13/10/2016 Business Questions


Live coverage of the announcement of Commons business for the week ahead and questions to the Leader of the Commons David Lidington.

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smiling. Sir Tim, I'm afraid I may have called you Mr Barrel bx


mistake. Apologies for that. All other meetings now adjourned.


Bombs fell on a funeral cortege Last night, rebels fired at war


ships that are owned by the Americans in the Gulf of Addn. The


situation in Yemen is deterhorating. We had an important debate on Syria,


which was well attended in the House and granted by Hugh, Mr Spe`ker but


we must not allowed Yemen to be a forgotten conflict. When can we have


a full debate on the situathon before it gets even worse? First of


all, I am grateful for his kind words. I think somewhere in my loft,


I have the programme cover that lists him as college secret`ry at


some distant date in the past. He raises a series subject. Yelen is


too often overlooked in our focus on the appalling situation in Syria at


the moment. As he will know, I think by now, he has been successful in


obtaining an adjournment debate on Yemen on the 18th of October, which


will enable him to raise sole of these matters. We have Forehgn and


Commonwealth Office questions on the 18th of October, which will allow


him and other colleagues rahse these matters with the secretary of state


and Foreign Office ministers. I completely share his view that the


needs to continue to do all that it can to help support the UN special


envoy to Yemen and his vali`nt efforts to try to establish a


credible peace process as wdll as to devote a decent slice of our


humanitarian aid budget to help those people who are in desperate


need in that country. The ldader of the house will be bringing to the


house is debate soon on the ball deep cant of Parliament frol the


Palace of Westminster. He knows my views and I am questioning this but


what is important is that wd get a range of options. I wonder hf there


Leader of the House would consider not just having a nuclear option,


where we all leave for six xears, but to have a range of options, one


being that we start work now during the summer break and abolish the


summer sitting, or have the September sitting in Edinburgh or


Belfast or Cardiff, which would be an option. What I'm asking him is


can we please have a full r`nge of options. Sometimes in life, a


Marmite solution, which you either love or hate, is not the best


solution, sometimes a more nuanced solution is better. As recolmended


by the joint committee, there will be a debate and a decision by this


house and the House of Lords separately on the proposals embodied


in the report. I'm giving thought at the moment to the precise wording of


the motion, which will be ptt down. What ever form of words is people by


way of motion, it is subject to your rulings, Mr Speaker, capabld of


amendment and I'm sure membdrs on all sides will want to look at the


motion and see whether they want to change it in anyway. I would just


say this to my honourable friend and colleagues around the I really hope


that honourable members do take the time to actually read the rdport


that the joint committee has put together. It was a cross-party


committee, they spent a lot of time, interrogated and lots of witnesses,


before they came to their recommendations, and I think the


house owes it to those colldagues who served on that committed to look


seriously at the arguments `nd evidence they presented. Thd litre


just put a very complacent gloss on the care quality commission report.


This is our independent health and social care regulator. The report is


devastating, it contains an explicit request for urgent funds now, and


this is unprecedented from the Commission, into social card. This


follows the same called by the person the government appointed to


lead the NHS, Sir Simon Stephens. So when will we get an emergency


statement from the Secretarx of State for Health about what he's


going to do about the collapsing state of our health and sochal care


system? I would take issue with his description of my early response. I


not a movement at the report this morning, I listen to the chhef


executive of the Commission speaking on BBC Radio, and it was he that


said one of the important ldssons here is that best practice needed to


be copied by those authorithes and those NHS areas that were not


delivering the best quality service at the moment. My right honourable


friend the Secretary of State for Health will of course consider very


carefully and urgently the views expressed in the Care Quality


Commission's report today and I m sure he will want to make clear to


the house his view on the recommendations in the relatively


near future. There will be opportunity for health questions to


be put to him. In East Cowes, the homes and


community agency seems to h`ve forgotten they need to provhde


business premises as well as domestic commerce. Would yot


consider a on this issue? -, would you consider scheduling a ddbate on


this issue? I can't guarantde a time, but you have been herd long


enough to know there may be opportunities by way of adjournment


debates are questions to ministers that enable him to speak up on


behalf of his constituents. Figures show one in five of my constituents


in Bristol South are over indebted, which is why I am bringing the Money


Advice Service to the consthtuency to meet with other agencies. Can we


have a debate on debt in thd country to help understand the government


position and the strategy for addressing the serious issud for


working people? I think we `ll have constituents who have benefhted from


debt advice. It's not always something that is best provhded by


an agency that has OHMS stalped all over it, sometimes it's better


provided by a voluntary org`nisation that is to engage with people in a


less rule- boned way, than hs usually the case with government


agencies. I will take back to my honourable friend with Ms


ministerial responsibility, the concerns you have expressed and I


will ask him to write to yot directly. The National Citizens


Service provides incredible opportunities for young people in


Korby. At the very welcome news that David Cameron is going to bd taking


at greater role in their NCS programme, can we have a debate


about the terrific opportunhties it provides for young people across our


country? This is a cause David Cameron championed during hhs time


as Prime Minister, and I'm delighted he's continuing his association with


the cause afterwards. As my honourable friend for all pdople


know, the government introdtced the National Citizenship Servicd bill


this week Apple put the NCS on a statutory basis for the first time.


Yesterday, I attended a govdrnment, and events by the Gun Control


Network. Measures Brought In At The Time Of The Dunblane Tragedx Have


Made An Enormous Difference And Have Undoubtedly Saved Many Lives.


Regrettably, People Are Still Dying From Gun Use And Gun Ownership And


Too Often It's Through Licensed Firearms. I Wonder If We Did Have A


Statement From The Government On The Plans Didn't Continue To Colbat


Crime. . I know that the Hole Office is looking at legislation on gun


dealers at the moment and that may go some way to address his concerns.


I think that it is also right to remind ourselves that policd forces


have a responsibility in making sure that people who hold firearls


licences legitimately both store guns and ammunition is in a secure


and safe fashion, and that they are fit and responsible people to hold


such licences. The government has a policy of


closing old Victorian prisons and replacing them with modern prisons.


Wellingborough prison is a reserved prison. Could we have a statement


next week from the Secretarx of State for Justice on how thd policy


is working out, and in parthcular what is happening to the prhson in


Wellingborough? I am sure that my honourable friend will want to speak


to the prisons minister abott Wellingborough in particular. But I


am sure that the policy is the right one for our right honourabld friend


to be pursuing. More modern prisons are not only more cost-effective


than maintaining prisons on what has become very valuable inner-city real


estate, but they also provide conditions for prisoners th`t are


both more secure and more htmane than the old-fashioned Victorian


prisons that have lasted fotr, in some cases, far too long. Thank you.


I have had many constituents contact me about Visa refusals for close


relatives wanting to visit their family. Many unsuccessful applicants


have visited to the UK prevhously, ensuring full compliance. C`n he


agreed to a debate that can look into a this issue and why wd are


seeing more refusals than in previous years, which are l`rgely


unexplained. I think any of us who deal with a significant amotnt of


immigration casework now th`t it is quite difficult to generalise about


cases where the quality of the evidence can vary a lot frol one to


the next. In my experience, what I advise my constituents as it is


important to have the audit trail of evidence to show there is a previous


pattern of sticking by the terms of these as that have been granted on


past occasions, and also thd best possible documentation to show that


the visitor has a good reason for returning home, family or job


reasons, if allowed to come here as a visitor. The late Eric Forth used


to have a description for e`rly day motions, but there is not stfficient


chastity and language withott offence to repeat it. But


nevertheless, could we have a statement from my right honourable


friend about the wholesale `buse and trivialisation of them, not least


from the Scottish National Party. I do think that early day mothons at


an overrated currency, I was somewhat surprised to see the


reports this morning that honourable members from the Scottish N`tional


Party had been spending so luch time tabling early day motions on


subjects that ranged from Christmas trees to the anniversary of the


first screening of Star Trek, and I think he and his colleagues need to


be careful because a number of us are coming to the conclusion that


they find they have not got enough work to do, and I think thehr


constituents would be somewhat shocked in finding that out. I


welcome the shadow leader and acknowledge her reference to the


peace in Colombia and forthcoming visit of President Santos. Will the


Leader of the House make sure that he and his colleagues valid terms in


which they rule out a second referendum here do not... Whth the


context and challenges of Colombia, a second referendum might wdll be


what they need following thd national dialogue and other


negotiations that are now h`ppening. For a long time and under stccessive


British governments, we havd supported the efforts to brhng about


an end to the appalling conflict in Colombia. We welcome the cotrageous


work that President Santos has done to try to reach that agreemdnt, and


it is certainly the case th`t British ministers are not going to


end anyway seek to tell the president of Columbia how hd should


proceed in setting the final seal on an agreement that we all hope will


endure. Can we have a statelent from the Secretary of State for Justice


on the policy of allowing prisoners out to spend time with their


families at Christmas? In an answer to a parliamentary question, it


seems that 973 prisoners were allowed home to spend time with


their families last Christm`s, including 61 murderers. I would have


hoped it might have gone without saying that the victims of those


murders will never be able to spend Christmas at home with their


families again, and perhaps the government might reflect on what the


families of those victims mtst think Windows murderers are allowdd out to


enjoy a family Christmas at home, when they will never have that


experience again. Perhaps the government might tell prisoners that


if they want to spend time `t home with their families at Christmas,


they should not commit the crimes in the first place that got thdm sent


to prison. I will certainly draw the attention of the Justice Secretary


to the point he has made. Btt I would just add this to him. All but


a very small number of prisoners are going to be released one dax, either


at the end of the sentence on life licence. And I do not think it is


unreasonable in the context of people who are approaching the end


of a sentence to be looking at ways in which to make it possibld for


them to adjust to society ottside prison and to earn a living, take


family responsibility and hopefully pursue a better path at that point,


but he is absolutely right that it is such -- such as bed needs to be


looked at in context of overall sentence planning and should not be


a into which so often the ndcessity for the punitive aspect of ` prison


sentence, which the public rightly expect judges and the prison service


to see enforced. In responsd to the crisis in the steel industrx, the


government produced some better procurement guidelines. It would


appear that they have not ydt reached the Ministry of Defdnce who


are using French steel to btild Trident submarines. Can we have a


statement by the Business Sdcretary of how those procurement guhdelines


are affecting the steel indtstry in a positive way, and how he hs going


to move up the marks from e,mail -- e-to A plus. There was no stpplier


of the steel required for this particular part. Other stagds of


construction will include steel that British suppliers will support, and


they will take the opportunhty to bid for this. As with every


government, we are working hard to make sure that where we can we


source British Steel and we expect that 85% of BAE Systems supply chain


for a venue submarines to bd based in the UK. Could we have a debate in


government time on long-terl funding for health and social care? And the


way in which we raise the ftnding. There was a very interesting read in


The Times yesterday on that subject, with some suggestions, but H think


it is absolutely vital that we take the opportunity now to look at how


things move forward post-2020, given the government's welcome support up


till then. It will be important as we move forward towards 2020, to see


the NHS making best possibld use of the extra ?10 billion that the


government has allocated it, 2 billion more than it requested, but


also for the NHS to deliver on the internal reforms that the Chief


Executive has said that he both intense and needs to carry out. I am


sure that my honourable fridnd will find an opportunity in which to


raise some of these wider qtestions about future funding with hdalth


ministers either that questhons are perhaps the Westminster Hall debate.


-- or perhaps. Can we pleasd have a debate on the political and security


situation in Kashmir? He will be aware there has been a serious


escalation in violence in rdcent weeks. Understandably it is a matter


of great concern, not just to my constituents who have a Kashmiri


heritage, but to those right across the country. My honourable friend


may well have the opportunity to raise this matter directly with the


Foreign Secretary at FCO qudstions next Tuesday. I share his whsh to


see an end to the violence hn Kashmir that has continued for far


too long. That will, in the end depend upon the readiness of the


governments of India and Pakistan to hammer out an agreement of which


they both feel able to live. One congratulations to my honourable


friend, whose talents have `t last been recognised, and it does


guarantee that the exchanges between her and the Leader of the House will


continue to be very welcome -- a oasis of good sense and humour. When


can we debate the Royal Prerogative and the supreme duty of this


Offerton to act in the interest of the nation when the governmdnt


starts to act on its own interests rather than the nation's interest?


-- of the sovereign. Know that there is a certain Brexit crisis `head on


the fact we should judge thd value of the referendum on the basis it


was one e-deceptions, exaggdrations and lies by both parties, and then


we looked to see how he would deal with the situation if a dechsion is


taken that those Royal Prerogative is delegated by the sovereignty are


withdrawn. What would he do to deal with that if this Offerton hs acting


in the service of the nation? - Esau


When I looked at the Hansard report of yesterday's debate, I fotnd the


issues of prerogative powers and the rights of Parliament were bding


heard at considerable length and I'm sure that will be the case `s we


find other opportunities to debate this. Services to my constituents


provided by North East Lincolnshire Council could well suffer in the


near future because the council have been forced to make safe and


maintain a listed building to the tune of ?2 million and rising. The


owner has abrogated their responsibilities. Could the


government find time for a debate to consider whether legislativd changes


are required to avoid this happening again? I cannot offer him a debate


in government time. If you would like to put some of the det`il to me


in a note, I will draw it to the attention of the relevant Mhnister


at the Department of Culturd, Media and Sport, so he can have a


comprehensive response. Tod`y is breast Cancer awareness Day. --


secondary breast cancer awareness. Given that the campaign, secondary,


not second-rate, has found that people facing this disease stays


poor care, lack of informathon and support. Next Tuesday there is a


half-hour adjournment debatd in Westminster Hall on cancer diagnosis


that might provide the opportunity for an intervention, but thd


honourable lady does the Hotse is a service today in reminding ts of the


importance of the issue, and I am sure we would all wish to stpport


the work that the cancer ch`rities are doing to highlight the


importance of secondary bre`st cancer to ensure that challdnge is


not being overlooked. And that we support both the research into


causes and cures, and the work going on to try to support those who have


to live with second breast cancer and their families. With thhs


government's excellent support for keeping fit, active and healthy can


I ask if we can have a debate on the possible closures of sports centres,


such as the one in my consthtuency, a centre providing fantastic


facilities on a cross-border basis that is under the threat of closure


by the local authority. Sorry to learn about what was happenhng in


his constituency. Obviously these decisions are sometimes a m`tter for


the local authorities involved. If you would like to let me have the


details, I will ask the sports minister to the point were smart --


respond to him, but he may be able to secure a reply in this sdssion of


the House. Many of my consthtuents and hundreds and thousands of people


across the country have had their summer ruined again. They c`nnot sit


in their gardens are open whndows, why? Because wagons carrying the


rotting carcasses emitting ` horrendous stench travel up and down


the road past our people's homes. Can we have a debate in govdrnment


time on the need for sealed wagons to control the stench given out by


these rotting corpses of anhmals and other meat products? Or indded


should we be bringing anteaters -- containers of rotting meat here


perhaps it is good enough for this House since it is good enough for my


constituents. I confess this is not a subject with


which I'm familiar. This was likely to involve responsibilities of a of


different departments. My advice to him would be to look for


opportunities to raise this with the relevant nesters or to secure an


adjournment debate to try to take this forward and to get a rdply from


ministers directly to the concerns his constituents are expressing


More than 65,000 people are employed in the British nuclear industry and


I'm delighted that more than a fifth of that workforce are no wolen. Can


we have a debate on the importance of the nuclear sector to our


economy, particularly considering the energy gap and how we c`n


support nuclear through invdstment in skills, infrastructure and the


supply chain, especially given the recent announcement on Hinkley point


C. I welcome her support for the nuclear industry and I shard her


view that nuclear has an important part to play in this countrx, as it


already has in France, as p`rt of an overall energy mix to make sure we


have supplies of fuel but are both clean as possible and are rdliable.


It is also true the nuclear industry provides many opportunities for


highly skilled and relatively well-paid employment, often in parts


of the country where such jobs are very scarce indeed, so whild I can't


promise her an early debate in government time on this, I think she


will find her comments have struck a chord with honourable members on all


sides of the House. On Mond`y, we had a written statement frol the


Minister of defence on protdcting our soldiers overseas from the legal


process and it was highlighted also by the chairman of the defence


committee today, on how we should be looking after our soldiers who are


under that process. In Northern Ireland, where just about to start


the process for some who have been hold back from political re`sons.


Can we make sure, and can wd have a statement from the three ministers


together, defence, Northern Ireland and justice, to make sure otr


service men are treated fairly? Clearly, in all parts of thd lighted


kingdom, decisions about individual prosecutions, individual cotrt cases


are rightly the province of independent prosecuting authorities.


I am an easy about the idea that governments should intervend, either


to try to initiate or to stop a prosecution that has been ddcided


upon independently in that way, but I completely understand the point


that the honourable gentlem`n makes. I think that pretty well evdryone in


the House will acknowledge that bravely over so many years of


service men and women who sdrved in Northern Ireland's, he'll wdar a


line of defence for decent, law-abiding people of all


communities in Northern Ireland against ruthless terrorism, and I


will draw his remarks to thd attention of the ministers he


mentioned. Walter Kershaw from my constituency is the world f`mous


mural artists. His work is exceptionally well received from


Portugal to Pedro, but his work these come back home. Could we have


a debate on what is Arts Cotncil England funding is availabld to


works like this? I can't promise an immediate debate in governmdnt time,


but I think it's quite an ilportant principle, that the Arts Cotncil


administers its budget at arms length from ministers. I don't think


we want to have any suggesthon that political sympathies start to


influence individual grants decisions by Arts Council England or


other arts organisations in the UK. But the honourable gentleman has


demonstrated again today th`t he is a champion of the achievements of


Rochdale in the artistic world as well is in many other areas of life.


To disabled veterans living in Bridgend decided to spend ?0500 of


their own savings to buy lunch for a citizens across the county borough


of Bridgend. They wanted to carry out random acts of kindness to


people, because within their disability, they have found great


help and support from the local community. A local branch of Subway


added 500 meals, so we handdd out 1000 lunches. In a week where we


have discussed Brexit, Aleppo, the fall of the pound, can we h`ve a


government statement on the importance of random acts of


kindness in raising the spirits of us all and making this a grdat


country to live in. Can I wdlcome her comments and can I add ly


unreserved congratulations, support and goodwill to her to constituents.


I think it's the that every single one of us in this house, in our


constituency work, comes across cases like the one she has described


to us this morning, of the lost incredible acts of selflessness and


public spirit by our fellow citizens. And that is something


that, whenever politics is `t risk of making you feel low and


depressed, those sorts of acts of kindness and generosity by ordinary,


decent British citizens, do really warm the heart and make you have


faith in this country. I am sure the house will join with me in wishing


Sheffield's very own Jessic` N as hell all the best on the dax she


announces her retirement and also in congratulating Yorkshire, go to s


very own county, of course, for securing the world Road cycling


Championships in 2019. Can H ask the leader to commit the governlent to


continue to support the county as it works to make the most of this


wonderful opportunity? I am happy to endorse her congratulations to


Yorkshire and I will make stre that the sports Minister is award about


her concerns about funding. I'm sure my honourable friend the want to


have Jews regard to the importance of this event is being a success,


and I think everyone in the House will want to say to Jessica


Ennis-Hill, thank you for all that you have done, for your achhevements


in your chosen sport, but also for the inspiration that you have given


to so many aspiring young athletes, particularly women athletes in


Yorkshire and far beyond in the UK. Hummus and taramasalata are big


business in Gwent. But the cost of their imported ingredients `s


increased as the pound has dropped. Can we have a debate on Brexit and


its impact on family food bhlls because it looks like breakfast and


now lunches getting an expensive, as our currency weakens. We do seem to


be moving from toast Bridges through to Peter bread and dips --


pitta bread and dips. Yes, hmports become more expensive, but dxports


become cheaper. It happens the other way round and companies of `ll types


learn to plan and adjust for those currency risks. Currencies go up and


down, they fluctuate in thehr value, so I think, if the companies in his


constituency are producing good high quality products in an


efficient way, they should still be able to look forward to a stccessful


future. Over the last key ydars the rise in cancer has been alarming.


Insert your lifestyle and environment. From a pollution to


pesticides and diet. Can I `sk, can we have a debate on the risd of


cancer for children? I think nobody here would dissent from his view


that any rising incidence of childhood cancer should be deployed


and we should be active in seeking ways to prevent the occurrence of


cancer, to ensure it is early detection and effective tre`tment. I


hope he will have the opportunity at Health Questions in the futtre or at


an adjournment debate to highlight this in the future. Present`tion of


Bill, Amber Road. We now cole to the first of two debates under


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