03/12/2015 Business Questions


Live coverage of the announcement of Commons business for the week ahead and questions to leader of the Commons Chris Grayling.

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to be totally transparent in the House when that report comes out and


to answer the questions on the subject in any lady has desires.


Business questions, Chris Bryant. Could the leader of the house give


us the business for next week and before he does so, if he could


straighten his tie? ! The leader of the house, Chris


Grayling. The business for next week. On


Monday the 7th of December there will be the remaining stages of the


cities and devolution bill. On Tuesday the 8th of December we will


consider the Lords animals to the European Union Referendum Bill


followed by a debate and emotion on the cross-border cooperation is to


tackle serious and I is. Wednesday the 9th of October will be an


Opposition Day with a debate on mental health and debate on the


statements regarding women. On Thursday the 10th of December there


will be a debate on the motion of the Transatlantic Trade and


Investment Partnership followed by a general debate on International


human rights Day, the subject of these debates determined by the


Backbench Business Committee. On Friday the 11th of December the


holes is not sitting. On Monday the 14th of December, the provisional


business for that week, the 14th of December we will consider the


committee at the reigning stages of the European approvals bill,


followed by a motion to improve European documents related to


migration, followed if necessary, Mr Speaker, by the consideration of the


Lords amendments. I should inform the House, Mr Speaker, that the


business for Thursday the 15th of December will be looking at the


protection of ancient woodland trees.


The Mr Speaker, you sat in that chair yesterday from 11:30am until


10:54pm, as I am sure you are aware! By my accounting, that is 11 hours


and 24 minutes or 684 minutes without a break, which is quite a


test of injuries and some of us are wondering what like Davos in Doctor


Who, you have had some secret for creation and feeding system fitted


into the chair, Hiddink tubes or something like that! Or perhaps it


is down to drugs, I wonder? ! Know that the pharmaceutical giant Pfizer


and its colleague company have come together, perhaps they have invented


a new drug that you have been imprimatur -- impregnated with which


means you can keep a stiff upper lip all-day! Mr Speaker, many people


have over the last few days hold a great deal of abuse at members for


their views on whether or not that he has should support extending air


strikes to Syria, some have been called moderates, terrorist


sympathisers, whatever. I hope the reader would agree that whilst all


members expect a certain degree of hurly-burly in political life, it is


a fundamental principle that all members are sent, not as delegates,


but as representatives with the full power to exercise their judgment and


conscience and his peak and fought without fear or favour and actual MP


should ever be intimidated. Sadly, some of the abuse, we would all


agree, for all members of this House has been beyond the pale. Several


members have had their offices barricaded. One member had a house


surrounded, many had photos of dead babies put through their front door


at home. I gather to date some have received photos of severed heads.


MPs have broad shoulders, of course we do, but could I ask the reader to


review the arrangements regarding security of members' homes and


offices? It is not just about them, it is about their families and


indeed staff, as several members have pointed out. Can he looked at


whether the responsibility for funding these matters should now be


taken away from IPSA and restored to the House authorities? And can I


express, I hope the flags of the whole house, for the way that the


police and the staff of the Sergeant at Arms dealt with the legitimate


demonstrations in Parliament Square yesterday evening, it is important


that people should be able to demonstrate that MPs and the public


should go about their business. Most importantly of all, I am sure we all


wish the men and women of our Armed Forces a safe and successful return.


Mr Speaker, yesterday we lost Cabinet Office questions, so can the


leader clarify what has happened to them? Will be no bite next


Wednesday, what I presume, and will international development questions


be shunted onto the beach after and so on? And when will the deadlines


for these various questions now be? I have asked the leader twice about


the recess dates for next year and he has done 50 shades of grey ring


about it. On Tuesday morning he told the security session it was about


getting through the legislation before Easter. Can I tell him, this


House does not meet for the convenience of the government, the


government is accountable to this House, so it would be good for us to


know as soon as possible, and not least so that committees can make


the dates for their settings available to the public, that we


were given the dates for the recess next year. The leader has said that


we will consider Lords amendments to the EU Referendum Bill next Tuesday,


how long will the leader give for that specific debate? The most


important of the Americans for the Lords is to the decision to others


16 and 17-year-olds to Ford. The government has said this is the most


important decision the country will face in a generation, so why on


earth does the government wants to exclude from the vote the very


generation that will be most affected by it? After all, at the


age of 16, cute and have consensual sex, moved out of the family home,


red accommodation, refuse consent to medical treatment, drink alcohol,


join the army and so on and even the three Crown dependencies about votes


at 16, so why on earth just not give in now and others 16 and


17-year-olds the vote so that returning officers can get on with


the job of signing them as soon as possible? Apart from anything else,


the only way that the government will get this bill on the statute


book leisure is if they gave in now at their Lordships are voted by 293


to 211 and I bet they will vote the same way again! The tax credit shoot


on several Thursdays ago, I predicted that junior doctors a


U-turn and I predict the votes at 16 U-turn as well. Can the Prime


Minister updaters on his so-called renegotiation of the UK's membership


of the European Union? As I understand it, Mr Speaker, he wants


this all to be signed off at the December meeting of the European


Council. That meets on the 17th and 18th of December, but this House


prices on the 17th of December, so, how on earth does the leader of the


house expect us to be able to question the Prime Minister on the


outcome of the council which is meant to be one of the most


important renegotiations of our membership we will have ever seen?


Some of us think that the Prime Minister is playing Russian roulette


with our economic and political destiny but this motion, hounded by


his Eurosceptic party will be in dogs on the backbenches, he keeps on


doing the wrong thing! Last year the government opted out of the


Convention on the stepping up of cross-border cooperation,


particularly in combating terrorism, cross-border crime and illegal


migration. We are now the only EU country to be excluded from this,


the only one. We on the site said that was a ludicrous decision last


year, but now the Home Office has finally woken up and has said that


there is a clear and compelling case for signing up to the agreements. To


write, Mr Speaker! That this kind of Haughey called the seriously


undermines our national-security, surely that depends on us being an


active member of the union, sharing information with our close allies


and partners in Europe to prevent dangerous crimes and bringing


criminals swiftly to justice. The weakness of the Prime Minister is


standing up to his backbenchers and has reduced our security. Only now


after Paris does the government recognised that fact, so, how long


will we have for the debate on that as well? Mr Speaker, you will have


seen that Tyson Fury won the world heavyweight boxing title last


weekend and has now been nominated for the BBC's Sports Personality of


the Year, I hope he does not win. You may also have seen his comments.


There are only three things, he has said, that need to be accomplished


before the Devil comes home, one of them is homosexuality being legal in


countries, one of them is abortion and the other one is paedophilia.


Being aside the bizarre rather heterodox did ology, this equates


homosexuality with paedophilia. I would hope that the reader would


agree that that is profoundly offensive and the kind of line which


that leads to more young people committing suicide. I gather that


Tyson Fury has subsequently said some of his best friends are gay.


So, and can I suggest that they invite him to Parliament sometime in


the near future, because frankly, I am happy to go head-to-head with


him. The leader of the house, Chris


Grayling. Can I start by a green with the


comments of the Shadow Leader about the events this week. Can I pay


tribute to him for his brave stand yesterday. -- can I start by


agreeing. I mentioned the security of Members of Parliament and


rejecting them against criminal activity. We are subject to


legitimate public scrutiny but it will never be acceptable for


members' personal safety to be put in jeopardy, it will never be


acceptable for members to be the victim of activities that the court


would judge illegal. Mr Speaker, in the south we would never discuss


security arrangements for members but suffice to say that you and I


would both agree that it is and will be continuing as a priority for the


mission, it day A40 has authorities, we must do everything we possibly


can to protect the rights of members to express their views on a free and


unfettered way and to protect them when they do so. -- the House. I


would echo the comments of the police and not just those who were


on duty yesterday but those who provide protection for members of


these house or in their constituencies.


And following yesterday's debate when honourable members on both


sides said they would wish to have a tax on Syria, I hope both sides will


join me in sending our best wishes to the aircrews. The first measure


covered by our English votes for English laws CDs passed through this


House on Tuesday evening. I would like to thank the clerk and


assistance. I am sure the shadow leader and whole counsel will want


to join me in sending our congratulations to the Prime


Minister to mark the 10th anniversary this weekend of his


election as Conservative Party leader. Reading your party for a


decade is a considerable achievement, one that others might


perhaps aspire to achieve but at the moment look unlikely to do so. It is


also this week the anniversary of the stand that Rosa Parks took on a


bus in the United States to is a cure race equality in that society.


I am sure we would all agree that the changes to our society since


then and the work to stand out race discrimination is of necessary and


something we should all be proud of and committed to. The honourable


gentleman has asked questions about what will happen to question Time


sessions. You will remember I addressed this on Tuesday to


indicate questions would simply move back one week. The session will


simply take Lee's next Wednesday, the same will be the same for


Cabinet Office questions. -- take place. There will be a debate on the


issue of 16 and 17-year-olds, the separate issue. This House will vote


on the issue of 16 and 17-year-olds. As this is an elected House if he


expresses his will again that 16 and seven team -year-olds will not be


given the vote that view will be expected in the other place. He used


the phrase and I am sure he cannot simply go on what he reads in the


papers. There are a lot of rumours and counter rumours, when the Prime


Minister is ready to make a statement he will do so. The House


decided one year or 18 months ago not to opt out into a number of


measures. If the government is, as it is bringing forward a proposal on


Tuesday, the House will be able to decide whether to do that or not. It


is right and proper that should be the case. On the question of Tyson


Fury, homophobia is not acceptable in sport. He should work hard to


encourage more people in sport to be open and accepting of the people in


sport. It is right and proper that change happens. As the Formula 1


fan, my vote is for Lewis Hamilton! On small business Saturday I will be


announcing the winners of Canning chases local shop and market stall


competition. Well my right honourable friend join me in wishing


good luck to the nominees and can we have a debate about the contribution


of independent shops and features to our local economies? I think it is


an innovation and I wish all constituencies well for the awards


this weekend. If I might pay tribute to the senior care that had awards


last week. I have been asked by the deputy leader and my private sector


treat to make reference to try give even in Golders Green and wish it


well and Fishers Home Hardware in well and Fishers Home Hardware in


markets at bra. -- Market Harborough. Can I thank the speaker


for announcing next week's efforts. It is not for nothing you have


cheered the title of old bladder for the way you chaired this series. It


was very well how you structured yesterday's debate but let's never


have another debate like this ever again in the House, such was the


demand to speak in yesterday's debate about 50 members never got


the opportunity to contribute and of those who did so many where only a


loaded few minutes at the end of the day. Such is democracy that MPs are


communicated with in such a means that has never been the case.


Constituents expect to see members in this House expressing their


opinions especially on massive issues of state like yesterday and I


am disappointed people could not contribute from all around the


House, from all around the country, to have the proper structured debate


from everyone who wanted to contribute. Let's hope we never have


that again. If we do have debates such as important as this hopefully


we will find the time to contribute. You constituents have the right to


hear from their MPs. One of the consequences we have of trying to


shoehorn this two-day debate into one day is the impact on


departmental questions and the reader is quite right, I listened


carefully to what will happen about this. What this means for others we


will not have Scottish office questions until next year now. It


will be two months since the last Scottish office questions and we


have the lying Scottish bill just now. Huge questions to be asked. The


question of military impact on Scotland. Scottish members of


Parliament did not vote for military action last night, the 22% of Scots


oppose military action. I now we hear about shaving but Scotland


rejected this military action and it will not matter a jot to this


government but it is massively important to us. Mr Speaker, the ink


was barely dry on the voting clerks gesture when these aircraft went out


last night. We particularly want to hear what will happen to the


refugees because all this is going to do is increase the demand for


this country to deal with refugees. Warming that nation the natural


consequence is for more refugees to come here. This has been a week


characterised why finding targets, friendly fire and Civil War. But I


think that is enough about the Labour Party. Every government needs


an effective opposition, especially one for a callous Conservative


government, brittle Conservative government, such as this. If the


Labour Party cannot get its act together and they cannot agree with


something as important as going to war, will the get out the way and


let the Scottish National party will this government to account for what


they are doing just now? I am afraid, as is often the case, the


honourable gentleman and I do not agree. I have two say heaving


speeches on all sides of the House, on both sides of the argument


yesterday, some really impassioned and empowered speeches which will be


important to this House. We tried our best and having heard from 104


members, after more than ten days dumping like 20 hours of questions


in this House. I think yesterday this House got it right. I also


think it got the decision right and I accept he does not agree. We heard


impassioned contributions from both sides. That is democracy. He asked


questions about hoping the government to account and it is very


important we provide regular updates to this House. You will be a


statement before the Christmas recess to update the House. It is


right and proper that is the case. I thought long and hard about the


issue of Scotland questions but he asked the question about how will


people be government to account over the question yesterday that the


answer will be there will be eight statement in this House for United


Kingdom members to have an input on questions concerning the UK. In my


judgment the question session that might have been delayed until after


Christmas was international development and given his comments


about refugees I think it is right and proper this House has the right


to question the Secretary Of State on the work we are doing as part of


our strategy on Syria to make sure we provide proper support for


refugees and prepare for what we hope will be a period of


reconstruction and redevelopment in that country as soon as we can


possibly achieve a lasting peace. I accept that yesterday this House to


egg challenging decisions and we know, as the administration, will


make sure this houses informed properly and appropriately but given


the passions that where expressed from his benches yesterday, I am


sure he will understand I think it is a greater priority to have these


date went on what happened in Syria and an international development


questions before Christmas. He will carry on working on questions over


Scotland and will do so in the New Year. The shadow leader was


absolutely right to condemn the Weill behaviour of a Cabinet


minority in respect of Cabinet members acting according to their


conscience but his argument was not advanced by his reference to


Eurosceptics on this site as dogs, however Pavlovian. Many of our


constituents most anguished questions relate to cancellation at


short notice of procedures at hospital. It seems that is on the


increase. Can we have a debate on government time on the provision of


step-down care in the National Health Service and in particular he


disappeared and then many parts of our country of community hospitals?


The state of our local health services a continuing matter of


concern for constituents and ourselves and we will always be


champions of those facilities. I always believe that although


emergencies happen and sometimes it is unavoidable, unless there are


unforeseen circumstances in cancelling operations is something


that should really only be done in extreme circumstances as it causes


disruption to individuals. He has been an advocate for local community


hospitals in his own county and I am certain he will take advantage of


the opportunities provided to make sure he is a champion for the health


service in Wiltshire. The backbench business committee would really like


early confirmation that we will be allocated the last day before the


Christmas recess on 17 December, we had been given notice that was


likely but have yet to have it confirmed. And I also referred back


to the point made by another member that have, on occasion, backbench


business time allocated which is then severely squeezed by statements


or urgent questions in terms of the allocation of time? Two weeks ago on


the Monday we had three others protected time which was a welcome


departure and that I think is what the honourable member for Kettering


was referring to, the protected time for a particular debate, we would


like to see more of that effort all possible. I am happy to look at


that, it was discussed in the last Parliament and his predecessor


thought it was necessary. I am happy to have the discussion on whether we


do need to protect it. It depends how many urgent questions there are


but I've accept the question and perhaps we can have a conversation


about it. Can we have a debate and review of section 16 eight of the


criminal Justice and Public order act of 1994 about the winning of


masks and face coverings in demonstrations? Surely on public


demonstrations on public land the police should not have two apply for


a special order but we should have statutory legislation that allows


people if they really have the courage of the convictions, whether


the National front or stop the War coalition, to remove all masks and


face coverings on public demonstrations? I have a lot of


sympathy with what he says, it is the matter that the Home Office


should give careful consideration to. The reality is that these


coverings are used to intimidate and in our society there is room for


legitimate protest but not for intimidation. I think anything that


allows protesters to intimidate rather than protest is something


that should be looked at carefully on whether it should be permitted.


E-reader rock the House will be a way of the bizarre decision by the


Chancellor to axe the funding for the cap your and storage projects of


carbon in the UK. The first industrial project with the


potential to create thousands of jobs in an alien that has been


devastated by job losses in steel, mining and production, can we have a


debate to discuss the implications of the decision to strike at the


industry as disastrous? And to take difficult decisions in a


Spending Review and we have not ruled out Carbon capture in the


future but we have added a difficult decisions to provide value for the


taxpayer. He knows that is our duty in office. We will look carefully at


carbon capture and we hope it will be a sound and viable approach in


the future but the government has added it a difficult decision at the


moment. I would remind him that in the northern half of the country,


the economy has been going further than the south, the best way of


securing jobs in his constituency and the surrounding area is to get


consistent growth and investment into that area. On Remembrance


Sunday projection onto the House of Commons of a swastika with the


message of the Indian Prime Minister not been welcome was put forward by


an organisation. The cold ever when they had done


that. We have photographic evidence and witness statements of those who


saw and took those of those responsible. We know that the


message was completely wrong, because you made the ending crime is


the most welcome on his historic visit to Parliament. But could we


have a statement on what measures we will take to combat this particular


incident, but future incidents that could happen on a much more serious


skill? -- you made the Indian Prime Minister most welcome.


It is the same for any organisation and wrong for them to make the sort


of links with the swastika. We have close relations with India and I


would condemn such action. I would say to my honourable friend I am


aware of to which he refers and it is not yet clear that that was an


actual incident as opposed to a creative use of computer


technologies to create the sense that it did take place. As he has


information that suggests it really did take place, we would be glad to


see it. Can we have a debate on the cuts to


the police? The Metropolitan Police are currently making clerical staff


redundant and filling those posts with warranted officers, that fight


in the face of the policy of the government of making police more


visible to the public. I assume they met will adopt a policy of moving


desks closer to windows so that they can fill that requirement! Can we


have a debate on this because this series the degree is in the number


of officers available in our communities?


You are a couple of weeks late on this. If you listened to the Autumn


Statement, we are not cutting police budgets. It is a matter of the mayor


and the Commissioner to decide how they spend their budgets most


effectively in London and I would not seek to tell them how to do so.


We have not cut budgets but protected them.


Thank you, Mr Speaker, there was an incredibly well attended debate in


Westminster Hall to speak about temporary post office closures and


make one local one has been closed temporarily supposedly for six weeks


now. Could we have a statement on these temporary closures of post-PCs


which many communities there might be a long-term, they are much needed


assets in rural deprived communities.


I understand your concern, there has been cases of temporary closures


leading to permanent closures and I understand the anxiety. When Mrs --


when Ms -- when Ms -- when ministers met, he might want to raise that


with them. Sometimes change is sadly unavoidable.


Thank you, Mr Speaker. Later I will host the inaugural meeting of the


all-party parliamentary group for the philosophy and religion and


cultural identity. Sadly, neither the order religion are recognised in


Turkey, the country of origin. I would ask the Leader of the House if


we could have a debate on government time on the very positive


contribution over 300,000 of these religious people have made to this


country, continue to me to this country and also the situation under


which they live in Turkey. I think one of the fundamentals that


characterises our society is the right to defend the interests of


religious minorities, we are a liberal democracy that believes in


freedom of speech and freedom of expression and worship, so I commend


her for the work that he is doing and I am sure that she will use one


of the occasional available to or in this House to provide a greater


platform for the what she is doing on that all-party group and the


committees that he seeks to represent.


Thank you, Mr Speaker. As my right honourable friend knows, I have been


campaigning to save the hedgehog, which declined by over one third in


the last ten years and whilst hedgehogs are not fully protected


species, badgers which have risen significantly are. Could we please


have a debate or statement on protected species so they can have


greater flexibility? Can I commend my honourable friend


for the work that he is doing? He is too well aware as I am of the


decline in hedgehog numbers in this country and it is only have our


society works together to try and rectify that situation will be


provide an opportunity for those figures to be restored. There are a


variety of challenges but could I pay tribute to the Times newspaper,


Mr Speaker, which has launched a campaign in defence of our


hedgehogs, encouraging all of us to make holes in our garden fences for


a superhighway for hedgehogs? Whilst I have such a hole in my garden, Mr


Speaker, sadly, I do not have any hedgehogs!


On the subject of protected species, I should point out to the House that


the honourable gentleman for Mid Sussex who is not in his place at


this time was for a considerable period as he has often pointed out


to the House, president of the rare breeds survival trust. Colleagues


may wish to reflect upon the appropriateness of the right


honourable gentleman holding that particular post, Mister Jim Shannon.


In the last week, we have had a discussion about a tax on cigarettes


products and the intention of the government to do that. Many of us


feel that other things must be looked at. Will you agree to a


debate, if there is a tax, that that could be used directly for the


health service? We did have a debate last Monday on


the issue of the sugar tax following a petition, it is an example of how


we are using the system to debate matters of public concern. I must


tell you I have some doubts about such an approach. The danger, it


seems to me, as people have said, all things are good in moderation,


but not in excess. We are better off explain to people what is good for


them and what is not and letting them take their own decisions


otherwise we will become a nanny state.


Philip Davies. Could we have a debate on fixed term recourse? When


people are convinced of serious offences and release from prison


before their term is up, when they either re-offence or break the


licence conditions, most people would expect them to be returned to


prison to serve the rest of their sentence in full, when commonly,


they only go back to prison for 28 days. By Stuart that apply to 546


offender is up, when they either re-offence or break the licence


conditions, most people would expect them to be returned to prison to


serve the rest of their sentence in full, when commonly, they only go


back to prison for 28 days. By Stuart that apply to 546


manslaughter and assault. Can we have a debate to make sure that


these people go back to prison for the member of their sentence rather


than aid arrives 328 days? As Justice Secretary I did the deed


to provide additional powers for those on remand and I have to say,


he shares my view that we must be willing to respond to such


situations when they arise. My right honourable friend, the Chancellor,


will be in the south on Tuesday and I am sure my right on but will take


advantage of making that point to him at that time.


Mr Speaker, despite the comments of the Leader of the House and the


Foreign Secretary yesterday, yesterday was great for democracy to


see it in action. As my honourable friend from Perthshire said, have as


many where against as came forward. I was one of those frustrated


backbenchers. My constituents expect me to be able to put my views on


record in this House and they are disappointed that I do not get to do


that. They make the decision as to whether the Prime Minister's


comments were a slap on my voters record in terms of being a terrorist


so-called sympathiser. These are important for future debates.


I do not think anyone was in doubt of his views or those of his


colleagues, they made their point very articulately yesterday even


though I do not agree with them. Of course, over the past few days there


have been many opportunities to question the Prime Minister and


raise these matters in debate. My view is that this has handled the


matter in the right way and took the correct decision. I do not agree on


that point. The Leader of the House will be


aware that the reservoir of bovine TB has the attention to devastate


dairy herds in my constituency given the worldwide shortage of the


vaccine and the withdrawal of the Welsh Government's vaccine programme


against badgers, I wonder if we could have a debate in government


time on the impact of that? This is a very real issue for the


agricultural community in this country. I read those reports with


concern as well. It is absolutely right and proper that we take


measures to protect our farming industry. It is crucial to this


country. I will make sure that the concerns are passed on to my right


honourable friend, the Secretary of State, who will be in this House


shortly before the Christmas recess and be able to look at that in


greater detail. Mister Douglas Carswell. Yesterday,


this has 44 a military response against ISAs extremists in Syria,


Candy government find time to agree a Sangin bass response against the


barbaric Saudi regime which has for too long promoted and exported a


similar extremist creed. -- Isis. I know that you feel strongly about


this but I would tell him that this country has had a long relationship


with Saudi Arabia and have worked collaboratively with them to try and


improve their society as well. We have got the right balance.


Thank you. Can I pay tribute to your Olympic gold winning performance


yesterday as well? When I was sure deputy I had to sit in that chair


for six hours ones, halfway through I had a call of emergency and left


the chair and you replace me for a couple of minutes, how'd you did


that yesterday, I will never know and I pay tribute to you. Tourism is


vital to my constituency. It is great that London attracts more


visitors than any other city on but we want to get them out to places


like my constituency. England will be put under Visit Britain, so


England will not have its own voice. England and Northern Ireland and


Wales have their own voice, could we have a statement from the government


ministers or that we can ensure that England will have a distinct voice


as far as tourism is concerned? Mr Speaker, here it presents one of


the most beautiful parts of England, my family came from close to the and


I used to spend many times walking in the Rebel Valley as a child. I


will make sure that his concerns are drawn to the attention of the


Minister. We know that she is an active supporter of the tourism


industry in England and Eagle of the United Kingdom and she will not be


taking session lightly and will not want to see decisions that adversely


affect his constituency and discourage people from visiting it.


-- Ribble Valley. Can we have a debate on the


practices of big businesses? Marks Spencer 's need to challenge


premiums regarding flowers. Guilt lanes are also a problem. They have


refused to meet me about appalling treatment of workers. They are kept


on insecure contracts exploiting loopholes in the EU law to pay staff


less than others do in the same work. But he agreed that it is


unacceptable for a brand that is on its British ideals to treat its


staff and customers in such an irresponsible manner?


I have not looked at the details of Marks Spencer but I would tell you


that I think every company today benefits from being a responsible


employer and irresponsible organisation. I think she has made


the point that she wishes to make very articulately.


Mister Glyn Davies. Thank you, can I ask the reader of the House if he


can settle the debate in this House, in this Chamber, on the


protection and status of the motion of the Welsh language? Every


department has a statutory duty to comply with the Welsh language


legislation, the DCMS has a statutory duty to enshrine the


public bodies build and ensure public finance. Britain must not


lose this beautiful culture and treasure and we need a debate to


ensure it does not happen. What I would say to my honourable


friend as I know every government department takes this issue very


seriously, I know from my time into government departments that we were


always careful to make sure the proper information is provided to


Welsh language speakers in Wales, and I agree, it is part of


protecting the diversity and culture of the United Kingdom as a whole


that we will protect the Welsh language, but actually, also, if one


things further north, of the need to make sure we have a culture that


represents some of the areas that have no Scottish National Party


representatives, traditional language is in Scotland, traditional


areas of Scotland, we have a duty to protect the whole diversity of our


United Kingdom. Can I pay childhood to your


Herculean effort just that, I do not know how you got through it. I took


part in Prime Minister 's questions last week. I questioned the Prime


Minister after the statement last Thursday, I took part in the


Backbench Business Committee on Monday and I always raised the issue


of how we protect the ancient minorities in Syria and that part of


the world because history shows us that our plan must, absolutely must


include protection for minorities who have a history of fleeing


whenever a military invasion takes place. That is the big hole that I


saw in the plan of the government and I do not wish to go over those


arguments again, but will the Leader of the House schedule a debate,


particularly on that part of the world and how we protect the many


religious and linguistic minorities? In a sense he is making the point


for our site of the argument yesterday. The Kurds were seeking to


protect the issue. We need to protect citizens of Syria and when


we come back we will give an update on what we are doing. We cannot


rescue these people without delivering military support which is


what he is opposed to. Many members were disappointed not to be able to


vote on the first day in the education Bill. Regardless of the


rights or wrongs of individual bills I think it would be really useful if


we could have a full debate on reform of the private bills system.


First and foremost I think this is a matter for the procedure committee.


I would not be to intrude on the work carried about why him and his


colleagues. Can he raise this with the committee and give consideration


to it? On the matter of Syria I welcome the fact the government are


going to make quarterly reports. If the reader able to confirm those


will be oral statements from the Foreign Secretary? Will these focus


particularly on the Gulf states, Saudi Arabia and Turkey are making


in terms of diplomatic initiatives and the willingness to tackle


extremism? The four that had he had a request from the Prime Minister to


come to this House? He has said he will look once again at the question


of orphans, as the row minister had time to consider that and will he


tell us what his deliberations have led to? We have indicated we will


provide quarterly reports but this is why I was able to say to the


House this morning it was appropriate to have a further


statement before Christmas updating on the matters raised yesterday, not


simply military action but the humanity alien issues which are to


be addressed as well. I intend it will be an opportunity to put those


questions to government. As colleagues will know, unfortunately


there was an extremely tragic incident in my constituents we


recently, the matter which is now subject the day, I know this


government takes the issue of online grooming seriously and that the PM


has led on this issue but can we have a further debate on how social


media is used as a vehicle for sexual grooming and set out what


further measures we can take to protect vulnerable young teenagers


from sexual predators? I think we are all aware of the horrible


incident which to lease in his constituency and all of us would


want to give our good wishes and condolences to the family of the


victim of this horrible crime. We cannot discuss the details of that


case but suffice to say I know ministers will have noted what


happened and will want to learn any lessons. The Justice Secretary who


is often responsible for such legislation will be here on Tuesday


and will listen carefully to any ideas he wants to make. I first


raised with the leader of the house the wind call each and in the


complements and sector five colleges were announced but not one for the


Humber area in wind. I wondered if we could have a debate in government


time on the debate on renewable energy, particularly on shore, and


wonder why the whole of the Humber seems to have been missed out yet


again. I am not sure there is any intention to miss out Hull on the


Humber and it is the heart of the wind industry which is a centre of


the local economy. I will pass her concerns to the Treasury. Having


visited more than one of the centres of education in the Humber area in


the last few years, I think she is already well served by some extra


professionals who are well skilled in delivering skills to young


people. On both sides of the House there was disappointment and some


members were not able to speak in the important debate yesterday and


also on the restricted line cash time-limit that had to be imposed. I


hear what the SNP and Labour Party say, we could have voted for


extended time and we could have removed the moment of interruption


which would have solved the problem. The only problem with removing the


moment of interruption might have moment of interruption might have


been your bladder! But with the leader of the House, with the leader


of the house make a statement next week on when we have major issues


where the whole country is concerned that we do not put a time limit on


those debates? We thought long and hard about this and believed that


2.5 hours being set aside yesterday as part of 20 hours of debating


questions over a period of nine days, seven business days in this


House, was the right balance. It was open to every member, the party


opposite, the Scottish Nationalists and backbenchers if they disagreed


with us and nobody chose to do so. Last week I drew the attention of


the leader of the house to the Business Secretary's commitment to


the report on the three working groups that he set up to the steel


summit to the actions they will take urgently to support the steel


industry in this country. The leader of the house helpfully said he would


take that up with his right honourable friend. We are running


out of time and I have heard nothing. We are running out of time


for the Business Secretary to come to this House and report progress.


The Business Secretary will be here on Tuesday week in any case, I have


passed on the request. I will make sure he is able to address the point


on what is a very serious matter for him, his constituents and the


region. In a recent report Public Health England stated e-cigarettes


are 95% safer than smoking, have no identifiable risk to buy standards


and should not be treated in the same way as by-products yet in many


public and work places the users of e-cigarettes two, are in almost


every case, people who have given up using tobacco are in every case may


to stand in the same place as smokers and get the same risks as


smokers. I wonder if we might debate the use of e-cigarettes across the


Parliamentary debate? This matter has been previously considered by


the administration committee. A decision was made rightly or wrongly


to have in place the current policy as he describes it. I would suggest


he rights to the honourable member who sheers that committee to make


the point is that he does. I do think that is a matter for


the matter of debate but his views the matter of debate but his views


will be carefully considered. The leader has on a couple of times


today stressed the important of different questions. Will he give


further concern to the questions I raised that the procedures


committee, the departments that he questions before PMQ 's, to give


them more time and perhaps during the convivial atmosphere of a


Thursday morning rather than let them get drowned out as often


happens before PMQ 's? In the 15 minute section before leader of the


house sections before I did pose the question on whether it was important


to have a leader of the house section and impose that on business


questions and whether that's what should we used to extend the time


available for another Avia, I have sympathy for what he says. On the


same subject can we have a short debate on this whole issue on all


questions because this would give members an opportunity to suggest


changes and also the possibility of the electrode you'll commission


because at present members who may want to question more than one body


at the same time are unable to do so and there may be other bodies as


well we ought to be questioning at all question Time. I think these are


important points and I am going to give careful consideration to them.


We have to use the time available in the best possible way and while he


says he wants to hear from me every day I suspect it will not be me he


wants to hear from everyday! Earlier this week the Welsh Labour


government ground breaking organ the nation bloc came into effect and


with more than 12,000 people across the UK waiting for an organ


transplant can we have a question on presumed consent so England can


follow the Welsh lead? It is a really important point and well


worth consideration but what I would say, this does feel like something


the backbench business bring to this House and that debate would give the


government an indication as to where the balance of power is in this


House. I think perhaps that is the best way of doing it. The football


club in my constituency has recently been awarded a ?60,000 grant to


install new flood lighting by the Premier League and if the facilities


fund. I am sure the whole House would like to congratulate them on


that reward. Can we have a debate on sports funding and what more the


government can do to support sports in our schools? This is one reason


why we have sought to ensure that funding for sport is actually


available and rejected in the spending plans we have. I would like


to thank the Premier League clubs for the work they do. Many Premier


League club foundations do excellent work promoting that sports bash


grassroots sports. I wish his club well and I also wish the big club in


his constituency well in sorting out their problems. On Saturday I shall


be visiting some of the excellent small businesses in my constituency


including red Star Brewery, Roxy 's treasures and others but will he


join me thinking gradually gained those responsible for this success


that small-business Saturday has had over the last few years including


the Federation of Small Businesses and the small-business Saturdays


team and the honourable member for Streatham which was instrumental in


bringing the concept to this country? Can we have the debate his


honourable friend asked for at the start of business questions so that


we can discuss the importance and support we should be getting to


small businesses all year round, not just on that one day of the year? We


always work to support and encourage small businesses. I think the work


done by members on all sides, not just on small-business Saturday but


across the year to support small businesses is absolutely right. He


will now that the job of running a small business is the cover one,


often seven days per week and 18 hours per day. It is tremendously


valuable to our society that people are willing to commit that effort to


running small businesses in our communities. The whole communities


together. We will celebrate them on Saturday but I commend all members


for the work they are doing on the small businesses in their


communities. In this of this, the honourable


member for Bournemouth East, following the publication by the


second report, he read the report on UK involvement in Syria, the role of


committee is to scrutinise current government policy, not set


conditions on any future policy. Standing order 152 says that select


committees appointed to look at the policy of government departments,


how they do that is up to them, the reason committee said in its second


report on the effectiveness, that Select Committee should influence


policy and have an impact upon government departments and that the


extent of this influence and impact is the primary measure of the


effectiveness of the select committees. On the 5th of November


the honourable member asked an urgent question on human rights in


Egypt expressing the hope that he was speaking as an individual and


not the chairman of the Foreign Affairs Select Committee. Chairman


must look at the urgent questions and they have a mandate elected by


the all house and it seemed a discourtesy to that mandate for a


minister to try to dismantle it -- diminish that authority. Through the


Foreign Secretary, and as Parliamentary Secretary, I drew his


addition bat-mac his attention -- his attention to this matter.


that private assurance it has not that private assurance it has not


been forthcoming and I regret I need your clarification that my


understanding or standing orders and the appropriate courtesy of the


Chamber is correct? I am grateful to the honourable


member for giving me notice of this point of order. Firstly, I can


confirm that it is entirely a matter for select committees to interpret


the terms of reference set by the House and to decide for themselves


what subjects of inquiry to pursue. I would suggest that it is both an


appropriate and unwise for ministers to comment on such matters. To put


it bluntly, they should stick to their own responsibilities, and it


is to be execution of those responsibilities that they should


dedicate themselves. They need not and should not stray beyond that.


Secondly, I can confirm that the Liaison Committee has recommended


that select committees should seek to influence government policy and


indeed, the House has endorsed that recommendation. I would go further


and kill you it is a matter of some concern that if there are ministers


who are unaware of that important fact, and hopefully, from now on,


they will not be. Thirdly, I can confirm that the cheers of


departmental select committees, including therefore obviously the


honourable gentleman, have been directly elected by the House. That


gives them a particular status and authority. -- chairs. Of course, on


many occasions they will want to speak in a personal capacity and not


in that role. Once again, we do not need ministers telling Select


Committee chairman what they should or should not be doing. The terms of


support is orderly conduct any house and they can leave that to the


chairs. May I take this opportunity to thank the honourable member for


his foible contribution that has committee and report on the


extension of offensive military operations to Syria have made to the


discussion in the House over the past few weeks. I believe and I hope


I can say this without fear of contradiction, that members on all


sides of the House, whatever their views on that matter, have found the


committee's exposition of the issues very helpful indeed. If there are no


further points of order... We will continue.


Thank you, Mr Speaker, if you have been of us who have raised issues


about children and care leavers. The group meets, which I chair, every


three weeks and books the Boothroyd room and because of the high


interest and the fact that 95 people travel from all over the country to


its meetings with additional adults in support, the room is invaluable


standing room only. -- invariably. I have been advised that the room


booking has been taking for next week's meeting by the Liaison


Committee, I understand the process by which these things happen. But


there is not another room in the House that can accommodate these


large numbers and as you will know, this is an incredibly important area


and supporting these young people is of something of great importance to


all members, I am sure. I wonder what advice you might be able to


give me and the secretary for the all-party group for children in care


and care leavers as to how we should address this, otherwise it will be


very difficult for those young people and those supporting them in


the meeting next week. I am grateful to the honourable


gentleman for his point of order. As a matter of fact, I should say to


him that committees always take precedence in terms of the


allocation of such rooms, so there is nothing untoward or indeed


unusual about that, however, I recognise the very considerable


inconvenience and potential dilemma caused to the honourable gentleman


and his colleagues, as well as those planning to attend such a meeting


that has been caused. What I can tell him is that the Administration


committee is reviewing the room booking system and given what he has


said to the House today, I would strongly encourage the honourable


gentleman to make representations to the administration Committee and


indeed, perhaps directly to its chairman in order to address


matters. A conversation with the honourable gentleman regarding this


might be useful in addition to any written evidence he wishes to


submit. As far as next week is concerned over the question as to


whether a room can be found, if he needs such for next week, I think he


probably better have private discussions and we will see if


anything can be done is that need remains. If there are no further


points of order, perhaps he can proceed to the main business. Just


before the minister is asked to move the second reading of the ball, I


have to tell you the following, I remind the House that I have


certified the charity 's protection and social investment Bill Lord's


and order number 83 giant, in relation to England and Wales, our


Father remind the House that this does not affect proceedings in the


debate on the second reading, or indeed in committee or in report


stage. After the report stage I will consider the bill again for


certification if it has been amended. The relevant committee will


be asked to consent to certifying provisions. The clerk will proceed


to read the orders of the


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