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Tony Iommi - Rock musician

After 43 years, Tony Iommi is the one original member of Black Sabbath. Despite missing finger tips, a rock and roll lifestyle and now cancer, what keeps him playing?

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put out the burning forests. For all. -- time for HARDtalk. The crew


are of metal, the king of the heavy riff. His band is topping the chart


again. Although looks at his bed and her all the behaviour of Ozzy


Osbourne, the guitarist, Tony Iommi has led to the full and now cancer.


Still recording and touring, what keeps in mind? - are what keeps him


Tony Iommi, will come to heart talk. How does it feel to be back on top


after all these years? Fantastic. I mean, to have a number one all over


the world - what can you say? It is just brilliant. You even managed to


knock Rod Stewart OP the top! Mark are mack. Much you think burning


home influenced what became black Sabbath -- Birmingham. A lot. This


is the background of an hour music. The industrial side of it. Being


brought up around going and not particularly very nice. We wanted


to get out but you were trapped, really. Is it was the way to be


able to get out. It eventually did get you out but for some time you


were there, practising, and learning to trade. We often think


the 60s was the swinging time, a and? I do not think so. Knights. We


touring. touring. All the power house -- for


our house stop. Was it a reaction to all that he's an up stop? Yes.


It was talking about the nice things and we came out talking


about the things that really are happening in the world - divorce -


the other side of life. Not a particularly cheap or perspective


or message to put out. It refects how you felt about?


I think so. The based on was responsible for most of lyrics. --


the bass player. I did the music side. I get blamed for that. Even


so, you were part of the bike, the scary music thing. Ozzy Osbourne


said you came up writing scary music because he grew up from it -


across the road from a cinema which showed horror films. It was that


feeling of being frightened. Are That


that in mus?I ? that in museat. A liked to have that same feeling


from the music. In in the didn't happen at all. Told me about the


accident? The acts and happen before Black Sabbath. -- the


accident. I had just been offered this job to go to Germany. You were


way out there. Absolutely. I really liked playing with them. My mother


of... Are at work and a work in a factory doing welding. Somebody


used to cut the metal and stone the down to me and I would world. One


day, these pose and didn't come so that we on the machine and I had


never worked on the machine ever. The thing came down on my hand and


as I pulled back, it took the edge of my finger off. What happened


before that, I'm sorry, I went home for lunch and are said to my mother,


I'm not going back in to work today. I am going to stop. She said, you


go back in and make sure you finish up your day and that is what


happened. She must have felt quite at about that. She probably did.


But it is strange how things happen like that stop it is weird. It i it


had not gone, my stock would change - it may create a start of play.


Explain that. It was almost serendipity. It was. It made me


invent a way of playing because I had to make these caps for my


fingers. I went to the hospital and they said, you might as well keeper,


basically. That would not except that. But all it must be a way. The


manager of the foam who own work for, brought me a break cut round


and he said, can I play it. I said I was not in just that. It did not


feel up run. Which has listen to it. I said, that was great stop and he


said, this guy plays with two fingers. And it inspired me to do


what. I made some tips myself. washing up ?I ? washing up n?


And noted it down, got a hot soldering iron and made a hole in


it until it in my finger. I just sat there for ever running down to


make the shape of a finger. Then had to to find something that would


end. At the end of the day a come up with that much so that would


grip the string and a good that. Very primitive, Robinson Crusoe


thing - but it worked. If you listen to what some of your fellow


musicians and said, the king of the heavy riff, without him, it would


not exist. It ended in to hit the metal. We knew topped the poll,


they praised the highly its dinky white he played. -- the way you


play. Let's eat some of your plane. What make that kind of playing


special and the stink it? -- distinctive?I ? distinctive... I


used to be able to play proper court in a conventional way but I


had to come up with a different way altogether because I could not play


the same way. I had to work on how to press on the strings because


they could not feel anything apart from the pain. You could not feel


how much you have been in the strings. Even today?It is still no


sign. I still use chips that are made for me now. You can afford it?


I still have to put Labour on. I have an old jacket from the 60s. --


an end there. I use that. They last about three weeks. Not everyone is


impressed by heavy metal music. For all its pervasiveness, it really


inspired a lot of music, the bulk of the music, he says, macho, speed


demon solace, and drums - it is a bit unimaginative. What can I say


to that? What you say to that?I do not know. I do not know how to


answer that. I do not cast ourselves as he be metal. A lot of


Power. You try to create some kind of vibe. It was not just the music.


It was a distinctive side. That is what unknowns people about the


music. They fill in I think it exploits their emotions. It tries


to build atmosphere and it is actually a bit, in that sense, a


bit unhealthy. I do not think it is. We have at a lot of... It depends


what bands you are on about... What we do, we have at a lot of letters


over the years, from people who said, and got the music. You have


helped me tremendously through these hard times because they went


through the songs, the lyrics, the field, and it has genuinely helped


people. And yet, you perform in a way that plays up the satanic image.


You're not a coulters? Not at all. We dabbled in it in the early days


because we were young and you're inquisitive. As far as any kind...


Win over sacrificed any body of the age or anything like that. -- we


never sacrificed. When we did the first album, the record company did


the cover and that is what done it. The inside of the cover was an


upside down Cross. So that started everybody OP. You're wearing the


Cross today the right way up. Is it disingenuous - was it a cheap


thrill or the audience was my we believe in what we didn't play.


Everything we played we have to feel it and believe it. The


audience - we have been here for 45 years. You answer that. What about


the diminish it was Mark that, again, was just something I like.


And never even knew about it to be on us when it first did it. I did


not understand or back. We were 19 the use. Would you explain for


people-watching. What was behind that. Black Sabbath was the sop but


-- the first on that had that. Apparently they are the notes you


never use. But I never knew that. To me it was creating music and


that's all I do, I create music. I do not tried to create anything to


upset anybody, destroy people. It has helped more people. We are not


satanist, certainly not. For some quite... You talk about a nurse who


killed herself and paradise was playing beside her. That is right.


We never knew what the reason was. There is always going to be


something they will find. Does it bother you? You hate for anybody to


have killed themselves. There is not saying it was ours. It is


saying that at paradigm on the turntable. Ozzy Osbourne was


talking about a guy that killed all those women, he had the lyrics


written on the wall. Ditch you thank you had gone too far? No, the


lyrics are about what was going on in the world. You have to talk to


the geezer. He would write about what he had seen and what we felt


we were going through, people we were bumping into, the type of


people. You say the lyrics you wrote but you were part of that,


part of building the environment, their image, the sound which was so


important - that creates some responsibility, does it not?


you're looking into it that deep, yes, we look at it as music. The


lyrics written because geyser or was said to me, he has to write


powerful lyrics to go with the powerful music. It was your fault,


You could have Rolls-Royces, Lamborghini is, quite a lifestyle.


You look back on that lifestyle with a tete with affection? I can't


change it but there are things, certain things, you could have done


differently. What things?A lot of the staff. Give me some examples.


The drugs side. If I'd known that, I would have not done that to that


extent. Ozzy Osbourne described cocaine as a cancer to the band.


was, absolutely. How much long-term damage did it do? As far as the


band is concerned, I think it did a lot of damage. Initially we thought


it was great and helping us be creative. At the end of the day,


when it came to the point where we had to replace ourselves, we were


in a bad way. He was certainly in a bad way. We had to fire him, which


was awful. Did you do that face to face? Actually, the drum up told


him. We were going to it all tell him to go there but Bill step in


and told us - -- told him without us. It was a terrible thing. He got


to the stage where he was not into it any more and he was doing too


much of everything, we all doing this stuff. He was worse than us, a


few stages ahead. What were you doing? Cocaine, way ludes, all of


the stuff around at that time. Not acid or anything like that. Indeed


some things starting off as a practical joke that you look back


upon now th?I ? upon now th practical joke. Spraying one of


York band members gold which may have killed him? Another one got


third-degree burns on his legs after setting fire to his legs.


Beale was the drummer, he was the one we picked on and he liked it,


to be honest. If he did not play out that day, he would ask why we


did not pick on him that day. was different to the kind of


practical jokes that you would have done in the school yard back in


Birmingham when you were kids. This different scale. It got really


silly. When we sprayed him caught, we were laughing at the time but we


did not realise how silly that was. A gifted the drugs make you lose


respect? Probably, yes. I think it does in the end. You do get taken


over by them. It depends upon what you do. Does it make you want to


sort of reach out to some of the younger musicians now and say to


them, if you knew what I knew, you would not be touching this stuff.


It's like what my parents would have said to me. You have to


experience certain things sometimes. However much I said not to do these


things, don't do this or that, are they going to do it? I don't know.


You think you were setting a bad example to the fans and the people


buying your music? They still bought the music and half the time


you were composing while of your face. I don't think it was a bad


example. It was a personal thing brass. We did not share it or give


people things. We did it for Russ, experimentation. Trying stuff. We


once we hit America, I never did anything until America. Then it


went berserk. You spoke about firing Ozzy Osbourne which you did


at the end of the 70s. He has obviously come back to the band


after a long period away. At one point you were having a legal


dispute over the ownership of the name Black Sabbath. He said as a


kid he was a real pain at school. I get the impression it's been quite


a complicated relationship? school, the school we went towards


a tough school. Ozzy Osbourne was younger than me. That was always


the case when I first went to the school we were picked on by the


older kids, that's just the way it was. So you pick on him?We did not


pick on him, he was a pain and a nuisance. He is funny now when we


look at it. But at that time he was. You would probably give him a clip


around the ear. But years later, that and nor in quality deduce some


favours when you had a little pain that you were not thinking about


doing anything about? I'm talking about the diagnosis. Yes, yes, that


knocked me for 61 were found out I had cancer. Ozzy Osbourne made you


get it checked out? We were working at his house in Birmingham. We were


riding the album. I was getting some preening in my groin. He said


to me, you don't look well. I did not feel well and I told him what


was happening. He told me to go and get checked out and organised a


doctor. I told him I would sort it out. I did. I saw a doctor in her


Los Angeles. They wanted to cut something off to see what it was.


There may told you? Back in England, they told me. I went to the


hospital to have a prostate problem. I had an operation. While they were


Cutting they took out a lump and they told me that it was not


Prostate cancer but they found lymphoma in that lump. I was very


disappointed. I said, oh no. What is lymphoma? I kind of new. When


you before you'd lost one of Ozzy Osbourne replacements. He had


stomach cancer. Did you think you would get the same thing? Yes, I


did, absolutely. Ronni was complaining about his stomach. I


told him to see the doctor. He said yeah, yeah, I will after the tour.


Of course it was too late for him. After the tour, it had spread.


think the cancer had an effect to the band, playing a part in this?


think it brought us closer together than we ever have been. It kind of


suddenly reality about what may happen. Everybody called together


'The true father of metal'; 'the king of the heavy riff' - these are just some of the accolades lauded on Tony Iommi and his band, Black Sabbath, topping the charts again after 43 years.

Black Sabbath are better known for the antics of on/off lead singer Ozzy Osbourne than the skills of its guitarist. But Iommi is the one original member of the band to have stayed the course. This despite missing finger tips that can make playing painful, a rock and roll lifestyle lived to the full, and now cancer. Still recording and touring around his treatment, what keeps him playing?