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young crowd, just the fate of the world basically." BBC world News


Reporting from Washington, I'm Katty Kay.


As polls tightening, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton tell their


supporters not to take anything for granted.


Two police officers are ambushed and killed in Iowa.


The suspect has a history of confrontations with authorities


and is now in custody. And using dance to draw attention


A famous choreographer is hoping her latest production


The candidates are now crisscrossing the country in a critical stage of


the campaign which will lead them to the White House, and for Donald


Trump it is all about Florida, and that is where he was today.


If Hillary Clinton were to be elected it would create


an unprecedented and protracted constitutional crisis.


Haven't we been through a lot with the Clintons?


Hillary Clinton will hit the Key western states of Arizona and


Nevada, but the current president was campaigning on her behalf in


North Carolina. He left little doubt about how important it was for


people to get to the polls. I hate to put pressure on you, but the fate


of the republic rests on your shoulders. The fate of the world is


teetering and you, North Carolina, I don't have to make sure that we push


it in the right direction. That is quite a burden to the Asian people.


-- that is quite a burden for those young people.


For more on the state of the race and those crucial swingstates both


nominees are vying to win, I spoke a brief time


ago with Alex Altman, Washington Correspondent


The president is the anyone having fun in this campaign. He has had a


good time, needling Donald Trump, telling people they can do better


than this. -- the only one having fun. He also said it was a question


of voting for Hillary Clinton to protect the Obama legacy. That is


the centrepiece of the Clinton campaign, they are trying to


reassemble the coalition which Obama has built by turning out his panic


and African-American voters -- Hispanic. I was in North Carolina


yesterday. Everyone was talking about the fact there is early voting


and the number of African Americans voting early is down on 2012 and


2008. Will they turn out in the numbers that she needs? The same


case in Florida. It remains to be seen, difficult to pass early voting


numbers, because you know people are going to the polls but you don't


know the percentage of people who will be given to the polls on


election day and you don't know who they are voting for. -- driven. What


about the map at the moment? Over the last week we have spoken about


e-mails and WikiLeaks, and she had bad news with Obama care price


spikes. It has been a bad week for the Clintons, but it is not ready


changed. Donald Trump still has a task on his hands. In some of the


key battle ground state, we are seeing the race tightening and


Donald Trump is catching up. Could he turn enough voters to get to 270?


Still unlikely? The race is tightening, but at the same time


there are very few polls that have shown Donald Trump making inroads in


some of the firewalls that Clinton has built. Wisconsin. Yes, states


which have never shown Donald Trump in the lead, Colorado, Virginia, the


Clinton campaign feels very good about them. Donald Trump is doing


better in the Midwestern battle grounds, but he needs to make


inroads and there are states he needs to win, Florida, North


Carolina, North Carolina is a state that the Clinton team feels very


good about. She has an advantage when it comes to the electoral map.


You can't say this map >> STUDIO: -- you can't say this race is boring,


right? That is right. Well, among the few issues which has


broken through in this election is the loss of American jobs


and what to do about it. The concerns are pronounced


in the state of West Virginia where for decades


coal has been king. Now the industry is suffering


and Hillary Clinton's call to move away from fossil fuels is causing


concern and driving support The BBC's Michelle Fleury has


been to Boone County, The Appalachian mountains


of West Virginia, with its thick canopy of trees, it's hard


to believe this is the heart In just seven years,


coal production in the David Green lost his coal


job in April. The mines is for the money


and the guaranteed money. I mean, you get good


wages, a little risky, I would not support Hillary because


she is dead against the coal. And Donald is the best


of the two evils. Many here feel left


behind, forgotten. Coal jobs have been crushed


by technology, cheaper natural gas With each mine closure


and each bankruptcy, there have been more jobs lost,


and that's meant more pain Pro-coal West Virginia used to be


out-and-out unionised But Bill Clinton was the last


Democratic presidential Nowadays folk here are


turning to Donald Trump. There's a lot of talk in these parts


of President Obama's war on coal. Many, like out of work miner


Bo Copley, blame him Well, when you have a president


who says we're not going to make it illegal to mine coal,


but we're going to bankrupt people if they want to use coal-fired power


plants, it's pretty personal here. And when you have a candidate


who says things like, we're going to put a lot of coal


businesses and coal miners out of business,


that's very personal here. Many people in the region feel


abandoned by politicians, even those fighting against the coal


industry like activist Maria Gunnoe. We built this country,


we built this country from the coal that's been mined out of the ground


that has made the steel and powered this country,


throughout this country. And we are owed something more


than the pollution and the poverty. Few here expect the coal industry


to return to its glory days. But Donald Trump is offering hope


to a group who don't feel politicians in


Washington speak for them. Michelle Fleury, BBC


News, West Virginia. That is a complaint from a lot of


Americans who have suffered a loss of Manor factoring jobs. --


manufacturing. Well, whoever wins the White House -


one of the most urgent challenges awaiting them will be working out


to deal with Russia. Relations between Washington


and Moscow haven't been this tense Our Moscow correspondent


Steve Rosenberg reports. Three American presidents


with one thing in common. They've all had to deal


with this man. Vladimir Putin, the face of Russian


politics for more than 16 years. He started out, or so it had seemed,


America's friend. But smiles turned to suspicion


when the Kremlin launched a crackdown on political


opponents, like this tycoon. The US grew disillusioned


with the Russian leader and he Over the invasion of Iraq,


and Washington's unilateral withdrawal from the


antiballistic Missile Treaty. At one point, the US


and Russia did try to When anti-government street


protests erupted in Russia, Vladimir Putin claimed that


Washington was behind them. He said the same about


Ukraine's revolution. The US condemned Moscow


for annex in Crimea, While, over Syria, US -


Russia tensions have reached Today, the image read Amir Putin


projects to the world a strong leader who believes he is right


and America's wrong, a Russian president who wants


to change the balance of power So, how will the new man or woman


in the White House deal with that? By cooperating with the Kremlin,


says Donald Trump. If we get along well,


that would be good. He'd rather have a puppet


as president of the United States. Hillary Clinton is more


hard line on Russia. The Russians have engaged in cyber


attacks against America that you encouraged espionage


against our people, that you are willing


to spout the Putin live. But history shows that once


an election is over, rhetoric gives And the reality is there needs to be


a dialogue between a US President And there is no sign


of Vladimir Putin vacating that Iraqi forces are closing in on the


Islamic State stronghold of Mosul and they are now moving street to


street, clearing areas of Islamic State militants who have been


putting up a fierce resistance. Aid agencies have warned that civilians


are in danger and it is not clear how they are going to escape.


We are on the outskirts of the city, and the city centre is that way.


As you can see, the road is now full of dozens and dozens,


possibly hundreds of families who have been living under the yoke


Many of them have been asked to leave for their own safety,


many of them want to leave, because for them it's


For many of these women that you're seeing here,


this is the first time they've been out of their homes


Some of the women we've spoken to said they couldn't even go up


onto the roof tops to hang out washing for fear of being punished


These people have been trapped between two warring parties


Immediate peace isn't an immediate prospect.


But at least life for many of them will be a little better soon.


The big question is, where do they go now?


A quick look at other news from around the world.


There have been more chaotic scenes in Hong Kong's legislative assembly,


as two newly-elected members who were banned from the chamber


They evaded security guards and attempted to read


Last month, their attempt to take the oath was discounted


because they displayed a banner stating "Hong Kong is not China".


A report into corruption allegations against South African President


Jacob Zuma has recommended a commission of inquiry be


The report has been made public amid mounting pressure


Protestors marched towards the presidential office


in the capital Pretoria earlier, demonstrating


against what they call government corruption.


Members of staff at Amnesty International's Moscow office say


it has been sealed off by city officials.


They claim that the locks have been changed and power shut off.


The human rights group says it was given no warning


but hoped there was "a simple administrative explanation".


Amnesty has in the past complained of harassment


Police in the US say they have captured a suspect


following the fatal shootings of two police officers.


Both men were killed in the city of Des Moines


while sitting alone in patrol cars during the night -


officials describe it as ambush-style attacks.


Here's Aleem Maqbool with the details.


In the early hours of the morning responding


to reports of gunshots, police officers found one


of their own colleagues dead in their patrol car.


Shortly afterwards another discovery, just two miles away,


a second officer shot while sitting in his car.


The suspect who was caught several hours after the killings has been


named as 46-year-old, Scott Michael Green.


After several hours he turned himself in.


He was walking down the road, flagged down a DNR employee


presented his driver's license to him, told him to call 911.


From there the reponding officers took him into custody.


This is where the first police officer was found shot dead and you


can see the tributes. Across the road is a high school football field


and we believe just two weeks ago Scott Green was ejected from their


fall waving a Confederate flag in front of black spectators. -- from


their for waving. You're on private property


you're on school property and we're asking you to leave


at this time. Green posted a video online just two


weeks ago showing him arguing He had been thrown out of a football


stadium for waving Confederate flag The attacks illustrate the dangers


to police in America. 51 officers have been killed


across the good judiciary alone. What the attack is unlikely to do,


is change the debate on the wide A subject that has barely registered


this election season. A completely senseless killing.


Coming up, we look ahead at the move to legalise marijuana.


There have been violent clashes between Orthodox Jews and protestors


A group called Women of the Wall is campaigning for the right


of women to perform the same rituals as men at the holy site.


From Jerusalem, here's Yolande Knell.


Marching into the old city of Jerusalem, to reach the holiest


But this wasn't just the usual monthly protest


They were joined by a large group of international supporters and top


rabbis from the reform and Conservative


With many women holding up the scrolls of the Torah.


When orthodox Jews tried to stop them reaching the Western Wall,


there was pushing and shoving, and tempers flared.


"It's undignified", says this orthodox worshipper.


"It is divisive and creates a national feud and I think


that is what some of these people want".


According to orthodox beliefs women should pray in a separate area


from men at the wall, and they shouldn't sing,


read out from holy texts or wear religious garments.


It is a long-standing row but many thought it was over at the start


of this year when the Israeli cabinet approved a new space


It is about time the Prime Minister implemented the deal.


That this is one wall for the entire Jewish people and we all


Campaigners believe new arrangements haven't yet been enforced


because of pressure from ultraorthodox parties.


But they say the issue of equal prayer rights won't go away


and is causing a rift amongst Jews around the world.


As the US counts down to Election Day - it's not


just the new president who will be picked.


Voters in five states, including California will decide


on whether or not to legalise the recreational use of marijuana.


Four other states will consider joining the growing number


For more on the potential impact, the BBC's James Cook has gone


to Colorado which led the way in this growing movement.


This is a tour bus with a twist.


No gazing at the Rocky Mountains for these visitors.


They have come to the Mile High City to get stoned.


Recreational marijuana use has been legal here for two years.


It is a new way of life. Welcome to a different Colorado.


Puff by puff, Americans are rehabilitating a drug


ARCHIVE: The police narcotics detail raids New York City Fields


of the insidious weed known as marijuana.


Within a period of ten years the narcotic weed has become


Today that "insidious weed" is a legal medicine in 25 states


and four others allow smoking for fun.


That is something that cannabis consumers have dealt


We have been looked down upon and treated as lesser,


We raise more money than alcohol taxes do and we don't


This is marijuana manufacturing on a massive scale.


And it is a business which has huge potential


to create not just profits, but taxes, as well.


But the chief prosecutor here in Denver says


He has a message for voters elsewhere, "Don't end up


Because you've got a guinea pig out there and it's called


And why don't you see what happens? Why rush into this?


You're making a public policy decision which can have


an impact on an entire generation of Americans.


But in the California sun it's another story.


The town of Desert Hot Springs fancies itself as a marijuana maker.


Big plantations are in the works, and the price of this


This back portion of my property right here is going...


Jason is one of those hoping to cash in.


There's 180,000 square feet approved just a couple of hundred


And that is simply for medical use to begin with.


If it becomes procreational. Yes.


This will be a multi-million dollar business?


But marijuana is not quite out of the shadows.


Federal law still brands it as dangerous and prohibitive.


That may have to change as state after state just says no


something which is moving very fast in America, as many states see how


much they are making in terms of money in Colorado.


Now, anyone who loves loves dance will be no


stranger to Debbie Allen - an award winning actress


and choreographer who made her name in the 1980s hit, Fame.


She's also helped many young people escape gang life in LA


Some of them are now staring in her latest show, Freeze Fame,


which takes on gun violence in the US.


Jane O'Brien went behind the scenes at the Kennedy Center for a look.


Los Angeles is the setting for Freeze Frame.


A call for action to tackle one of America's most intractable


During rehearsals at the Kennedy Center, the show's creator


Debbie Allen instils the cast with a sense of mission.


We have an opportunity now to really change some minds.


An award-winning choreographer, director and actor,


Debbie Allen wrote Freeze Frame in 2013, initially to draw attention


to the lives of children blighted by LA gang violence.


But the production has since evolved to reflect mass


shootings across the country, and more recently the


tension between black communities and police.


A complex problem that Debbie Allen says needs trust


It's interesting, we were doing the show in Los Angeles.


I got so many letters from young people that thanked me,


they said they never thought about the police that way.


Because there is a scene, which I call a cop rap,


where the policeman says, what am I supposed to do?


Allen is no stranger to using art is a tool


She has already influenced many young lives


32-year-old Dion Watson was a teenager when he joined.


Having people in my family associated with gangs,


it was kind of harder for me to stay away from it,


but luckily my guardian angel, Miss Debbie Allen, she took me at 16


when I was just about to make that decision on which way to go.


Especially this show, Freeze Frame, it is so big to my life,


It is the story of so many kids that grew up where I grew up.


This production will make you think and make you smile and I think it


will cause you to act and do something.


There are 30,000 gun related deaths every year in the United States,


but the gulf between those who want to exercise their right


to bear arms and those who want to limit it seems


Freeze Frame makes the case for finding a compromise.


Debbie Allen, changing lives in Los Angeles and bringing a great show to


the United States. It looks fantastic.


Well, that brings today's show to a close but you can find much


more on all the day's news at our website.


The poll of polls, and our analysis from around the country.


And to reach me and most of the BBC team simply go to Twitter -


From all of us here at World News America, thank


you for watching and please tune in tomorrow.


It seems like fireworks going off every evening,


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