Early General Election Debate House of Commons

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Early General Election Debate

Recorded coverage of prime minister Theresa May leading a debate calling for an early general election to be held on Thursday 8 June, from Wednesday 19 April.

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We now come to the notion on the early parliamentary general election


to move the motion, I call the Prime Minister. Thank you, and I beg to


move the motion on the order paper in my name and that of my honourable


friends. That mission confronts every member of this house with a


clear and simple opportunity. A chance to vote for a general


election that will secure the strong and stable leadership the country


needs to see us through Brexit and beyond. Invite each one of us to do


the right thing for Britain and to vote for an election that is in our


country's national interest. The priority when I became Prime


Minister was to provide the country with economic certainty, a clear


vision and strongly the ship after the long and passionately fought


referendum campaign. -- leadership. This Government has delivered on


those priorities. I will. In the time-honoured fashion, my honourable


friend have called this election in what she considers, and I consider


to be the national interest at this moment. It will be a brave man or


woman who vote against this notion and therefore the fixed term


parliament act is seen to be and Emperor without clothes. It is not


necessary. With the first act of the manifesto be to scrap it? My


honourable friend is trying to tempt me down a road block what is clear


is the fixed term parliament act does give us an opportunity,


notwithstanding the fixed term part of it, to have an election at


another time. It is for this house to vote for that election but, like


my honourable friend, it is clear that every member of this house


should be voting for the selection. If I just returned... I will take


one more. The Prime Minister pledged time and time again not jubilant


early election. In her ease the message, she is local to Christian


values. The Prime Minister explain why she has such a ruse and


obligated relationship with telling the truth? Order, order. -- loose


and, located. The Prime Minister can fend for herself, but what the


honourable gentleman has said is a breach. -- complicated. He is


versatile in the use of language, withdraw that and use some other


population if you must. Withdraw. I will withdraw and reformulate. Why


does the Prime Minister have such a complicated and loose relationship


with giving the country a clear indication of her intentions? To say


to the honourable gentleman, I think yesterday I have given the country a


very clear indication of my intentions and, if he has a little


patience, he will hear the reasons why I have done so. As I say, the


Government has delivered on the priorities I set out last year


despite predictions of financial and economic danger, we have seen


consumer confidence remain- the referendum, growth of jobs and


economic growth exceeding all recommendations. At the same time,


we have delivered on a mandate to red-handed by triggering article 50


before the end of March as he pledged to do. We are leaving the EU


and there can be no turning back. I well. Doesn't it take some brass


neck to call a general election when you are facing allegations of buying


the last one? I have to say, that intervention was not worthy of the


honourable gentleman. Can the Prime Minister just clarify if you support


term parliament? -- if she supports. We have an action that allows us to


have fixed term parliament. I believe it is right for us to have


this debate, have this vote in this house and I believe it is right for


members of this house to vote and I will explain why, for us to have a


general collection at this time. I will not take any further


interventions for a while. This is a limited time debate and honourable


members wish to make contributions. Today, we face a new question, how


best to secure the certainty we need over the long term to get the right


deal for Britain in Brexit negotiations and make the most of


the opportunities ahead. I've come to the conclusion that the answer to


that question is to hold a general election now in this window of


opportunity before the negotiations begin. I believe it is in prison's


national interest to hold an election now, a general election is


the best way to strengthen Britain's and any negotiations ahead because


securing the right deal for Britain is my priority and I'm confident


that we have the plan to do so. We have set out, and vision, a deep and


special partnership between a strong and successful European Union and


the United Kingdom that is free to chart its own way in the world. --


la ambition. It means they will regain control of our own money,


laws and borders. We will be free to strike trade deals with old friends


and new partners around the world. I give way. I'm grateful to the Prime


Minister forgiving way and I understand she wants to give you


have the opportunity to determine whether the should be an election.


If they have the Germans now is the time, why will be Prime Minister


stand in the face of the Scottish Government that about it for a


referendum on Scottish future. -- have decided that now is the time.


Why should the Scottish people not be given either as well? Now is the


time for a general election because it will strengthen our negotiations


in Brexit. Now is not the time for a second Scottish independence


referendum because it will weaken our hand in negotiations in Brexit.


Strength and unity with the Conservatives in the division and


weakness with the Scottish Nationalists. I will just make more


progress. I believe this delivers on the will of the British people. Our


client Brexit is the right approach and will deliver a more secure


future for our country and a better deal for all our people. It is


Claire, Mr Speaker... Just a minute, that other parties have a different


view about the right future for our country. -- clear. Members of the


other place have vowed to fight our Government every step of the way. I


thank my honourable friend forgiving way, the people of Rossendale and


Darling in the referendum gave her and her Government and mandate to


trigger article 50. She has done that. We are grateful to


strengthening her hand so she can get out there, get the best possible


deal but people living in Rossendale and Darwen, manufacturers there and


every family. My honourable friend is right and we should be united in


this Parliament in wanting to get back at possible deal, not just for


the country as a whole but everybody across the whole of this country. I


commend my honourable friend for the work he has done in Rossendale and


Darwen in supporting his constituents on this. I will give


way to the honourable gentleman and then make progress.


I can see how it suits your purpose is to make this about Brexit, but


can she accept that it may become a referendum on how brutal costs which


have left older people without care, schools sending begging letters to


parents and a record number of homeless people on the streets of


Greater Manchester. I have to say to the right honourable gentleman, of


course, when we come into the campaign, people will be looking at


the wide range of issues. They will look at the fact that pensioners are


?1200 better off, they will look at the fact that we have 1.8 million


more children in schools, but if the right honourable gentleman wants to


talk about impact on the economy, I suggest she searches in his memory


for the time he spent as Chief Secretary to the Treasury when


Labour were trashing the economy of this country. Mr Speaker, no, I'm


going to mix in progress. I have set out the divisions that have become


clear on this issue. They can and will be used against us, weakening


our hand in the negotiations to come and we must not let that happen. I


believe that at this moment of enormous national significance, this


should be unity here in Westminster, not division. That's why the right


and responsible thing for all of us here today to vote for a general


election, to make our respective cases to the country and then to


respect the result and the mandate it provides to give Britain the


strongest possible hand in the negotiations to come. I give way. In


the last election, the Conservatives gave a manifesto commitment to stay


in the single market, will she be with drying that commitment any new


manifesto and if she does, will that weaken her negotiation position? We


gave a commitment in the last manifesto to provide the people of


the United Kingdom with a boat on whether or not leave the European


Union. We give them that old, that was supported by Parliament, we give


them up but they give a clear message that they want the United


Kingdom to leave the European Union and that is exactly what we are


going to do. I fully support the fact that she needs a stronger hand


going into the negotiations as we leave the European Union. Does she


not think it prefers that some people who didn't want a referendum


in the first place and I want a second wreck around at the very end


of the procedure, just in case the British Government doesn't get a


good deal from Brussels. -- second referendum. Doesn't she believe that


if we had that, it would deeply weaken the position of the Prime


Minister in a position she has with the European Union? My friend is


absolutely right in his description of what would happen and I think of


those who want a second round friend, that is denying the will of


the people, because people voted for us to leave the European Union and


we are going to go out there and get the best possible deal. Waiting to


hold the next election in 2020 as scheduled would mean the


negotiations would reach their most difficult and sensitive stage, just


as election was looming on the horizon. A general election will


provide the country with five years of strong and stable leadership to


see us through negotiations and is sure we are able to go on to major


success as a result. That is crucial. That is the test. It is not


solely about how we reach the European Union, but what we do with


the opportunity that Brexit provides that counts. Leaving the EU offers


us a unique, once in a generation opportunity to shape a brighter


future for Britain. We need the leadership provided by a strong and


stable Government to seize it, a Government that has a plan for a


stronger Britain, a Government that the determination to see it through


and the Government that will take the right long-term decisions that


will deliver a more secure future for Britain. The Conservative Party


I read is determined to be that Government. Is the Prime Minister at


all concerned that having tried her best to build up a reputation for


little integrity, but as Home Secretary and pay minister, she has


no scene after all these denials there will be a snap election,


simply as a political opportunist. I have not denied the fact that when I


came into this role as Prime Minister, I was clear that what the


country needed was stability and the also needed a Government that was


going to show that it would deliver on the boat people had taken any


referendum on meeting the EU. We have provided that over the last


nine months. Now it is clear to me that if we are going to have the


strongest possible hand in negotiation, we should have an


election now. As I have just said, leaving in 2020, would mean that we


are coming to be more sensitive and critical part of the negotiations in


the run-up to a general election and that would be a nobody 's interest.


Except that the Conservative Party that I read is determined to that


Government, that has the determination to see through its


plan for a stronger Britain, we are determined to provide that


readership and bring stability to the United Kingdom in a long time


and that is what this election will be about, leadership and stability.


Does the Prime Minister appreciate decisiveness? And as she agree that


voting yes in this motion signifies strength, whereas a staining is a


symbol of weakness? -- ab staining. I think absolutely doubled in years


is a sign of strength. I would say a little bit more about it, but I


think anybody who thinks we should not, is endorsing the record of the


Conservative Government. Would she agree with the Lord Hill, who was a


commissioner in Europe, when asked in fund the Foreign Affairs


Committee what the best strategy for negotiation is, his response was


that we have to come together, because our interlocutors will be


watching this place, they were absolutely exploit any weakness in


our political system? My honourable friend is absolutely right and I am


grateful to him for reminding us what the Lord said with his


experience in relation to this issue. It is important that we come


together and we don't show that divisions that have been suggested


in in the past and that we are able to stroll a strong mandate for


Brexit and make a success of that. We are determined to bring stability


to the United Kingdom in a long time, that is what this election


will be about, leadership and stability will stop the decision


facing the country will be clear. I will be campaigning for a strong


leadership with me as Prime Minister and I will be asking for the public


support to continue to deliver my plan for a stronger Britain to lead


the country through the next five years and to give the country the


certainty and stability that we need. I think the Prime Minister for


giving way. On the timetable before yesterday, the Prime Minister would


have concluded her negotiation by 2019, we would have gone into the


general election 2020 a year later talking about the Prime Minister's


deal. That would have given the country and outlook as to what they


would be voting for. The Prime Minister is asking the country to


strengthen her hand. What she is actually doing is asking the country


to vote for a blank cheque. No, we are not asking the country to write


a blank cheque. We have been very clear about what we intend, I set


that out in my Lancaster house speech in January. It has been set


out in the White Paper, in the article said the letter, that we


triggered and submitted to the president of the European Council.


Can I say to be how is that the choice before us today is clear, I


have made my choice. It is to do something that run through the veins


of my party more than ever. It's a choice to trust the people. Let us


but to do that today. Let us lay out our plans for Brexit. Let us put


forward our plans for the future of this great country. Let us put our


faith in the hands of the people and let the people decide.


CHEERING Order, the question is that there


shall be a dot-mac and early parliamentary general election. Mr


Jeremy Corbyn. Thank you, Mr Speaker. We welcome the opportunity


of a general election, because it gives the British people the chance


to vote for a Labour Government that will put the interests of the


majority first. The Prime Minister says she has only recently and


reluctantly decided to go for a snap election. Just four weeks ago, the


Prime Minister's spokesperson said and I quote, there isn't going to be


an early general election. How can any voter trust what the Prime


Minister says? Britain is being held back by her Government. The Prime


Minister talks about a strong economy, but the truth is, most


people are worse off than they were when the Conservatives came to power


seven years ago. The election of the British people the chance to change


direction. This election is about her Government's failure to be build


the economy and living standards for the majority. It is about the crisis


her Government has plunged our National Health Service into, the


cuts to our children's schools which will limit the chances of every


child in Britain, 4 million of whom are now live in poverty. A chance of


an alternative to raise living standards, as more and more people


do not have security in their work or over their housing.


THEY SPEAK OVER EACH OTHER I give away to my friend.


Thank you very much. I try not to take it personally that having


arrived so early, the Prime Minister is so desperate to get rid of me she


is calling an election. Would my honourable friend agreed that the


Prime Minister, in calling this election, has essentially said she


doesn't have confidence in her own Government to deliver a Brexit deal


for Britain and one way she could security vote is to table a motion


of no confidence in her own country, which I will happily vote for. I


thank my friend for that intervention. I congratulate him on


his election to this House and I congratulate him on his work and a


agree with him. I have no confidence in the Government either. In the


interests of unity in Stoke-on-Trent, what else can I do?


I'm grateful to my Right Honourable Friend. He highlighted the fact that


the Prime Minister for 12 months dithered over whether she wanted an


election and at all times say she did not want one. But isn't the


reality that what has focused her mind is the fact that she may well


lose some of her backbenchers if the CPS have her way? I thank my friend


for that intervention. The timing of that intervention and the rule of


the CPS is extremely interesting and it's interesting that the Prime


Minister did not mention it during her contribution. I give way to the


gentleman here. He talks about trust in leaders, what trust any public


but in a leader who has no confidence from his parliamentary


colleagues and is in place by people who are not in Parliament, but from


people who are outside? Mr Speaker, I was elected leader of my party by


300,000 votes, I don't know how many people voted for the Prime Minister


to be leader of her party. Non-! I suspect it was actually none


whatsoever. So, Mr Speaker, to be 6 million people working in jobs that


pay less than the living wage, I simply say this, it doesn't have to


be like this, because Labour believes that every job should pay a


wage you can live on and every worker should have decent rights at


work. To the millions of people who can't afford a home of their own or


have spent years waiting for a council home, this is your chance to


vote for the home of your family deserves. Because we believe a


housing policy should provide homes for all, not investment


opportunities for a feud. To the millions of small businesses that up


with red tape, hikes in business rates, broken promises on national


insurance contributions, this is your chance to vote for a Government


that invests and that supports wealth creators, not just the wealth


extractors. Mr Speaker, the Prime Minister says she has called the


elections of the Government can negotiate Brexit. We had a


referendum, that establish that mandate. Parliament has voted to


accept that result. There is no obstacle, there is no obstacle to


the Government is negotiating, but instead of getting on with the job,


she is paving herself as the prisoner of the Lib Dems. Who


apparently have threatened to grind Government to a standstill. Mr


Speaker, there are nine of them and they managed to vote three different


ways on article 15. So, is obviously a very serious threat indeed. The


Tories want to use the exit to turn us into a low-wage tax haven. Labour


will use Brexit to invest in every part of this country. To create a


high wage, high skilled economy in which everyone shares the rewards.


My minister also says this campaign will be a man readership, so let's


have a head to head TV debate about the future of our country. -- in the


Prime Minister. -- about leadership. Why reject that request? Mr Speaker,


a waiver of. We want rich lives for all. -- labour offers a better


future. Not a life for the rich. Order. Giving way to the honourable


gentleman. Order. Order. Order! Other! I've learn the honourable


gentleman from more than 30 years since we do against each other in a


student collection. He's not going to take it personally. Order. The


honourable gentleman has completed his speech, he wants the point, I


will hear it with On a point of order, is that it?


CHEERING It is very generous of the right


Honourable gentleman to seek to invest me with additional powers,


but the question of whether it is it, as he puts it, is not a matter


for me, it is a matter for the honourable gentleman and he has


completed his contribution. Sir Desmond Swain. Mr Speaker, I accept


entirely the logic that was laid out by my honourable friend and heard


statement yesterday in Downing Street. What I can say is that I


read that conclusion somewhat earlier. However, I just thought the


-- did not believe it was possible to deliver. I found myself


discombobulated by a reversal in Government Public policy for the


second time in a pew weeks, having told the readers of the Forest


Journal in terms that there was no question of there being an early


general election. Because it was not in the Prime Minister's gift to


deliver it. Because of the fixed term act, that decision lies with a


majority of two thirds of the members of the House of Commons. As


I told them with absolute confidence, turkeys and will not


vote for Christmas. I congratulate my honourable friend having achieved


the impossible and secured the fact that two day, there's turkeys will


indeed vote for that. The reason why I read the opinion that I did, that


election was necessary, was firstly, during the passage and the debate on


the article 50 bill, member after member opposite got up and announced


their recantation, notwithstanding having voted to remain, they were


now going to abide by the will of their constituents. Yet at every


opportunity, they cheered to the rafters and there is you who start


out and said they remained with the 48% and believed that, so preceding,


as events unfolded, that 48% would become a majority. They pursued a


strategy of desperation, a strategy of, hang on, something might turn


up, whether that something was the long promised economic shock or


whatever. But that strategy of... Hang all in, requires an essential


ingredient, delays. Delay was the tactic that they clearly pursued


throughout the preceding of that bill with the amendments that they


table and they promised that there would be more. With respect to the


other place, the other place is not bound currently in respect of the


Government's policy by the Salisbury Convention. My honourable friend,


the member from North Norfolk and I were invited to bid their -- debate


in front of a city audience the notion that the United Kingdom is


leaving the EU. Two highly respected peers, the Lord Butler, former


Cabinet Secretary and Lord Lester, one of our premier human rights


lawyers, argued the case that they would not leave the European Union


because they were in a position to prevent it and would do so. It is


essential, therefore, I believe, that the policy be Prime Minister


has announced of pursuing a general election and securing a mandate in


this house, and a mandate to bind the other house in respect of the


Salisbury convention, is absolutely necessary. I'm confident that she


will achieve that majority because I'm confident that she will be


backed by the overwhelming majority of this nation, a few, as ING will


now, I voted for every other possible candidate for the


leadership of the Tory party last year in order to avoid becoming


leader. I had to tell her that I have become the greatest fan. As my


constituents recognise and tell me continuously, she is being


magnificently and made Geelong continue to do so. Angus Robertson.


Thank you. The Prime Minister has said that she wants unity and she


has said that she wants an end to division, and she intends to do that


by crushing opposition. With political opponents described as


saboteurs. Something I invited her earlier to take a distance from, but


she was not prepared to. This is not a vision or an understanding of


mainstream democracy that I share with the Prime Minister. For months,


we have heard from her that now is not the time for the public to vote,


no one wants it, it is important to get on with the day job. We have


been told that the Prime Minister needs to concentrate all of her time


on Brexit negotiations and that not being should get in the way. --


nothing. As we have all the renewal at 24-hour, although that was empty


rhetoric. There are two key reasons why there is going to be a general


election and the first is totally politically expedient, it is about


the woeful on electoral -- unelectable state of the Labour


Party and that is a reason of political expediency to hold an


election. It is about not wanting to repeat the political error Gordon


Brown made and she was to receive her own mandate and crushed


political opposition in England. The second reason for holding an early


general election is that it has finally dawned on the UK covenant


that the Brexit negotiations will be very difficult. -- Government. The


realities of the hard Brexit the Prime Minister is pursuing have not


yet fully dawned on the public. As one commentator wrote... Just a


moment, I will make progress. As one commentator wrote to date, the EU


will not roll over and give the UK free and frictionless access to the


internal market. The Prime Minister is cutting and running, getting a


vote in before the reality of hard Brexit hit home. Can I tell the


Prime Minister that, while she thinks she can get her way with all


of this begins the Labour Party in England, she will not get away with


this in Scotland. I thank him for giving way. On the subject of hard


Brexit, that they agree with me that it is incumbent on those advocating


it to set out very clearly what their assessment of the impact on


jobs will be of us coming out of the single market and the customs union.


Of course, that would be an opportunity in a normal general


election campaign whereby party leaders actually debate the issues


and record for them to have but there has been an interesting


developments in the debate and I have noticed colleagues looking at


their mobile phones because IGD has confirmed that there is going to be


a leaders debate. -- ITV. I'm looking at other party leaders, the


Leader of the Opposition, is he intending to take part? I suspect he


will probably take part in a television debate. No doubt the Lido


of the Liberal Democrats and the Green Party, and colleagues. -- the


leader. It is unsustainable in the 21st century, in the multimedia age,


to get to the country and not debate with the leaders of the parties. The


notion that the UK Prime Minister might be an key chair and because he


is not prepared to stand up for their argument is not sustainable.


-- empty chaired. Perhaps the honourable gentleman might take her


place instead. As I said in the house yesterday, I hope that the


Prime Minister does go ahead to head with the leaders of other parties.


It's quite simple, she would football them all! -- floor. No she


would not. I don't think she would manage that with Nicola Sturgeon. I


am surprised and I do welcome that the honourable gentleman had to say


in encouragement to the Prime Minister because I think the public


deserves a debate, more than one, during the election campaign and I


think the prime ministers should have more confidence in herself. She


should be prepared to address the country and debate the idea that all


different political parties across the UK have. We have already


learned, of course, in Scotland, that the Prime Minister is preferred


to ignore the mandate and wishes of the Scottish electorate, the


Scottish Parliament and of the Scottish Government. Why would


anyone in Scotland... I need to make progress. Why would anyone in


Scotland vote for such a dismissive and disrespectful party and Prime


Minister? I need to make some progress. Time is limited. I will


try to take some interventions later. The Prime Minister promised


she would have a unified approach with all of the devolved governments


and agreement before triggering Brexit. She did not. She broke her


words. As we have learned in recent weeks, in connection with the


appalling rate clause, the one thing that the Tories don't like talking


about is Tory policy. -- rape. This election will highlight the dangers


of unfettered jewellery Government and we live in one of the most...


Countries in the developing world but the Tories want to make it more


unfair. Experts say there will be an increase in inequality since the


days of Margaret Thatcher. I'm happy to give way to the leader of the


Green Party. I'm grateful. Does he agree with me that if this election


is, as the prime ministers said, about a more secure future for this


country, if it is of national significance, we should have an


urgent change in the law to give Britain's 1.5 million 16-17


-year-olds a say in what will be very much their future on the 8th of


June. As someone who gave his maiden speech about enfranchising 16 and


17-year-olds, I totally agree. It is unsustainable that young people have


been given leave out some elections and referenda but should be denied


it in others. I returned. I give way. I'm most grateful. He'll be


aware that the Supreme Court made it abundantly clear and all the judges


decided on a unanimous basis that issues concerning Brexit


negotiations should be determined by this Hallows which represents the


whole of the United Kingdom. This was not an issue to be decided by


any devolved institution. -- house which part party have a problem


understanding? The thing I have a difficulty understanding of the


commitment that the Prime Minister gave authority gave eventually came


to Edinburgh, it was an the front page of the Daily Telegraph, it was


in terms that she wanted to seek a UK wide approach an agreement with


the Government. The honourable gentleman might wish to rewrites


history but the Prime Minister gave a commitment to reach an agreement,


she did not reach it. The fixed term Parliament act was supposed to stop


political parties are abusing their position and putting party before


country. Today, the Tories will do just that. Sadly, the Labour Party


is going to bed with the Tories and make life easy for them. We on these


benches will not vary with the Tories. -- vote. Giving the reality


that the Labour Party well, there will be a general election and, boy,


we look forward to that! Because in Scotland,... Sign in order! Mr


Morris, normally you have a very emollient manner. Very restrained in


the past, but you have become excited. Take a soothing indignant,


it will have a good impact on you. Thank you. In Scotland, the general


election will be a two horse race, a straight fight between the Tories.


Do I think that mainstream Scots regardless of whether they voted


remain or leave will vote for a hard Tory Brexit? I do not. Will they


vote for more austerity and cuts to public services? No. Well most Scots


like a party that actively undermining the mandate already


given by the doubters in a Scottish general election? For people in


Scotland to determine their own future? No, I do not. We, on these


benches, worked hard for every vote in every seat in Scotland and we


look forward to defeating the Tories in this general election.


CHEERING There are at least ten people who


want to speak. It would be appreciated if each Member would


help other members, tailoring his or her contribution accordingly. I


welcome the courage that the Prime Minister has shown in taking this


question to the public. Who is that they are expecting to lead the


country for the next five years? I have to say, having followed the


last Speaker, it will not be the right honourable gentleman for


Moray. I think the public will have to think long and hard, because


Brexit is happening. This is not about... No, this is very


time-limited. This is not about us in here. This is about delivering


the future for the British public that they deserve. This is about


delivering the best possible outcome to this country as we leave the


European Union. I know that when we have that election on June eight,


there will be individual members here who may well find themselves in


difficulties with their constituency. For whatever reasons


they have expressed about the readership, I'm proud to be standing


behind a Prime Minister who has made it brutally clear that this is not


about making games in this place. This is about delivering a Brexit


that is the good of the European... LAUGHTER


Well, it is about that as well. Getting her relationship with the


European Union in the future is going to be incredibly important.


This will be the question posed, of the leaders that could be the Prime


Minister, that is what we are going to be asking the country, does this


country believe that the leader for Islington North to delete this


country? I suspect a large number of colleagues on his own backbenchers


would say no and I would suggest that the businesses in my


constituency would equally say no. Does the leader for... Sorry,


Westmorland and Lonsdale, his voting record and attendance in this House


along with his colleagues is generally pretty low, there are two


here today, there were none here to vote on the Budget yesterday, does


he really believed that he can lead this country? I suggest no. I would


suggest the British public, when they are looking who devote four on


the 8th of June will look forward with confidence to a Prime Minister


with an increased mandate to take us through to the next five years and I


am delighted that she is giving this opportunity to the country to


examine our record insert all been since 2010, 70 3% youth


unemployment, a drop. I hear no defence of the open is.


They are more interested in campaigning and less interested in


running the country. This party, our Government, has taken a strong


stance and in Saint Alden 's,, there are two thirds reduction in youth


unemployment, 62% in young people going into apprenticeships, those


are the records we will be bidding to the public. Brexit is happening.


We are going to make the best of it and I believe our Prime Minister


will not have to suffer 100 on a elected Liberal Democrat any other


place and nine in display to really place and nine in display to really


turn up. Trying to talk the tail of this Prime Minister. We need to make


the future secure... No, I'm going to finish. We need to make the


future secure for all young people, families, and this game playing in


the space does a disservice to the British public. They are fed up with


elections anyway, but let's get on and get a mandate for our Prime


Minister. The public do not respect the fact that people yell from the


backbenches. She can speak up for her own leader, only do, own


manifesto and own party and why she believes her own leader for


Islington North will be the person to take the country through to the


next five years. I would not share her confidence, but she obviously


has a lot of confidence in his capabilities. I will conclude by


saying that I know that this Government, which has delivered so


much already and has a much more to deliver, will have a residence with


the British public when you look at what is on offer from the other


parties who are divided, scaremongering and in Brexit denial.


This Government will govern as the best deal for all constituencies. An


appropriate time to be called. I saw a daily that Cameron Tweet... -- I


sort David Cameron Tweet saying you welcome to the decision to call an


early election. Given we are in this mess because he put party before


country in calling your friend when he did. It is hardly surprising that


the Prime Minister should follow him and indeed choose to put party


before country once again. Let's remember... Give me a moment. For


the moment that she took office, the Prime Minister has ignored the


closeness of the referendum vote, has preceded the hardest form of


Brexit driving division instead of cohesion, she has ignored the


British people, the British public sector and the National Health


Service and now in what is clearly another Act of putting 1's party


before it the country, she has chosen an early election. Not


because she needs a mandate to deliver Brexit, the Labour Party has


given her a mandate to deliver a Brexit. She's acting upon the narrow


majority of the referendum in 2016. Let's be very honest and clear about


this, she has chosen this election because she looked across the


dispatch box and she could not resist the temptation of doing the


political equivalent of taking candy from a baby and facing a Labour


Party in a general election. She expects a coronation and not a


contest. That is why the Liberal Democrats relish the challenge of a


general election. I will give way. I'm very grateful for giving way.


Given what he is said, will he rule out a Coalition with the


Conservatives? The great problem we face in this country is that the


Prime Minister is running on the expectation. There will be no need


for any Coalition, the Prime Minister has won this general


election in order to take advantage of what she sees, of what she thinks


is a clear opportunity for a majority of 100 or more. -- the


Prime Minister has called this general election. It is very clear


that we are not talking about balanced ballots, the Prime Minister


takes the view that in calling the selection it is the opportunity to


hurt you have a 100 seat majority, an opportunity to drive through not


just a hard Brexit, but indeed her agenda to is slimmed down a National


Health Service... I'm Act order. The Honourable Member is undertaking an


apprenticeship to become a statesman. He has several modules


and some years to go. He must calm himself. He is listening to be


statesmen, Tim Farron. Do as the hackles from a friend of many years


standing down below me, the reality is, we are not looking at the


balanced Parliament. The Prime Minister has clearly called the


selection on the understanding that she can reap swathes... Give herself


a majority that will allow her to do... Not the time being, thank you.


Allow her to deliver the hardest former Brexit, showing the National


Health Service, undermine support for education and figures out of the


single market. Come on, Tim. If you want to avoid a hard Brexit, the any


single market, a Britain that has a decent opposition, a decent


opposition, that only the Liberal Democrats will give you in the final


stages. Can I does point out... May I point out... There is only one


route, Mr Speaker. There is only one route the Prime Minister losing this


general election and it is a liminal Derek Radford. -- Liberal Democrat


route. I'm happy to explain. Let me move on. Let me explain why it the


only route through which Theresa May could lose her majority, unless my


friends on the SNP are about to unleash an aggressive foreign


policy, they can only get one seat. policy, they can only get one seat.


Not even the Labour Party believes they will be gaining seats at the


selection, so the only outcome of this election that does not lead to


a Conservative majority is the Liberal Democrats revival in every


part of this country. , On! The Government has already stated that


it will not down lines if negotiating goes any further than


the damp record we have frizzy. If they will not tell us what we are


receiving, they must instead just the people with their say on the


final deal. The Prime Minister has already confirmed that she will not


do any television debates, preferring to cower behind the hard


rate pages of the Brexit press than stand up and present her case to the


British people. To have the honourable gentleman, I think he may


have missed out my honourable friend to as a straight question. We have a


word in Scotland it means give as a straight and is, will you rule out a


call issue with the Tories? Gas or no? The outcome of this general


election is uncertain and in the days and weeks to come... Yes or no?


We will no doubt talk about what will happen afterwards. The


honourable gentleman below need to... Answer it! You need to be


patient and your patience will be rewarded. As will my Honourable


neighbour. I don't think my Honourable Member give an answer to


that. A lot of his views will be asked about over the next seven


weeks and he was asked one question which he refused to give an answer


to and I would be interested if he did today. Does the Honourable


members think that being gay is a sin? I do not. I am very proud to


have gone through that lobby behind the honourable gentleman there in


any Coalition Government with the Liberal Democrats introduced gay


marriage, equal marriage, and did not go as far as it did in terms of


recognising transgender rights, or however there is much more to be


done and if we campaign for an open and tolerant United Society, then we


need to make sure that we in not in any way complacent about LGBT


rights. In particular, what is going on in Chechnya at the moment. Let me


say this, do you know what, I won't. Let's move on. There is not much


time! I am flattered that you want to know my views. I will put myself


up for a leader debate with others, even if the Prime Minister doesn't.


You can then denies me. The reality is, what we had in a referendum last


June was a vote to start the process and giving the Prime Minister a


mandate to negotiate Brexit. What was not given the mandate to give


this Prime Minister the right to enact any old deal at the end of the


process. At the end of the process... What the Prime Minister


is asking for now is a blank cheque to a lower the British people to put


up with what ever a stitch up she and the Brussels bureaucrats who


together over the next two years. That is not democracy was up and


election that takes place on the 8th of June will not decide that


outcome. It will be about imposing on the British people a deal that


absolutely nobody voted for. Yes, the Liberal Democrats welcome this


opportunity to show the British people that there is another way.


The values of tolerance, of openness and fairness can help build vibrant


and successful communities and opportunities across the whole of


the United Kingdom and beyond. The Government has made it clear that


this is not the Britain that they believe in, they have chosen


isolation over core operation. Meanness of fairness, I believe in a


better Britain and that is why, Mr Speaker, we will support this


motion. Border. On account of the level of


interest and given that there are just over 37 minutes ago, I will


impose a three-minute limit to backbench speeches. I hope I can


take less time and it is a great honour to follow the honourable


gentleman, I had hoped to agree with him on one thing in his speech, I


had hoped he would have ruled out calling into a coalition with ours


because I can tell you, from these benches, there was no chance he


would want you, third, in our coalition of any Government. -- sir.


To date, the debate is in full swing but this is a good day for


Parliament. This is another slight step towards parliamentary democracy


rather than dictate by the executive. The Prime Minister has


not called a general election, it is this how that will decide whether


there will be a general election. If I thought for one moment that this


election had been in... Any moment. If I thought for one moment this


election has been called for party political reasons to go early to the


country, as happened with previous governments, they chose a moment to


go for political advantage, it gave great power to the executive. A


strange number of circumstances have come to get there. We have had a


change in the Prime Minister. We have not only at their age in Prime


Minister, we have had a change in all senior ministers as they move


from a governance that was and I Brexit to probe Brexit. --


anti-Brexit to pro. It to every member in this house to make a


decision. That proves that the fixed and is working and I absolutely...


If members visit the dumbing disagree but they can. Thank you.


I'm greatly honoured for you giving way. He said the parliament will


decide on the Prime Minister went on television yesterday, staking a


reputation, that there would be a general election. If you does not


get the majority, should she resigned after such a public


humiliation? That the whole advantage of the Parliament act. If


the house does not agree to the general election, it won't happen


and the Government will continue in office. Now, of course, opposition


members that don't want a general election would be very strange


creatures indeed but also because opposition members sit on their


hands and don't vote, they will be regarded as important Members of


Parliament. I hope the honourable gentleman will make his mind up one


way or another. -- impotence. Isn't that I've fixed term Parliament


cannot work? No one can sensibly say they prefer a Government they oppose


to continue in office rather than having the cancer defeating it.


Therefore, the fixed term Parliament act does not go far. -- the chance


to. I will disagree. It is proving today that it is working. I believe


we will have the required majority. I understand, Sir, that if nobody


objects, and you decide the matter on the voices, it in fact is carried


and we don't have too actually have two thirds. I think that is a


strange anomaly but I hope someone will shout no and we get it. I will


not be doing that today because, as you know, you have two followed...


How you go to the volume about and I would never dream of doing anything


other than that. Despite the party politics, I think this is a great


day for Parliament and it's a small step forward in parliamentary


democracy. Free issues I want to address any short time available to


me. The first is that this election is happening in our midst of


political discussions in Northern Ireland about the formation of an


executive. That is important. I want to make eclair, starters -- as far


as our party is concerned, we want discussions to continue in Northern


Ireland. Clear. We want to make eclair along with the SDLP in Ulster


Unionists we will form an executive in Northern Ireland. -- make it


clear. We do not see anything is more important than health


education, funding, the future of our problems and public services. We


believe those things are far more rewarding than some of the issues


that are now said to divide us so we are ready to get that executive up


and running two-day, next week, whenever. We don't need prolonged


negotiations. The second thing I want to say is, in terms of the


Brexit, Northern Ireland's position is different. That has been made


clear. That has been made clear in the paper set out, it is recognised


as special circumstances. We believe it is imperative that Northern


Ireland's voices heard very strongly. That is why it's such a


tragedy that Sinn Fein is what a way from the executive, collapsed the


Assembly, full other into an unnecessary Assembly election,


boycott this place and then the man is a special stages which have been


rejected from the Irish Republic, the European Union and even the


European Parliament when it set out to negotiate. Never they except some


kind of special stages, they want, and we agree with special


arrangements that recognise special circumstances of Northern Ireland.


Mr Speaker, if that'll be essential in the election is now going to


happen, people in Northern Ireland recognise the clear choice between a


party that has waterway and abandoned its responsibilities on a


number of fronts and a party that will enter Government in Northern


Ireland, takes the chair, contribute and raise its voice, standing up for


Northern Ireland. The final thing I want to say this. The only big issue


about going forward in terms of this country, this election will provide


clarity. It will provide clarity on the union. The union that really


matters, the union of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and


Northern Ireland. On that issue, the people of Northern Ireland will have


a clear choice. They will have a clear choice as to whether or not


they will want to rally round and say firmly that they want Northern


Ireland to remain part of the United Kingdom, whether they want to go


down the route presented by Sinn Fein, which is a Marxist, Leninist


concept of a republic that has been rejected by most people accept their


nationalism and but reject what they stand for in terms of their


intellect average and all the rest of it. The only way to support the


union is by rallying behind the Democratic Unionist Party on the 8th


of June. The Prime Minister presents itself, to adapt a phrase from Tony


Blair, as a pretty straight sort of a person. She is a former Home


Secretary, she is a former Home Secretary and she knows full well


the values of evidence as it is proved. Firstly, she was initially


in favour of leaving the European Union. A lesser moral stand, even if


I disagree. Then in favour of May in, others silent in that report.


Now with us again in her determination to leave. Secondly,


opposed to holding a second general election. -- a general election.


Turning on domestic matters when he had important and time limited


international negotiation to conclude. Now, hey how, she has


eagerly said it is a general election we must happen. Again the


European Union, for the European Union, again, again. Against holding


a general election, now determined to have one. Mr DJ, they recognise


that are as straight as legendary European Union bandanna. -- bonanza.


-- banana. She has said she wants an election to get a larger Tory


majority. But the honourable member agree with me that the Prime


Minister is triggering the -- treating the electorate with


contempt because he assumes it will result in such and she admits she


has no plan at all for this country if she does not get that result. I


have no crystal ball. I know the disarray unfortunately that the


party of the rates on my right and who knows what the outcome would be


but I am suspicious of the Prime Minister's motives and reasoning.


She said he general election would in hand the stages of the other 27


and I cannot see how that might the case. Just to turn briefly to what I


do think the motives are, and I think they're pretty clear. They are


pretty straight. Is not only about the destruction of the Labour Party


as a credible opposition over the next decade or so, unfortunately,


and I'm afraid they are doing in very effective demolition job


themselves with her help, it is not only about raising a challenge to my


friends in Scotland, though I think, in this case, her case is already


lost. This is about seeing of her opponent on the side of the house


and her enemies behind her. As always with the Tories, desperate


while it suits. My hearty Plaid can raise welcomes unity. We welcome the


people of Wales and the opportunity for the people of Wales to change


our course in the long-term. -- banana. Away from the cyber


centralised governments in London. -- Plaid Cymru. With prosperity,


social justice than the problem confident place all else in the


world. If the Prime Minister, when taking office, said we wanted this


Government led by herself wanted a general election, there would be


less controversy than there is at the moment. But it is denial. Every


opportunity, she herself or someone speaking for her has denied the


general election. Where was the general election, they were asked.


The question was Claire, 2020. There is no great public demand free


general election. How many members of this house have received, in your


last few weeks of the last few months, letters and e-mails


clamouring for a general election? Hands up. Go. It is absolutely


clear. There has been no such demand. The reason given by the


prime ministers for a general election, Brexit, that is a feeble,


flimsy excuse and not taken in by anyone. I honourable friend said the


Government should not be complacent without getting a large majority. --


about getting it. Hopefully they will not receive one. When you


consider the hard done to the people in need, disabled, vulnerable, live


aid in employment, when this covenant has had a small majority,


just imagine what would happen if there was a large Tory majority. It


would be a nightmare. An absolute nightmare for those who we


represent. Millions of people in this country need the governments to


protect them and not be half them. I have -- not with a small, not with a


large majority. I was here Julie Jory Government of the 1980s and I


saw only too well the arm that was done to my constituents. Certainly


others. This motion before us is murky, complete the opportunist and


reflects badly on the Prime Minister. I just repeat these words,


made were cynical about politics in this country and unfortunately that


is a trait that has increased with whoever has responsibility for


producing, or perhaps all. I do say that this notion and this general


election which is coming your way for opportunistic reasons, we


increase the cynical feeling and that is a very damaging thing to the


democratic process. Thank you. I, too, will be voting against the


motion to day because I think it is totally unnecessary and I say that


as somebody who voted leave on the 23rd. Since then, I have had a


grudging respect for the way the Prime Minister has conducted herself


since you do go over. However, the justification of which she has given


for having a general election is quite frankly disingenuous. To


suggest that he needs a mandate to negotiate Brexit is just ridiculous.


She was given that mandate on the 24th of June by a majority of


British people and it is up to her now to carry that out. If she then


wishes to have another election at the end of the process, or to have


another referendum, then so be it. To justify it now is just as my


honourable colleague said, surely opportunistic. She said she needs a


larger majority because heard business in the house is likely to


be disrupted by an opposition party or by the House of Lords. Well, she


drew back to what happened when the Wilson Government was in power


between 64-66. He had a majority of three. The Callaghan current in the


1970s governed for five years without any majority. --


governments. If he is fearful of what could happen any House of


Lords, she should do exactly what stories have done in the past and


flog the plays that their own people to ensure she gets her way. There is


no justification for arguing that she needs to have a larger majority


in order to get the business of the house through. -- flood the place.


Furthermore, the quite frankly arrogant view that the electorate


should concentrate simply all in one narrow issue is treating the


electorate with contempt. I can only speak for my constituents, but when


they considered the issues, they will be asking the questions, why is


every school in my constituency losing out under the new funding


formula? Why is the City Council having to make the horrendous cuts


because the Government have at support grants. Whilst the dog


waiting times local hospitals increasing? There are just not


enough staff. While more and more hard-working families having...? I


will. I just wanted to point out that in


his questioning about why the things were happening to do things in his


constituency, I wanted to ask if he might addressed why my children's


school which is in his constituency, the children are now going up to


having 32 children in a class and I wonder if he agrees with me, I don't


remember that happening under a Labour Government. I thank my


colleagues. Of course, she is correct. Under a Labour Government,


we build schools for the future. We had short staffed centres, under


this Government, for as well, the programme has stopped and secondly,


short staff centres are being closed left, right and centre. My


constituents will ask other questions, why is it that more and


more hard-working families are being forced into the humiliation of


having to use food banks, because they do not have enough money at the


end of the week to feed and clothe their families? Why our energy


consumers paying ever increasing prices well the energy utility firms


are ripping them off in the sacred name of competition? And why are


young people, married and unmarried, unable to acquire proper housing for


themselves and very often have to stay with their in wars? These views


will be echoed throughout the country. There is no justification


for the selection and I will certainly be opposing it. Thank you


very much, Mr Speaker. I will be supporting emotion, because I think


is one of the members opposite side, it is rather bizarre that when the


Opposition says they want to keep a Tory Government in power, it makes


no sense. We have to put our case to be British people and see what


happens. We have arrived at a position today which I always


thought was inevitable. This was bound to happen. I never bought all


the golf about no election. As a political dilemma could work here,


which has resulted in this decision being inevitable. Given he is going


to support the Government, is he then confident we won't have a toy


Government returning post-election with two more years? What is the


follow through on his actions? The follow-through is to do what ever


you can to get rid of a Tory Government as soon as you can. That


is always the case. That may not work, but it's up to the British


people in an election. That is their choice. The reason I think we are in


an inevitable position is because I just wanted to pay a minor tribute


to Mr David Kaplan. -- David Cameron. When the history of the


early part of the 20th century comes to be written, you will have one


even most prominent roles in it. Not a particularly glorious tribute, but


decisions that he took will over time the damage this country


immensely. Members serving on the original EU Referendum Bill known at


the time as the Walton Bill. I remember sitting in a committee and


the then Prime Minister actually came into the committee room and sat


in the public gallery simply to pay all pieces to the hard right wingers


of the Tory party who were on that Bill committee. I have never seen or


heard the Prime Minister being faced with such ignominy as having to do


that. He gave them the guarantee of an in-house referendum. He did not


say he would renegotiate the terms of are you membership. -- EU


membership. This is the consequence of that. When I think you will go


down as one as the most damaging Prime Minister 's, but prominent


nonetheless, he is also a bit at jeopardy the entire future of the


United Kingdom. Not just our relationship with the European


Union, but these future of Scotland as part of the United Kingdom, and


again it was he who granted the referendum in the first place which


set the dynamic in train, which has destroyed the Labour Party in


Scotland, let's be frank and given them the more prominent role that


they enjoy today. He also has put in jeopardy our relationship with the


Republic of Ireland and also as the honourable gentleman from the DUP


mentioned earlier, put at risk the very stability of Northern Ireland


as an entity, whether or not as part of the United Kingdom. All of these


things add up and the damage that has been done will be with us for


decades. The people who will pay the biggest price as mentioned earlier


will be the young people. The next generation and those who come after.


It has permanently damage this country. I will vote for the general


election and say I don't think it will change anything. I think the


landscape or remain much the same after an election as it is now. It


will all follow from the calamitous decision of last June to leave the


European Union. I can understand that is a certain amount of bank to


me here today. Politics is neither science nor art and it certainly is


not religion. People do things for their own political advantage as has


every Prime Minister. I'm not intending to speak in this debate,


but in response to a question posed by the Honourable Member for Walsall


Norris said he wouldn't let me intervene to respond. I want to make


a couple points. I have received e-mails from constituents over the


last three weeks asking me to encourage the Prime Minister to call


a general election and go to the country once again. He seemed to be


implying that the one in the country was asking for this, but there were


members of my constituency were asking me to do that. When the Prime


Minister did make an announcement yesterday, initially I would say I


was in shock. Like my Right Honourable Friend, I was boldly


telling people that there was no chance of a general election


happening and I wasn't quite as bald as to put it in the papers, but both


verbally and in e-mails, I was telling people that I didn't believe


it was going to happen. Having listened to the reason the Prime


Minister gave yesterday, I am happy to the outcome to be position where


I do believe it is the right thing for the country. That we obtain a


new mandate to go into the negotiations to leave the EU and the


Prime Minister and the others who will begin negotiating our towns in


the strongest possible position in those negotiations. Limmy also say


that I'm very happy to stand on this Government's record of delivering


for this country. This is not just about Brexit negotiations, it is


about this Government has one of the best performing economies in the


world, record numbers of jobs, great investment in the NHS. I am per to


the letters continue with the job that we are doing on these benches


for delivering what our country needs and put us in the strongest


possible position. I want to make one final point for I finish, if the


Conservative Party is returned into Government with a substantially


reduced majority, I see to the leader of the Liberal Democrats,


will he then except that that is the word of the British people? That


they have returned the Conservative Party with a clear mandate to press


on and figures out of the European Union on the grounds that the Prime


Minister has set out and drop this opposition in gameplay to thwart the


democratic will of the British people? As someone who believes the


Prime Minister has presented the case with a selection on an entirely


false premise, I too will be voting against the motion today. I was not


acting for an election last week, the week before, I was arguing in


the context of the toxin in Northern Ireland there any mood to an


election in the near future wouldn't actually help the context of those


negotiations, so my mind has not changed, so why should I pretend


that it has? I'm not going to be goaded into voting differently


because of the Prime Minister's actions and standards. She is


accused others are playing games in this Parliament. Her argument is


that she has no confidence in Parliament. We have this bizarre


situation where we had a referendum that was about taking back control,


parliamentary sovereignty, but then we have a Prime Minister who says


she has no confidence in Parliament. She does not trust the Opposition,


she confers all sort of exaggerated powers to block and she complained


that the House of Lords. If members of the Tory benches are concerned


about the House of Lords, moved to abolish it or move to put forward a


confident, coherent democratic reform, but stop using them as props


in this argument. The Prime Minister is pretending she needs the election


knows that she has a strong hand in the short-term, when we really know


that she wants a free hand in the longer term in terms of the regular


room around periods of adjustment and transitions and other things


that too many of her colleagues have been to straight on. Does my


honourable friend appreciate that the nearest power level to what is


happening now in this campaign for an election is the... I am


interested in hearing the honourable gentleman, but I would like to face


the house, thank you. You were pretty busy talking.


LAUGHTER I was being spoken to by an


illustrious Member of the Opposition whip. We'll hear from the Honourable


Member. The nearest parallel is the election of 1974 when Ted Heath, the


then Prime Minister, decided on a very narrow argument that the miners


were on strike and that it would be about to runs the country. Most


general elections are about a lot of things, this one was about a


specific thing. Can I say to my honourable friend, what happened in


the event was that the Labour Party finished up with the largest number


of seats and the Queen Centre Ted Heath to try and form a Coalition


with the Liberals and the Liberals ran away. I appreciate the right


honourable members intervention and I would also make the point that we


have going to bring in comparisons with that election in 1970 Coric,


the power-sharing objective formed in Northern Ireland fell as a


consequence of that election. -- election in 1974. That was because


of the balance of forces. The collection has been called without


regard for the fact that there are a sensitive negotiations ongoing in


Northern Ireland currently in its hard to see how this happening there


won't have an impact on those negotiations. It will probably call


the attitude of pointed to some of the issues they are dealing with. It


will colour their attitude to each other in terms of trust, but also


the British and will not be in a position to give undertakings or


commitment in the contest of those negotiations. How are we going to


get any sort of comprehends of agreement in those hours of


circumstances? As someone who worked for the Good Friday agreement and


its implementation, I do not take those issues lately and I cannot be


dismissive of them. I want to make sure we have the agreement fully


protected and that is why I am no saboteur of anything that has been


endorsed by a referendum, least of all but the Irish people endorsed by


referendum unable to put the Good Friday agreement. I worry about the


implications of Brexit for the Good Friday agreement, I worry about the


fact that the Government are in denial about the fact that the


process of Brexit has implications for that agreement, but of course I


also do recognise that the agreement gives us the machinery to answer a


lot of the questions and challenges for the whole island of Ireland in


times of Brexit. It gives us the material to make sure we can operate


in the future in ways that continue to be supported by and funded by the


EU, we can keep the island as a comment market, even got market, in


sector after sector if we use the Good Friday agreement. We go for it


in this election in a positive way, but with no pretence that the


election was necessary and no pretence that the Prime Minister is


justified in the Times that she has used an ordinary by the pretence.


I believe this is the sort of thing that gives politics a bad name in


our country and it leads to the alienation of people from the


blissful process because there's only one reason the Prime Minister


what they general election on the 8th of June and that is because she


figures she has a better chance of winning it now than she does in the


future. It is therefore the most blatant abuse of the democratic


procedure for party political advantage. As the campaign goes on,


it'll be seen as that. This has nothing to do with the country was


lacked interest and to do with the management of the Conservative


Party. I give two reasons why that is the case. She has suggested she


was a majority. He is not lost any vote on Brexit only last year with a


majority of less than 30. She has not won any, rather. The majority is


already there. She also said that this will give clarity to the Brexit


process. We have been trying from ten long ones for clarity. Every


question you have to as being met with silence and refusal to actually


say what Brexit does indeed mean. I do believe for one minute that the


Tory party manifesto for the 8th of June will spell out exactly what


they plan to Britain is both Brexit. Who is giving you? We will not be


any clearer at this election as to what Brexit means than they are


right now. -- post-Brexit. Thank you. The media are reporting that up


to 30 sitting Tory MPs face being prosecuted for electoral fraud and


the Crown Prosecution Service will announce whether it intends to press


charges very soon. But I honourable friend think this might have


anything to do with the Prime Minister was my change of heart? I


do. I think it is remarkably suspicious but my concern is that


actually what the Prime Minister wanted to his silence dissent and


disagreement in the house and the country. Therefore her instincts are


not democratic, they are authoritarian. That is a great


worry. Can I just turned to the situation in Scotland? There are two


reasons why the people of Scotland should be given another choice about


self governance. The first is because -- not because people who


lost the referendum respect the results but that changed afterwards.


The United Kingdom people voted to be part of will no longer the


dominant be there in the future. The second is, despite a comprised


position by the Scottish Government that said it would neither challenge


the Brexit deal argue for independence, that would fall back


on our faces. There is no option but to offer people in Scotland the


other agility and the choice between having a hard Tory isolation Britain


are taking matters into their own hands. This is not required as a


mandate to have that second referendum because the Scottish


Government already have that mandate. This will be a judgment,


Prime Minister, on your refusal to agree to the wishes of the Scottish


Parliament and I would like to have this in finishing. If the


Conservative Party loses the general election in Scotland, will you stop


blocking the right of the Scottish people do have its choice? Very


unfair. Any generation. Northern Ireland is in a state of the


military have no executive, no Government and I wonder if the Prime


Minister fully considers what it may happen to us there. Before the


recess, I was given an excellent answer as to our position in the


union and I'm very, very grateful to this part I want to get three points


across. One is not about this election, we fully supported a


public version. The public in Northern Ireland are fed up to the G


with elections. They have had very many, see no point in another


Assembly election. If you watched what was going on in Easter and


watched some paramilitaries dressed in west Belfast and I think


somewhere else marching carrying the European Union flag as if it were


their banner. Brexit for art is a very different and brittle world. We


fully support and the divinely the right way forward but it will be


used by Sinn Fein to really try and break up the union and the need that


support. I add that, in the manifesto, they look at how they


deal with Northern Ireland APPLAUSE Special stages but also how you look


in that manifesto at ensuring that they have a workable Government.


That's what the Ulster Unionist Party all about. Getting back to


Central parties running Northern Ireland and finally, the last point,


making sure the manifesto looks after our Armed Forces, our


ex-servicemen. Legacy is playing its way out, not protecting the people


who need protected were doing their duty. We will support the motion to


date. Thank you. Several members have already pointed out today that


the Prime Minister head up a party with the current majority that was


gained by her party cheating in the last general election and BLS jawed


committee has signed on as a result today, she had a brass neck to give


a speech that leadership. I want to know what leadership is the prime


ministers showing on this? She refused and the question from the


honourable member from Bolsover. She refused to answer the member for


Glasgow 's south about electoral cheating. Will they take part? What


interventions has she made to make sure this cheating does not happen


again? If the honourable lady mask. Like the order. Mr Speaker, tries


the honourable member has accused members of cheating. There is no


proof of cheating and he should withdraw the remarks. I think it's a


matter of taste rather than order for the honourable lady but he has


made that with accuracy and it is forward. Thank you concluded?


Condemns a further nine leadership interventions by the Prime Minister,


she consistently said that would be no general election, we had a


U-turn. She did not and the likely change their mind on the single


market. No evidence about what a hard Tory Brexit will mean converge


to Scotland's playing in the single market. She ignore the Scottish


Government and Scottish Parliament. I have to, shows a real leadership.


Thank you. Saying that it is voting for Christmas -- turkeys voting for


Christmas. It is what they are doing. The Prime Minister needs 433


MPs to support her to day. She has gone on television, told the


build-up will be a general election will stop if Parliaments doesn't


back her, Labour did and do her tune, if you does not have 433, will


she resigned? That and they could change the views of the Labour


members. Under the standing order, I must now put the question. The


question is that there shall be an early parliamentary general


election. As many of that opinion say aye, on the contrary know. On


the contrary, no? Division! Clear the lobby. Order. Order. The ayes to


the right, 522. The noes to the left, 13. The ayes to the right,


five to two. The noes to the left, 13. The ayes have it, the ayes have


it. Unlock. Whitehall, the heart of Govan but


could you balance this with Government and the one of the


largest employers of the world. So, you want to be Health