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The music world is paying tribute to Chuck Berry -


the guitarist and songwriter who, for many, invented rock and roll -


The Rolling Stones' Mick Jagger said Berry had been an inspiration


who had lit up his teenage years and blew life into the Stones'


David Sillito looks back at his life.


# Deep down in Louisiana close to New Orleans


# Way back up in the woods among the evergreen


# There stood a log cabin made of earth and wood


# Where lived a country boy named Johnny B Goode...#


# It's a jumpin' little record I want my jockey to play...#


If any one person could claim to have invented rock'n'roll,


# Maybellene, why can't you be true...#


His formula - take rhythm and blues, mix it with country and add electric


guitar, and sing about the stuff that teenagers care about.


Half of the young people go to school.


Half of the people have cars, I wrote about cars and mostly


all the people, if they're not now, they'll soon be in love.


Charles Berry was born in St Louis, Missouri.


As a teenager, he spent time in prison for armed robbery,


he married young, trained as a hairdresser


It was Muddy Waters who suggested he record a song


Of course, he was only one of many rock'n'roll pioneers.


And another spell in prison, a conviction for immorality


with a 14-year-old girl, halted his career.


# Up in the mornin' and out to school #


When he re-emerged, he discovered that his sound


He was, though, something of a loner.


He would often turn up and play with whoever was around.


Sometimes, he wouldn't even hand out a set list.


He knew everyone would know the songs.


And he wasn't always easy to get on with,


as his fan, Keith Richards, found out.


I've been living for 60 years with it!


But is it going to be here, after we're


But, as John Lennon said, if you wanted to give rock'n'roll


another name, you might call it Chuck Berry.


Chuck Berry, who has died at the age of 90.


The NHS is facing a "mission impossible" to meet the standards


and targets required by the Government,


that's according to the organisation which represents health


For the first time, NHS providers says the money allocated


for the next financial year beginning in April is not enough


to meet growing patient demand and will make it difficult if not


impossible to meet targets like A waiting times.


It's been a winter of unprecedented strain on the NHS,


with hospitals full - or close to it - and patient


The Budget earlier this month included new funding for social care


and investment in A units in England.


NHS providers representing hospitals and other trusts said that may ease


some of the pressure, but there'll still be a yawning gap


in the resources needed just to keep services ticking over.


This is the first time in recent NHS history that trusts are saying


they cannot deliver the key accident and emergency and elective surgery


That's before the year has even started.


That's the first time ever that's actually happened.


The warning comes after the Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt,


said hospitals in England should get back to the target of seeing


or assessing 95% of patients in A within four hours.


It's not going to be overnight, but it is essential.


I am expecting the NHS to return to that target during the course


But NHS providers say it's unprecedented to warn,


even before the financial year begins, that, on current planned


budgets, the A standard and others can't be met.


The organisation says there will be big increases in the number


of patients in England who lose out because key targets are missed,


with 1.8 million waiting more than four hours in A and 100,000


waiting more than 18 weeks for routine surgery.


The Department of Health said the comments fail to acknowledge


that the NHS has a strong plan to improve performance and that


staff were working hard to treat thousands more people each year


North Korea's state media says its military has tested a new


The announcement came during a visit to China


by the US Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson.


Mr Tillerson told China's president, Xi Jinping, that President Trump


looks forward to enhancing understanding between


A one-year-old boy has died and his twin sister


is in a critical condition after they were found with serious


Police, who were called to a flat in Finsbury Park,


are trying to find out what happened.


Victims of sexual assault and rape will no longer have to go


through the ordeal of giving evidence in court under changes


being brought forward by the Justice Secretary, Liz Truss.


From September, the cross-examination of alleged victims


will be pre-recorded and played to the jury.


It follows a trial involving child victims who said the system made


them feel less pressured and better able to recall events.


The Liberal Democrat leader, Tim Farron, has accused Theresa May


of pursuing nationalist and protectionist policies that


will badly damage Britain when it leaves the EU.


He's told his party's spring conference Mrs May's decision


to seek a hard Brexit wasn't what people had voted


If I were a business person, who had given money to today's


Conservative Party, I would demand my money back.


You were sold a free-market, international, pro-business party.


What you got is protectionism, nationalism, economic vandalism.


Stuart Flinders is in York where the conference is being held


Tim Farron seeming to be positioning himself to be attractive as the Lib


Dems to some Tory voters who are not happy with the way Theresa May was


handling Brexit? That was the pitch for the business vote but he is


appealing more widely to voters on the centre-left. The Lib Dems only


have nine seats in parliament but they point to the fact that


membership is higher now than it has been the 20 years and there was a


surge in members during the time of the European referendum and the


election of Donald Trump and they say that a significant. He painted a


stark picture of change across the world today and he positioned the


Conservatives under Theresa May as part of an emerging consensus on the


political right characterised by nationalism, authoritarianism and


protectionism. He compared Theresa May to Vladimir Putin and Donald


Trump, and threw in the name of Marine Le Pen, the French National


Front for good measure. The point is his party, in this country at least,


has become the home in absence of effective opposition from Labour of


the disillusioned. Thank you. The RAC is warning most drivers


buying new cars will face increased Among the worst hit will be those


purchasing greener, more environmentally-friendly hybrid


vehicles - some of which will attract road tax -


or vehicle excise duty, as it's now formally known -


for the first time, as our business correspondent


Joe Lynam explains. Car drivers were encouraged to go


green by Gordon Brown in the early 2000s. He wanted us to drive cars


with low carbon emissions in return for paying less road tax and in some


cases nothing. But from next month that's about to change with road tax


increasing for new, greener cars. Most cars bought from April the 1st


will pay an initial charge depending on their emissions and then ?140


after that every year. It means hybrid cars will have to pay ?130 in


road tax, and cars costing ?40,000 or more will face an additional


premium, but luckily new duties will have no effect on cars already on UK


roads. Already we are hearing dealerships have been very busy in


the build-up to this change, people are trying to get in there before


they will be hit by the extra cost, but we are expecting afterwards


there to be a lull, particularly hitting hybrid car sales. The


Government says the new vehicle excise duty will be fair to


motorists, good for the environment and improve air quality by


encouraging the take-up of cleaner vehicles. This is a plug-in hybrid


vehicle which means when it is running on its battery it doesn't


emit any noxious gases at all but if you buy this vehicle from people you


will be paying ?440 per year more than if you bought it today. Some


people believe that will dis- incentivise people from buying green


cars. You can see more on all of today's


stories on the BBC News Channel. The next news on BBC


One is at 5.30pm. Hello, it is fair to say it has been


pretty mild across much of the country this weekend. We have had a


lot of cloud and outbreaks of rain, it is looking pretty soggy through


Central parts of the UK through this morning as it has been across parts