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The world's fastest man, Usain Bolt, in the next hour,


will take to the track for one of his last competitive 100m races,


at the World Athletics Championships in London.


He's in the semi finals, aiming to win his 12th world title.


Meanwhile Sir Mo Farah, has been speaking about his victory


in the 10,000 metres last night, saying he's confident


Our Sports Correspondent Natalie Pirks reports


Blue skies and sunshine, perfect for making Jamaicans feel at home in


London. Despite a packed day of athletics there are home-grown hero


is the only story in town. Last run, last time, it will be a great loss


to the sport but we are going to be here with him on the last lap. I


would not say I am confident, I am overconfident, I know he will win.


When he finishes the celebration will go on all night and all


morning. London is the final stop of Usain Bolt's long goodbye. When he


ran his last race in Jamaica in June it was fortunate the Stadium already


had no roof. We are all out of superlatives to describe this


sporting legend but last night in the 100 metres heats he was far from


his best. He has got a bit of work to do here. Here he comes. There he


goes. I shake their head said he wasn't impressed, the London crowd


showed him the love but the starting blocks did not. It was bad, I


stumbled about coming out of my blocks, I am not fond of these


blocks, I think they are the worst blocks I've ever experienced, it was


not a smooth start. I have to get this together, I have to get the


start together. I cannot keep doing this. He would have two for much


longer, he is just two more individual races or in Usain Bolt


terms, 82 strides from the end. His legacy is already established, he is


the greatest there has ever been as a sprinter. That will not be


affected but he will want to go out on a win, it's what his career has


been defined by. He will no doubt take inspiration from Mo Farah's


superhuman antics last night. It is gold for Mo Farah. He took a bit of


a battering in the final stages but said today the months away training


had all been worth it for when he got to see those he loves. It was


good to be able to enjoy time with my family and be on the track, it


was just beautiful. Really enjoyed it. But tonight belongs to one man


as he prepares to bid farewell, the world will say thank you, athletics


may never see that his kind again. Elsewhere at the women's heptathlon


got underway and Katarina Johnson-Thompson's medal hopes could


be over after just two events, she bombed in her best event, the High


Jump, failing to clear 1.86 metres, well down on her personal best. And


one of her weakest events, the Shot Put, coming up in the next hour. But


it's all about Usain Bolt tonight, the Jamaican band is already here in


good voice and already a thunder and lightning storm over the stadium,


mother nature's prelude perhaps to come.


The UN will be voting later today, on proposals to toughen economic


A resolution drafted by America, in response to recent missile tests,


would ban exports of coal, iron and lead.


If approved, it could deprive the regime in Pyongyang,


Nick Bryant is at the UN this evening.


What are the chances of this resolution getting past China and


Russia? We are expecting this resolution to pass, there has been


this deal between the United States and China and these are tough


sanctions, the ?1 billion you speak of is one third of North Korea's


export income. All of this obviously follows the intensification of


diplomacy follows the testing last month of those intercontinental


ballistic missiles by North Korea which appeared to show they now have


long-range missiles which could reach the west coast of the United


States, cities like Los Angeles and possibly beyond. What the sanctions


don't do is limit oil sales to North Korea, that would have a crippling


effect on its economy and potentially collapse the regime


which is something China, its great ally here at the United Nations, has


always been determined to avoid. This would be the seventh time that


the United Nations Security Council has imposed sanctions and so far


they simply haven't worked. Thank you.


Italian police say a British model was drugged and abducted last month,


before her captor tried to auction her off as a sex


The woman who is 20 was kidnapped in the land at least six days later. A


Polish man who lives in Britain has been arrested.


We override cusses it's only a matter of time before same-sex


marriage is introduced in Northern Ireland, the only part of the UK it


is illegal. He spoke while attending a gay pride event in Belfast from


where John Campbell reports. This could be the single biggest


parade in Northern Ireland this year. A sign of changing times.


Uniformed police officers were taking part for the first time.


Today is about inclusion and representation for the Police


Service of Northern Ireland. We represent all sections of society.


Leo Briard curve shows the change which has happened in the Republic


of Ireland he is the country's first openly gay Prime Minister. The state


he reads voted to allow same-sex marriage two years ago but in


Northern Ireland it is still outlawed. He said he had come to


this event as a gesture of solidarity and expected the law will


change here. I think it's only a matter of time, it's a decision for


the Northern Ireland assembly but I'm confident that like other


Western European companies they will make that decision in due course.


Those comments were welcomed by Pride organisers. Northern Ireland


is still lagging behind the rest of the UK in of laws enacted they are


but not here. It's time we as a community demand change, we demand


the same rights as the rest of the United Kingdom. The devolved


administration which will have to make a decision on marriage laws


here is currently suspended because of a dispute between the DUP and


Sinn Fein. But during the last period of government the DUP were


able to veto the measure which would have led to same-sex marriage. The


intervention may increase the pressure to change the law. But this


is a society where religious conservatives remain influential.


And that change will be resisted. John Campbell, BBC News, Belfast.


President Trump is beginning a 17 day golfing holiday,


but his Russian counterpart Valdimir Putin, has had more


energetic pursuits in mind for his summer break.


As part of a three day trip to the Siberian


wilderness, he's been fishing, swimming and hunting.


And once again baring his chest for the cameras.


England are in control, on day two of the final cricket test


against South Africa at Old Trafford.


James Anderson has taken four wickets on his home ground,


after England were earlier bowled out for 362.


The tourists are struggling on 203 for eight.


You cannot visit this Old Trafford without being reminded of the other


one, sporting season is already beginning to change, next weekend


the traffic will head to the other end of the road. While this Old


Trafford has the attention at least it has a game to hold it, England


ahead in the series but not yet secure in the test, what happens


next could be crucial. It all set off at Premier League pays, runs,


wickets, adrenaline. Jonny Bairstow held England together mixing the


skilful with the physical and at times the magical. 90 minutes played


he was on 99, one more... Bowled. More importantly he had got England


to 362, no James Anderson bowling from the James Anderson End named


yesterday, his third ball today. Aurora which reminds us of United at


home. England had three by TE, including Hashim Amla, always a


symbolic wicket. Temba Bavuma rebuilt slowly but England brought


back Anderson who blew down his house. Same over, same result, Faf


du Plessis out, the game in fast forward, Jimmy with the controls.


This was one of those spells, brilliant and nonchalant, South


Africa keep meeting their Anderson end.