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The Government orders a review of the UK energy market,


But critics say it's too little too late,


after the Government's failure to honour a pledge to cap costs.


This review will deliver benefits in a year's time, if it delivers


benefits at all, so people are left with a feeling of a government that


is kicking the Kandamby Road. -- the can down the road.


United against North Korea's missile testing.


China and America welcome new UN sanctions.


There's a search by air and sea, after a man dies and two others go


missing, when a boat sinks off the Sussex coast.


A warning from the Children's Commissioner, about youngsters'


And Arsenal win the Charity Shield at Wembley, but it took


The government says it wants an independent review,


of the cost of energy, just days after British Gas raised


standard electricity prices by 12.5%.


Theresa May in June's election, had pledged to cap energy prices,


but shelved the plans, after losing her


Now the Business Secretary, Greg Clark, says the review


will look at how prices can be kept low, while ensuring the UK meets


Here's our Business Correspondent Joe Lynam.


How much we pay for our energy to run our households and companies


Policies like capping energy prices to support working families...


That's why Theresa May promised a price cap and an independent probe


into the energy sector before the general election.


And now this Oxford University professor, Dieter Helm,


has only three months to find out where any fat can be trimmed


He says he'll sort all the facts from the myths


But some consumer groups are sceptical.


Prices are a very real problem for families across Britain,


This review is going to deliver benefits in years' time,


So people are left with the feeling of a government that is kicking


It is a very vital service, you need electricity. It is a case that they


will have to go away and review it and come back, and they have


promised the price cap, so they should deliver it.


There are many stages in the energy value chain,


but the main ones include buying gas and electricity


That accounts for 36% of a typical bill.


Moving it through pipes and cables - or distribution costs -


But 13% of our bill also includes the subsidies for poorer households,


and the cost of developing Britain's renewable - or green -


The rest is made up of operational costs and VAT.


Tom Burke, who used to advise Labour and Conservative


governments on energy policy, says there's not much


that can be achieved in a three-month time frame.


I think a review this short is essentially headline management.


I don't think Dieter, heroic though he is,


is going to be able to come up with something that isn't already


widely discussed inside the energy community where we know


that the quickest and cheapest way to drive bills down is to improve


After British Gas said it would raise its standard tariff to 12.5%,


this will allow the government to say it is not tone deaf in the face


of rising prices. Our Chief Political Correspondent


Vicki Young is here. Is this a real attempt to help


consumers? I think compared to the promise from the Conservatives


during the election to have a price cap, then a review doesn't sound as


if it will help much. Theresa May talked a lot about helping families


who are just about managing, but even though many come -- people


think the market is not working for them, they have drawn back from the


idea of intervening because many conservatives don't like the idea of


it at all. I think a government review is always about the person at


the helm. D10 Helm has been outspoken about what he calls the


high cost of subsidies, so when it comes to wind farms and solar energy


he thinks it's too expensive and he's spoken out against nuclear


power station saying he thinks that there might not be any more to build


after Hinckley because it is such a complex web to get through to build


them and too expensive. So it is possible that the review might mean


there is a shift towards gas and a change in government policy, but


when it comes to what ministers say, they are emphasising they have


spoken to Ofgem and urge them to use existing powers to help those on


lower incomes and get them on better tariffs, but the ultimate advice, as


ever and for the foreseeable future is, if you want to get your bills


down, you have to switch supplier. Thank you very much.


America and China have welcomed tough new UN


sanctions on North Korea, following it's recent


China's Foreign Minister says he hopes Pyongyang,


will now make what he calls the 'smart decision'


He's been meeting the US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson,


at a gathering of ministers from south-east Asian countries.


Yogita Limeye's report from the South Korean capital Seoul,


Putting on a united front at a meeting in Manila. The US secretary


of state, Rick Stiller show is on show. America wants more countries


to isolate North Korea, day after the Security Council voted to ban


exports from Pyongyang. The sweeping measures were even backed China. A


North Korean ally and the top trade partner. The Chinese side urge the


North Koreans to handle the Security Council resolutions are not do


anything on Besson official, such as a missile launcher or nuclear test.


-- beneficial. The two leaders described the sanctions as a good


outcome. Testing missiles like this is what prompted action against


North Korea. The new sanctions could mean the loss of $8 million, but


experts say it's unlikely to deter the state. They are unlikely to


negotiate anything until they have a proven effort to deliver a nuclear


strike to the United States. Once they get such a capability, probably


in a few years' time, they are probably going to talk. Here, the


President's office has welcomed the UN resolution but in North Korea the


response has been expectedly belligerent. A newspaper run by the


ruling party said that the US would be catapulted into a sea of fire if


it did not change its hostile policy towards Pyongyang. In Manila, the US


secretary of state commemorated those who died in World War II. And


with his meetings there, he hopes to contain the threat from North Korea.


It is making America nervous, but there seems to be no immediate


solution. A man has died and two others


are missing, after a boat sank in the English Channel off Shoreham


in West Sussex. It happened in the early


hours of this morning. One other man is recovering


after being found clinging to a life He's thought to have been


in the water for several hours. The four men had gone out into the


early hours for a spot of night fishing. The police are looking into


the possibility that the boat was hit by another vessel, and whatever


happened, it went down very, very quickly and there was no time to


make emergency calls were put on a life jacket. It was not until


several hours later that a passing fishing boat spotted a man in the


water clinging to a life buoy. He was taken to the shore. He is a


45-year-old Romanian man who now lives in London, and the coastguard


say he's being treated in hospital. Anybody that spends that length of


time, numerous hours potentially, in the sea without any protective


equipment at this time of year, it's a nice day but the sea is still cold


and they are very lucky to be alive. The rescued man was able to tell the


emergency services that three of his friends, also from Romania, was


still in the water. A huge search was launched involving two


helicopters and two lifeboats and at around eight a:m., the body of a man


was recovered and brought back to shore. Despite eight hours of


search, no trace could be found on the other two men. At this time of


year the temperature of the water is around 15 degrees, so you can only


survive for a short period of time, a number of hours, so sadly the


search has been stood down by the coastguard. Simon, thank you very


much. The leader of the Liberal Democrats,


Sir Vince Cable, has criticised elderly Brexit supporters


for as he put it "comprehensively he said older Leave voters,


viewed economic pain as a price worth paying to leave the EU,


but that many don't He says they've had the last word


on Brexit, by imposing a world view coloured by nostalgia


for Britain's imperial past. German football club Hanover


is investigating the actions of its fans after their pre-season


friendly at Burnley was abandoned Lancashire police say Hanover fans


were involved in violence with one of their officers and three


stewards being injured. The German club's fans


ripped up seats and threw Now we're only just into the school


holidays but are you already telling your children to get


off their phones and tablets? Well, the Children's Commissioner


for England is right behind you - saying today that parents should


limit the amount of time their children spend online,


just as they'd limit how much junk Anne Longfield says the internet can


be addictive, and overuse can have a detrimental affect


on children's confidence This seven-year-old is obsessed


by his dad's phone. On average children now spend 15


hours a week online. Parents, says the Children's


Commissioner for England, We wouldn't let our children


out in a strange city without giving them guidance


and looking after them. And actually we shouldn't


for their digital world either. So this is about equipping children,


enabling them to have the confidence And also their confidence to say no


to the constant drain and pressure She is urging parents to follow


Fiona and be proactive. I'm always looking in, going


through history, things like that. Just to double check


what they are looking at. Because they could open something


that they shouldn't be looking at. New guidelines, published online,


of course, compare junk food The advice is simple,


just as your children shouldn't eat a cheeseburger and chips every day,


they shouldn't binge The obvious antidote,


keeping kids active, but the Children's Commissioner


is calling for a healthy balance. It is a tricky balance, I think,


but you do need to encourage, they've got to get some fresh air,


they've got to get some exercise. No iPad at dinner time and no phones


during times when we are sitting We talk a lot more and I get


to know a lot more about Kids only know a world


with smartphones and the internet, Now, Natalie Pirks is at the World


Athletics Championships in London, There are a view medal ceremonies to


know. Jessica Ennis will get her upgraded gold medal from 2011 that


she was cheated out of. And we will see Justin Gatlin get his goal for


winning the 100 metres final last night. Usain Bolt could only manage


bronze in his last ever individual race. The president of the sport 's


governing body told the BBC today that Gatling's win was not the


perfect script. Andy Swiss reports on the race that shot -- shocked the


world. The villain turned victor. Athletics has other returned drugs


cheats, but Justin Gatlin is the chosen brew boy, so this was the


last thing the sport wanted. It is Gatling. Beating Usain Bolt in his


last race then shushing the fans is hardly the past popularity, but his


respect for Usain Bolt was clear and Gatlin says he has served his


punishment and deserves his title. I have faced the rules and the


penalties and inspired other athletes to be better, and I've done


so much in the community back home, and mistakes can happen. You come


back, you work hard, and you take an advantage. When Justin Gatlin steps


on the medal podium tonight he can expect another lively reception.


Some say the fans should not be blaming him, but blaming the sport


authorities. Is it his fault he was allowed to run again? Not really.


You doesn't make the rules. Yes, we can be disgruntled with people that


make the rules and say it is time to get serious and when you are caught


for drugs, you should be banned for life. As for this morning's action,


Katarina Johnson Thomson briefly moved up to third in the heptathlon,


but despite a season best in the javelin she has dropped down to


fifth. Her hopes of a medal would seem to be fading.


In the Scottish Premiership, Rangers have begun their season


Graham Dorrans scored twice in the 2-1 victory at Fir Park,


this second-half penalty securing all three points.


Aberdeen also beat Hamilton Academical 2-0.


England's batsmen have struggled on day three of the fourth and final


Test against South Africa at Old Trafford.


Keaton Jennings failed to deliver with the bat again,


he made just 18 runs to complete a disappointing series


Captain Joe Root just missed out on a half century, as he made 49.


England have fallen to 194-7 in their second innings,


Arsenal have beaten Chelsea in a penalty shootout to win


The game was tied at full-time, but Chelsea, having been reduced to ten


men after a straight red card, as David reports. In a sport so often


divided, the rare sight of rivals United. This year 's Community


Shield dedicated to the Grenfell Tower disaster. Many of those


affected in attendance, and all of the victims honoured in silence. A


repeat of the May FA Cup final, Arsenal picking up where they left


off as as Alexandre Lacazette was so close to opening his account. Slowly


Chelsea showed glimpses of the former lead them to the title. A


contentious decision so Wiliame brooked instead of receiving a


penalty, but there was no doubt about the other by Victor Moses that


put the blues ahead straight after half-time and they stayed ahead


thanks to the reflexes of Thibaut Courtois. After Pedro was sent off


for a challenge that suggested the game was a friendly only in name,


Arsenal took immediate advantage, another summer acquisition levelling


the scores. Spot kicks would be needed, and it was Chelsea who


blinked first as Courtois and then the own record signing Alvar Romeu


Morata missing the target. It left Olivier Giroud to seal victory for


Arsenal. The gunners are getting used to winning here, but the


competition they really want is the Premier League, and that belongs to


Chelsea. It promises to be a fascinating season ahead. Plenty


more happening in the stadium tonight including the final event in


the women's heptathlon, but like Andy said earlier, it looks like


Katarina Johnson Thompson has left herself too much to do. Natalie,


thank you very much for that. There's more throughout the evening


on the BBC News Channel,