21/04/2016 Business Questions


Live coverage of the announcement of Commons business for the week ahead and questions to leader of the Commons Chris Grayling.

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Order. Business question. Chris Bryant. Will the Leader of the House


give us the forthcoming business, please? Mr Speaker, the business for


next week on Monday the 25th of April, we will have consideration of


Lords amendments to the Immigration Bill, followed by a debate on


education funding in London determined by the Backbench Business


Committee. On Tuesday 26 of April, that'll be the first day of the


remaining stages of the policing and crime Bill. On Wednesday the 27th,


we will consider Lords amendments to the Trade Union Bill. On Thursday


the 28th of April, two further backbench business debates. The


first on the subject of World Autism Awareness Week Than Double. On


Friday The 29th, The House Is Not Sitting. On Monday the 22nd of May,


it is a bank holiday and the House will not be sitting. On Tuesday the


3rd of May, we will consider Lords amendments to the housing and


planning Bill. I remember how is that that Tuesday will be sitting


according to the normal Monday that go. -- timetable.


Today is the birthday of a towering figure in British public life who


has served the country for decades and is a pillar of the Constitution.


So can I wish the chairman of the Backbench Business Committee and


very happy birthday? And can I also pay one tribute to Victoria Wood. I


don't know what your favourite line was, Mr Speaker. Mine was her


definition of middle age. It is when you walk past a Dr Schole shop and


say, those look comfy. I had expected that when the leader


arrived today, he would have had some kind of musical complement.


After all, when he bounced up at the Leaves rally in Stoke on Tuesday,


they pump out the theme tune from a Hollywood Western. I must confess


that I thought it was The Good, The Bad And The Ugly, but it was Ray-ban


Bettison Seven. -- The Magnificent Seven. I can just imagine the two of


them, the only remaining ones alive at the end, sitting on their horses


on the day after the E referendum on to into 4th of June, acting out the


final scene of The Magnificent seven. Chris gets the magnificent


words, we lost, we always lose. I hope that will be the case. Did you


hear the sound of silence that evening, which was a great silence


descending on the Leaves campaign when they asked to describe what


Brexit will look like. The Lord Chancellor seems to think you can


have free trade with the EU without free movement. Let me just point out


that in the 500 years since the former Lord Chancellor Sir Thomas


mirror Moore published utopia, no-one has found it. -- Moore. We


think this is as buzz than the chancellors and last Chancellor on.


I noticed the comments from the Deputy Leader who seemed hesitant


about reform and a leader who seemed more towards reform. Will the leader


guaranteed a house will get a proper chance to debate changes to standing


orders? I don't just mean some insubstantial debate but a proper


debate that can lead to change. The leader announced that we should


consider Lords amendments to the Trade Union Bill and Wednesday. You


will know that the Lords committee on Trade Union Bill tickle funds,


which is a cross-party committee, has made important suggestions. Can


I have the Government to act on these? Otherwise, people may


conclude the Government is engaged in a nasty, partisan attempt to


hobble anyone who disagrees with them. Can the leader clarify the


Government's position on genocide... ? The deliberate massacre of


thousands is barbarity. An honourable member carried the vote


unanimously yesterday with 270 votes but surely the Government should act


upon it. The Government satellites and mysteriously last night and has


a habit of ignoring anonymous motions. -- the Government sat on


its hands mysteriously. Just this once, can the Government take the


House of Lords reform seriously and that? The bizarre Lib Dem hereditary


by-election on Tuesday brought back by Kent Thurso -- Viscount Thurso.


He was a member of the House of Lords, collected in essays, then


thrown out, and will now be an elected hereditary peer for life. We


have had 29 elected period by-elections. My favourite was


Lassad timbre, when the ninth get of Wellington one. There are no four


times as many Dukes in Parliament under Queen Elizabeth II than 450


years ago under Queen Elizabeth the force. Wellington defeated the Earl


of Limerick. Mr Speaker, I am particularly disappointed in the


Leader of the House because the Saturday is the 400th anniversary of


Shakespeare's death. Apart from a production of Richard the second and


members' dining room the other night, this is building knowledge is


it. Or St George's Day. This is profoundly unpatriotic and she


should hang her head in shame. -- he should hang his head. To those


strange bedfellows, Boris and Nigel, on the European Union. This is not a


foregone conclusion and I don't want to let on the trial. If we leave the


EU we will be in a pickle and all your... I say this in sorrow rather


than anger but your pomp and circumstance offers a full's


paradise because that way madness lies. More fool you. No-one wants


the UK to leave the EU more than President Putin of Russia. Brexit


Burr sued by a bear. -- Burr. Can I start on this occasion by expressing


my own wishes. The Prime Minister will be here shortly to speak on


behalf of the Government on this occasion of the Queen's 90th


birthday. But what I would like to see today, as a lot of President of


the Kent is a comedy person who provides although the Privy Council


previously Lord Chancellor, I have had extensive dealings with her mad


is the last few years. She is fantastic and an example to us all.


-- Her Majesty. I am sure I will be joined by the whole house in wishing


her a very happy birthday. And also happy birthday to the chairman of


the Backbench Business Committee. And to everybody this weekend, a


happy St George's Day. And it is appropriate wish to say all the very


best of the Members of the House doing the London Marathon this


weekend. It is a feat of injuries and we should be proud of all of


them on all sides of the House. -- endurance. On the points he raised


specifically on private members bills, as I said earlier, this is a


thoughtful report. It is a welcome report with a lot of food for


thought and we will respond in due course. I want to read it carefully


and site how best to respond. My honourable friend, I have mentioned


I am sympathetic to many things in it. We don't want to raise false


expectations and the public but I will respond in due course. It is


worth reminding people of two things. This is about protecting


workers who find lives disrupted by strikes... It is right and proper


that we should not allow citizens' lives to be disrupted by


inappropriate shrike action. Dissolves about choice and making


contributions to political parties on our side of the House, people who


want to contribute do so willingly. All others in the South would


recognise the offence... Events in northern Iraq have been horrendous.


Scenes of brutality that are inexplicable, indefensible and


should be condemned. I am certain I right or will friend would look


carefully at what was said yes in the end of use of the size. -- this


House. And endangered minorities, the


Liberal Democrats, that I would remind him that is the Labour Party


that brought in elected peers back in the late 1990s when they reformed


House of Lords. They were in Government with a majority of about


250. They are the ones who took the decisions they did about the reforms


that are in place. On the European issue, I will never take seriously


the views of a man who a few years ago was expressing himself with such


dismay about the fact that Britain has not joined the euro. I will


never take his views seriously having listened to what he said


then. Mrs Baker, the shadow leader also gave an interview a few days


ago when he accused me of making the same joke five weeks in a row. I can


only say that when I kept asking why he was on that front bench, I was


not joking. He sits to represent a party that wants nothing to do with


the largest producer of conditions. He and our Paoli wants to support


out group that wants to dismantle our nation's defences led by a man


who believes we haven't had enough immigration into this country


already and despite his own wise words and I pay tribute to him, he


still represented a party that is clearly bundled with anti-Semitism.


The people of the... The people of principle in his party are now


sitting on his backbenchers. The fact that he is to all the front


bench himself speaks volumes. But, Mr Speaker, there is good news for


those people of principle on the Labour backbenchers because you may


not have seen the adverts that appeared yesterday for a position in


the office as his media spokesperson and it said, duration, and I quote,


fixed term contract for the period only that Jeremy Corbyn is the


member leader of the Labour Party or until a date in 2016, whichever is


sooner. Will our right honourable friend find time for a debate on the


status of politicians with coming to this country. I am not referring to


Barrett glamour. The Moldovan High Commissioner told a that members of


the NDP party are visiting this country who are facing high level


criminal proceedings at home and I don't understand what they are doing


here. I will make sure these concerns are drawn to the attention


of the Home Office and Foreign Office. When we admit people to this


country, we must understand the context of their arrival here, who


they are and what doing. Can I also thank the four announcement the


business for next week. I also want to bring up the Queen's Macy's


birthday. There can be nothing more significance than her birthday. I


know it will have an debate following the session but I would


like to recognise her lifetime of duty and service. It's good to see


the Leader of the House back following his jokes with most of a


rash. It was not the two robberies but the two cronies. I'm sure when


the referendum is over it will be good night from him. The debate


about the referendum has been utterly appalling. I think for most


people in Scotland, it seems like two old Tories fighting over a cold.


As we go forward, can we drop project fear, the UK running of the


league campaign and and how we take forward this agenda the future. Can


I also welcome our newest parliamentarian, the noble Lords,


Viscount Thurso who managed to get three votes from the Labour


aristocracy. May I suggest to the Labour Party that they do something


about your Labour appears. The second biggest group down there and


they are Aristocats too. Do not forget about that. The moment you


join asked in trying to address this, that when progress will be


made. Thurso was Bridget out of that place, out of this place but he's


still here as an elected parliamentarian. Is there no way to


get rid of these people? I appeal to the Tories, join us in reading this


place of these are Aristocats, Church of England bishops, donors


and cronies, unless corrected and liberals and let's get rid of that


embarrassing surplus and bring democracy to this country. --


aristocrats. Cat we have a debate about ambition in this protein


country. Two weeks today, the Scottish will go to the polls to


elect a new Scottish parliament and there is a fight to the death going


on amongst the UK parties, not to win, but to see who could become the


best placed loser. Such is their ambition in this election. That is


their acknowledgement of the impressive SNP record who are


battling and doubt about who can be opposition. Can I appeal to the


Blairites and Corbyn nights and the Tories, come to Scotland, add some


fortification to your colleagues and perhaps encourage them to take this


context seriously. Can I start by thanking him for his kind words


about the Queen and I think notwithstanding the fact that we


have different views about the future of the United Kingdom, we


share the view on the importance of Her Majesty over 90 years and all of


us celebrate today's happy occasion. He talked about platforms, me


earlier in the week. I also shared a platform on Monday night in


Stoke-on-Trent with someone who the party opposite would regard as a


dangerous right-wing extremist, the Labour member for Vauxhall, who also


stood alongside me and made an impassioned speech. On the issue of


the election in the House of Lords, I think we have two Liberal Democrat


colleagues there who are sitting in diminished numbers and I think we


should not be unduly unkind about them about the election that has


taken place in the House of Lords. The reality is that the House of


lords overwhelmingly is made up by people who have made a significant


contribution to public life in this country or have developed great


expertise in their fields and I'm afraid I am a defender of the House


of Lords and I think it adds something to our democratic process


even though I know he does not agree and neither does the shadow leader.


On political ambition in Scotland, can I say, yes, we have clear


political ambition is gone. Ruth Davidson would be the best First


Minister in Scotland and what the interesting is to see how if the SNP


are successful in May, how they adapt to having actual pal is that


they have two wheeled and decisions to wield. So far, they have avoided


taking tough decisions in Scotland but have demanded more powers that


they hardly ever use and have tried to convince us that they can rise


above the practicalities of Government were you have to do tough


things. If they are successful in May, we will see whether they are up


to governing and I think we may find them wanting. This week, yon signed


up to work for my constituents campaign to prevent the unfair


dismissal of terminally ill workers. What can we do to make people sign


up to this much-needed work change? This is an important point. She has


reasons issue before. The Secretary of State for business is going to be


in the House in ten days' time. I will vote on to the fact that she


has raised the issue today and she might want to bring it up with him


as it is a matter for his department. Could we have an urgent


debate on the junior doctors' contract. On Monday, two legal cases


against him that he is defending, this would be a time to suspend the


implication of the contract after all, the Secretary of State is not


above the law. Of course, this was a matter that was discussed in this


House on Monday. It was an urgent question but the secretary of the


was here and do take questions and I have no doubt that he will be back


in this House to address this issue in due course. It is my hope that a


resolution can be reached. He and his colleagues in the department


have put in extensive efforts and had 75 meetings with junior doctors'


representatives. None of us want to see a strike that involves emergency


services. I would call upon all doctors not to take industrial


action next week and I hope a resolution can be reached quickly.


Just weeks after the co-chairman of the chair and union club stepped


down after he said both large numbers the students left have some


kind of problem with Jews, I assure you find it incredulous that


students who attended the NUS conference debate is boycotting


Holocaust Memorial Day and then went on to elect a leader who describes


the whole cousin resume as a Zionist outpost. Can we have the Minister


come to the box and address this rise in anti-Semitism that is found


in university campuses? It is unacceptable in our society. The


views expressed yesterday are not acceptable. The shadow leader was


absently right when he talked about anti-Semitism in his own party. It


is something that Alsop sight of Parliament we should start out in


our society. It is unacceptable. With the leader of the housemates


I'm available for a debate in which we can hear the views of those who


have decided to support our nebbish above the EU such as Barack Obama


and those who have decided is a port the view to come out such as


marrying a pan of beef Front National in France. We could secure


the views of the Scottish National party who as far as I can tell want


Scotland to stay in the European Union but not the United Kingdom.


Well, she and I will have the opportunity to debate these matters


in my constituency shortly and I'm glad for his taking part in that


debate. It is a lively debate and the people will bestow decision on


June 23. Local parish councils our invaluable to bringing together


communities and representing communities at that very local


issues. Can I ask the reader if we can have a debate on the rear but


concerning occasions when one person sits on multiple parish councils as


well as district or borough councils, therefore reducing fraud


and effective participation and those local parish councils? Mr


Speaker, this is an important point as ever and I am aware of the


situation in her constituency. I pay tribute to her work in Eastleigh. Of


course, she is right to say that those who enter public life should


take their response abilities seriously and should commit to the


organisation that they are part of. They should be active in the


community according to their part parish for essential local matters


are not the full list of their work. I am very grateful, Mr Speaker and


can I ask thank everyone for birthday wishes. I share a birthday


with Her Majesty every year! I'm afraid to say, I'm getting to a


state of play where the candles are costing more than the cake so we


will be going down that road. Can I point out to the Leader of the House


that on occasions, members from these benches from around the House


as Kim and request him for a debate in Government time and almost always


refers that member to the backbench business committee but some of those


requests come from members who are not backbenchers. That makes life


rather difficult for the backbench business committee to deal with


those requests so can I ask him to bear that in mind for future


business and I think on a personal note, I represent the constituency


of Gateshead and I live in the heart of the community there where there


is a very orthodox and Bernard Jewish community and I'm very proud


to represent that community. -- learn it. -- learned. I would


support what he is just said. The allocation of time, of course the


challenge for the Government is that we have now allocated to the


opposition and to the backbench committee have the time in a


particular week and it is about ensuring that the Government can


also push its business so of course, opposition frontbenchers would


typically have is central block of time each stop the backbench


committee has time each year. So we do at attempt to achieve the right


balance according to the standing orders are agreed by this House.


Could my right honourable friend arrange a statement about the


efficiency and speed with which leases are granted particularly to


business people from African countries? We are trying to expand


business in those areas and often find that they are delayed for weeks


particularly when embassies in their own countries give us visas in an


matter of days. I'm sure at the Home Secretary will of been heard. There


are exciting economic development happening across the common wealth


and it is important is that we are able to maximise those opportunities


to trade, do business, invest. I will make sure she is aware of the


concerns raised. Can we have a debate on the importance of teaching


STEM subjects in schools? At a pro-Israel in my constituency they


have a Formula 1 team. -- at a primary school. These children have


designed a car and won second place in South Wales and are going forward


to a large competition across the UK. Is it is not absolutely creative


work that creates possibilities of us having the scientists at


mathematicians and technicians of the country that this country so


desperately needs? She makes an important point, and


what a great project. Congratulations to the young people


involved, who will no doubt go on to great things and season great


innovations for the future as well as possibly competing in the near


future as well. But the point I would make to her is that they are


absolutely agree on STEM subjects. It is of paramount importance to us.


I am proud of the work this Government has done to increase the


teaching of STEM subjects. It is something we should encourage for


the future on both sides of the House. On Tuesday, I will be


coasting an event with my honourable friend, along with Brian May from


Queen, to promote the Amazing Grace Hedgehog Challenge. This, along with


Mike petition to save the hedgehog, will go a long way to solving the


plight of Mr and Mrs Mizen Tiggywinkle. I would like the


members to join us at ten o'clock on Tuesday. Unfortunate, I will be in


the Cabinet at the time. But all the Best wishes for this event. The work


he has done is tremendous. The petition has passed the 30,000


point. One slight concern - he might just remind Brian May that


occasionally badgers do kill hedgehogs.


The Government has recently opened a consultation which aims to reform


the Civil Service compensation scheme. Proposed changes would see


the average compensation payment drop by over 16,000 and compulsory


redundancy dropped by nearly ?7,000. It will affect every single civil


servant and has yet to be subjected to an impact assessment. Will the


Leader of the House please encourage and stills from both the Treasury


and Cabinet Office to conduct these assessments and allow time for it to


be debated with these very worrying reforms? Mr Speaker, the situation


be inherited in 2010 was civil servants' severance agreement was 1


million miles away from what would be the norm. What we inherited from


the party opposite was enormous payoffs, sometimes people taking


those payoffs and coming back soon afterwards. We have tried to put in


place a system that is realistic for the taxpayer, consistent in the


private sector. I think that is better the country. In view of the


anticipated intervention by the American president into the EU


referendum, could the leader arrange for a statement for our Government


setting it who would be the preferred candidate for the US


presidency and who they would like to win in November? Well, Mr


Speaker, my honourable friend tempts me but it is my view that this


country should and will work with whoever becomes President of the


United States. They are closest allies. Our longest standing allies.


I am absolutely certain that we will work with them regardless of who is


president and they will work with us regardless of whether we are inside


and outside the European Union. The civil servants of the Cabinet Office


do our very -- took a very unusual decision last year and they publicly


published their advice, saying that ministers should not give a grant to


kids company, run by Kamal about -- run by its figurehead. As the money


has been lost presumably irretrievably, shouldn't this matter


be reported to the adviser of ministerial conduct responsible for


dealing with the egregious breaches of ministerial conduct of this kind.


Mr Speaker, this matter is being investigated in detail by the


appropriate select committee. Any member of this House and any member


of the public can lodge any complaint they wish to lodge.


Can we please have a field day's debate on Government time on the


Treasury's analysis of the effect of the UK leaving the European Union?


This will give all members the opportunity to explore the various


forecasts made in this document and the opportunity, for example, to


explore how likely it is that the prediction as to how well the UK


economy will be doing in 15 years' time is likely to be accurate. Well,


Mr Speaker, as you will know, there is a debate in Westminster Hall on


the issue of Government communications around the referendum


on me the ninth. And I am sure that the chairperson of that debate will


be happy to allow my honourable friend to debate those matters as


well. Can we have a statement or the


debate on life changing drugs availability to members of the


public? I have constituents who have great difficulties in getting those


drugs because of lack of funding. Can we have a debate or statement on


that? Through the National as of clinical excellence, we provide


access to new drugs. -- the nationalistic of clinical evidence.


It is right and proper the Health Service considers the merits of new


drugs coming onto the market and forms of you as to whether it can


actually make a difference, which is originators would claim. Thank you,


Mr Speaker. To the question for the honourable member for play fort, the


United States would rightly never cede its sovereignty to a


supranational body, so can we have a debate on the protocol that


international leaders should not involve themselves in commenting on


domestic elections? Your Mac well, Mr Speaker, I respect that whatever


else around its current debate, President Obama will have picked up


the size of this item before your eyes and be always with interest to


see what he says. Before Christmas in the last debate, this House


debated and agreed a nuclear agreement with Iran. One of those


conditions was human rights would be protected and those of religious


persuasion as well. In January 2016, a court in Iran reportedly sentenced


people to 140 years in prison. Another 80 people reported detained


in December 20 15. The Government said that people should enjoy


citizen's rights pursuant to laws that is quite clearly, that is not


the case will stop with the Leader of the House agreed to a statement


or debate on this issue? The engagement we have had with Iran,


the agreement was reached, it was the view of the Government was


better to engage with Iran to address the nuclear issue. But by


engaging with them, we can try and influence them on human rights


issues as well. Of course there are human rights concerns. The Foreign


Secretary would always raise concerns about this with countries


where such concerns existed. But it is better to engage and stand away


from a rant, in a hope we can influence improvement there. --


rather than stand away from Iran. It is ironic that the Holocaust


Educational Trust And Ogle Our Holding An Educational Session In


This Place At The Same Time As... Speakers were applauded for saying


that Holocaust Memorial Day was not inclusive enough. Clearly there is a


great you have work to be done on education to combat the scourge of


anti-says in -- anti-Semitism. Can we have a debate on what action we


will take to route this out once and for almost all political parties and


all sections of society? My friend is absolutely right. We see this


happen time and time again. Statements about the Jewish


population in this country, statements about Israel that is


simply unacceptable in a democratic society. Of course, there are


legitimate debate is to be had about the future of Israel and Palestine


and the peace process, but some of the anti-Semitic views appearing in


our society are simply unacceptable. The party opposite mentions


Islamophobia. I have stood your again and again and condemned


Islamophobia in this country but that is not a reason for not any


attention to the issue of anti-Semitism, which is becoming


more and more of a problem and has to be addressed head-on now by all


those in public life, including the party opposite.


My constituent arrived in the UK 40 years ago -- 48 years ago in 1968 as


an eight-year-old child with his parents and siblings. He has lived


his whole life in the UK, been educated year, has married and has


two grown-up children. When applying for a new job last year, he was


asked to produce a passport, something he had never had before.


And here's been told he is here illegally. I have written to the


Home Secretary about this. I am yet to receive a response. The Home


Office response seems to centre around his parents' marriage


certificate in rural tenure in the late 1950s. -- rural Kenya. All the


siblings have passports. My constituent cannot apply to any


benefits because he's here illegally. I see very generously


that I realise this is it grimly serious, but this is by way of a tip


to her and other members. It is or was a good idea, whatever the matter


at hand, to get in the request for a debate or statement early in one's


enquiry. In any case, I feel modestly optimistic that the


question mark is on its way. Thank you for your tip, Mr Speaker. Will


the Leader of the House agree to a debate on the residential status of


historical immigrants? I clearly can't give details now about the


case concerned. But she would like to write to me with more details


about her constituent, I will make sure that is passed directly to the


Home Secretary. I understand the concern she is raising and I'm sure


this is a matter we would want to resolve quickly. Can I associate


myself with the birthday congratulations to Her Majesty The


Queen, on my behalf and my constituents. I was going to have


fought a debate on manufacturing in this House after silly remarks on


the today programme saying that manufacturing in our country is


finished. But after his unfortunate remarks about the Labour Party being


riddled with that is Senator is, as someone who has fought anti-Semitism


all my life in this country, could we have an early debate on this? It


is so important, on a day when Marie le pen has been invited to come here


speak. I would encourage the Labour Party


to have that debate. The shadow leader is right to have written the


article he did, saying that it is not acceptable. But his words have


to be actioned by the party opposite.


Mr Speaker, one of my constituents would be delighted to become


unemployed from his current job. Your Scotland's Network Manager for


the Trussell Trust and has published the latest figures... Thousands of


people depending on food banks. Twice filling Murrayfield Stadium.


In my constituency, we are seen a 20% increase in the last year alone


where one constituent has just been sanctioned for an appalling three


whole years, depending on ?36 per week. Can we have an urgent debate


in this House to discuss his Dickensian situation, to make food


banks of thing of the past, so that my constituent can move on to new


employment? His constituent can only have been sanctioned for a


periodicity is tongued and reasonable job offers. He has


refused to work. In a society that is compassionate but bullies Google


should get back to work, that is unacceptable. On the subject of food


banks, there are fantastic project around the country in food banks


lend to churches where people are doing really good working committee.


It is worth seeing that the use of food banks in this country is much


lower than other countries like Germany. Of course, I pay tribute to


those who work on behalf of those going through things and allies. It


is like that we have a strong voluntary sector to do that. --


things in their lives. Could we have a debate about the length of time at


the stake in the Department of work and is to determine whether to


include a specific disease... There was a recommendation on the 14th of


May nearly two years ago and the ministering correspondent said a


decision would be forthcoming with an idea. It is now April. Can the


Leader of the House and -- see if he can speed up the decision and give


support to the necessary former miners of my I will happily give a


nudge to the new Secretary of State on that subject. I'm sure that he


will not want to a promise made. An determine the birdies in these


matters. If someone wants to contribute to the next series of


exchanges, who was aboard apparently meant to be serving on an SIs


committee. BSI committee can wait if you want to contribute. There is


huge excitement in your sure that local hero and world champion Lizzie


Armistead is lining up in the women's tour of Yorkshire week on


Saturday. Just as significant, this will be the most lucrative women's


cycling race in the calendar and the whole event will be set televised.


Can we have a debate on how we do more to support the women's sport,


give it the same parity of coverage and financial reward as men sport?


Well, this is an important point. Of course, we would congratulate her on


her extraordinary success in the sport. She has been a pride of our


nation and a pride of Yorkshire and I hope will go on to success in the


Olympics this summer. I think what we have learnt from the last few


years is the extraordinary impact that cycling has had across our


society and I speak as someone who represents the constituency next


door to the cycle course for the Olympics which is now every weekend


full of cyclists going across the same route that the Olympic cyclists


followed. It's a sport that is contribute into fitness to in this


country and bring in money and that we should all be proud of. Something


wrong with them microphone. I could not hear the honourable gentleman as


much as I want to. He was banging on about cycling I just wish I could


have heard it properly! My constituents have to pay over ?13


return fare to Southport when they live just down the road they play


have of that for a superior service. Can we have a debate to how to


create a more fair system of real fears? The Transport Secretary will


be here next week and he is very concerned about real fears and wants


a transparent system. -- rail fares. In January I asked why disability


discrimination had been allowed to take hold in civil service. Recent


analysis has found that in all departments, disabled staff were


less likely to exceed performance ratings than the norm to fit tables


colleagues meaning disabled workers are 74% more likely to be in the


bottom performance management category which puts their jobs at


risk. Can a Leader of the House please now push for a statement to


explain why his Government is content to allow disability


discrimination to continue? Whatever the research may show, I do not


accept that. I have been Secretary of State in one Department and my


experience of the way that we work with people with disabilities and


the role they play in our department is nothing but positive. We have


some find a stable civil servants who are role models to others with


disabilities and to make a real service to this Government of hope


they will continue to do so in the years ahead. We now come to the


motion for an address to Her Majesty on the occasion of her 90th


birthday. To move


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