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Scotland's First Minister issues a fresh warning


to the Prime Minister, in the row over another


Nicola Sturgeon says if Theresa May blocked the vote,


it would "shatter beyond repair" the idea of the UK as


Let the Prime Minister be in no doubt, the will of our Parliament


must, and will, prevail. Elsewhere, Gordon Brown sets out his vision,


with a third option Also tonight, chaos at an airport


in Paris, as a suspected radical Islamist is shot dead


after attacking a soldier. The crisis over North


Korea and its missiles. America and China


issue a joint warning. And England's Grand Slam bubble,


bursts against a green wall. How Ireland shatter England's


dream of back-to-back Scotland's First Minister,


Nicola Sturgeon, has warned Theresa May not to block her plan


for a second independence referendum, if it's endorsed by


the Scottish Parliament next week. She was addressing the SNP


conference today in Aberdeen. Elsewhere, Gordon Brown


entered the debate. The former Prime Minister


called for the Holyrood to be given more powers,


while balancing that with the need for continued


co-operation with Westminster. Here's our Scotland


editor Sarah Smith. And Nicola Sturgeon excited her


party conference with a defiant message aimed directly


at Theresa May and her refusal She has time to think again


and I hope she does. If her concern is timing,


then within reason, I am happy But let the Prime Minister be in no


doubt, the will of our Parliament The Tories' reluctance to allow


Scotland a choice isn't They are now terrified of


the verdict of the Scottish people. So the First Minister is now locked


in this battle with the PM. And a former Prime Minister has just


invited himself right In a speech in Kirkcaldy


here today, Gordon Brown says I fear for bitter,


acrimonious debate. If new powers over agriculture


and fishing, VAT rates and the right to conclude international trade


treaties were devolved to Scotland, he thinks there wouldn't need to be


a vote on full independence. When the Scottish Parliament vote


next week to request a referendum, does he think the Prime Minister


should give her consent? I think it's very difficult


for a British Parliament now to deny the Scottish people their right,


if they wish to vote for it, But look, I want to wait and see


what the Scottish Parliament does. I want to wait and see


what the Conservative So to be absolutely clear,


if the Scottish Government formally requests a referendum


on independence and the Westminster Government denies that request,


would that be a mistake? I don't think the Westminster


Government is saying What the Westminster Government


is saying, at the moment, She seems to be saying


that she cannot block I'm not so sure that she alone can


be the person who sets the timing. Nicola Sturgeon says she's willing


to talk about when a referendum might happen but is determined


there will be a vote A man's been shot dead at Orly


international airport in France, after attempting to seize a gun


from a soldier on duty. The incident forced


the airport to close Police said the man was known


to the intelligence services. From Paris, Lucy Williamson


sent this report. Paris has got used to seeing


security forces everywhere. As passengers queued for early


morning flights, here at Orly, a 39-year-old man attacked


a military patrol, wrestling a female soldier to the ground,


in a bid to grab her weapon. He was quickly shot


dead by her colleagues. TRANSLATION: He was holding


the soldier by the neck and at the same time,


he was holding onto her weapon. When we saw that, we realise


today was really serious. The man has been nailed


as Ziyed Ben Belgacem As Special Forces searched his


flat today, his father, brother and a cousin


were being questioned by police. The Paris prosecutor tonight said


Ben Belgacem was radicalised while in prison for theft and drug


offences and had arrived at the airport today


with a Koran in his bag. TRANSLATION: He grabbed the soldier


and walked backwards several metres, He said, "Put your weapons down


and your hands on your head. Before arriving at Orly this


morning, Ben Belgacem was stopped during a traffic check,


where he shot a police officer He then hijacked another car


and headed for the airport. Tonight, the southern terminal


here at Orly has re-opened, as antiterrorist investigators


begin their work. The cordon of security,


that's gone up across this country over the past two years,


held firm today, but it's another reminder of the fear that


still haunts France. America and China say tensions


on the Korean peninsula are now The US Secretary of State Rex


Tillerson issued the warning alongside his Chinese counterpart


in Beijing on the final stop Mr Tillerson is the first senior


Trump administration From Beijing, our China editor


Carrie Gracie reports. On North Korea, China and the US


find it hard to see eye to eye. Only hours before Mr Tillerson's


arrival in Beijing, his boss tweeted a complaint that North Korea had


behaved badly, playing the US for years, with China


doing little to help. North Korean missiles,


armed with nuclear warheads, may soon be able to hit,


not just American military bases in Asia, but American cities


on the other side of the world. North Korean missiles,


armed with nuclear warheads, The US wants China to persuade


its ally to give up this arsenal, but in public


Mr Tillerson was diplomatic. We share a common view and a sense


that tensions on the peninsular are quite high right now and that


things have reached a rather dangerous level and we've committed


ourselves to do everything we can to prevent any type


of conflict from breaking out. But how to prevent conflict,


that's where the common ground end. China wants the US to stop


threatening North Korea TRANSLATION: We could either let


the situation continue to escalate, which will finally lead to conflict,


or implement UN resolutions and try to reach a breakthrough


on restarting dialogue. Dialogue with this man,


North Korea's Kim Jong-un. The US says it can't happen


until he dismantels nuclear weapons. China says, without


dialogue, he never will. And while the big powers


are deadlocked, he moves ever closer And Carrie is live for us


tonight in Beijing. And so today Mr Tillerson is due


to meet the chinese president? Yes. That's right. Dawn is breaking


here. It's Sunday morning. In a few hours, Mr Tillerson will make a


courtesy call on the Chinese president. It's a courtesy call with


a purpose on this occasion. We believe they're going to formalise


the ip I have tags from President Trump -- invitation from President


Trump to visit Mr Trump's Florida resort next month for a summit. A


lot will be at stake. There have been conflicting signals from the


Trump administration on China. On the one hand, President Trump


talking very tough on issues like North Korea, as we've just seen, but


also on trade. On the other hand, backing down on some of his threats,


for example, on re-examining the relationship with Taiwan. So


no-one's really quite sure what the US policy on China is right now. Is


it one of confrontation? Or is it one of engagement? So, it's very key


To see how this summit goes and whether these two presidents can


form of kind the personal trust which would enable them to overcome


their natural rivalry. Thank you.


The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, on the second day of their official


visit to Paris, have met survivors of the Paris terror attacks in 2015,


The couple heard their moving stories about the atrocity and


praised them for their bravery. Our royal correspondent,


Nicholas Witchell reports. Royal visits are all about the big


picture and the shared experiences And so at Les Invalides,


the military hospital in Paris, the Duke and Duchess met some


of France's Second The will to stand together then


remains strong today. On a morning when Paris was dealing


with the incident at Orly airport, William and Katherine met two people


who were victims of the Paris attacks in November 2015,


when Islamist gunmen killed 130 people at the Bataclan theatre


and other locations. They spoke to a fireman, who was in


the audience at the Bataclan. Which is the hardest thing,


the physical injuries They had both been


a challenge, he said. Then they met a woman who was shot


seven times that night. How is it for you re-adjusting


to everyday life? Alongside personal encounters


like these is the visit's overall purpose, and for once,


as Brexit negotiations William and Katherine


launched a programme called "les voisins",


the neighbours, emphasising all those things from youth


and sporting programmes to defence and economic issues which bind


Britain and France together. The underlying message of a royal


visit is often quite a subtle The message of this visit


is that the relationship between Britain and France


is so robust that Brexit need make Or as the Queen herself put it,


in a message William read to a dinner at the British Embassy


last night, "The ties which have stood the test


of time will continue to prosper." England's dream of back-to-back


Grand Slams in the Six Nations have been shattered,


after Ireland beat England had already won


the championship, but today's defeat means they've been prevented


from setting a world record of 19 There is flash photography in his


report. They arrived here as champions, now


England aimed to be record breakers. This team chasing history


rather than a trophy. Ireland however had other


ideas the mood in Dublin At the end of a disappointing


campaign, the hosts had a point to prove,


especially here in a city In a game of shuddering intensity,


the tone was set early on. English hopes of


Grand Slams have been wrecked here before and sustained


Irish pressure ended with Ian England 10-3 down at


half-time and lucky not all of England's points


came from the boot of Owen Farrell, the deficit cut


to just four soon after the restart. It would be the Irish


who continued to England turned to the bench for


inspiration. This time it was lacking. The visitors never really


threatening. Last year, Ireland ended New Zealand's 18-match winning


streak. Now they've denied another bid for greatness. Chastened,


England were at least champions. But they must now reflect on a first


defeat in the Eddie Jones era. This was like a World Cup final. We got


beat 13 hot 9. You -- 13-9. You come away with the Silver Medal. It


doesn't taste good. It makes you want to get the Gold Medal. It was


more about courage than class. In the first 20 minutes, that's where


we built a bit of confidence in the game. This is not the way that


England will have planned to celebrate winning the Six Nations.


This side has come a long way in a short time. But today they failed to


grasp a unique chance to do what no other international team has ever


achieved. England's aim is to be the best in the world, but today showed


there's still some way to go. A night of mixed emotions then for


England. This will hurt, but it could just be the making of them.


Dan Roan, BBC News, Dublin. It has just been announced that the


legendary musician Chuck Berry has died aged 90. Famed for those


rock'n'roll classics, he received a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award in


1984. Police confirmed he passed away this afternoon in his home


state of Missouri. You can see more on all of today's


stories on the BBC News Channel. Good evening. There's been quite a


bit of rain so far this evening across the north and the west of the


UK. There's plenty more to come overnight. Strong winds too.