17/05/2017 European Parliament

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Live coverage of the European Parliament plenary session in Strasbourg, with a debate on preparations for the G7 summit.

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... Give into any way in what the Americans are asking. We cannot slow


down. Investors are watching what will this be? This also said the


agenda for the jete 20 later in the year, what the G7 is going to say


we'll make sure that Paris is implemented is agreed or it will


give wind in the cells of conservative countries like Saudi


Arabia and Russia. So the conclusion or the question is very simple and I


would like to have an answer, if we cannot get the conclusions with the


US, will we push for a G6 statement on climate? TRANSLATION: In Sicily,


which is my region, youth unemployment is around 60%,


infrastructure is ridiculous, the railways 100 years old and bridges


which have fallen down, fisheries in the region have been systematically


pillaged by multinationals. In this kind of place, they have created in


Tower Minar, a golden cage costing 40 million euros of public money. --


they have created in Taormina. It is making people unhappy, naturally.


You are sweeping all the dust under the carpet. Stopping, among other


things, any refugees from landing. Probably these gentlemen will simply


do more harm to the planet, to create another landing strip,


another runway among other things. These people ought to be going to


Palermo or Catania or something else, using local transport. Dear


colleagues, let me say that I support and appreciate the subjects


on the agenda of the G7 meeting, as they were presented by council and


committee. I guess these are well chosen topics which are reflecting


concerns of citizens and challenges ahead but the most important subject


is actually in the title of the G7, the issue of trust, the issue of


future benefits and cooperation among the leading economic countries


of the world and also about leading democracies. I hope that partly the


new competition of G7 leaders will make a clear statement on this


direction and will also commit themselves personally to go forward


in the root of sincere cooperation and respect for the most important


values. I guess that our countries in the EU should play the leading


role because these are the values that we are presenting and we should


convince the others. Thank you very much.


TRANSLATION: The G7 is meeting in Italy and I'm very proud my country


is the host for this event. In an unstable country with a lot of


tension and other interesting signs, however, the proposal of China, for


instance, for a new silk route which could create new international


cooperation apart from trade. Leaders know they only represent a


part of the political and economic authority of the planet because the


G20 is now the most representative body but the specific responsibility


of the G7 and EU is to represent the most developed democracies so we


must be aware of the fact that the leadership which is no longer taken


for granted based on just mere numbers, must be based on the


strength of our values on multilateralism, an openness, on the


respect for international law, so actions or any attacks are simply


not acceptable in the international community. But there are rules, as


many colleagues have said. We want to have transparent fiscal policy.


redistribution of social justice and redistribution of social justice and


the EU emerges here, in the absence of commitment on the part of large


countries and major powers, Europe must fill the gap. TRANSLATION: Mr


what my friend said, I think climate what my friend said, I think climate


change is going to be a hugely important issue here at the G7


summit. Especially the role of the larger than life character of


President Donald Trump. The Paris agreement is a global agreement and


if the United States were to pull out of it, it would undermine it


completely. This is a man, Donald Trump, who claimed climate change


was created by the Chinese to attack unit -- to attack US man attaching


competitiveness and claimed global warming is an expensive clothes and


claimed wind farms are bad for people's health. I think as a


businessman, he is a person who is subject to change. I think the G7 is


a great opportunity to convince him that what he has said in the past is


not actually true and in the interests of American citizens and


world citizens, we will need to adopt the climate change agreement


from Paris and implement it and the US as to do so above all else.


TRANSLATION: Thank you very much, Madam President. The G7 summit this


year has doing courage governments to adopt policies aimed at


fulfilling the legitimate expectations of citizens. -- has


doing courage governments. In terms of economic and social matters and


also security. There are many urgent problems that needs to be dealt


with, for example, the recent use of chemical weapons in Syria, the


violation of Ukraine's territorial integrity, North Korea, global


security, the fight against Daesh and violent extremism. Efforts have


to be coordinated to promote a world order based on rules. We have


defined violent terrorism in an insecure world.


TRANSLATION: Thank you, president. The title of this summit already


tells us what the main topic to be addressed is, that Theresa May,


Donald Tusk, Emmanuel Macron, will be meeting for the first time. It is


an opportunity for our leaders, Jean-Claude Juncker and Donald Tusk,


to say something about our economic policy and our values and the


protection of human rights and all the points which have been


mentioned, protection of migratory flows, trade, the institutions and


the actual implementation of the Paris agreement, foreign policy,


Libya, Syria, Ukraine. These are all subjects which will be dealt with at


this summit. We hope that there will be tangible results and proposals


communicated to the citizens. Thank you, Madam President, Vice


President. Yesterday, we debated how the EU can successfully harness


globalisation. The coming G7 summit will be a prime opportunity to put


words into practice, to show European leadership and stand firm


on our values and principles, assisting on a rule-based


international order remains one of the key priorities for us. Indeed,


the very reason why this is a G7 and not the G8 summit is that one key


nation continues to disregard international rules and agreements.


With the central theme of the G7 summit being how to rebuild trust, I


believe that the EU should use the G7 summit to recommit to the biggest


economies and the plan to achieving the sustainable develop that goals,


all of them comprehensively, rebuilding trust requires visible


action from the EU on the problems facing member states and the people


of Europe. Thank you so much. TRANSLATION: One request, to catch


the eye, you have one minute. TRANSLATION: Thank you Madam


President, Vice President. Unlike the colleague who does not think the


EU should have a place that the G7, I think it should. I think the


European Union should be in the G7. The European Union is not a country


but it does represent shared values. We have debated globalisation at


great length. We need to find our place in relation to the other


powers in the world. As for Russian participation, what are we going to


do about our relationship with Russia, with China, the US? There


are EU sanctions on Russia. There are so many things. It is not just


about security. There are also economic issues. I think it is very


welcome to see the EU at the G7 but I think we need to know what was


discussed and what the outcome of the summit is. I wish you every


success. TRANSLATION: Thank you, that wraps up the catching the eye


and now the floor again for the council. Thank you, Madam chair.


Honourable members, ladies and gentlemen, thank you for your


comments, all of which were noted by the presidency of the Council, of


course, as you know, the presidency does not participate or attend the


G7 but the European Union is represented by the commission. Of


course, as I said earlier, these are challenging times on several fronts.


Most of your comments confirm this, that we are living through


challenging times, especially on account of still high political


uncertainty. I therefore look forward to a strong message of


confidence and reassurance by G7 leaders as well as to their


guidance. We need to preserve the spirit of cooperation in the G7 and


also continue to provide multilateral answers to the


challenges we face. This also means maintaining and building on the


achievements of the past and not giving into protectionism and


isolation. Finally, I believe that it is true cooperation and working


together that we can aspire to tackle the issues that are of


concern for our citizens and our respective countries. Thank you very


much. TRANSLATION: Thank you very much and on behalf of the European


Commission, the commissioner. You may need to speak quite largely


because people are coming into the room. Thank you very much for your


comments and remarks. Most of them were very supportive to our agenda.


The next G7 meeting, what it should be, first and foremost, it should be


about revitalising multilateralism. We have not lost it completely yet


but we have seen some tendencies, especially, or at least in rhetoric,


moving away from multilateralism. It is very dangerous direction. That is


why our agenda is so strongly linked to strengthening multilateralism.


Many members mention that the implementation of Searby 21 should


be one of the priorities and this is already the agreement and we agree


and now it is a matter of implementation. One could not


imagine a bigger global challenge than climate change which is why we


need the recommitment from the leaders to implement it. Finally,


there is a whole range of issues like the fight against terrorism,


tax evasion, which must be addressed in global forums. I do hope that our


leaders will send a strong message in favour of rules -based trade


because it is the way to govern globalisation, it is the way to


harness and shape globalisation. Without rules -based trade, we


cannot include important values like environmental values or social


values to the trade. It is the way we can enhance economic growth in a


sustainable manner and make sure that our economic growth is


translated into job creation. Thank you very much. APPLAUSE


TRANSLATION: Green that concludes the debate and the setting is now


adjourned for a few moments. -- that concludes the debate. Then we will


receive Mr Gutierrez.