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The former Prime Minister Tony Blair has suggested some EU leaders might


be prepared to change the rules of the single market -


to keep Britain inside the European Union.


He says the views of voters could have shifted, and the British


might be willing to stay inside the EU if changes


were made, such as stricter controls on migration.


Our Political Correspondent, Emma Vardy, has this report.


Tony Blair once argued passionately that Britain should remain in the EU


and lost. Now in his latest intervention, he has said Britain


could get a better deal on immigration, while remaining part of


the single market, something many thought impossible.


So is he an incurable optimist, or delusional, he was asked? It is


important to understand there is a lot we know now we didn't know a


year ago when we took the decision. We know for example that our


currency is down, that is a prediction by the international


markets as to our future prosperity. We know businesses are moving jobs


out of the country. We know this time last year we were the fastest


growing economy in the G7, now we are the slowest. We now that there


is not ?350 extra for the National Health Service, there is less money.


Tony Blair set out his case in an article for his institute for global


change, saying give had been is at stake and what we are discovering


about the cost of Brexit, how can it be right deliberately to take off


the table the option of compromise between Britain and Europe so


Britain stays within a reformed Europe. But there is scepticism,


over whether there is the political will in Europe to allow Britain to


change the rules. Last week, the EU's chief negotiator, said that the


principles of freedom of movement, people, goods and services are


indivisible. The EU made it clear made it clear


that the four freedoms are indivisible, as they have called it.


They took four minutes to agree the guidelines, there is no debate in


the EU it is a nonsense, another attempt to undermine Brexit.


Tony Blair says that what he hears behind the scenes is that there is a


possibility of a compromise on the table. That this should not be


discounted. Emma Vardy, BBC News.


The authorities in Turkey have sacked a further 7,000


members of the security forces and civil service -


as mass rallies are held in the country to mark the first


anniversary of a failed coup to overthrow President Erdogan.


Around 200,000 people have now been punished for allegedly


Live now to Istanbul and our correspondent there, Mark Lowen.


Mark? Yes, what a way to ring in the anniversary. Another 7,000


dismissals, and no let up in the purge since last year's coup


attempt. The government insists that the supporters of the coup have


spread themselves throughout Turkish society but with Human Rights Act


visit, professors, are suspended, some are celebrating but others are


deeply fearful for Turkey's future. You may find some of the images in


You may find some of the images in this report distressing.


Turkey's nightmare was unleashed as the plotters seized


Sabri Unal tried to reach it to resist the coup attempt.


He lay in its path, between its tracks.


He tried to stop it again, but it ran over his arm.


Today, he bears the scars of the coup.


TRANSLATION: I came here for the sake of God,


I was not afraid and I am not a hero.


To be a hero, I would have had to stop the tanks.


On the 15th July, rogue soldiers bombed government


The coup soon became the purge, with over 50,000 arrested,


accused of ties to the alleged plotter, the cleric Fethullah Gulen.


President Erdogan called it a gift from God to cleanse


Critics say all dissent has been crushed.


The government hits back that the real crime was the coup


We are actually saving Turkish democracy, Turkish rule


of law, Turkish future from a power-hungry


140,000 people have been dismissed or suspended.


There is now a commission to look at all those cases.


You will see, when this episode is over, that Turkish


democracy is functioning, the Turkish judiciary


Gulen followers were in every corner of society.


The purge went wide, far too wide, many believe.


Protests in support of two academics on hunger strikes for four months,


Alongside, a human rights monument is now sealed off.


A bleak metaphor for Turkey's plight.


The wife of one is herself on hunger strike in solidarity.


This in a country hoping to join the EU.


TRANSLATION: One day your name is on a list and you are struck off.


They want to live but for their demands to be met.


Immortalised for generations to come as Turkey's rebirth,


it is being celebrated here as the legend of the 15th


of July, but for others, it is a painful chapter


There was a sharp slowdown in income growth in the run up to last


month's general election, according to a think tank.


The Resolution Foundation says that in the year leading up to May,


incomes rose by 0.7% - the slowest in 5 years.


Pay for the top 1% though has risen sharply since 2015.


With me is our Business Correspondent Joe Lynam.


Joe, it sounds like rather gloomy reading, this. What have they found?


The rate at which our income, salaries, rent, deposit income has


grown. In the run up to the financial crisis in 2008, the growth


was 2%. Then the recession came and we all took a hit. What The


Resolution Foundation is saying that income rose in 2013, 2015 but has


fallen back since. And it affects many groups, so the older you are,


the more you are affected. Lot has to do with property assets. Young


people are struggling to get on the housing ladder. They have to rent.


The cost is going up but they have no assets. The older you are, as a


pensioner, you have seen the property soar. The top 1% in the


United Kingdom own a quarter of all assets and they are heading for a


record take of all income growth. Joe linam, that then thanks.


A 15-year-old girl has died after suffering an adverse reaction


from a suspected "legal high" in Newton Abbot in Devon.


Devon and Cornwall Police said the girl was taken


to Torbay District Hospital in the early hours of this morning


Two other teenagers were also taken to hospital as a precaution.


Now it's a big day for sport - particularly in the tennis


of course, here's Hugh Woozencroft at Wimbledon.


Good afternoon, hugh. Good afternoon, it is Ladies' Final


Day and a chance for Venus Williams to win her sixth singles title on


Centre Court and with it become the oldest laid countries singles


champion. Standing in her way


is former French Open When you share a name


with the trophy, your destiny That is partly what makes Wimbledon


so special for Venus Williams. She first won the Venus Rosewater


Dish 17 years ago, and today, she is hoping to do it again


for the sixth time I couldn't have asked for more,


but I'll ask for a little more. It won't be a given


but I will give it my all. Here is the prize itself,


lifted by Venus Williams or her sister Serena


an incredible 12 times. This year, defending champion Serena


is absent through pregnancy so Venus's task is to keep it


in the family. Usually it is her in these finals,


so I am trying my best to represent She's seeking a first


Wimbledon triumph since 2008. Since then, illness and injury


have stalled her career, but two decades after first


appearing here, Venus is back Venus is playing, I think,


as well as she has ever played. She has had to improve her game


to keep up with the rest It might be the sports story of,


definitely the year, That would be the oldest woman


to ever win a major. Standing between Venus and victory


is Garbine Muguruza. The Spaniard has been


irrepressible this fortnight, but Venus is the firm favourite,


and if she lives up to the billing, her destiny will once


more be a reality. Away from Wimbledon,


the second day of the World Para Athletics Championships is underway


this morning in London. Hannah Cockroft got her competition


off to the best possible start, last night she won the T34 100


metres in a world record time. The busy weekend of sport continues,


as Silverstone hosts Qualifying for the race starts


in less than an hour. We've had the third and final


practice session already today. Lewis Hamilton is looking good


in front of the home fans. His team-mate, Valterri Bottas,


facing a five-place grid penalty for the race,


so both Hamilton and championship leader Sebastian Vettel will be


looking to take advantage. England's cricketers


are playing their final group game They are taking on West Indies,


having already qualified England were put


into bat in Bristol. Moments ago they were


91-4 after 22 overs. And it's day two of the Second


Test between England The visitors started


the day on 309 for 6. But James Anderson was in fine form


- he took all four wickets remaining wickets within 35


minutes this morning. Alastair Cook and Keaton


Jennings both out. And a reminder Sean,


coverage of the Ladies' Singles Final begins at 1pm


on BBC 1. You can see more on all of today's


stories on the BBC News Channel. The next news on BBC One


is at 6.25pm evening. Good afternoon. We have seen a lot


of cloud over most parts of the UK today. That is confirmed by looking


at the satellite