set to With every charge they knew


the Scottish wall would weaken, eventually somewhere


a crack would appear. The gap began to seal once more,


two penalties for Finn Scotland were back within two


points at the break and gave chase early


in Tommy Seymour took a punt,


his luck was in and so too Now a chance for a two easy


extra points, missed. Finn Russell's kick would have been


emphatic in football but it was France took their chance,


16-16, less than a quarter of an hour left, the French


urged to the line, they went to No escape for Scotland


though, they kept on cueing up Lopez who


knocked them over. In the land of the giants Scotland's


task was simply too big. Some of the biggest names


in the film industry will be in London tonight,


for year's Bafta awards. The musical La La Land leads


the way with a record breaking 11 nominations,


including Best Picture, And Viola Davis is tipped


to win Best Supporting Actress for her performance


in the film Fences, the story of the struggles of a black


family in 1950s America. Our Arts Editor Will Gompertz


is at the Royal Albert Hall. I have two seed, things are warming


up here, it's almost turning into La La Land as actors and actresses from


across the pond make their way up to the Albert hall just like... Just


like Hollywood really except for the weather. Meryl Streep has walked up


here, by all Davis walked here. La La Land is the movie everyone is


tipping to clear up tonight but there has been a reverse were some


critics and commentators have questioned the hype, is it as good


as they say it is? Maybe there will be a surprise or two tonight, maybe


Manchester by the sea, not Manchester in the UK, Manchester in


America, the story of a family broken apart by tragedy with Casey


Affleck taking the lead role and will probably pick up the bat


tonight. That might get best film or possibly eye, Daniel Blake. A film


which could, it's a film about the system crashing an individual up in


Newcastle, gritty social realism typical of Ken Loach. Or maybe


Moonlight, who knows. What we do know is that it will not just be an


interesting night for the awards but potentially the speeches as well, we


will be looking out for a political, a political podium that maybe we


have not seen before at the sort of awards. All will be revealed in the


next few hours. Thank you for that, from the Royal Albert Hall in


London. In America, they're gearing up


for the Grammy Awards, with Adele and Beyonce going head


to head for some of the top honours. Adele is nominated in five


categories, including best song for 'Hello,' and album


of the year for '25'. While Beyonce with nine


nominations in all, is also up The awards will be her


first public appearance, since announcing her pregnancy


with twins. There's more throughout the evening


on the BBC News Channel, we are back with the late news


at 11pm - now on BBC1 its time