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Tributes flood in for one of rock and roll's founding fathers -


Chuck Berry - after his death at the age of 90.


He'll be remembered for his sound, his enduring influence


on other musicians, and his stage presence.


A new warning of a cash crisis for the NHS in England as its said


North Korea's leader celebrates the testing of a new rocket


amid fears it could add to its nuclear programme.


And plug in, turn on and pay up - why going green with a new car


The music world is paying tribute to Chuck Berry,


the guitarist and songwriter who - for many - invented rock and roll.


the guitarist and songwriter who - for many - invented rock 'n' roll.


Sir Mick Jagger said Chuck Berry had been an inspiration who had 'lit up'


his teenage years and 'blown life' into the Rolling Stones' dreams.


Our arts editor Will Gompertz looks back on the life of a man


Johnny Be Good. Revolutionary Chuck Berry Classics But Revolutionary In


The 50s. The Man Rocked America With His Electrified Fusion Of Gospel


Blues And Country. He gave the kids what they wanted,


songs about the teenage dream of fast cars, hot dates and


unrestrained freedom. That's why I wrote about school, and for young


people who go to school, and I wrote about life. Half of the people have


cars, I wrote about cars and mostly all of the people, if not now, they


will soon be in love. His brashness gave Rock and attitude, his guitar


licks a foundation for all those who followed him. The Beach boys, the


Beatles macro command Rolling Stones are indebted to Chuck Berry, as Mick


Jagger tweeted today. Chuck, you were amazing, he wrote. Your music


is ingrained in side us for ever. Chuck Berry the rock and roll


instrument. You can't take a piano to your friend's house but you can


take a guitar and Chuck Berry uses these riffs, these wonderful


introductions in a way that Keith Richards learned, as he himself


says, from. Chuck Berry was never slow to remind


Richards who was the boss. I've been living for 60 years with it. I know


that. But then realise it. Is it going to be around after we are all


dead and gone? In 1962 Chuck Berry was sent to


prison for having sexual relations with a 14-year-old girl. When he was


released two years later he found that his wife had left him and so to


a large extent had his songwriting Mojo but his showmanship had not. He


continued to perform duck Walker and all. You can argue all day long as


to who was the father of rock music, but one thing is for certain, Chuck


Berry was there at the birth. Chuck Berry - who's


died at the age of 90. The NHS is facing a 'mission


impossible' to meet the standards and targets required


by the Government. That's according to the organisation


which represents health For the first time, NHS Providers


says the money allocated for the next financial year -


beginning in April - is not enough to meet growing


patient demand and will make it difficult, if not impossible,


to meet targets such It's been a winter of unprecedented


strain on the NHS with hospitals full, or close to it,


and patient demand on the increase. The budget earlier this


month included new funding for social care and


investment in A units in England. NHS Providers representing hospitals


and other trusts says that may ease some of the pressure


but there will still be a yawning gap in the resources needed just


to keep services ticking over. This is the first time


in recent NHS history that trusts are saying they cannot


deliver the key accident and emergency and elective surgery


targets and hit financial balance, and that's before the year


has even started. That's the first time ever that's


actually happened and I think The warning comes after the Health


Secretary Jeremy Hunt says hospitals in England should get back


to their target of seeing or assessing 95% of patients in A


within four hours. It's not going to be


overnight, but it is essential and I am


expecting the NHS to return to that


target during the course NHS Providers says there will be big


increases in the number of patients in England


who lose out next year because key


targets are missed. With 1.8 million waiting more


than four hours in A, and on another key benchmark, waiting times


for routine operations and procedures 100,000 patients will


wait more than 18 weeks before their I'm going to see what I can do


to create some space. The Department of Health said


the comments failed to acknowledge that the NHS in England had a strong


plan Others argued that


efficiency should be the top priority and that the service can


curb costs by treating more people Well, the NHS and social


care have had five emergency cash injections in


the last two and a half years alone. What it needs is


a whole programme of And I fear that another


dollop of extra money and Northern Ireland as well as


England. Is it simply a question of money,


or can the NHS transform the way it provides services


as a growing and ageing population increases the demand


for health and social care? The final day of the US Secretary


of State's East Asia tour has been overshadowed by North Korea's


announcement of a breakthrough The North Korean leader has been


pictured celebrating what he said was a successful test,


as Rex Tillerson warned from Beijing that tensions on the Korean


pensinsula are at a dangerous level. Our China editor Carrie Gracie sent


this report from Beijing. The smiles were somewhat strained


when the Chinese President met They had intended to steady


anxieties about where US-China But as these players


posed for the cameras, With these pictures of Kim Jong-Un,


North Korea announced the successful test of a new rocket engine


for its space and He's already warned that his nuclear


missiles will soon be able Mr Tillerson was in Asia to warn


that US patience is at an end, asking China to do more


to persuade its North Korean ally It's frustrated by North Korean


recklessness and anxious to find common ground


with the new Trump administration. But it's also skeptical


about whether more economic pressure would force North Korea


to renounce nuclear weapons. And it's suspicious of American


intentions in the region. China wants fewer Americans in Asia,


not more, but to meet the threat from Pyongyang,


US troops are on exercise And the US is deploying


a new anti-missile system there. So Kim Jong-Un stole the headlines


as the big powers failed again His rocket test, a calculated


message of defiance to both the US and his next door neighbour,


China. Police are hunting for a 33-year


old man after a one-year-old boy died and his twin sister


was seriously injured at their home Sangita Myska is in


Finsbury Park now - Sangita. In the last half hour this police


cordon has gone up behind me and police have confirmed they have now


launched a murder inquiry Athletic children were attacked in the


building behind me. One was left dead, the other is to night fighting


for her life in an east London hospital. It's understood the chief


suspect was the children's father and he worked in a nearby hotel.


Neighbours say they have been left shocked and saddened by the events


that took place last night. They described the kids as sweet and


belonging to a quiet family. It was in this top floor flat in


Finsbury Park where a one-year-old boy was killed and his twin sister


was left critically injured in what neighbours have described as a


brutal attack. This morning police officers and forensic teams


continued to search the property on Wilberforce Road, collecting


evidence and conducting door-to-door inquiries. It was just after 11pm


last night the police were called by neighbours who had heard the


children's mother screaming that her babies had been hurt. I asked her,


can I help you? Do you want me to call the police or the ambulance for


you? She didn't say anything and I asked her, what's wrong? What's


happened? She just said, my kids, and she was crying. Officers are


searching for this man. It's understood he was the children's


father. The police say the 33-year-old was at the flat just


before the twins were found and left before the police arrived. I would


like to urge the public's health in this matter -- help. A man who is


resident at that address in Wilberforce Road disappeared shortly


after the incident was discovered. We would like the public's help in


tracing this man. Tonight forensic teams are continuing to examine


evidence in an attempt to make sense of the senseless killing of a baby


boy. His sister remains in critical condition in hospital. Sangita


Myska, BBC News, Finsbury Park, London.


The Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron has accused Theresa May


of pursuing nationalist and protectionist policies


that would find favour with Donald Trump and


Addressing his party's spring conference he said Mrs May's


decision to seek a hard Brexit would badly damage the British


economy and went against the Conservatives' traditional


If I was a business person who'd given money to today's Conservative


You were sold a free-market internationalist pro-business party.


What you got is protectionism, nationalism, economic vandalism.


The RAC is warning that most drivers buying new cars will face increased


Among the worst hit will be those purchasing more environmentally


friendly hybrid vehicles - some of which will attract road


Our business correspondent Joe Lynam explains.


And pay less tax but from next month that's set to change with road tax


or Vehicle Excise Duty increasing for newer, greener cars and some


customers are snapping up hybrid cars before the taxes go up. Already


we're hearing that dealerships have been very, very busy in the build-up


to this change. People are trying to get in there before they are hit


with the extra cost. What we are expecting anecdotally afterwards is


will be a lull, particularly hitting hybrid vehicle sales, because one of


the incentives for buying them will have been taken away.


From April the 1st most cars will pay an initial charge depending on


their emissions, and then ?140 a year after that. Hybrid cars will


get a ?10 rebate but still pay ?130 compared with nothing at the moment


and cars costing ?40,000 or more will face an additional premium. The


new duties will have no affect on cars already on UK roads. The


Government insists that the new Vehicle Excise Duty will be fair to


motorists and improve air quality by encouraging the take-up of cleaner


vehicles. But will the new charges deter drivers are already on cars


with low CO2 emissions? I think it's probably a good idea to try and


encourage people to buy environmentally friendly vehicles if


at all possible so I would suggest it is better to charge lower road


tax. What's the point in having low emission vehicles if you are going


to charge more tax? Ridiculous. It would be the environment I would be


worried about. This is a plug-in hybrid vehicle meaning when it is


running on its battery it doesn't emit any noxious gases at all but if


you buy this vehicle from April you'll be paying ?440 a year more


than if you bought it today. Some believe that that will dis-


incentivise people from buying green cars. Jo Lynam, BBC News.


Now it's been three years since Vladimir Putin sent special


forces into Crimea in Ukraine, leading to its annexation by Russia.


It was a move that sparked sanctions from the West and a revival


Our correspondent Steve Rosenberg has been back to the Crimean


capital, Simferopol, to see if attitudes


Blessed by nature, beset with contention.


It's three years since Russia annexed the


peninsula from Ukraine pushing East and West into a new Cold War.


Today Moscow is cementing its presence


with a bridge that will bind Crimea to the Russian mainland.


With its military too, Russia's moved its


And wherever you go in Crimea you're left in no doubt who's in charge.


She chides Western leaders who disagree.


We don't understand them because we are already for three


We changed our rules, documents, everything, and our soul


And I even have the T-shirt with Putin and the words


are "In Putin we trust" like "In God we trust".


Moscow admits its takeover of Crimea was a military operation.


Days later after a referendum, not recognised internationally, Crimea


Svitlana Gavrilenko had opposed the annexation but three


years on her perspective on Russia has changed.


They think everyone here is a traitor, even if you were ever


pro-Ukrainian, or you are now pro-Ukrainian, you are still a


The White House says it expects Moscow to return Crimea.


It's almost inconceivable that Vladimir Putin


and hand this peninsula back to Ukraine.


For one thing, the Kremlin doesn't do U-turns and reclaiming


this land for Russia, well, President Putin


would regard that as


part of his legacy, and Moscow insists that most of the people who


Since annexation Crimean Tatars, an ethnic


minority that makes up 12% of the population here,


Their governing body has been banned, human rights groups accuse


Moscow of creating a climate of repression.


This man is desperate for information about his son.


A Tartar activist, he was abducted ten


he was seized by men in uniform.


Not knowing where his son is is driving him to despair.


His heart, he told me, isn't made of steel.


And yet this Crimean spring feels calmer


Most people here don't think about sovereignty


They can't predict the future so navigating the present


Football and Celtic are within one win of their sixth successive


A 2-1 win over Dundee gives them a 25-point lead


at the top of the table, with just nine games remaining.


They will be champions if they beat Hearts in a fortnight.


In the Premier League, four of the teams battling it out


for a Champions League place are in action today.


Liverpool are currently playing Manchester City and have taken a 1-0


lead. Earlier there were wins for Tottenham and Manchester United as


David Horsey reports. This season is Tottenham's last at


White Hart Lane and is turning into one of the most memorable. Even


without their top scorer Harry Kane, the outcome is the same. Christian


Eriksen putting them 1-0 up against Southampton. If the second came via


a debatable penalty there was no doubt about the finish Bamidele Alli


2-0. Southampton were the last team to win at Spurs in the Premier


League and James Ward-Prowse raised their hopes of a repeat. But


Mauricio Pochettino's men held on, their place in the top four now


looking secure. Among the chasing pack are Manchester United and they


went ahead at Middlesbrough through Marouane Fellaini's head. Jesse


Lingard doubled the lead, and how. Lingard has an eye for the


spectacular as this effort showed. Boro got one back through Rudy


Gestede to the delight of caretaker manager Steve Agnew. That delight,


though, soon turned to despair. Victor Valdes with the slip that


Dick did United the result that had Jose Mourinho jumping for joy --


gifted United the result. That's it, I will