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Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has insisted there will be


another independence referendum - saying the wishes of


the Scottish Parliament "must and will prevail".


She was addressing her party's conference this


Elsewhere, Gordon Brown has entered the debate.


The former prime minister called for the Scottish parliament to be


given more powers while balancing that with the need for continued


Here's our Scotland Editor Sarah Smith.


They won't take no for an answer. Nicola Sturgeon excited her party


conference with a defiant message, indirectly at Theresa May and her


refusal to allow a Scottish referendum. She has time to think


again, and I hope she does. If her concern is timing, then, within


reason, I am happy to have that discussion. But let the Prime


Minister be in no doubt, the will of our Parliament must and will


prevail. APPLAUSE The Tories were loved and still


allow Scotland a choice isn't really hard to fathom. They are now


terrified of the verdict of the Scottish people. Striding into the


middle of the argument today, former Prime Minister Gordon Brown. I fear


for a divided Scotland. I fear for bitter acrimonious debate over


perhaps two years, maybe even four years. And I fear we are now seeing


people entrenched into extreme positions. He says he has a third


option. If new powers over agriculture and fishing, VAT rates


and the right to conclude international trade treaties were


devolved to Scotland, he thinks there would need to be a vote on


full independence. His interventions in the last Scottish referendum more


influential, but he's been accused of not delivering what was promised


them. In 2014 during the independence referendum you said if


Scotland voted No we would be living in close to what would be a federal


state, we are not, it's a broken promise. I said the federal powers I


was proposing were welfare powers, employment powers, environmental


powers, taxation power was. These powers were delivered. You said as


close to a federal state as we could be within the UK. Yes because I


think the UK now has to change, at that time I think it was impossible


to envisage big regional devolution in England, I think that's now


possible. Nicola Sturgeon will not sign off on anything less than a


vote on independence for Scotland. So we have a stand-off between the


First Minister of Scotland and the Prime Minister of the United


Kingdom, neither of them prepared to back down. So what happens now? Next


week there will be a vote in the Scottish parliament in Edinburgh and


they will certainly backed a call for another independence referendum.


Nicola Sturgeon will go ahead and make a formal request to Theresa May


for that referendum even though she knows what the answer is going to


be. Then we'll see whether or not her offer to negotiate over the date


of a referendum is taken up by the Prime Minister. Theresa May didn't


say she would block a Scottish referendum outright, she said, now


is not the time. Nicola Sturgeon wants to see when the time for


another vote might be. A man's been shot dead at Orly


international airport in France, after attempting to seize a gun


from a soldier on duty. The incident forced the airport


to close and flights be redirected. Police said the man was known


to the intelligence services. They also confirmed


he was the person who'd earlier shot and injured a police officer


during a routine traffic From Orly, our Paris correspondent


Lucy Williamson sent this report. Paris has got used to seeing


security forces everywhere. At one of the capital's most


protected sites today, an attack on As passengers queued


for early-morning flights, a 39-year-old man from Paris's


northern suburbs wrestled a female soldier to the ground


and tried to grab her weapon. Before being shot dead


by her colleagues. An eyewitness in the airport


at the time described what happened. TRANSLATION: He was holding the


soldier by the neck, and at the same When we saw that we realised it was


really serious and we ran away. Police say the suspect,


named as Ziyad B, shot at officers with a pellet gun early


this morning during a traffic check. The Paris prosecutor confirmed


he was on a criminal watch list and that intelligence services believed


he'd been radicalised. His father and brother


are now being questioned President Hollande said France's


extra security measures had TRANSLATION: Anyone who was


questioning the presence of military personnel in public


places, like the airport, must understand that


the military to reinforce our security it is essential that they


responded to the orders given by me and the government.


Tonight, the southern terminal here at Orly has reopened,


as anti-terrorist investigators begin their work.


The cordon of security that has gone up around


this country over the past two years held firm today.


But it's another reminder of the fear that still


Finance ministers from the world's leading economies have failed


to endorse free trade at their annual meeting in Germany.


The G20 group made no commitment to fighting


protectionism, when countries impose tariffs on imported goods,


after the United States refused to sign up.


Analysts say the move is unprecedented.


The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, on the second day of their


official visit to Paris, have met survivors of the Paris


Our royal correspondent, Nicholas Witchell,


Royal visits are all about the big picture and the shared experiences


And so at Les Invalides, the military hospital in Paris,


the Duke and Duchess met some of France's Second


The will to stand together then remains strong today.


On a morning when Paris was dealing with the incident at Orly airport,


William and Katherine met two people who were victims of the Paris


attacks in November 2015, when Islamist gunmen killed 130


people at the Bataclan theatre and other locations.


They spoke to a fireman, who was in the audience at the Bataclan.


Which is the hardest thing, the physical injuries


They had both been a challenge, he said.


Then they met a woman who was shot seven times that night.


How is it for you re-adjusting to everyday life?


Alongside personal encounters like these is the visit's overall


purpose, and for once, as Brexit negotiations


William and Katherine launched a programme


called "les voisins", the neighbours, emphasising


all those things from youth and sporting programmes to defence


and economic issues which bind Britain and France together.


The underlying message of a royal visit is often quite a subtle


The message of this visit is that the relationship


between Britain and France is so robust that Brexit need make


Or as the Queen herself put it, in a message William read


to a dinner at the British Embassy last night,


"The ties which have stood the test of time will continue to prosper."


It's the final day of Rugby's Six Nations championship,


and England have the chance to enter the history books, facing Ireland


Victory would secure England back-to-back Grand Slams


and would also mark their 19th successive Test win,


It's currently approaching half-time at the Aviva Stadium and Ireland


have their noses in front leading by 10-3 thanks to this try scored by


Iain Henderson. And earlier Scotland beat Italy


29-0 at Murrayfield. Tommy Seymour scored the last


of their four tries, as Scotland finished


the Championship with a convincing win that gives them a chance


of finishing second There was a dramatic finale


in Paris, as France beat Wales 20-18, after scoring a converted try


in the 20th minute of overtime. Arsenal have suffered another defeat


in a Premier League. The North Londoners lost 3-1 away to West


Bromwich Albion. The match saw a fly-past by planes showing banners


both for and against manager Arsene Wenger.


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