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Sir Mo Farah has been celebrating his victory in last


night's 10,000 metres at the World Championships,


describing it as a beautiful night as well as one of the toughest races


The 34 year old, who's set to retire at the end of the season,


suffered a leg injury after almost falling during the race.


He says he is determined to defend his 5,000 metres


Here's our sports correspondent Andy Swiss.


His report contains some flash photography.


The morning after the unforgettable night before. The fans flocked


knowing day two has the toughest act to follow. The sight of Mo Farah on


top of a podium has become a gloriously familiar one. But even by


his head aye standards, last night was something special. His rivals


threw everything at him. Twice he was tripped on the final lap. But


with an entire stadium, including his family roaring him home, the


result was breath-takingly brilliant. Trying to chase it. It's


not over yet. Mo Farah is going to win it. He's going to take another


world title. He's a one-man world super power. It's gold for Farah. An


incredible six world titles and a lap of honour with his wife and


children. This morning, he said that made it particularly emotional. For


me, I just wanted to go and celebrate with them because I guess


when the track is finished, this is it, I'll never come to another track


really. It was beautiful to be able to enjoy time with my family and


walk around the track, they were all loving it. It was beautiful. I


really enjoyed it. It's about believing in yourself. If you


believe in something, you can do it. One of Britain's greatest female


athletes believes last night was Farah's crowning achievement. It


makes it special and unique that his first double victory came in this


stadium in 2012. How much he's grown and that aura of him over the two


distances has grown at Championships and to culminate here, he'll be


walking away thinking, am I doing the right thing walking away from


the track. This evening meanwhile is all about another star taking his


final bow. Usain Bolt described his 100 metres heat last night as very


bad but he still run it. -- won it. The shake of the head said it all


though. Bolt will be hoping to sign off in style. Bolt goes in the 100


metres later on but will have to go some to match the extraordinary


atmosphere here last night. It was such a gruelling race for Mo Farah.


He picked up a few cuts and bruises. But the good news is, he says he


should be fit to defend his 5,000 metres title here later next week.


We have had more Britons here in action this morning, including


Katarina Johnson-Thompson in the heptathlon. She made a good start in


the hurdles, her second fastest time ever, and she's going nicely in the


high jump as well. Sophie Hitchin is safely through to the final of the


hammer, but later on it's all about the 100 #3450e9ers and Usain Bolt --


100 metres. The final is at 9. 45. It could be another night to


remember, Jane. The United Nations will vote today


on a proposal to toughen economic A resolution drafted by the US


in response to recent missile tests aims to cut North Korean exports


of coal, iron, lead and seafood. If approved, this could


deprive Pyongyang of more A British computer expert has


appeared before a judge in Las Vegas, charged with creating


software to steal bank details. Prosecutors said 23-year-old


Marcus Hutchins had admitted writing and selling the malware code,


but his lawyer said his client Marcus Hutchins appeared before US


federal judge Nancy Koppe The prosecution said he admitted


writing computer code designed to steal banking details and also


claimed there was evidence that he discussed how to split


the profits with an accomplice. But his lawyer says he denies


all the charges against him. The family, I think,


support and the friends' support and his co-workers and the community


have been tremendously Indeed, many fellow cyber security


experts regard Marcus Hutchins as a hero for stopping an attack


which caused chaos for the NHS and spread to 150


countries around the world. Mr Hutchins was in Las Vegas


for a hackers conference and had been living it up,


partying in a mansions, driving fast The FBI moved in at the airport as


he was about to fly home to the UK. He is due in court in


Wisconsin on Tuesday. Until then, the judge


here ordered his release on bail, subject to conditions which include


surrendering his passport Marcus Hutchins appeared in court


in Las Vegas right at the end His lawyers had just a few minutes


to scramble together his bail money, but by the time they had done so,


the court had closed, which means we will have to spend


the weekend in jail. Scientists have warned that extreme


weather could kill 150,000 people in Europe each year by the end


of this century. Their findings come as parts


of Europe are in the grip Temperatures have soared


into the high 40s in parts of Italy, Some regions are contending


with drought and forest fires. From Sicily, Gavin Lee


sent this report. This extreme heat is 10 degrees


higher than is usually recorded in summer in the warmest parts


of southern Europe. It is the fifth consecutive day that


Sicily is experiencing temperatures of more than 40 Celsius,


and people are generally heeding the government advice,


which is to stay indoors in the afternoon because of the


danger posed by the extreme heat. The picture's reflected in Sardinia


and on the Italian mainland, too, Rome and Florence are stifling


in the 40s and are dealing with the most severe


drought in 60 years. Dozens of wildfires have broken


out across the country. Hungary, Spain and the Balkans


are also sweltering For tourists here in Sicily, it's


about keeping cool and carrying on. Keeping our wits about us


in terms of any alerts we need to be aware of,


and local people here are very With many keeping indoors,


there's not much daytime trade for businesses,


cafes and restaurants, It's quiet, but I tell you,


from eight, nine, ten o'clock, the people come out,


take a drink, eat at a restaurant For those hoping for a break


from Europe's heatwave, temperatures are expected to return to some


normality late next week. This is something scientists predict


we should get used to, though, suggesting global warming will lead


to more of us being exposed to increased extreme weather


patterns in the years to come. Now, President Trump may


be heading to the golf course for a break,


but the Russian President Vladimir Putin has chosen the


more rugged outdoors. As part of a three-day


trip to the Siberian wilderness, he's been fishing,


swimming and hunting. And once again baring his


chest for the cameras. With the sport, here's Tim Hague


at the BBC Sport Centre. It's been another great session


between England and South Africa on the second day of the final Test


at Old Trafford. England resumed on 260-6,


and they lost quick wickets this morning -


Toby Roland-Jones, Moeen Ali He was on 33 not out overnight


and was in brilliant form today. He got to 99 not out,


batting with the tail, before becoming the first Englishman


in 23 years to be out But local favourite Jimmy Anderson


soon put the tourists on the back foot, getting Dean Elgar


out lbw for a duck. So let's have a look


at the scorecard. England adding 102 runs


to their overnight total. Bairstow so unlucky not


to get to his century. South Africa in reply


are 12-1 at lunch, Celtic have started the defence of


their Scottish Premiership title. It's coming up to half


time in their match And the champions have picked up


where they left off. Leigh Griffiths scored the opening


goal when these two met He was quick to strike


this time around though, putting Celtic ahead just


before the half-hour mark. Alistair Brownlee has ruled


himself out of the rest The double Olympic gold medallist


is having surgery to sort Brownlee says he hopes


the surgery will allow him The Briton had been a favourite


for next month's Ironman English golfer Georgia Hall


will begin her third round at the Women's British Open


at Kingsbarns just two Hall led for most of yesterday's


second round thanks to four consecutive birdies on the front


nine, which put her in a great Out in front is


South Korea's IK Kim. She's 11-under par -


an eagle putt like this The leaders are due


out at around 2:45. Alfie Hewett has beaten Gordon Reid


in an all British semifinal at the British Open Wheelchair


Tennis Championships in Nottingham. It was the first time there had


been an all-Brit men's semifinal at the tournament,


but it was Hewett who makes it through to the final


on Sunday after a 6-2, He'll face either world number one


Gustavo Fernandez of Argentina That's it. The next news on BBC One


is at 6:10. Bye for now. Hello there. Still looking pretty


unsettled for the foreseeable future. Nothing significant hot and


sunny just yet. We have low pressure dominating this weekend. It will


bring sunny spells and scattered showers, some really heavy like we


have already seen in England and Wales and generally speaking, it's


on the cool side but pleasant in the sunshine. The showers will rattle on


in southern and eastern parts of England. Some have thunder storms


mixed in. Gusty winds within the storms arrive.


There is the risk of further heavy showers, maybe a thunder storm this


afternoon across the London stadium for the World Championship. It will


tend to dry up toward the loot orpart of the day. You can see the


showers fizzling out for most places as we head into the overnight period


thanks to a ridge of high pressure building. A few showers in the west.


The light winds and clear skies mean it's a chilly night for the time of


year, temperatures into single figures. A ridge of high pressure


keeps much of the country fine and settled for part two of the weekend.


This feature will be moving into western areas, bringing in


increasing wind and rain. To start off, for Northern Ireland, wet and


windy through the morning, that pushes through Scotland, and


northern England. Top temperature is 21 or 22.


The football looks good across the south-east, temperatures around 20


and good sunny spells continuing at Wembley. Early into next week, low


pressure keeps things unsettled. Further rain and showers at times


and breezy too. From