18/03/2017 BBC Weekend News

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An airport in Paris has been entirely evacuated and all flights


redirected after a man was shot dead by security forces.


He wrestled a soldier to the ground and took her rifle.


Police said he was on a security watch list in a country that


remains on high alert for terror attacks.


Once again French security forces scramble to deal


with an incident in the capital, this time at Orly Airport.


These elite officers know that a man inside,


who tried to grab a soldier's gun, has been shot dead


but they don't know if there are any other suspects


still on the loose in the terminal, or if there are explosives.


Meanwhile, thousands of passengers poured out of the building


after being ordered to evacuate and are now stranded.


TRANSLATION: He was holding a soldier by the neck.


And at the same time, he was holding on to her weapon.


When we saw that, we realised it was really serious and reran away.


The security forces have not found any other suspect but say the man


who was killed was known to the intelligence agencies and had


shot and lightly injured a police officer in the city earlier.


Part of the airport may remain closed until this evening


with anti-terrorism officials now dealing with the case.


Gordon Brown has entered the debate on whether there should be a second


referendum on Scottish independence by calling for a "third


The former Prime Minister says it's possible to balance the call


for autonomy with the need for continued


He called for more powers to be devolved after Brexit.


Here's our Political Correspondent, Iain Watson.


This is everyone's flag. Everyone's country. Everyone's culture and


everyone's streets. At the 2014 referendum


he was credited Gordon Brown says voters in Scotland


shouldn't have a stark choice between independence


and the Conservative Under my proposals we keep the


Barnett Formula and keep the fiscal transfers, but we bring the powers


to deal with agriculture and fisheries back to the Scottish


Parliament. So you have the powers and you have the resources, the


Conservatives won't give you the powers, and the nationalists can't


raise the resources, we can do both. His solution is to strengthen the


Scottish Parliament after Brexit. It would take powers back


from Brussels, get control of VAT rates and negotiate treaties


with other European countries. So the world has changed, but it


hasn't changed the way that the Scottish National Party want it to


be. The world as changed in the sense that we've got to face up to


the post Brexit realities, but it doesn't make the case for


independence stronger. I'm afraid it makes the case weaker, but it does


make the case for what I am proposing.


Here at the SNP conference they are not too chuffed. They think Gordon


brown is trying to overshadow Nicola Sturgeon's big speech, but they say


even if his ideas were credible, Labour would simply have no means of


delivering them. The Labour Party is in third place in Scotland. It's not


even a political force. The Labour Party is divided in Westminster.


Labour basically couldn't deliver a pizza!


Nicola Sturgeon intends to keep her focus on full independence.


Live now to our Scotland Editor, Sarah Smith, who is in Kirkcaldy.


So Sarah, why is Gordon Brown intervening now?


Well, he says that this third option, as he calls it, is an answer


to Scotland's constitutional question. So he's speaking out now


in the midst of this battle between Nicola Sturgeon and Theresa May over


whether there will be another referendum on Scottish independence.


Gordon brown says that can be avoided if more powers were


transferred to the Scottish Parliament and people were to adopt


his plan, but the problem for the Labour Party is it is very difficult


to get voters to listen to them at a time when they are watching the


battle between the SNP and the Tories play out and there is a


credibility issue, Gordon brown is promising new powers for the


Scottish Parliament during the 2014 referendum and there is a perception


that they simply were not delivered so people may not believe him this


time that more powers would be coming to Scotland if there isn't a


referendum on independence. Sarah, thank you.


The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, on the second day of their official


visit to Paris, have been meeting survivors of the Islamist attacks


Our Royal Correspondent, Nicholas Witchell, is in Paris.


It is 16 months since those attacks in November 2015. This city has been


reminded this morning of the nature of the threat and the need for


vigilance by the incident at Orly. But the military hospital in Paris


the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge met two people caught up in the


attack on the Bataclan and a restaurant in the city that night.


They sat in a room with them. They heard about what happened that


evening. They heard about their recovery which has been both a


physical and a mental recovery from the trauma of those attacks. Also,


William and Catherine met veterans of World War II and that's a


reminder, you know, that Royal visits are about the bigger picture


of the relationship between two countries and the message of this


Royal visit, of course, is very much that the relationship between


Britain and France is so multi-layered, is so robust that


Brexit need make no material difference to it.


Nick, thank you. You can see more on all of today's


stories on the BBC News Channel. Hello there. A very good afternoon


to you. It is a cloudy story out there for most of us for the rest of


the day and if you're settling into take in some of the Six Nations


action expect cloudy skies overhead at our matches in Edinburgh, Paris


and Dublin. Could be just the odd spot of rain around as well. That


really is the story for most of us this afternoon. This from one of our


Weather Watchers in Worcestershire earlier on.