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The Government has asked for an independent review


of the UK energy market - just days after British Gas


announced it was putting up its standard electricity


Theresa May did pledge to cap energy prices


That happened since she lost her majority in the election.


Now the Business Secretary Greg Clark says the review will examine


how prices can be kept as low as possible while ensuring


the UK still meets its climate change targets.


Here's our business correspondent Joe Lynam.


How much we pay for our energy to run our households and companies


Policies like capping energy prices to support working families...


That's why Theresa May promised a price cap and an independent probe


into the energy sector before the general election.


And now this Oxford University professor


has only three months to find out where any fat can be trimmed from


He says he'll sort all of the facts from the myths


But some consumer groups are sceptical.


Prices are a very real problem for families across Britain,


This review is going to deliver benefits in a year's


So the people left with the feeling of a government that is


There are many stages in the energy value


chain, but the main ones include buying gas and electricity on


That accounts for 36% of a typical bill.


Moving it through pipes and cables or


distribution costs accounts for 29% of atypical bill.


But 13% of our bill also includes the subsidies for


poorer households, and the cost of developing Britain's renewable


The rest is made up of operational costs.


Tom Burke, who used to advise Labour and


Conservative governments on energy policy, says there's not much that


can be achieved in a three month time frame.


I think the review is essentially headlined management.


I don't think Dieter, heroic though he


is, is going to be able to come up with something that isn't already


widely discussed inside the energy community where we know that the


quickest and cheapest way to drive bills


down is to improve the


This investigation will allow the Government to show that it's not


tone deaf in the face of rising gas and electricity prices, especially


since only last week, Britain's largest provider, British Gas,


increased its standard electricity prices by 12.5%.


Both the US and China have welcomed tougher sanctions


against North Korea in the wake of its recent ballistic


The UN security council agreed the scanctions last night.


This morning, China's Foreign Minister said he hoped North Korea


would take what he said would be the smart decision on testing.


Earlier he met the American Secretary of State Rex Tillerson


at a conference of south-east Asian countries.


Yogita Limaye reports from the South Korean capital of Seoul.


It contains some flash photography. A picture that masks the tension in


this group. At a meeting in Manila, the US Secretary of State Rex


Tillerson was for the first time in the same room with his North Korean


counterpart. The two countries are in the midst


of a fierce confrontation over these missile tests by Pyongyang which


experts believe could reach the US. On Saturday, the UN Security Council


passed fresh sanctions against North Korea, drafted by Washington they


are aimed at hitting Pyongyang's exports and, therefore, economy.


At this meeting between South Korea's Foreign Minister and Mr


Tillerson the two leaders described the sanctions as a good outcome. The


measures were even backed by China, North Korea's ally and top trade


partner. TRANSLATION: The Chinese side urge the North Koreans to


calmly handled the UN Security Council resolutions and not do


anything beneficial such as a missile launch or nuclear test.


For North Korea the new sanctions could mean the loss of about $1


billion. But experts say it is unlikely to deter the state-run


conducting more nuclear and missile tests.


The North Koreans are unlikely to negotiate anything until they will


have a proven capability to deliver a nuclear strike to the continental


United States. Once they get such a capability, probably in a few years,


they are probably going to talk. Here in Seoul the President's that


has welcomed the UN resolution but the response in North Korea has been


expectedly belligerent. A newspaper run by the country's ruling party


said the US would be catapulted into a sea of fire if it did not change


its hostile policy towards Pyongyang.


In Manila the US Secretary of State commemorated those who died in World


War II, and with his meetings there he hopes to contain the threat from


North Korea. It is making the Americans nervous,


but there seems to be more immediate solution.


A man has died and another has been found clinging to a buoy


after a boat sank in the English channel early this morning.


The coastguard has launched a search for other crew members.


Our correspondent Simon Jones is there for us now.


What is the latest? Two men are still missing, believed to be in the


water. We have had two coastguard helicopters in the sky searching for


them and two lifeboats, passing ships have also been asked to be on


the lookout. It started at around 6am when a fishing boat spotted a


man clinging to a buoy around two miles off the coast from around


here. He was brought to shore, he had been in the water for several


hours. He is a 45-year-old from London, we


understand from Romania originally. He told the emergency services that


the boat he was on went down, it is unclear why, but three of his


colleagues are missing. The hunt continued and at around 8:15am the


body of a man was discovered and brought back to shore. The hunt is


continuing for the two other men. The water temperature is around 15


degrees, so as each hour passes, the hope is fading. Thank you, Simon


Jones. The Liberal Democrat leader


Sir Vince Cable has criticised elderly Brexit supporters for,


as he puts it, "comprehensively In an article in a Sunday paper,


Sir Vince - who is himself 74 -says older Leave voters are willing


to endure economic pain as a badge of honour,


although many of them do not He says they have had the last word


on Brexit by imposing a world view coloured by nostalgia


for Britain's imperial past. The Children's Commisioner


for England, Anne Longfield, says parents should limit the amount


of time their children spend online. She likened the internet to junk


food, saying that overuse could have a detrimental affect


on children's confidence We wouldn't let our children out


in a kind of strange city without, you know, giving them guidance


and looking after them, and actually we really shouldn't


for their digital world either. So this is about equipping children,


about enabling them to have the confidence


to manage their time online and also their confidence to say no


to that constant drain and pressure The American sprinter Justin Gatlin


will receive his gold medal later today after his dramatic 100 metres


victory over Usain Bolt at the World Gatlin has returned to the track


after two drugs bans and was booed Andy Swiss is there


for us this lunchtime. Andy, it's a result that


could overshadow today's events? Laasma's result has certainly pose


the sports awkward questions. And the sight of Justin Gatlin, a two


time drugs cheat on top of the medal podium will not sit easily with a


lot of people, especially after his boat Usain Bolt's farewell party


last night. It will be interesting to see what type of reaction he gets


when he collected his gold medal later. The head of the IAAF Lord Coe


says he hopes the fans will not boo him again, but interesting the


timing of the medal ceremony has been changed. It was due to be at


APM in the middle of the action, it has been brought forward to 6:50pm,


before things get under way. The organisers say they want to promote


a fair environment for the medal ceremony. Elsewhere hopes of British


success, Katarina Johnson-Thompson was fourth overnight in the women's


heptathlon, she has moved to third. She has had a good javelin, a good


long jump. Just one more event remaining. Thank you, Andy says.


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