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North Korea is condemned for test firing a ballistic missile,


the first since Donald Trump took office.


Tonight, the regime of Kim Jong Un said


the launch of the missile, which fell into the Sea of Japan,


President Trump says America will defend it's friends.


President Trump says America will defend its friends.


The United States of America stands behind Japan, it's great ally, 100%.


It's thought the North Korean missile


may have been capable of hitting US military bases in the Pacific.


the Church of England of ignoring the views of gay


France in front with just over eight minutes...


enough against Scotland, to win a tight Six


The Bafta is awarded to... La La Land.


all the right notes, winning five BAFTA's


America and Japan have strongly condemned North Korea


for test-firing a ballistic missile, the first such launch since Donald


Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said it was "intolerable,"


while Mr Trump said the US would back Japan 100 percent.


Tonight North Korea claimed the missile, which travelled around


300 miles before falling into the Sea of Japan,


This report from our Tokyo Correspondent Rupert Wingfield Hayes


This is the launch of a Musudan ballistic missile.


The same type that was fired from North Korea into


Today's launch was almost certainly timed so that North Korea's dictator


Kim Jong-un could crash a weekend party taking place on the other side


President Donald Trump and Japan's Prime Minister,


Shinzo Abe, have been spending the weekend golfing in Florida.


Mr Abe was not amused by the North Korean


TRANSLATION: North Korea's most recent missile launch


North Korea must fully comply with the


relevant United Nations Security Council resolutions.


In his response, President Trump seemed


Even neglecting to condemn the North Korean launch.


Thank you very much, Mr Prime Minister.


I just want everybody to understand and fully know that the


United States of America stands behind Japan,


Kim Jong-un recently promised to test a much more


President Trump has vowed that will not happen.


But it's not clear how he intends to stop it.


North Korea already has short-range missiles


And medium-range missiles capable of hitting Japan.


The Musudan is an intermediate range missile, which


may even be able to hit US bases in Guam.


The ultimate goal is a so-called ICBM, able to hit parts of


For more than 20 years the outside world


has been trying to stop North Korea, with tighter and tighter sanctions.


The border with China remains open and trade is flourishing.


The US and its allies will now move to tighten


sanctions further and accelerate the deployment of new anti-missile


But no one seems to have any idea how to stop North Korea from


becoming a fully fledged nuclear missile armed state.


Rupert Wingfield-Hayes, BBC News, Tokyo.


David Willis is in Washington. President Trump says America will


back Japan 100%. Are there any more clues about how he plans to deal


with North Korea? I should tell you climb a short while ago the North


Korean news agency hailed this missile test as a success. As far as


response from the White House, it has limited its response to a pledge


of support for America's allies in the region. Disconcerting though


this missile test may be for countries like Japan and South


Korea, it also sends a shot across the bowels of the Trump


administration for the simple reason it is widely thought North Korea


could be just a few years away from developing a nuclear missile capable


of hitting the United States of America. All of which makes this


whole thing a great deal more pressing for the new administration.


Previous presidents have tried sanctions, talks, and neither has


succeeded in reining in North Korea's nuclear ambitions. President


Trump said on the campaign trail he would be willing to sit down over


hamburgers with Kim Jong-un. Whatever direction he decides to


take, he has to do something previous presidents have failed to


do, and do it fairly quickly. David Willis in Washington.


The Speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow,


insists he remains impartial in performing his duties, despite


saying he voted Remain in the EU referendum.


The revelation has led to renewed calls for him to stand down,


as our Political Correspondent Chris Mason reports.


A role with a history dating back to at least the 14th


Sitting between the political parties,


But, for the second time in a week, it's John


Bercow's opinions that have generated attention.


Talking to students at the University of Reading, he said


This may not be popular, with some people in this audience,


I thought it was better to stay in the


Mr Bercow had already irritated some by


accusing President Trump of racism and sexism.


I would not wish to issue an invitation to President


Some MPs loved that but his critics are repeating he must be


I'm incredibly surprised that the speaker now has expressed


On Brexit, on immigration, on state visits on diplomacy.


He is incapable of impartially chairing debates in


the House of Commons now, and must go.


A spokeswoman for the speaker said he chose not to say anything


during the referendum campaign, and is scrupulously fair when he's


This cabinet minister said that was his


I had more than six years as Europe minister under


And in that time I never found the speaker was shy of


calling lots of people who were critical of the EU to ask me


Plenty of MPs do remain in team Bercow.


I'm confident John Bercow has the numbers and support across the


parties to see off this attempt by a handful of crusty


The speaker's job description spells out he is obliged to be


The question now is whether these latest remarks persuade enough MPs


his time in the chair should end. It's being claimed Labour has


"plenty" of potential leaders waiting in the wings,


should Jeremy Corbyn choose One of the party's election


coordinators also suggested Mr Corbyn could leave before


the expected 2020 General Election. The comments came in response


to the news that Labour has been assessing the popularity of shadow


cabinet members, in focus Emergency crews in Australia


are battling more than 90 wild fires burning across parts


of New South Wales. Homes have been evacuated


and roads closed. The affected areas have seen record


breaking temperatures of more than 45 degrees celsius


in recent days. 14 retired Anglican bishops have


accused the church of ignoring In an open letter they said


an official report into the Church of England's position


on homosexuality didn't contain "authentic voices" from the gay


and lesbian community. The letter comes ahead of meeting


of the General Synod, later this week, the body


which approves church law. Here's our Religious Affairs


Correspondent Martin Bashir. If the Church of England was tempted


to believe that its recent report on same-sex marriage had settled


the matter, then this letter is an indication that the issue


is still tearing at the heart The peace of the Lord


be always with you. The letter says that the House


of Bishops report, which maintains that marriage is between a man


and a woman, is not "Our perception is that


while the pain of LGBT people is spoken about in your report,


we do not hear its authentic voice." One of the signatories says that


members of the LGBT community have Of the people that entered


those conversations, knowing that they would have


to reveal themselves in a circumstance in which that


might carry a price, in terms of their life and career,


and they feel that what's come out here is a betrayal in the specific


sense, that their For some attending morning worship


in Leeds, it's time for same-sex The community of LGBTI people has


not been fully heard. I think that's a terrible sadness


in terms of the broad So long ago people could change


their mind about slavery, Why can't they realise


that we are real people But for evangelical Christians,


even those who might be same-sex attracted,


the critical issue is not inclusiveness, but obedience


to scripture and tradition. The teaching of the Bible is that we


are all broken in different ways. All of us are broken in our


sexuality in fact, whether it's All of us have sexual desires we


have to say no to for the sake of integrity as Christian disciples.


The House of Bishops has called for a change


That will be put to the test on Wednesday when members


of General Synod will debate the issue.


This weekend, Saudi Arabia has played host to the Director of


the CIA, and the Secretary General of the UN, a reminder


of the country's importance on the world stage.


But the Kingdom is undergoing significant change.


Although it's the world's biggest oil producer,


a prolonged period of low prices has put enormous pressure


on the economy, and there are also attempts to modify some


of the country's strict social customs, like


Our Chief International Correspondent, Lyse Doucet reports


Mohammed Abdu, allowed to sing live in his own country for the first


It's the first of many concerts planned by a new


ministry charged with bringing some fun to a conservative kingdom one


And some Saudis don't want women at concerts like this.


Yeah, it's too much and it's not good for


But the pace of change is picking up.


Dune bashing is one of the few thrills on offer at the


There aren't any Saudi women here today.


In this young country, two thirds of people


The bright lights of Dubai or London are all too


Now their rulers, including a 31-year-old deputy Crown


Prince, are trying to encourage them to spend their time and money at


But first of all we have to do have women driving and we have to have


The winds of change started blowing from here.


No other industry provides so much cash to


But low world prices cut those earnings in half.


And that means an end to the state's largesse.


When I went to see the powerful oil minister


in the capital, Riyadh, he


For sure, there will be pain, the old


adage, no pain, no gain is very much at play here.


You're already hurting, especially the middle


class, in subsidies to fuel, to water.


And what those pains will do is they will mobilise


people to do new things they are not used to doing.


Saudis have enjoyed cheap petrol, lavish perks, no


In the heart of Riyadh, this is the world's


To change the way people live, create


And there are equal opportunities for men and women to work here?


Definitely equal opportunities, same working hours, same loads,


everything is equal. The process takes different speed in different


countries. Maybe we're not as fast as people would like us to be but we


are going as good as it is for our own nation and our citizens. There


have been plans to change this country before. So there is


scepticism, too. To the outside world Saudi Arabia has long been


viewed as a closed and conservative kingdom. It still is, but some


things are clearly starting to change here. It doesn't include


public discussion of its human rights record or any political


reform. But for the majority of Saudis, other issues seem to matter


far more. Lyse Doucet, BBC News, Jeddah.


Now with all the sport, here's Karthi Gnanasegaram


Last season's Champions, Leicester City, are now struggling


They are just one place and one point above the relegation zone


Fairy tales don't tend to have sequels. After the title win, which


shook up football, there has been no happily ever after for Leicester


City. Alfie Mawson's stunning strike for Swansea centre champions on


their way to a fifth straight defeat. They are in a relegation


fight but still in the Champions League. An honour or distraction?


The Champions League is something different. No wonder, look at the


numbers. Leicester are yet to score a goal in the league since 2017


which has left them on 21 points, one above the bottom three. This


time last year they were 153 points, top of the league and on their way


to the title. Whatever happens to the likely lads? This was just last


May. For a start the juggernaut busted engine. N'Golo Kante was sold


to Chelsea in the summer. Leicester have become blunt at one end unto


fragile at the other. See how easily Swansea bypassed them for Martin


Olsson's goal. The club's owners will be wary of a return to the


struggle Leicester were in before their remarkable rise. It has been


some roller-coaster but they won't want to fall any further. Patrick


Geary, BBC News. Chelsea are trying to replace


Leicester City as Champions. They were held to a 1-1 draw


by Burnley, thanks to an excellent Chelsea missed the chance to go 12


points clear at the top of the table Scottish Cup holders, Hibernian,


will face a fifth round replay against Edinburgh rivals Hearts,


after they drew 0-0. But Rangers have booked their place


in the quarter finals with a 2-1 win Rugby Union's Six Nations


is continuing to provide France and Scotland were level


with just ten minutes of their match remaining,


but it was France that powered ahead to win 22-16 and inflict a tenth


straight defeat on Scotland. Home of a rugby team built


around a 150 stone pack. Faced with such an obstacle,


Scotland decided the best option was to distract them


and sneak around. In this battle, the French Goliath


had the slingshot in the form With France ahead,


the battering ram set to work. With every charge, they knew


the Scottish wall would weaken. Gael Fickou spotted


it, breathing space. The gap began to seal up,


two penalties for Finn Russell, Scotland were back within two


at the break and gave chase Tommy Seymour took a punt


and his luck was in. Finn Russell's kick would have been


emphatic in football Scotland kept them queueing up


Lopez, who knocked them over. In the land of the giants,


Scotland's task was simply too big. Ireland are top of the


Women's Six Nations table The best cinematic talent


from Britain, Hollywood and beyond came together


at the Royal Albert Hall in London As predicted, it was the romantic


musical 'La La Land', which won the greatest number


of awards - as our Arts editor For tonight only, South Kensington


in London has been turned into its own


version of La La Land. Royal Albert Hall,


for the 2017 BAFTAs. All the heat and talk has been


about Damien Chazelle's homage to Hollywood,


his film La La Land, which has got 11 nominations,


but in the last couple of weeks there's been a bit of a backlash,


with commentators and critics saying Maybe it's not as good


as people say, which means perhaps tonight,


at the BAFTAs, we could


get a surprise or two. This country, the US and the world


seems to be going through a In a time that's so


divisive I think it's really special that we were all able


to come together tonight, thanks Emma Stones's acceptance speech


was in keeping with a generally reflective,


earnest tone, set by the winners. Casey Affleck, the winner of the


leading actor BAFTA was confessional.


The reason that I act is because when I


was a young kid, my mother would take me


to meetings for children of


It was terribly, but it was acting. -- it was therapy.


Acting has sort of been that for me ever since.


It seems like he's done pretty good, considering.


Dev Patel won Best supporting actor for


I'm in my kit with you! Raiola Davis won Best supporting actress for this


powerful performance in a film about the African-American experience in


the 19th 50s, Fences. The night finished on a lighter note courtesy


of Mel Brooks, awarded a BAFTA Fellowship. Next stop, the Oscars in


two weeks' time, in La La Land. You can see more on all of today's


stories on the BBC News Channel.