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expected to be on the 23 rd February. Over now live to the House


of Commons. THE SPEAKER: Order. Order Mr


Nicholas Brown. Mr Speaker, I beg to move that you


do issue your warrant to the clerk of the Crown to make out a new writ


for the electing of a member to serve in this present Parliament for


the county constituency of Copeland in the room of jameson Ronald Reid,


who since his election for the said county constituency has been


appointed to the office of steward and bailiff of Her Majesty's manner


of north stead in the county of York.


THE SPEAKER: The question is that I do issue my warrant to the clerk of


the Crown to make out a new writ for the electing of a member to serve in


the present Parliament for the county constituency of Copeland in


the room of Jameson Ronald Reid who since his election for the said


county constituency has been appointed to the office of steward


and bailiff of Her Majesty's manner of north stead in the county of


York. As many of that opinion say aye. To the contrary no. The ayes


have it. Order. Order. I beg to move that Mr Speaker do issue his warrant


to the clerk of the Crown to make out a new writ for the electing a


member to serve in this present Parliament for the borough


constituency of Stoke-on-Trent central in the room of Mr Trace


Troon Julian William hunt who since his election for the said borough


constituency has been appointed to the office of steward and bailiff of


her Her Majesty's three Chiltern hundreds of Stoke, desborough and


Burnham in the county of Buckingham. THE SPEAKER: The question is I do


issue my warrant to the clerk of the Crown to make out a new writ for the


electing a member to serve in the current parlt for Stoke-on-Trent


central in the room of trace tram Julian William Hunt, who since the


election for said borough constituency has been appointed to


the office of steward and bailiff of her Her Majesty's county of


Buckingham. As many are of that opinion say aye. To the contrary no.


The ayes have it. Order. LAUGHTER


THE SPEAKER: Order. Questions to the Secretary of State for the home


department. Number one, Mr Speaker. Mr Speaker, with permission I will


take this question with numbers ten and 11 together. Immigration remains


a reserved matter. We will consider the needs of the UK as a whole,


applying different immigration rules to different parts of the UK would


complicate the immigration system, harming its integrity and cause


difficulties for employers who need the flexibility to deploy their


staff over the UK. Mr Speaker that is a very disappointing response


infused with both arrogance and complacency. There are large


countries such as Canada and Australia which have regional


variations in their immigration and visa policies to take account of


diverse and complicated economic circumstances. Is it not foolhardy


for this Government to rule out the prospect of doing that in the


regions and nations of the United Kingdom? I'm sure the honourable


gentleman shares my view that any changes to any policy should be


informed by the facts and by assessments, which is why we


consulted the migration advisory council to look at regional issues.


They were unequivocal in their conclusions. I urge the honourable


gentleman to take a look at that report. Doesn't the Secretary of


State understand that Scotland needs more immigrants, so given that, why


doesn't she give us the power to choose our own targets for our own


needs, for our own countries? The honourable gentleman must share my


view, surely, that Scotland has a sufficient powers, has its own


powers to do many things it could do, perhaps to improve its education


system, perhaps to improve its health system, but immigrants will


come to a place where they see an improving education and improving


Health Service. Perhaps the SNP should spend more time applying


itself to those issues rather than constitutional ones. We were told


during the referendum campaign that Scotland should have control over


immigration. Now we've already been told that leavinglet EU is meant to


be clear in what it means. Why is it she can keep commitments that will


cost us jobs but not one that might create some jobs? I'm afraid I don't


share the honourable gentleman's views about the outcome of the


referendum. The fact is we have an immigration policy that works for


the whole of the United Kingdom and that's the one we will continue to


support. I repeat my comments to him as I said to his colleague, I would


urge the SNP to apply themselves to making Scotland an attractive place


for immigrants to go to. Does my right honourable friend agree while


it's right we seek to take account of labour market kerbs and


demographic -- concerns and demographic differences, any


immigration policies for Scotland or Wales would risk creating softer


alternative entry points for the rest of the UK. Of course my right


honourable friend puts it so well. Any immigration policy will take


into account needs driven by industry, driven by our skills. It


won't be regionally based. The fact is people like to be able to move


around. It is right they should be able to do so.


During the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow in 2014, steps were taken at


the border there to ensure that Commonwealth citizens visiting the


UK could easily transit our borders. Would the secretary look at that to


all borders in the UK. I share my honourable friend's view about how


important the Commonwealth is to the UK. I will certainly take under


consideration his suggestion. Can I urge the Home Secretary to make sure


there is consistency of border security and immigration policies


across the United Kingdom, can she tell the House what conversations


have been had with EuroStar and border force to put an end to the


Lille loophole? We cannot have a situation where profits are put


before protection. I thank my honourable friend for raising that


issue. It is a very serious matter. We are taking forward immediately


actions this week tone sure that it doesn't happen and we'll be having


conversations with both to ensure certainty going forward.


Can I remind the Home Secretary that it is the right honourable member


for Surrey Heath who said during the EU referendum campaign that


migration should be devolved to Scotland. A starting point might be


to allow EU nationals residing in Scotland to stay. Last week, the


committee for exiting the European Union heard evidence from witnessing


representing both EU nationals living in the UK and witnesses


representing British citizens living elsewhere in the European Union.


Every single one of them said that it's their desire for the British


Government to make a unilateral declaration of continued rights of


EU citizens in the UK. Will she now persuade the Prime Minister to do


that? Well, I would like to remind the right honourable lady that


nothing has changed. We are still in the European Union. Those citizens


still have the same rights. In terms of their ongoing rights, the Prime


Minister was very clear last week when she made her speech. She said


it was going to be an early priority to give them the security they seek.


I would just urge all colleagues here to reassure their constituents


that is our intention. We need to make sure it's reciprocal for UK


citizens as well. ( Across Scotland in common with other parts of the UK


there are applications to remain. Like a Spanish constituent who is


dismayed at having been rejected because they can't prove either five


years continuous service with the same employer or having paid in for


private health insurance. Can the Home Secretary readvise the the


rigid erequirements who penalise EU nationals like her who have been


home makers or students on short-term contracts or


self-employed and end this bureaucratic nightmare. There is no


penalising of people like the lady who the honourable lady was


referring to. We continue to value the important contribution that EU


nationals make to this country. I would repeat and I would urge the


honourable lady to follow the advice that I previously set out which is


to reassure constituents like the one she referred to that in fact we


are doing our best to ensure that their future will be secure and the


Prime Minister says it will be an early priority to do so. Question


number two, Mr Speaker. Thank you, Mr Speaker. With permission I will


answer questions two and five on the order paper together. The Government


remains committed to reforming the current police funding arrangements


to ensure fairer, more up to date and transparent formula. We are


currently undertaking a period of detailed engage the with the


policing sector and indeed rerabbit experts including academics. Any new


formula will be subject to public consultation.


I thank the minister for that response much the current formula


for allocating funding to police forces uses data which is 14 years


old. Does the minister agree it's time to update this formula My


honourable friend makes a very good point, which I know he's lobbied on


behalf of his authority for and have spoken to the PCC for Essex as well.


It is true it is out of date. That's why it was in the manifesto to


deliver a fairer funding review. Derbyshire Police force is also


disadvantaged by the current formula. When can they expect the


fair level of funding they deserve? I would say to my honourable friend,


obviously, Derbyshire will get an increase in funding this year. I


appreciate having spoke ton himself and colleagues who have spoken to on


behalf of Derbyshire there is a feeling that the formula at the


moment is not fairly weighted to a number of areas across the country,


that's why it's important to go through this. I'm not going to give


a time scale. We want to go through this in a methodical way. I'm


confident we will get to the right position to have a clear and fair


and transparent formula in good time. (


Would the Minister accept the current proposed settlement is below


the level of inflation and, therefore, the cost is going to fall


on local taxpayers, so in my area, is 3.8% rise will happen? Is that


not just a transfer from central government to local government? I


would say that the government has put in a flat cash funding


protection for police funding over this spending review. That is a good


thing to do, but it is also a result of the fact we inherited a terrible


economic legacy from the previous Labour government who spent money


the country did not have and we have two nature of this country lives


within its means. That is an appropriate and sensible thing to


do. Members of the party opposite should look at that in the future.


We will debt of gratitude to the office of Police and Crime


Commissioner for Devon and Cornwall for having discovered the mistake


that led to the pausing of the review. That was 15 months ago.


There is really no excuse for such a delay. The minister inherited this


problem, but can we please have timetable so local police forces can


know when they can get their funding? I am as keen as he clearly


is to see the new funding formula review completed so he can get it


into place. It is important that we do this correctly, that we work with


the sector. I want to thank everybody across the sector, PCC 's


and Chief constables, who have given me feedback, I made them regularly,


they are happy with the process and the timescale you're working on and


I won't rush. We need to get it right. Northamptonshire Police are


leading the way in combining the delivery of front line services


together with the local fire brigade. Will the police minister


ensure that forces which are undertaking such a radical new


initiatives to improve local efficiency are rewarded through the


new funding formula? My honourable friend Alex and important point that


emergency services following the policing and crime Bill will have


that opportunity to collaborate and a duty to collaborate and bring


together police and fire gives an opportunity for rewards in terms of


savings by working together work collaboratively to deliver a better


front line. Northamptonshire has been a leading light in this over


the past few years. The Scottish police authority is the only


territorial police authority in the United Kingdom which is unable to


recover the VAT it pays. This has cost the Scottish public purse ?75


million since 2013 and has consequences for investment and


resourcing. The First Minister and the finance secretary raised the


issue with the Chancellor this month, can the Minister confirm what


discussions he has had with the Chancellor about this important


issue? In terms of what we are doing around police funding, there are


regular conversations between me and the Treasury. I am happy to feed


back with more detail once we have had our next round of conversations.


Whichever way you cut it, the cute is just too small. More than 20,000


police officers cut since 2010 and now we know from the ONS that crime


is twice as high as the government says. When will the Minister


recognised that the combination of high crime and low police numbers


leaves the public at risk? Well, I would just respectfully say to the


honourable lady, she will want a clear and transparent set of


figures. What she has said is not accurate at all. The reality is the


ONS has, for the first time, included cybercrime in its figures


with fraud. Cybercrime and fraud is an area that has been recorded for


the first time. It is not true to say the figures are double. I am sad


that the Labour Party, when in government, never give these


figures. It is right. I would also congratulate them for recording more


crime. The honourable lady does not have to give us an imitation of


Bruce Forsyth. She has asked a question and should with a reply. I


think people can see those ONS figures and see the reality. It is


also clear, and I am proud of the fact to be part of the government


which has seen a fall in crime since 2010. The resort area of Cleveland


has suffered a spate of vandalism and anti-social behaviour in recent


weeks. Can the Minister assure me that adequate resources will be


provided to Humberside Police and other forces to do with this sort of


anti-social behaviour? My honourable friend raises an important point


about making sure we have local accountability through the Police


and Crime Commissioner is to look at where the crime is in areas, where


they focus resources, work with excellent chief constables around


the country and have a fairer funding formula that has principles


agreed across the sector that will contribute to making that more


fairer in the future. Number three, Mr Speaker. Ministers recently


sought views from a public consultation on whether proceedings


of part two of the live is an enquiry was proportionate,


appropriate and in the public interest. Interested parties could


make clear their views which will help inform the decision by the


Culture Secretary and Home Secretary. Sur le Gutsul will be


consulted before a decision is taken. I thank the Minister for that


question, which bore no relation to the question I asked the sub 30


public officials have gone to prison as a result of the love is an


enquiry. How can it be appropriate to even consider cancelling Levinson


to which would look at the question of police corruption and the role of


politicians in not? The question for no summons to the answer I gave


earlier. It is clear, the reason we are having a consultation on the


love is an enquiry is to make sure we get this right. Journalists have


broken their lot with sickness incredibly seriously and that is why


the honourable lady will be pleased to hear that of the recommendations


by Sir Brian Levenson covering police and press, all of those


recommendations are underway to being in fermented. When the


concentration complete on January and after a pending court case, the


government will make its position clear. The entire house knows the


Levinson enquiry was always meant to have two parts. The government seems


poised to break a promise, hiding behind a completely gratuitous


enquiry. The whole house knows about cases like Millie Dowler and also


the totally innocent is different Jeffries in Bristol this photo was


plastered all over the tabloids as a murder suspect as a consequence of


collusion between the police and the media. Why cannot the Minister see


that it would be nothing less than a betrayal of the victims of phone


hacking, like Millie Dowler and Christopher Jeffries, if this


government blocks the second half of Levinson? The honourable lady will


know the consultation finished on the 10th of January. There was


140,000 responses to this consultation. I don't know about the


honourable lady, but it takes time to go through those 140,000. We also


have to deal with the current court case that would make it harder for


us to respond to this consultation until that hearing is complete. Once


it is complete I assured the honourable lady we will be happy to


meet with and discuss further the recommendations. Question number


four, Mr Speaker. The resettlement programme is on track to deliver the


commitment to resettle 20,000 vulnerable Syrians during this


Parliament. The of October 2015 and the end of September 2016 4162


people had been resettled under the Syrian honourable person's


resettlement scheme across 175 local authorities. My constituents have


been deeply moved by the refugee crisis and have asked me what they


can do to help. I welcomed the launch of the community sponsorship


scheme accepted my honourable friend update the House and the progress of


this scheme and what he is doing to harness the generosity of the


British people? The community-based sponsorship scheme was launched in


July 20 16. The scheme put in the Prime Minister is Home Secretary to


develop a scheme to allow individuals, charities, faith


groups, churches and businesses to support those refugees. My


honourable friend's constituents are part of that generous giving,


wanting to help some vulnerable people. They help refugees in the UK


web page has been developed to make any member of the public to support


refugees in the UK and allow local authorities to focus support and the


goods and services refugees need. Those granted refugee status from


Syria can apply for immediate family members to join them here. Since the


Home Office stopped funding DNA tests for such relatives, refusals


from many countries have shot up. But what good will the Home Office


review on this matter have been completed and published? The


honourable gentleman makes some valid points. I will come back to


you with the exact details of the timescale and, to help inform them


of refugees further than just Syria is well on that scheme. Would the


honourable member like to congratulate councils like Kingston


Council who have come forward to host vulnerable Syrian refugees and


families he have done so and explain that it is still the case that


individual housing is required, rather than joining a family in an


existing house because lots of these people are victims of terrible


atrocities? The honourable member makes an important point. It is


important for this scheme to work that people come forward and many


local authorities and the Scottish Government have been incredibly


generous in offering and holding out the hand of friendship. We do need


more. We need community groups to come through but I have two warm


members that when charities and the third sector come forward with make


sure we do due diligence to make sure the very vulnerable people are


given exactly the right support they need to nature it is sustainable.


Question number seven, Mr Speaker. He published the latest statistics


on response times to fires in England on the 19th of January. They


do show that times do continue to increase gradually and some areas


sought reductions, such as house fires and commercial buildings


fires, which had a reduction and, luckily unfortunately, due to the


good work of the Fire Service, fires and five related fatalities have


been on a downward trend for a number of years, reaching


historically low levels recently. I thank the Minister for his response,


however, continued cuts are having a profound impact on firefighter and


public safety. Increased response times, they are having to travel


further afield, which means they are pitching more serious fires.


Minister agree that these cuts have gone far gone far too far? I would


say that in terms of house fires, in house fires we have seen a reduction


in the response times to fires in homes and in buildings more


generally, but in terms of the finance issue, I would say that what


we have seen the Fire Service over the last three years is 154%


increase in reserves. Her own Fire Service has gone from 7 million to


some ?29 million in reserve all of which can be used to find


efficiencies and finance services. Fire related deaths have gone up 15%


in England and 14% in Scotland over the last year, which is clearly


unacceptable and must surely sent a signal that the cuts have gone too


far. Will the Minister look at both the funding, but also the


organisations which are taking fire crews further away from the areas


they need to service? I would say to the honourable gentleman, as I said


in the previous question, the response to house in Paris and


Berlin fires has improved in the last year. It is important that and


death as a result of fire is unacceptable. We all want to see no


deaths. That is why good work done by fire authorities, health and


safety work in our homes is important. We must always stay


vigilant. That is why people should test and have smoke alarms. I would


say to all fire authorities to nature to find efficiencies to be


given to nature of the money is on the front line to deliver people


every day. According to the Home Office own figures, published last


Thursday, deaths from house fires are up by 18% on previous years and


response times are slower. Fire crews are being deprived resources


and Fire Service jobs are being lost. Will the Minister not accept


that the current round of cuts are putting the public at risk and


demoralising hard-working, dedicated fire officers? Well, I would say, as


I said earlier on, we need to be clear about the figures. There has


been a 52% reduction in the total number of reported fires in recent


years. Five related fatalities are down 22%, while response times to


house fires and building fires are slightly down and improved. We do


need to be vigilant, we need to be clear about the fact as well. Number


eight, Mr Speaker. The response by the government includes a law


enforcement agencies are taking action against online offenders


developing new capabilities defined and Cisco victims and working with


the internet industry to remove illegal images. We have led a global


response to current expedition, working with countries, companies,


civil Latest Government statistics show in


2015 over 500 children in Wiltshire were victims of online abuse and


became subjects of a child protection plan. What impact is the


image database having to help catch those who perpetrate this vile


crime? The database makes it much easier


for our National Crime Agency and other assets to tackle the threat


posed by paedophiles online. That's why we're determined that the powers


given to us can add to that to make sure we add these people. Child


sexual abuse is horrific and carries on on the internet across the


country. Can I urge the House that people recommend to their


constituents that a process of contributing to keeping their own


children safe is to take time out to look at the think you know campaign


on the National Crime Agency because we all, I as a parent have a role in


making sure my parent knows what's safe online. Actually, don't


children need to be educated about how to help themselves stay safe


online? And wouldn't it be the case if we had compulsory sex and


relationship education that every school could make sure that every


child knew how to you safe online? Can I ask the honourable lady to go


onto the website of the National Crime Agency and look at the think


you know campaign, it is tailor made for children to go through the ewe


tore online and it's broken down by age. So my young children have an


appropriate curriculum to look at and it makes a real difference.


There's even one for her so she can follow and understand how she can be


safe online and make sure children are as well. Would my reasoned not


agree with me that the Wiltshire constabulary might be better


spending the ?1 million and applying the 18 fulltime officers that


they're currently looking into bogus allegations against Sir Edward Heath


into looking at those 500 cases? My honourable friend will know that


priorities for the police are set by the police. It is not for ministers


to interfere with knows decisions they make. It is very important that


we investigate all allegations of sexual abuse, without fear or safer


and get to the bottom of it and put away those people causing such harm.


The minister is being far too glib on this. All the research shows the


best intermediary for teaching children is someone they trust in a


school. That is the truth. Online work doesn't actually prove very


effective. Isn't the truth that bullying, exploitation is rampant.


Isn't it about time we stopped making excuses and took on the


Googles and the people who allow this to be transmitted. The


honourable gentleman misses point, we are taking on the big internet


companies and if he spends time in the schools, in the primary schools


where my children go, to they are given classes on how to stay safe


online. This is not just a website. It's teachers, parents, everyone has


their role in it. That is being delivered. The challenge we have in


the world of the internet is keeping pace with the huge numbers of


referrals we get every month from international paedophiles who abuse


the internet to exploit our children and take advantage of the latest


technology to keep our, to make sure our law enforcement agencies are


having to constantly go the extra mile to catch them.


THE SPEAKER: I gently remind the honourable lady who nodded sagely at


me to denote her interest in this matter, that on the whole it is


prudent to stand. As the Speaker has many qualities but he is not


psychic. I do apologise, we have had a dreadful local case where an


international paedophile ring such as the one the minister mentioned


infiltrated a chat room aimed at nine-year-olds with dreadful


consequences for those children. Could the minister help us with what


investment the Government is making to help the police and other law


enforcement agencies deal with and stamp out this sort of abuse? I'm


grateful to my honourable friend. The National Crime Agencies child


exploitation and online protection command received an extra ?10 poll


this year in. November of 2015, the NCA joined up with GCHQ in a joint


operations cell to make sure we tackle some of the most complicated


crimes online. Those two are just part of the whole process. I would


be happy to brief my honourable friend further on the whole spectrum


of efforts we range against paedophiles and online abuse. The


key to this is we can all contribute to that safety - teachers, parents,


law enforcement agencies and community leaders to make sure we


are aware of how paedophiles operate and shut them down and put them


away. Number nine, Mr Speaker. I will answer questions nine and 17


together. This Government is absolutely committed to tackling all


forms of domestic abuse. This morning I chaired the domestic abuse


national oversight group which oversees the delivery of important


HMIC recommendations. Victims who experience extreme psychological and


emotional abuse can now bring their perpetrators to justice. The college


of pleating has updated its guidance. Every police force has a


domestic abuse action plan. I thank my right honourable friend for her


response. That's welcome new. In Bath a charity called Voices


provides support to those victims or survivors of domestic violence. What


is my right honourable friend doing tone sure where there is violence


against women and girls at home and also abroad that they too can get


similar support? I thank my honourable friend and I welcome the


work that Voices does helping women and girls. We are a global leader in


tackling violence against women and girl at home and overseas. Since


2010 we have invested ?184 million and doubled our campaigns overseas


from 64 programmes in 2012 to 127 in 2016. We've hosted various important


international conferences such as global call to action on protecting


women and girls in emergencies, the global summit to end sexual violence


summit and the ground breaking girl summit. Can I also add my thanks to


my right honourable friend's answer as well. Operation encompass which


helps fight domestic violence through the school system, began in


my constituency. Will she join me in praising the return of sergeant


David Carney hayworth in setting up the operation and will ensure this


is spread as many police forces across the country too? I am


delighted to join him in congratulating the work of David


Carney Hayworth I would say to him what he has brought our attention to


is a good example of local practice. It is local practice, local


initiative, local momentum that is really going to help the women and


girls we want to reach. Thank you, Mr Speaker. Can the minister update


the House in relation to the violence against women and girls


strategy, in particular with reference to the promised additional


funding of ?18 million. How can this fund be accessed? And what's the


criteria? Yes, I'm very happy to update the honourable lady. ?40


million of the money is apportioned by DCLG, particularly for


accommodation. We have access to most of the rest of it. I


particularly draw her attention to the ?15 million which organisations


are bidding for. It is a combination of commissioners and local


organisations which she may like to access to support her constituents.


The... Proposing an offence of domestic abuse. They want to end


violence against women and girls at the earliest opportunity. Can the


secretary speak to the ratification of the bill? I'm delighted to work


with the Scottish Government on this important subject. I no thee they


have put aside ?20 million to work on this particular topic. I welcome


that initiative. If the honourable gentleman would like to come and see


me or a colleague we can discuss his proposal. Any victim of domestic


violence should receive equal support and respect regardless of


their heritage and faith. Does my right honourable friend share my


concerns about the report that CPS are dropping so-called honour cases


for the fear of offending Asian communities? I do share my


honourable friend's commitment to ensuring that so-called honour based


violence is not neglected in any way, any type of violence against


women and girls is something that this Government will not shy away


from tackling. I'm certainly happy to work with her on this important


matter. Number 12 Mr Speaker. Thank you, Mr Speaker. The policing and


crime bill has now completed the Lord stages. That introduces a new


duty to collaborate between the emergency services and it enables


Police and Crime Commissioners to take on the governance of Fire


Rescue Service. Thanks to the excellent efforts of my honourable


friend it will allow the Police and Crime Commissioners to become the


police, fire and Crime Commissioners. We are working with


key stake holder groups and I know a number of PCCs are looking athat the


model. I'd like to thank the minister for his response and the


fact that we will be changing the name of the Police and Crime


Commissioners. Where there is a strong case for Police and Crime


Commissioners to take the responsibility for the Fire Rescue


Service, such as in Staffordshire, can my right honourable friend


outline the process and the time frames that we'll be Lookmanning at


in terms of -- looking at it terms of this change? I know the Police


and Crime Commissioner for Staffordshire is keen to move


forward with this. It will be for the Police and Crime Commissioner to


put forward a business case outlining their proposal to do this.


If there isn't local agreement it will come forward and be assessed by


an ept group. That process will be agreed with the local Government


association to make sure it's clear and transparent. Hopefully by the


end of this year we will see the first areas coming forward. In


Staffordshire, Matthew ellist, the police -- Ellis, the Police and


Crime Commissioner has identified so million worth of savings if only the


two can cooperate. I'm sure this is going to be the case and


incidentally, welcomed by firefighters throughout


Staffordshire. I'm sure it's the case in other parts of the United


Kingdom too. So what sort of time table does he actually think will be


the case when we can see such mergers? My honourable friend makes


a very good point and highlights the considerable savings that allows


that money to go back into the frontline for both police and fire


as we move forward by bringing together and finding efficiencies.


The time frame will be down to the business case speed with which the


Police and Crime Commissioner will put that forward. If they have local


agreement, I would hope to see the first commissioners coming forward


in a matter of months after it is granted. I'm very grateful to my


honourable friend for raising such an important matter. We made forced


marriage a criminal offence in 2014 to better protect victims and send a


very clear Eid -- clear message that this abhorrent practice will not be


tolerated in the UK. We want to see more victims having the confidence


to come forward to report this often hidden crime. That's why we're


introducing lifelong anonymity for victims through the police and crime


bill. I thank the minister to that answer. I'm glad that this country


is leading the way on tackling violence against women and girls.


Does the minister agree with me, we need to keep up the pressure to


eradicate child marriage as that's a particular pernicious form of


violence. I do indeed. The UK is a world leader in the fight to stamp


out forced marriage. I'm clear that to end these crimes in the UK, we


must end them overseas too. That's why we're pursuing an ambitious


programme of work at an international level, a ?36 million


programme to end child, early and forced marriage. Number 14 perfect


Speaker. -- Mr Speaker. The Government recognises that


international students make an important contribution during their


time here. And they help make education system one of the best in


the world. We are in regular contact with the sector. There is no limit


on the number of genuine international students who can come


here to study in the UK. International students bring


academic and cultural benefits to our universities, contribute


billions of pounds to the economy, support the creation of tens of


thousands of jobs and enable these institutions to innovate buildings


with businesses and invest in every region of the UK. Would the minister


ensure the House that his Government has no plans to reduce the number of


international students coming to UK universities and what steps will he


take to increase numbers? I've got to say I agree with her absolutely.


Certainly as I mentioned already, there is no limit on the number of


students that come here. Since 20 so, we've seen a 17% increase in


university applications from outside the EU and the Russell group an


amazing 47% increase. The whole House knows it's vital to maintain


our global reputation as an open and fair place to study. But in


mid-December last year, the Home Office lost a major test case


against international students, because the Home Office claimed the


students had made bogus claims about English language skills. Can I ask


the minister were the total legal costs in this test case? How many


other cases were initiate and had to be dropped? And what estimate has


been made from the potential liability of the students deported


from evidence free claims but right now have a right to sue for wrongful


deportation? I'm delightly surprised that the honourable lady has the


brass neck to refer to bogus students in bogus colleges. We had


to take away the licenses from 920 colleges to take bogus students for


bogus courses. I will get back to her specifically on that legal case.


Thank you Mr Speaker. In January 2016, this Government changed


legislation to the benefit of widows, widowers and civil partners


of police officers in England and Wales who have died on duty. As a


result, those survivors who qualified for a survivor pension


will now continue to receive their survivors benefits for life


regardless of remarriage. The stock elsewhere in the UK,


police widow pensions have been reinstated regardless of the date of


their remarriage. Does my right honourable friend agree with me that


all police widows should be treated the same regardless of where police


officers served in the United Kingdom and would he need with other


colleagues to discuss this? I know my honourable friend has campaigned


on this. I would be happy to meeting to discuss it. He will be aware that


there is a clear tradition that successive governments have held


around at other retrospective changes of this nature. I am happy


to discuss it further with them. Question number 16. Long-term


migration statistics are produced by the independent office for National


statistics. These figures estimate that in the year ending June 2000


16, known EU nationals came here to study. In that same year, 45,000


non-EU nationals who were former students left. For EU nationals the


corresponding figures are 34000 and 18,000 respectively. I thank the


Minister for the detailed response. I accept that students are


internationally classified as an instant when figures are published,


would not be a good idea to state how many of those people are


students, bringing money this country? I can confirm to my


honourable friend that the statistics are produced and


presented by the ONS figures for students are clearly separately


identified within them. And this immigration related matter I would


call the number, if you were standing, that if he doesn't want.


This government's immigration family is separating families because of


restrictive rules on evidence of financial support. When when these


rules be changed to support the real needs of family units? It is


certainly very important when we do have family reunification,


especially for spouses, that we have rules in place to ensure these


people are not a burden upon the taxpayer. The level set would be a


higher figure for Scotland given that average incomes are higher than


in the UK overall. Question number one. We are determined to protect


children and vulnerable people. That is why the government has tabled an


important amendment to the Digital economy Bill. It will give the


police power to go to the court to compel foreign companies to shut


down phone lines being used by county lines gangs to sell drugs.


These can use children and vulnerable people to move drugs and


money to and from urban areas. Once caught up in county lines there are


risks of extreme violence and trafficking behind those people


behind this despicable crime. We can disrupt this criminality and the


expedition which is an integral part of drug stealing. During the recent


delegation is part of the all party Parliamentary group against


anti-Semitism became clear that international Parliamentary


colleagues are concerned about the rise of hate crime and in particular


anti-Semitism from the left in UK universities. Will my honourable


friend agree with me and Baroness Royale, when she says that Labour


does not take anti-Semitism seriously because of the inaction of


the members at Oxford University accused of anti-Semitism and that


this has a wider impact on hate crime in general? I thank my


honourable friend for raising this important matter, especially during


Holocaust memorial week. He will note the government published a new


hate crime action plan to drive forward action to tackle all forms


of hate crime across government and to work with police and communities.


I completely agree with him that all organisations, including


universities, and political parties, have an obligation to stamp out


anti-Semitism wherever it is encountered. Recent revelations from


the public Law Project indicates that country guidance in Eritrea was


offered to suggest diminished risk of human rights abuses where there


was no evidence to support this, only in order to lower the number of


refugees allowed entry. A significant case in the upper


immigration tribunal last October found that the new Home Office


guidance on Eritrea was not credible. We note the guidance has


since been withdrawn, but was the then Home Secretary involved in the


initiation of that misleading guidance and can be Secretary of


State say how many refugees may have been wrongly denied entry and how


many of them were children? The honourable lady has raised an


important part of our immigration policy and that is to make sure that


you keep all countries where the returning people to under review.


Quite rightly, stuff from the Home Office will visit appropriate


countries and Eritrea in 2014, to make the country assessments. I am


confident that the processes at the Home Office are delivered in the


correct way. We will always keep it under review. Despite the current


police funding formula not being fully applied to Leicestershire


police, meaning a loss of ?5.6 million annually, even under this


and fairer funding formula, Chief Constable Simon Cole and his


excellent team have continued to drive down crime locally. Can I red


honourable friend reassuringly and that day and Worcestershire will get


a fair funding the very soon? My honourable friend makes a good point


around the excellent work done by Chief Constable Simon Cole and his


team in Leicestershire. Can I say, we are working to make sure we get a


fair and transparent review funding formula through with all the Chief


constables and the Police and Crime Commissioner. We will deliver that


work as quickly as we can. Waffle is all we are getting in answers on


dealing with Facebook and Twitter and take crime on the internet. If


Germany can find these companies half ?1 million every time they feel


to take down hate speech within 24 hours, why can we not have practical


action to hold them to account for their feelings on dealing with hate


speech? The honourable gentleman makes a really important point. Hate


crime has no place in our society whatsoever. It destroys communities


and lives. We are taking every action possible. We have the


strongest legislative framework of any country in the world and that


includes working with internet providers. I can absolutely assure


him that where it is identified we have a grievance with internet


providers and they will take the horrendous stuff down. Cheshire


Constabulary are currently rolling out operation Shield which allows


the -- people to mark valuables with a unique DNA liquid proving


ownership of stolen items in the event they recovered. What is the


Department in to support similar crime-fighting initiatives? My


honourable friend highlights a good example of using modern technology


to fight crime and I congratulate Cheshire police and that forward


thinking work. We are supporting this kind of work through the police


translation fund. Innovative ideas like that, through the police


themselves to move things forward and be efficient and effective in


the future. Off-road bikers are vandalising the mountains in my


constituency. These troublemakers turn up the land, they intimate


local people and frightened animals. It is the Tories. Because off-road


bikers often don't where the police cannot, can the Home Office looking


to providing resources, agreement and licensing on the use of drones


to help us tackle this problem? I do recognise the challenge of dealing


with people who inappropriately use that parts and ruin it for the


majority of people and the rest of society and it is right and the


credit and the police for wanting to track down on this. Drums are


another good example of modern technology. Police forces and fire


brigades are using it and sharing it. That is exactly the kind of


thing the police translation fund might be useful in. In light of


recent terrorist threats, can my honourable friend update the House


and what steps the government is taking the nature we are not


vulnerable to a similar attack? My honourable friend is right to


highlight that counterterrorism is always ongoing. In 2015 we committed


to updating the contest review, that is the strategy to deal with


counterterrorism here and abroad and I can inform my honourable friend


that the update will be published soon. In addition, the government is


committed to increasing by 30% in real terms funding for


counterterrorism in the lifetime of this Parliament. Blackwood


University in my constituency has seen its international students


numbers fall by nearly 45% since 2010. In a university that in 2016


was listed by the times in the top 200 most international universities.


As the honourable member has outlined, the benefit international


students bring to a city like Bradford cannot be overstated. What


will the Minister do to reverse this trend and which at one of our


greatest assets continues to attract pupils? I say to the honourable lady


I Sherrock about the importance of overseas students and especially


perhaps at the University of Bradford. Some universities have


seen an increase Konzen have seen a decrease. More students are coming


from China, less from India. This is the market. Work with university and


perhaps come back as with any suggestions she might have had to


improve the outcome for them. We referred in this place to the good


work of the police officers, men and women and police community support


officers before now. It is only right that they receive their fair


share of the money of the policing budget. What matters is the


Department taking teenager Devon and Cornwall police received a fair


funding settlement? I think my honourable friend for his question.


It was useful last week. I also want to thank his Police and Crime


Commissioner and his Chief Constable for feeding into a working trip the


new funding formula is fair and transparent and has the input from


forces across the country. Violence against doctors, nurses, paramedics


and other health workers has been on the rise in England and Wales over


the last few years. In Scotland have a specific law, a specific criminal


offence of such violence. Isn't it the same had the same in England and


Wales? The honourable gentleman does raise an important point and it


links closely with the work we are going around making sure that


offences against police officers are dealt with in the strongest possible


terms. The punishments are there but we have the nature of that


sentencing council have these things available. We are working with


colleagues at the Ministry of Justice to look at this very issue.


I was pleased recently to attend the little little litter pickers


celebration organised by the innovative Falcon one team in


Taunton Deane. The litter pickers are just one aspect of this


commendable one team community partnership bringing together the


police, social workers, teachers and local residents to tackle serious


deprivation with real results in terms of tackling crime and


anti-social behaviour. Does the Minister agree with me that they can


Act as a model across the country and would she join me in commending


all their hard work, especially that of Sergeant Andy Murphy? I am


absolutely delighted to commend the work of this multi agency team which


operates in her constituency. It is indeed a marvellous example of where


the police and local agencies work together in their communities with


vulnerable people, tackling environmental issues and providing


young people with a constructive alternative to avoid them being


dragged into a life of crime and anti-social behaviour. In the light


of Holocaust Memorial Day this week, would the Minister join me in paying


tribute to the Holocaust memorial day trust and the Holocaust


educational trust the reminders of the worst example we have ever


witnessed as to where anti-Semitism can lead and in light of the


forthcoming publication of the community security trust 2016


anti-Semitic incident report next week, bearing in mind we saw the


third highest level, annual level we have always seen of an increase in


hate incidents last year, what is the government doing to combat


rising levels of anti-Semitism? I think the honourable lady for the


opportunity to join her in thanking the Holocaust Memorial Day trust and


the Holocaust education trust for the extraordinary work they do in


reminding us of what took place and I am one of the MPs, I am sure there


are many, he took the opportunity to visit and will always remember the


impact that had. I work closely with the CST. I need the hate crime


action plan my priority. We will work with them to do


Over 30 unaccompanied -- over 30,000 unaccompanied child refugees arrived


in Calais last year. Can we have an update when those children will


agree from Greece and Italy under the Dubs criteria? In 2016 we


transferred over 900 unaccompanied asylum seeking children. Following


consultation with local authorities I remind the House that the


Government will transfer a specificed number of children in


accordance with section 67 of the Immigration Act who meet the spirit


behind rot vision. This includes over 200 children already


transferred from France. We will announce in due course the basis on


which the remaining places will be filled from Greece, Italy and the


final number. This afternoon, we've been talking


about police funding in the abstract. But there's a human cost


as well. This weekend a police officer was shot and badly wounded


in north Belfast. Will the Home Secretary hand on to Chief Constable


the unqualified support for the whole House on the work that the


PSNI are doing and the deepest sympathy to the friends and family


of the police I thank the right honourable


gentleman for the opportunity to do exactly that. We are very lucky the


good work, the bravely, the courage that takes place by the PSNI. I will


on his behalf and of the whole House pass on those good wishes and


thanks. The French dispersal centre which took children from Calais is


set to close on February 10. What steps is he taking ensure that the


cases of all the children who might have rights of entry to the UK are


being considered before then? I thank the honourable gentleman for


that question. I spoke just this morning to my new French counterpart


about actions we are taking together to ensure that the correct


assessment is continuing on the children who would like to come to


the UK. There are still a substantial number of centres open.


We still have a number of staff out there. We will be reducing our work


going forward, as the Calais camp has largely dispersed. We will


continue to have an interest and ensure we work closely with the


French to stop a new camp coming up. My constituent has twice tried to


get his family from Morocco to Scotland to visit while they sort


out their visa arrangements, twice the Home Office have frustrated this


process. And I quote they have said Eric right to family life can be


enjoyed in Morocco. He has a genetic disorder which can only be treated


in the UK. Will she commit to look at this case again and meet with me


to work out how this family can be reunited and live together? Can I


say briefly, I'd be more than happy to meet with the honourable lady to


discuss this specific case and see what can be done. Thank you Mr


Speaker. Is the police minister aware of the stark warning given to


his predecessor by Cumbrian chief cub stab Jerry Graham about the


failure of the previous funding formula's ability to take into


account the cost premium for the sparsity rurality and geographical


isolation of Cumbria. Will he meet with all Cumbria's MPs to discuss


this very important issue before his new proposals come out? I am very


aware of the changes, this is why it's important we do this work me


noedically. I have been - I will talk to Cumbria's Chief Constable


and take input from any source. THE SPEAKER: We must move


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