10/12/2015 Business Questions


Live coverage of the announcement of Commons business for the week ahead and questions to leader of the Commons Chris Grayling.

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commissioned. It is a very thorough report, and we will now see that


report when it is published before Christmas. Would the leader of the


house give us the business for next week, please? The business for next


week will be on Monday the 04th of December, consideration in committee


and remaining stages of the European Union approval Bill, followdd by a


debate on a European document relating to the communication of


migrants in need of international protection, followed by a ddbate on


European documents on migration On Tuesday the 15th of December, we


will have an opposition day, starting with a debate on climate


change and flooding and followed by a debate on the government's housing


record. At the end of that day, if necessary, there will be a


consideration of lords amendments. And Webster the 16th of Decdmber,


consideration of the armed Forces Bill, followed by a debate on a


motion related to the welfare cap. Followed by consideration of Lords


amendments. On Thursday the 17th of December, a debate on the protection


of 16 and 17-year-olds from child sexual lactation. -- child sex


expectation. -- exploitation. On Tuesday the 5th of January, we


will have the remaining stages of the housing and planning Bill, and


third reading. It might be helpful if I remind colleagues at the house


will sit at 2:30pm that day and that Westminster Hall business whll be


scheduled between 9:30am and 2: 0 p.m.. Further details will `ppear. I


would also like to remind you that plans for statements next wdek,


there will be statements on the outcome of the climate talks in


Paris, and local government finance and an update statement on the


situation in Syria. This Tuesday saw the 50th


anniversary into force of the race relations act 1965. It was by no


means perfect but it was thd first time that the government, a Labour


government, attempted to tackle racism in this country and ht only


got through by 261 votes by 249 because of all of the Conservative


MPs voting against. Mr Speaker, when I was curate in high Wycombd, I


remember clearly one of our churchwardens, the wonderful Ellie


Hector, who used to tell me how it felt when she and her familx were


absolutely shocked at the r`ces and they experienced when they `rrived


in this country from St Vincent in the 1950s. It was not just the no


blacks, no dogs, no Irish shgns it was also, she said, we had `ll been


taught in Sunday school by Dnglish Sunday school teachers that we were


all created intelligent -- dqual. But in England, even in church,


people would move to another pew if they found themselves sitting next


to somebody because they were black. How thank God labour legisl`tion


helped change things. I'm ddlighted that this afternoon the House will


be debating the internation`l human rights Day which celebrates the


international Human Rights @ct, we will fight to defend that bdcause we


are proud of our labour leg`cy. Unlike, of course, the Torids. They


seem intent on abolishing every single best each of the Graxling


legacy. After all, I predicted the new Justice Secretary would get rid


of the ludicrous court charges and it has come to pass. The prhsoner


book ban, the Saudi execution centres, the secure college, all


scrapped. So terribly sad. @nd now the information Commissioner has


described the leader's views on freedom of information as a return


to the dark ages. I know I `m in danger of becoming the love child of


Russell Grant and Mystic Meg, but I hereby predict another U-turn on


this. Would it not be better if the leader of the House did his own


U-turn rather than allow thd Justice Secretary to do one for him? The


petition to Bandon tram frol entry into the UK has now reached more


than 400,000 signatures which means that we will end up having ` debate


on this house with it. Sony signatures that the website has


crashed. -- the petition to ban Donald Trump. I am sure we would all


want to tell him, you are a nasty mendacious bigot and your r`cist


views are dangerous. All -- obviously, the real answer hs to


vote Hillary Clinton, I will say to Hansard, that has got to Ls INIT! In


case the -- Donald Trump coles in, I think the Home Secretary should turn


up dressed as Gloria Gaynor and say, just turn around now, you are not


welcome any more. Can I urgd the government to consider a new clause


six for the bill on Wednesd`y, which will require the government to


institute a review of compensation for former members of the armed


services who suffer from mesothelioma? It is a scand`l that


members of our Armed Forces only get a small proportion of the stpport


available to civilians with the same condition. It is a hideous disease


and most sufferers die withhn a few months of contracting it, so surely


we as a country can do bettdr than this. You would think that hn


Advent, the government would want to do everything to ensure that


everybody has a stable home. I'm not a home in a stable. But on the very


-- and not a home in the st`ble But on the very last day of


consultation, there is an alendment saying that council home tenants


will be forced out of their homes in five years. Is that the Torx


message, do they not understand home is where the heart is? Can the


leader guaranteed that it comes to the final stages of the bill, we


will have two days for report, legislative complaints and third


Reading? Can we also have a debate on the sanctions regime affdcting


benefits claimants? If the claimant arrives even one minute latd for an


appointment or interview, hd or she will be sanctioned, often as much a


three-month benefits. This week the Work and Pensions Secretary turned


up the league 15 minutes late for an interview himself. And the latest


figures suggest that his grdat universal credit scheme, whhch was


meant to have been rolled ott to 7 million people, has only got to 140


1000. At this rate, he will be six generations later because it will


take 150 years to get there. Surely he should practice what he preaches.


Should he not be sanctioned and have three-month salary doctor from his


ministerial pay? -- taken from his pay? We know the government is


determined to meet as many changes in through the back door through


secondary legislation possible. That is why we need an oral statdment


before on Lord Strathclyde's report on the powers of the House of Lords.


The latest piece of skulduggery is the education and student


legislation of 2015 which whll scrap maintenance grants for the poorest


students. The Institute for Fiscal Studies warned that this me`ns


students from poorest backgrounds will leave university with


substantially higher debt than their better off peers. Surely th`t is


wrong's because of the way the government is doing this, there is


no guarantee we would even have a debate on this enormous change and


drastic measure, so could the leader agreed to an early day motion 8 9


and grant us a debate as early as possible? We also want an oral


statement on airport capacity. To be honest, Mr Speaker, we would prefer


a decision of course, as with the whole British business, but if the


government is still in a holding operation 30,000 feet above Richmond


Park, we would make do with a statement. Will the leader of the


House guarantee that there hs not going to be some press confdrence in


which the non-decision is announced, the announcement will be made in


this house first. Mr Speaker, I was ordained deacon 29 years ago on


Monday. So I hope you will `llow me to revert to type just for ` very


brief moment. I hereby publhsh the bands of marriage between Ltke Jones


Sullivan of this parish, thd opposition Chief Whip's polhtical


adviser, and Gemma Louise stocks of the parish of Ashington at St


Maurice is church in ending in Northumberland this Saturdax. If any


of you know any reason why they may not marry each other, you are to


declare it. Speak now or forever hold your peace. We wish thdm well.


At least we know he can... Hn unfortunate circumstances, he can go


to his old career in the chtrch Amassed up by congratulating the


honourable mention on his award by ITV Wales as MP of the year. I am


sure it is an award that will be very well received on his own


party's ventures. Can I -- benches. Can I say to members on all sides, I


hope everyone is aware for the call for evidence from the restoration of


renewal committee, that has been circulated to all members. There


will be a number of informal discussions, drop-in sessions whilst


the joint committee does its work. I know the shadow leader is doing work


with people on this side and that side. It is designed to invhte


responses from any member who has an interest in these matters and I


would encourage anyone to t`ke part. On the issue of the comments made by


Donald Trump, Mr Speaker, m`y I make two things clear. I believe the


Muslim community in this cotntry is a valuable part of the commtnity, it


is made up of decent hard-working law-abiding citizens who have


nothing to do with a tiny extremist sect within the Islamic world that


is threatening deeply unple`sant things, not simply to the pdople of


this country but to Muslims in the Middle East as well. I actu`lly


reject any suggestion that our Muslim community is to blamd for the


terrorist threat the world faces. But I also say in relation to Donald


Trump, Mr Speaker, I do belheve it is better to deal with this in a


democratic debate, for us to reject those of you is absolutely come and


make it go to everyone that they have no place in a modern -, reject


those views absolutely. And so they have no place in a modern society.


With respect to mesotheliom`, I will take a look at that point. H am not


sure he was listening to my statement of the Housing Bill,


because I was announcing thd first of two days of debate for the report


stage and so he will have plenty of time to debate these matters. On the


subject of being late, he w`s talking about being late for work


and pensions matters, I nothced last week that the Leader of the


Opposition was late for the wind-up speeches on the Syria debatd, the


most important debate of thhs session, after the shadow sdcretary


has started his speech, it was five minutes before the Leader of the


Opposition had shuffled in, so he should not talk about being late. If


he wants a prayer against it, he should do it, I do not know when


that has not led to a debatd. On airport, I am sure, when a decision


has been taken which it has not at this moment in time, I will discuss


with my colleagues how we c`n bring the right information to thhs House.


I echo the wishes of the happy couple this weekend. I am proud of


what the government has dond by the rear bill of ocean of offenders


started by the -- the rehabhlitation of offenders. It is the casd today


that if you go to jail for less than 12 months, you received 12 lonths


support after you have left. Under the party opposite, you are released


onto the streets with ?46 in your pocket and left to walk the streets


of nowhere necessary to go, no support or guidance, no nothing I


will take no lessons from hhm about the legacies of the justice system.


I am very proud of mine. Just to remind him, he talks about the


ludicrous criminal Court judge, she voted for it. I am delighted to join


the congratulations to Luke and Gemma, we had to have a wonderful


day at the weekend and a grdat life thereafter. -- we hope they have.


Thank you, Mr Speaker, happx Hannukah. The chairman of the batch


bench committee has been called away on urgent constituency is this, and


he asked me to step in. We `dvertise the normal pre-recess Gemma debate


but by the close of business of -- adjournment debate, but by the close


of business on Monday, only five minutes had requested to spdak, so


on Tuesday, we took the dechsion to alligator debating time to two items


-- allocate debating time to two items that have more than 30 members


wishing to speak. I hope thd members will understand the rationale for


the decision. This week, Harrow Council have announced that they are


going to slash public health funding by 60% over the next three xears.


This very short-sighted dechsion will mean that programmes on smoking


cessation, tackling the big city, diabetes, diabetes, sexuallx


transmitted diseases and other aspects of public house will go


awry. Clearly, there may be other councils deciding to do this. I want


at the time when this money was allocated to councils that this was


a risk if it was not increased and ring fenced. Can we have a debate on


the issues of public house because in the long time, this will take


millions of pounds to address. Can I thank him for explaining thd debate


next Thursday, I know I was disappointed about not having a


standard adjournment debate, we should take the opportunity to send


the message across the Housd, members do need to put in a request


to make sure demand is therd for the debate otherwise we end up with the


kind of debate that he described. He makes a good point about public


house, it is often a full economy to cover eyes on that. He is vdry well


placed to secure such a deb`te on something which is so important As


we have heard, over 400,000 people have now signed that petition to


have Donald Trump and from dntering -- banned from entering the UK.


After his terrible comments. He has been stripped of an honorarx degree


in Aberdeen. I would hope the leader of the House would find somd


leadership and it comes to this giving a strong sense and fdeling


that there is need in the whole of this country, why not bring this


petition to government so that these things can be debated? I thhnk the


public would debate that we do that, Mr Speaker, given same any have


signed this petition. I notd that we have got two days for the Housing


and planning Bill. We could not get two days for the Syria debate that


we got two days for English only business, and I do not how xou can


start to equate and conflatd these things together. Surely we should be


discussing two days on issuds to do with Syria. I am glad he has


announced that there will bd a statement before the House rises


before Christmas. I want to make sure that it is the Prime Mhnister


that will be leading the st`tement because we need to hear frol him


about the efficacy of the United Kingdom action thus far. None of us


-- we have great concerns about what is happening, what about thdse


targets that have been that up by the UK, and I think a lot of us have


got questions. 12 countries are currently bombing Syria. Having


difficulty in identifying t`rgets. But they neglect this big ohl field


in the UK decided to get involved. I know the leader of the hotse like


this anniversary is, some sobriety hasn't mentioned that it has been


ten years as the Prime Minister has led the Conservative Party. What a


legacy so far. It is the sc`ndal of hunger today, armies of people going


hungry in the UK today. Children going for days without a me`l. Isn't


there something wrong, in hhs reign, when we can spend obscene alounts of


money and weapons of mass destruction and we can find money at


the drop of a hat that all conceived military action, but childrdn are


going hungry in every consthtuency in the UK. I am sure the whole house


is interested in how it the government intends to deal with the


House of Lords, isn't it tile that we think at this time of ye`r of the


Peer? What I would gently rdmind him is that Lord Strathclyde sahd he


hoped to complete his work before Christmas. I hope that will continue


to be the case. I will bring a further update to the house. He


talked about the remarks of Donald Trump. I can only reiterate what I


said earlier, that I wholehdartedly disapprove of what he said. I think


it was nonsense and I am aw`re of the petitioners is growing hn size.


But it is not for me how to handle the petition. We have a pethtions


committee, that is right proper I have no doubt he will make his


representations to the membdrs of that committee. I have a slhght


sense he is trying to reopen the debate on Syria. Can I remind him


that the hose debated this for a level hours as part of over 20 hours


of debate and questions over a nine-day period. I think it should


this house at its best. We had some really fantastic, thoughtful, well


articulated speeches, setting out both sides of the argument. We have


had insightful comments frol his benches. We had a magnificent speech


from the Shadow Foreign Secretary, got full speeches from the side of


the house. The house voted `nd decided overwhelmingly to extend the


action from Iraq to Syria. Xou will also recognise the need to tpdate


the hose on two other important areas. The humanitarian work of the


peace process I hope for thdm about a lasting political solution for


Syria and we will keep the house updated on all those matters. We


will have a full update before Christmas. He talks about food


banks. And hunger. I will shmply remind him that under this


government, unemployment has fallen sharply, and I think crucially, the


number of children growing tp in workless households has fallen by


hundreds of thousands, and H think that will make a transformational


difference to many of the most deprived communities in this


country. I simply remind hil that, he said I should draw attention to


the Prime Minister's ten ye`r anniversary as we drop the


Conservative Party. He was here last week, he must remember that I did it


then. Foolish and mean-spirhted decision to end the debate `llowing


15 and 20 members to raise latters of a general nature. Would he


consider setting government time aside for the debate and sed it as a


Christmas present to the hotse? One of the disappointments about the


decision of the back end good midi took is that the house would have


the opportunity to hear his customary, magnificent, inshghtful


and thoughtful speech beford the start of the recess. That is a


tradition I would not wish to lose and I think the house would not wish


to lose. It is very much my hope that the backbench is this committee


will be swamped our requests for the debate to take place and in the next


recess, will be able to go `head with this important tradition in the


future. On the 17th of Tilbtrg, the government held a steel stolach in


Rotherham and the outcome of that day was the government admitted to


having three working groups who would report before Christm`s. We


have one more week to go and I would be delighted to have a commhtment


that they will report back to this house either verbally or in written


form on the outcome of thosd three working groups they pledged to have


her. It is coincidental that the minister concerned is sitting next


to me. She says, we will, and I gave her that assurance. As he knows I


have been campaigning for some while now about a decriminalisation of


prescription errors made by community pharmacies. Beford the


election, we were told the government could be publishhng


legislation by the end of the year. I now understand this is unlikely to


come forward before the sprhng. Could we please have a statdment on


this very frustrating delay? I know how assiduous he has been in


pursuing this matter, as he has been on a number of other import`nt


issues. What I would say to him is aware is moving ahead as rapidly as


possible and it doesn't tend to bring forward changes at an early


date. But the Health Secret`ry will be back in this house on thd date


that we return in January, `nd I advise him to take advantagd of that


opportunity to make sure th`t momentum continues apace. Thank you.


In my constituency, an award-winning company risks losing an orddr to


Russia, worth ?80 million, because it can't get an export licence under


government trade sanctions. About the order, there will be large job


losses, so this week, the company's redundancy consultation grotp


delivered a letter to Downing Street, because that is possibility


the problem could be overcole with government support. Will he please


urge the Prime Minister to give it their serious and urgent attention.


This is an important issue. We all want to make sure we take advantage


of international business opportunities where possibld. Make


sure the Prime Minister is `ware of her concern and the minister


concerned is alongside me. She is very up for having a discussion with


you about this matter. Loneliness remains the biggest killer of


elderly people, and Christm`s is a reminder of that, so can we have a


debate at some point of a strategy to tackle loneliness in olddr


people, and would he also use your opportunity to be tribute to cap


back community Christmas, who are making sure that all the people in


Scunthorpe will not be on the road this Christmas. I think he lakes a


very important point. Community Christmas to a very important job. I


think I'd send a message to everyone in this country, who might have a


neighbour on their own, who might spend part of this Christmas alone.


It's not a big hassle for us to invite them round for a drink over


the Christmas period and hope everyone will think of doing that.


In view of the appalling news today that the NHS has missed varhous


targets, can we have a debate on the government's failure to man`ge the


NHS properly? I would reject what he says. The NHS is doing a very good


job in challenging circumst`nces, facing rising demand, incre`sed


treatment opportunities, and we continue to increase the money


available to the National Hdalth Service to deliver those trdatments


to patients. It is interesthng that while we have made that comlitment,


we have heard no such commitment from the party opposite. In Wales,


where there are in control of the NHS, we seeing things go backwards.


It is about time we had a ddbate on the unsuitability and the arcane


hybrid process in this housd that is currently the subject of HS2. I have


been contacted by many of mx constituents, who are petithoning


against the new proposals ptt forward by the government. Hnstead


of just hearing those petithons 75% of those petitioning on the


Chilterns, have now had that challenged by HS2 and must now


defend their decision to give evidence to the HS2 committde or


lose their right to petition. I think this shows that the process is


complicated, in equitable and frustrating, not only for a


parliament and the members sitting on this committee for 18 months but


for the very people whose lhves are impacted by this absolutely horrible


project. Can we not find a less cruel and more easily understandable


process in 2015? I know she has been an assiduous representative for her


constituency over what I know has been a difficult issue for her and


her constituents locally, and I commend her for the work shd has


done and is doing, but I thhnk she makes an important point of the


complexity of the process. This may be something the procedures


committee or the chair of the Constitution committee might look


at. It's an interesting point about the use of hybrid bills and how they


work and it might be somethhng he would like to talk about. Vdry


useful that when a celebratdd denizen of the houses referred to,


he is just about still imagd chamber.


Many members will have seen a report into day's Garage and about the


exploitative work practices in Sports Direct, which includd being


less than the minimum wage `nd doing body searches. Can we have ` debate


on exploitative work practices and the failure of national minhmum wage


enforcement? Firstly, it is illegal to pay less than minimum wage and


saw that as a matter should be brought to the relevant authorities'


attention. The Secretary of State will be here on Tuesday the


questions and this is something she might like to address with him. I


congratulate the Prime Minister on his visit to Iceland at the end of


October for bringing up the unacceptability of that country


carrying out commercial whaling Can we have consideration of a debate to


put further pressure on those fortunate few countries that still


carry on this outdated and cruel practice? He makes an important


point. Those of us who belidve in conservation deplore whaling when it


takes place. The whales are magnificent creatures, it would be a


tragedy if any of the specids of whale were to become extinct. I


don't support the hunting of whales and I think the Prime Minister was


right in Iceland to raise the issue. What I would say is that thhs area


of conservation, like many others, are matters that should be brought


before this house regularly. I hope he will use a different avenues


available to make sure this and other conservation areas ard


continually on the agenda of this house. You will recall that on the


29th of job, ... Will the government make a statement about what


discussions and statements `re being made on this matter? I will seek to


follow up and get a robber response for him. Last week, there w`s a


debate on changes to the pension age, and the disproportionate effect


on women. It would appear to affect a great many more constituents than


we thought. Given that yestdrday, the former pension earnest said it


was a decision that the govdrnment got wrong and they were not properly


briefed, will you urge the Linister to come to the house and explain the


process is behind it and explain what transition might now bd taken.


This issue has been raised by members before by members on all


sides of the House. I commend him on the spread of his pod cast. He is


clearly having a wide infludnce I will make sure his concerns are


drawn to the Secretary of State These are difficult decisions. At


the life expectancy of this country rises, which is a good thing, it


brings particular pressures on the public purse and challenges that we


and the previous government have had to face but I will make surd his


concerns are drawn to the Sdcretary of State. Can we have short answers


and questions please? Will the leader in sure that it is m`de clear


in the TTIP debate, that it will not hurt public services, and the


government will look for investment in TTIP which insure that the


government will not be sued as a result of policy changes. Hd has put


on record his concerns in this area. He will be welcome to stay for


debate. What I would say to him is he is right, there at being a huge


amount of inappropriate scaremongering about TTIP, ht is


being used as a vehicle by left wing pressure groups to make an


anti-government campaign more widespread. It is about timd these


groups acted more responsibly and stop telling people things that are


not true. My constituents s`w their GP surgery closed on the 17th of


April this year and many now have to take a bus to see a doctor. NHS


England are in the process of arranging for a new surgery to be


developed but the project h`s been beset by delayed and there hs no


clear indication of when it may be delivered. Can we have a debate to


consider what may be done to get my constituents the service thdy


deserve? Certainly, Mr Speaker, particularly in the winter lonths,


no error can afford to do whthout GP services for any length of time --


no area. I suspect his point will be noticed by those in the health


service, as they tend to be when they are raised in this house, but


the Secretary of State will also be here on the first day after


Christmas and I suggest that if things have not moved forward, he


raised that issue them. If there was to be debate on the deeply bigoted


matter, would it be not useful to make these points, one, we have


legislation about registry ,- against racial incitement, which I


hope will remain, and secondly, in most importantly, we have a


effective gun controls which would not do any harm if they existed in


the United States. Mr Speakdr, it is unusual for me to be in complete


agreement with the honourable gentleman but in terms of hhs


remarks, I am with him on that. My only concern is that I do not think


we should give the oxygen of publicity to these remarks, because


it helps rather than hinders him. They are unacceptable, unrelated to


the real world, we have a Mtslim community who deplore what hs


happening internationally, `nd play an important role in our society and


economy and we should value them for what we do. -- what they do.


Christmas is coming and so, apparently, is a statement on


airport expansion in London. Whilst I had the Secretary of Statd for


Transport today saying he h`d not made a decision, Radio 4 was


spreading a wicked rumour that he is about to fudge that decision. Will


the leader of the House ple`se remind the Secretary of State for


Transport before he makes this decision, too much fudge is bad for


you? Mr Speaker, I am sure the Secretary of State has noted the


comments of my honourable friend. I can tell him that the decishon has


not been taken. There is pldnty of speculation in the media about it


but as we stand, no decision has been taken about how to respond to


the report. It would be right and proper that is such a decishon is


taken, there will be a statdment to the House. I had the opporttnity to


meet members of the workforce from Heathrow, yesterday afternoon, when


they told us not just about the benefit it would be for thel but


also to the British economy. I read this running at the Prime Mhnister


is going to announce somewhdre today that there is going to be a


six-month delay. Is he really more concerned at -- is the government


really more concerned about the outcome to the mayoral elections


than the outcome of the dechsion for the British economy? He has to wait,


despite what is being said hn the media, I can say again that no


decision has been taken on how to respond to that report and when it


is, we will respond the House immediately. It is now one xear


since the report from the ntisance calls and texts task force, led by


Which, was issued. Can we h`ve a statement on what progress has been


made in in preventing its recommendations and what more


implementing its relations. I will implementing its relations. I will


make sure that his concerns are parted -- passed onto the rdlevant


authorities. I will update him on what is happening. Last week during


the Syria debate, I asked the Prime Minister and the Foreign Secretary


and important question regarding warning systems and whether RAF


planes flying over Iraq and Syria were equipped with the latest


technology. I got no answer. So can we have a statement or debate on


this very important issue? Our air people deserve the best kit possible


so that they confide our interests. To really # Chris O'Day can serve


our interests. -- so they will serve our interests.


There will be a debate next week where he can raise that isste. A


councillor on Medway Council, who was born in Nigeria, has rated me


the threat Boko Haram poses to people in Nigeria. Can we h`ve an


urgent statement on what thd government and the internathonal


community is doing to address the terrorist threat in Nigeria, and


what we are doing to assist the template 5 million children not in


education access -- who are susceptible to radicalisation? We


have been actively engaged hn discussions with the Nigeri`n


government about how we can help them in the struggle against Boca


her arm. Deeply unpleasant group that has committed some serhous


atrocities. -- Boko Haram. Particularly against the Christian


community in Nigeria. We sh`ll do everything we can to help the


Nigerian government resist what is a very opposite movement. Nursery in


my constituency which been rated outstanding by Ofsted for nhne years


could face closure by Rochd`le council because of massive cuts to


their budget by this Conservative government. Should we not h`ve a


debate on how this government has added 30 impacted on childc`re


provision? -- has added 30 hmpacted? The best councils around thd country


have adapted to a more challenging financial environment well `nd have


continued to support servicds. I cannot comment on Rochdale Council


suffice to say many other councils have done things differentlx without


those cuts. We will have a statement between now and Christmas and he can


raise this book -- concerns there. A spouse as a constituent of line


lives with their child to f`ce very -- in a very badly affected by


terrorism place, she has bedn denied a visitor Visa to visit, can we have


a debate on this issue? I c`nnot comment on individual issues. I am


sure the Home Office will look as carefully as it can applications but


they have to take difficult decisions sometimes, and without


looking at the second sentence, it is difficult to say whether this is


right or. 20 MPs covering shx parties in this house appro`ch to


the Chancellor before the CSR seeking further resources for those


affected by contaminated blood and we have had no response. In a


meeting on the 5th of November, the statement was promised before the


recess about the consultation about for the any resources will be


available. Can we be assured that we will have an oral statement before


next Thursday? It is the intention of government departments who have


made a number of commitment to update the House on a whole variety


of matters before Christmas, I consider you give an assurance that


every government department is working hard to fulfil thosd


commitments. I would like to reiterate the question asked by my


honourable friend for Cardiff Central, sports direct has 450


stores nationwide and should be an exemplar employer. Can we h`ve an


urgent debate on how the closure of HMRC offices will help us in force a


national minimum wage? The changes in the HMRC structure simplx because


more and more of the work they do is done online, we deal with otr tax


affairs electronically, so maintaining a network of 170 offices


does not make sense. We are taking a decision to rationalise into


specialist centres and we bdlieve that will enhance rather th`n


detract from what HMRC does. The decision to remove ?1 billion from


the carbon capture storage opticians is the latest in a number of kicks


in the teeth to the green and low carbon sectors. Can we have a debate


or statement from the secretary of state; tease out why this dhsastrous


decision was made? I know that the honourable gentleman has rahsed this


issue before. I would say that I am not embarrassed by our record on


renewables. In the last quarter in the summer, more than 25% of energy


generation came from renewable energy, that is a step change where


we were previously. The previous government and this governmdnt has


moved to develop renewable dnergy but we do not have unlimited funds


and we have to use them cardfully. We are not moving away from carbon


capture in the long term but the mix on energy generation was thd right


one. She will be back again in the House on the 7th of January and he


will be able to ask again about his issues. Less than 10% of people in


this country any longer makd anything, manufacturing and the


vibrancy and health of manufacturing is crucial to the future of our


country. There is a celebrating of manufacturing tonight, I know we can


speak about this in the TTIP debate, but can we have debate soon about


the borders of manufacture `nd how we support the manufacturing sector?


I agree with the honourable gentleman about the importance of


manufacturing, I wish you wdll for the event this evening. It hs a


matter that can certainly bd brought to the attention of the backbench


business committee, to have a backbench debate on manufacturing. I


would gently remind him, more directed at his front bench than him


himself, there is a popular myth in this country that it is unddr


Conservative have meant in the 980s that manufacturing fell sharply In


the 1980s it barely changed at all as a total of national incole, but


under Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, it almost halved. Last Tuesday, when


the leader of the House announced an urgency Syria debate, he sahd he was


not aware of any reason why the Prime Minister would not be able to


hear on Thursday for a second day of debate, is it standard practice for


him to be kept in the dark `bout his Cabinet colleagues and his


appointments? I do not watch every inch of the Prime Minister's diary.


If the matter is sufficiently important for the Prime Minhster to


be in the House, then he will be in the House. It was a matter of


importance for him to be in the House, he was to lead the ddbate on


Wednesday, we had 11 and a half hours of debate, and I think that


with this house at its best and the right way to do things. My


constituents Mr and Mrs Peacock art register to TPS, but at company


called real-time claims continually caresses -- Hamas is them over the


phone, citing the Data Protdction Act as a means to harass thdm. When


will a statement be made to the south about the report last year


into nuisance calls and texts? This is clearly a matter of concdrn on


both sides today so I would say to my honourable friend that I will


talk to the department and get them a response before the Christmas


recess about what is happenhng on that front. He has raised the matter


today which is important and I would also encourage him to talk to the


data protection regulators `bout an individual business which is


misbehaving. There are mech`nisms to deal with that and they shotld be


used. It is worth reflecting on the comments that were made eye the


previous pension Minister and his remarks yesterday. He said, we made


a bad decision on state pension age rises. I think he is right `nd


hundreds and thousands of potential pensioners in this country `re going


to be discriminated against. Will: urgent debate and will the


government to reflect on thd -- mistakes it has made in pension


provision? Of course, there are plenty of


avenues to call such a debate. We have had to take difficult decisions


about pension age, we have had to take those decisions against the


background of an ever ageing population. The previous government


took similar decisions. It hs a reality that people will retire


later than they have done in the past. We will continue to h`ve


discussions with members about the detail, but we can't escape the


reality we are facing. Pity tell me when the next meeting of thd Welsh


committee? He does talk a lot of nonsense sometimes. As he knows I


have never sought to excludd Welsh MPs from speaking in English


debates. The whole essence of the reform is precisely not to dxclude


Welsh Scottish MPs from spe`king in debates on English matters. The same


doesn't work the other way. The Welsh committee will have a lesser


role in future because we are now in the process of devolving exhsting


powers to Cardiff. I will h`ve a look at what is happening in the


committee and write to him. Mr DJ doing the debate on the economy the


economic secretary that to the Treasury, in response to qudries on


domestic violence refuges, hnformed the house that the figures were from


the online system. But the leader of the house because statement on the


roll out of this new font of all knowledge the government sedms to be


using? I think he has made his point. Can we have a debate about


disclosure and barring servhce checks on how individuals c`n be


better supported for their wait for those checks to be completed? I have


a number of constituents hurt who have lost out in employment because


checks have not been carried out on time. I have had a similar


experience in my own constituency, I have it in situ zoo member who has


had to give the service a good push to get a response for a constituent


who was waiting for a job offer He makes an important point, I'll make


sure that is really to my colleagues. There is no exctse for


leaving people in the posithon where they might lose a job offer because


of this. This week, I received three letters from Downing Street, all


hand. Each letter was telling me that a written question sublitted


was being transferred. By the time I received the letters, I had the


answer from the Foreign Offhce. It is an archaic waste of time. If this


government is serious about cutting the cost of politics, Cammy have a


debate where we discussed the archaic processes of this place It


is hard to criticise both the team at number ten Dennis St and the


Foreign Office for being extremely quick and responding to his


questions. We aim to please. By capping the number of occup`nts that


buy and renting properties rather than buying them, which is happened


in my constituency, the company who are contacted by the Home Office,


avoids planning and licensing requirements relating to HMOs will


stop. This sharp practice rhsks undermining both public confidence


and community relations that none of us want to see. We have comlunities


and local government questions coming up shortly in this house but


what I would say to him is H would never support inappropriate


practices, but it may be thd case that not putting large numbdrs of


asylum seekers in the same place and allowing them to blend into the


community is the right thing to do. This morning at a transport


questions, in response to mx question about airport expansion,


the Secretary of State said, when an announcement is to be made, I will


make it in the house. Howevdr, it has also been reported that there


will be a press conference setting out the government's new position


later this evening. Would it be in order for the Transport Secretary to


commit to making a statement in this house first, or met then proceed to


announce a policy in the prdss when the house is not sitting, and at the


very least, would it not be a great discourtesy to their size to do so?




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