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After a nine month battle so called Islamic State is driven out


Celebrations in Mosul as the city is officially declared to be


in the hands of Iraqi government forces.


But victory has come at a heavy cost to the children and families who've


The parents of terminally ill Charlie Gard take a petition signed


by tens of thousands of supporters to the hospital treating him.


There's just a lot of people who think what is


You know, parents know their children best.


Drugs, drones and mobile phones - new figures reveal the havoc they're


And the Lake District is given World Heritage status


And Moeen Ali takes six wickets, as England beat South Africa


The Iraqi government has announced its forces have finally taken


full control of Mosul, the city held by so-called


Islamic State extremists for the last three years.


This afternoon, the Iraqi Prime Minister travelled to Mosul


to declare it free of IS after a nine month battle.


Iraqi troops were backed by American and coalition air strikes,


advancing street by street in the final stages over


Our defence correspondent Jonathan Beale has this


report from Mosul - you may find some of


What was once a beautiful old city is now mostly rubble.


Every building deeply scarred, or destroyed by months of war.


We joined the Search and Rescue teams looking for survivors,


but more often they're just recovering bodies.


With the heat, there's also the strong smell of decay.


This man is hoping against hope that his brother and his


Their house was hit in an air strike just a few weeks ago.


It was being used by Islamic State fighters.


He says he spoke to his brother on this phone, while he was trapped


All they find here is decaying corpses.


It's a similar story everywhere they go.


While that was happening, the Iraqi Prime Minister was en


route to Mosul to declare the liberation of the city.


He arrived draped with an Iraqi flag and surrounded by troops,


who spent the last nine months trying to wrestle the city from IS


Even this morning, there was still the sound of gunfire.


The children so used it they don't even flinch.


This territory just up there still under IS control,


Families are making their way through any way they can, to safety.


And as you can see, they are pretty desperate.


It's hard to celebrate freedom from IS when you've just been


These families said they had little food or water.


They have left behind loved ones under rubble.


Many will carry the scars of this battle for the rest of their lives.


These children have been prisoners of IS for much of their short lives.


Now, after three years, Iraq's Prime Minister has


But for these families, it's come at a huge price.


The parents of Charlie Gard - the 11-month old who has


a fatal genetic disorder - handed a petition to


Great Ormond Street Hospital today asking for him to be allowed


to travel to the United States for experimental drug treatment.


More than a quarter of a million people signed the petition.


The High Court will consider the case again tomorrow


Charlie Gard's parents say they will accept help and support from where


ever it comes. Guide and lead them and we continue to pray for their


precious, beautiful son, who is captured the imagination of the


world. 11 month old Charlie is severe didisabled and brain damaged.


His future has been the subject of a long legal battle. Doctors say no


treatment will improve his quality of life around they should be


allowed to switch off the life-support system. A view


supported by a High Court ruling. Today his parents delivered a


petition to the hospital after they say new medical information suggests


their son might be able to benefit from experimental treatment


overseas. There is just a lot of people think what has happened here


is wrong. Parents know their children best.


You know. People making decisions about him have spent very little


time with him. We are there 4 hours a day, if he was suffering and in


pain we couldn't is it there. Legally handing in the petition


doesn't change anything but Charlie's parents and supporters are


emboldened by the new medical information coming from Italy and


the US. Great or Monday street hospital hasn't issued a statement


but doctors stand by the original legal ruling. The crux of the matter


is who should have the say over Charlie's future, says the American


pastor now supporting the family. He denies turning this into a religious


issue. Should religion be getting involved in this? I would turn it


round and say should the Courts and Government officials be involved in


what should be parents decisions, they are the ones interfere,


usurping rights. Grormed says is doctors have explored every possible


treatment but the hospital has requested another High Court hearing


tomorrow, because of what it describes as the new claims from


The new Justice Secretary has pledged to tackle the problem


of drugs and violence in prisons after figures revealed that more


than 200 kilos of drugs and 13 thousand mobile phones were found


last year in jails in England and Wales.


David Liddington said the government was increasing the number of prison


officers following cuts under the coalition government.


Here's our home affairs correspondent Dominic Casciani.


Eat Ormond Street says is doctors have explored every possible


treatment but the hospital has requested another High Court hearing


tomorrow, because of what it describes as the new claims from


overseas. London's Pentonville Prison late


last year, orders from inmates for drugs and mobile phones being


delivered by gangs from outside. Packages thrown overwall, prisoners


makes makeshift hooks to recover them. Figures show the scale of what


is going on, 225 kilograms of drugs seized, and 13,000 mobile phones,


7,000 extra similar cards, large-scale prison smuggling has


become a fact of live I tell you what in some prisons it was easier


to get drugs and phones than it was for me to get funded to do emcasing,


how about that? People are stuck in a cell for 223 hours day they will


want to escape. People in society go to the pub to escape. To suggest it


is not going to happen in prison is ridiculous. Phones help arrange


crimes back the community, Labour says is deep cuts are to blame.


Ministers have pledged an extra 2,500 officers by the end of next


year but there will be fewer staff than seven years ago. And these are


the figures on violence on staffing, the critics say ministers must


confront. Assaulted have reached a record high of more than 26,000


incident up 10,000 since 2010. At the same time front line Prison


Officers have fallen to 18,000. That is down almost six-and-a-half


thousand thousands. What I am determined to do is to try to bring


about improvements, build on what my predecessor Liz Truss did in getting


extra Prison Officer, putting in place effective measures to detect


more accurately the problem we have with drug, with drones and mobile


phones in prisons so they are more secure places. But drones remain the


biggest challenge. Walls round a prison won't stop contraband so


police are turning to intelligence to track the gangs. Experts say


there are plenty out there because there is big money to be made.


A huge anti-government protest, said to be the biggest in years,


has been taking place in the Turkish city of Istanbul.


Demonstrators voiced their anger at President Erdogan,


after a year which has seen thousands of arrests and mass


sackings of civil servants, judges and journalistsin the wake


It is hard to speak out in Turkey now. But not today. An unprecedented


accuse of defiance against the President, hundreds of thousands


streaming into Istanbul, under the word justice. Some walking the 280


miles from Ankara. If you are belonging to the


Government or state you are treated well. If you are thinking


differently, asking for some benefit, some rights, then you are


treated as terrorists. The President is a tough leader, he doesn't like


us, he doesn't like modern people. It began within an opposition MP was


jailed by grew fast, tens of thousands marching in the Heat


headed by the opposition leader. They are fighting repression, 50,000


people arrested since last year's failed coup. 140,000 sacked or


suspended. He arrived to cheers of rights, law,


justice, and he vowed to fight what he called a dictatorship.


TRANSLATION: We will rise up against injustice, oppression, and


persecution. Persecution. I want piece and fraternity, I call on all


of us to live together. Let's not fight any more. Let our differences


be our richness. This has shaken President Erdogan


wan who slammed the march for supporting terrorism. He has huge


support in half the country but the spirit of resistance has been


awoken. The more liberal side of Turkey has found its voice with this


movement. Anti-Erdogan feeling, uniting a fragmented opposition, the


question is whether they can sustain this momentum and challenging the


Erdogan Government in the next election in 2019. The justice march


has drawn support here and abroad, including from Jeremy Corbyn but


channelling this energy into a credible political movement will be


credible political movement will be a hard task.


With all the sport, here's Reshmin Chowdhury


England's cricketers have won the first Test against South Africa


by 211 runs in an emphatic display at Lords.


They were in control throughout, that's even despite a batting


A day which ended so perfectly and yet began so poorly for England. A


battle collapse straight from the bad old day, losing seven wickets


before lunch. Liam Dawson's the most spectacular, no-one saw that coming.


Once again a key man slipped through South Africa's finger, Jonny


Bairstow dropped. He went on to frustrate them with a half sent.


South Africa's target 331, and Bairstow was back to haunt them.


This time brilliance behind the stumps and from there South Africa


capitulated. Amla bamboozled by the dancing Dawson. There was no


doubting the start of -- star of the show. Moeen Ali sent South Africa


spinning. They had no answer and it was all over with day to spare.


Keaton Jenning's catch sparking the celebration and Joe Root's first


game in charge one to remember. So a dramatic and emphatic victory


for England, their new era is off to the best possible start.


England's women beat defending champions Australia


in their World Cup match by three runs, in a dramatic


The Aussies needed a six off their last ball,


It means England have now won four matches in a row


Wayne Rooney has returned to Everton from Manchester United,


Top scorer for both club and country, he had become


increasingly sidelined in recent seasons.


The 31-year-old re-joins his boyhood club for free, on a two-year deal.


He is one of eping left hand's greats and Manchester United's


record goal scorer. That is Wayne Rooney. But with his


playing time limited at Old Trafford, Wayne Rooney has gone back


to the club he has always called home. The first game back obviously,


it will be an emotional day, for me I think, and I'm looking forward to


it. But overall I am looking forward to the season, hopefully playing


regular hand moving the club forward. There was talk of Wayne


Rooney moving to China or America, in the end he has come back to where


it all began for him as a young boy and the families will be walking


through the gates at the start of the new season knowing he is back in


the blue of Everton. The man who discovered Rooney as an


eight-year-old playing for a union team says he remembers a boy who


simply loved to score goals. Strength of him, you know, he was


only a little lad you know, and, but that was young Wayne. He has been a


long time gone from here, too long. Welcome home.


With some critics believing him to be a shadow of the player he once


was, fans will hope it can inspire a move to his very best. For Rooney


there may be a sense of unfinished business at a club he has held close


business at a club he has held close to his heart.


Two frontrunners have crashed out on Stage nine of the Tour de France,


as Britain's Chris Froome kept the leader's yellow jersey.


Froome's team-mate Geraint Thomas broke his collarbone during this


Pre-race favourite Richie Porte's tour also ended after a collision.


With the world athletics championship four weeks away the


contender showed they are in good form at the an verse Graham, the


track he won two Olympic medals Mo Farah was at it again, winning the


3,000 metre, the worlds which take place in London will be his last


track event before he moves on to road racing. And in his last ever


track race David Weir took a comfortable victory in the T 54800


metres, he won his Olympic Golds at this very venue. That is all the


sport. Now it's one of the most picturesque


parts of Britain visited by millions of tourists who already


know its attractions. But today after a prolonged


campaign, the Lake District gained an endorsement


from the United Nations, as it was It is acknowledged as being one of


the most beautiful spots in the UK. And now, the Lake District has been


officially inscribed as a Wolrd Heritage site. That puts its on a


list with some of the most iconic landmarks in the world. To gain


something like that puts you on top of the world really. You look round


the world, there is not everywhere has that sort of name and to have


the Lake District, gain it, is quite something. Although some won't


welcome yet more visitors to the parks busiest corner, today's


announcement is expected to bring a boost.


It is estimated the Cwmbran economy could benefit from ?20 million. It


means we are on an A-list of places to visit that will help us remain


competitive in the international tourism market but more than that it


will help every business, whether you are a family or another business


in the National Park. The Lake District is now the UK's largest


World Heritage Site. It's protected by a UN committee and may benefit


from international funds to preserve its natural beauty. A fitting


tribute to an area which inspired the works of William Wordsworth.


There's more throughout the evening on the BBC News Channel,