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Hello, welcome to Inside Out. Trapped in Spain, waiting for the


bulldozers, the people who sold up here to move there and frankly wish


they hadn't. I am livid, because we come here to


end our days, in retirement, and it is all taken away from May.


I take a close look at the science of face blindness, when you're


unable to recognise even your nearest and dearest.


There were moments I would not recognise my own children, so I


started thinking, there is something wrong, it is not normal.


And, how a bunch of murderers and traitors ended up on the national


memorial for our war heroes. It is an insult to the families of


the victims and to the families of the guys who are commemorated here


who of the rows. Imagined selling DUP and splashing


out on a dream villa in Spain only to be told it could be demolished


at any time. After living and working all their lives in Worthing,


John and Christine Bull sold their bungalow and ploughed everything


into buying this home. It had been their lifelong dream. Nice coast,


beautiful beaches, everything you could want when you retire. You


would think this is the dream. it feel like a home, knowing what


is handing over you? I think it does, it is still home to me, but


they could take it away from us. They are the regional government of


Andalucia, the Junta, who have branded their house and


neighbouring properties illegal, ignoring the fact that the local


council has approved all the buildings and issued the owners


We should not be on to this level of stress at our stage of life.


Through no fault of our own. People at our age start getting illnesses,


and stress does not help. John and Christine want to move back to


Sussex. They now have grandchildren there, and since the move,


Christine has been diagnosed with cancer. But she and John can't go


anywhere. You have got that nagging think in the background all the


time. Will they knock it down? Will the bulldozer, over the hill


tomorrow? You do not know. We have lost his will, because this house


is worth nothing, nobody would buy it. Thanks to the politicians,


that's whose fault it is. If you had any doubts about the problem,


it is not just one or two. There are 12,697 properties in this


valley that have been deemed to be illegal. And in the whole of


Andalucia, the regional government has overturned local planning


permissions so many times that a staggering 300,000 homes could be


turned to rubble. And if you think the Junta won't carry out its


Hello. Hello. Hello. This was your Spanish villa. We just have the


foundations and the swimming pool. After five years of sun, sea and


lounging by the pool, one morning, with 20 minutes' warning, the


Andalucian bulldozers arrived at this villa, named Tranquillity.


This was the entrance, this was a porch way. Just here of the front


door. You walk through into the hallway. We were amazed they


scraped all of the tiles off. were that determined? They left you


with nothing? The Priors have stayed put. Due to the bizarre


planning rules, the garage was deemed legal, so was left untouched.


They've lived there ever since, adding a shipping-container


extension and a particularly novel You are standing in the van, which


was a caravan at, which I converted into a bathroom. Living in a garage,


and washing in a van. That is your life. Yes. Happy days! Helen and


Len have good reason to feel particularly singled out. These


houses having problems as well? is just this one. How does that


make you feel? Really angry. I could put a knife in somebody's


back because of the stupidity of it. We think they picked our name out


of a hat. They just wanted to demolish a house. I think they have


picked on a house that was legal just to say, if we cannot this one


down, we can knock any bodies down. They want to force of their will


upon the local councils, who have always in the past have the right


to issue building licences. Suddenly, there is a change. It is


like West Sussex County Council telling Worthing Town Council, that


building is illegal. So, the dreams of a life in Spain for thousands of


Brits are left literally in ruins. Welcome to my house in Spain. Moved


here seven years ago. Not a brick has been laid since. The Browns


sold their �300,000 Hampshire home to come here. Now they are stuck,


unable to move in, unable to return home. This is through no fault of


your own? As far as we know, reported in good faith. Solicitors,


architects, signing off every little bit of concrete they put in.


Just to be stopped. Will you ever see your money out of this


place,...? We have been told not to. Those who actually have inhabitable


homes aren't allowed mains water or electricity because the houses have


yet again retrospectively been deemed illegal. You are living off


generators and leisure batteries, but you have already paid to be


connected to the grid. Yes, 13 of us paid 120,000 euro between us to


get the infrastructure put-in. They agreed we could do it. When we got


it done, they said, you cannot have it put up, because you or illegal.


To make matters worse, the Spanish government has launched a UK-wide


campaign to try and get more Brits to move to Spain and boost its


flagging economy. To have somebody from the Government over their


promoting ourselves, no way! He should not have been let in the


country. It is a case of, give me money. That is all the authorities


want you to do. An air of limbo hangs over the whole area, as the


Andalucian Junta sticks to its guns and court actions fail to make


headway. While Len and Helen fight to rebuild their home, they are


also battling for compensation for the stress caused. You'd think


that'd be a no-brainer. We are just completing this questionnaire we


need to do for the psychiatric testing. We have 567 questions on


this paper. And we have 175 on the other paper. They are trying to


prove it has not been stressful? Living in a garage? Seeing your


house Knockdown. It has not done us any harm! They ask me for four


hours, asking about heart problems, prostate problems, headaches the.


If this is not enough to send anybody barmy, goodness knows what


is. Every month, hundreds of Brits, many of whom are facing demolition


orders, gather to discuss tactics. The bottom line, the Andalucian


government isn't budging, and the They gave us permission, we built


the house, then they tell us we were wrong. They are not wrong, we


are rock. People in the UK do not realise the full scale of the


problems. It is horrendous. We have done everything they have given us


the paperwork for. Now they say, we should not have done it. It is all


of our money. Even if we can find a solution, the length of time it can


take, many people may not see a solution in their lifetime. Time to


ask some tough questions about what the Spanish government is doing to


sort out the unbending line being taken by the Junta. We explain our


findings to the ambassador. central government has no


competence, because the powers have been devolved. But the Government


is putting pressure on regional governments and on local


authorities to have a look at those problems, to try to see how we can


help the affected families. Could you have an amnesty, could you draw


the line? If you are talking about houses that were built with


permission by the town hall and then considered not illegal by the


regional authorities, in those cases, I hope they should be a


solution. The ambassador's manana response isn't what our Brits want


to hear. Frustrated and trapped abroad with no road home. I know of


quite a few people who have gone back, they have gone back with


pockets empty, and they have had to throw themselves on the mercy of


the council and say, I am homeless, give us a flat. So many people have


gone back, they have closed their doors, and that is not the answer.


Why do not see why they should be allowed to win when people did


nothing wrong. You have got to fight. If you know you are right,


you'd have got to fight. I wish we had never bought. If you want to


come to Spain, rent. Do not buy. For God's sake, do not buy.


If you have been caught out overseas or you think you might


have a story for us, drop me an e- mail.


How are you at faces? We all struggle from time to time to put


an end to a face. Imagine if you could not recognise your children


or even yourself. You lived in a state of low-level


confusion. I always believed I was socially incompetent. There were


moments I would not recognise my children, and at that point, as I


started thinking, there is something wrong, it is not normal.


The these women have a rare condition, they cannot recognise


faces. I had not realised my daughter was going to be catching a


bus. I stood behind her. She stood in front of me, staring at me.


After a couple of minutes, she went, mum! Say hello! I had not realised


it was her. To if I am alone in the bathroom, the person in the mirror


is May, but if it is somewhere more public, I did not look for my own


face any more than I would look for anybody else's. If I gave you a


photo album, could you pick yourself out? If I know the


photograph, will pick myself out. If I do not know the photograph, I


might not. Monica and Joe are not alone. At Bournemouth University,


they estimate that one in 50 of us suffer from some form of the


condition. Face blindness if -- is another name for the loss of memory


for faces. These people can recognise objects and other


categories of things, and it is specific to faces. They know what a


face is, they know the basic configuration of a face, but they


failed to identify individuals, no matter how close those people are


to them. The bomb and sat down on the bench quite close to be, anyway


a stranger would not -- the woman sat down. When she spoke, I


realised it was my daughter. Today, I'm going to play guinea pig to a


brand-new test that helps identify people who are good or bad at face


recognition. I will ask you to look at these images and process them in


your mind. I can show you where you were looking for each face, and had


you explored at face visually. look at each image for five seconds,


and without knowing it, my eyes are tracing a regular pattern in order


to take in the faces' unique characteristics. Is there a normal


way which people should read a face? Normally, we see a triangular


pattern of eye movement. This moves between the key internal features,


the eyes, nose and mouth. I am not looking at hair or ears or chain.


That is what will be interesting to see in our sufferers, because we


expect them to come out of the internal features and a cut the


hair and chain, the ear shape in particular. That is an interesting


point, what they rely on is the stuff that can change. That is why


they compensation to structures break down and they failed to


recognise people. How would you recognise me? In this group, you


are the bald one. That is a bit harsh! You did ask! You are looking


for key features? I go to a family history group, there are 10 people,


free meant, and one of there is bought. -- three men. I cannot


expect to spot him in a supermarket, because they might be 50 bald men


there. Some people have elaborate strategies. They might recognise


somebody because they are in their local pub and they know that person


works behind the bar, so it must be them. They used context as a cue.


It is when the context is taken away and they cannot rely on the


strategies at all, and that is when they are completely stuck. I had


gone for an interview when I was 20, and interviews were much less


managed in those days, they did what they wanted to do. I was


interviewed by a dog head gite in a dark suit, who left the room. -- 8


dark-haired man. He then came back. It was not the same man. I only put


this together afterwards, when we had had a disjointed conversation,


where he was trying to start aAt inquiry, and I was trying to pick


up on what had been said before. They must have thought I was mad.


Paul Schofield from the Isle of Wight has come to Bournemouth to


have his face-recognition skills analysed. When I was at secondary


school, I started realising I could not recognise people in other forms.


Paul learnt the hard way the consequences of his undiagnosed


face blindness as a teenager. a girl that I quite liked, she had


not got a telephone, so a week later, I called round her house to


ask her out, and this person answered the door, which are


thought was a friend or a sister, I said, is she in? It was her. When I


asked if she would like to go out, she said no, because I did not


recognise her. Although Paul has been happily married now for 31


years, he wants to gain more of an understanding of his face blindness.


He thinks the results might help him come to terms with his disorder.


It is socially awkward. It prevents you from being more for what,


because you do not want to cause people embarrassment as well as


causing embarrassment to yourself, because people do not like not to


be recognised. That is the end of the tests, so you can relax now.


Instead of forming a triangle from the eyes to the mouth like I did,


Paul seems to be focussing on less individual features. You have


looked at the mouth Emir, more than that I ever. -- looks at the mouth,


more than looking at the eye. The control subjects focus on the eyes.


You are almost in in the reserves - - you are almost doing the reverse.


It may seem like a small difference, but the consequences can be


dramatic. I found a picture of Brian Cox in the Radio Times. Not a


problem. I went over the page, and there was a similar picture, the


same angle, the same hair, but the only snag was that Brian Cox appear


to be wearing a dress. My brain kicks in at that point, and I


thought, it is OK, it is Comic Relief this week. When I read the


caption, I found it was an actress. If that was real people, and he


went down a completely wrong direction like that, but you are


talking to someone and trying to have a conversation at the same


time, that can get extremely complicated, because you are trying


to make the facts fit what you think you are seeing. How was it?


Quite well, it was very interesting. He is the first person to try this.


Yes, this particular test. What did she find out? When I did the first


one, and we looked at the analysis, I was looking at the person's mouth


more than looking up the eyes, but in my mind, and was looking at the


eyes quite a lot. Will that change how you look at people? It might do,


but some of the others, we discovered that I was looking at a


wider field of view, looking at the ears and for heads. With one in 50


of the population suffering from some form of this disorder, it's


likely we all know someone with face blindness. Getting a diagnosis


is good, but once you have had it, you want to know how much of your


life it has affected. I am doing this to help other people. If


somebody has it seriously... Children cannot recognise their


parents, husbands cannot recognise their wives. I am helping with the


research to help them. Since I have known about it, I do now have an


identity, of which I did not have before. I am not socially


incompetent! The sobering sight of the graves of


our war dead. Not the sort of place you would expect tales of murder


and treachery. So you would think This is the story of a Nazi spy who


disguised himself as a British prisoner of war so that he could


get information from genuine prisoners. A spy who was hanged for


treason, but whose name is still on a heroes' memorial here at


Covering 37 acres, Brookwood military cemetery is the largest


military cemetery is the largest military cemetery is the largest


Commonwealth cemetery in Britain. 1,600 people from World War I are


buried here. Many had come to the UK to be treated for wounds from


which they never recover. From World War II, nearly 4,000 heroes


from Commonwealth countries, as well as a number of US personnel,


are buried here. Overlooking their final resting place, this memorial,


to those with no known grace. -- grave. Here are the names of 3,500


people who gave their lives for their country. They include those


who fell during the campaigns in Norway, commandos killed in the


daring St Nazaire raid and special agents who were murdered as


prisoners of war. But alongside the undoubted heroes are three names of


men who weren't missing in action, men who were hung and buried in


mass graves at Pentonville and This memorial has been built in


honour of 3500 soldiers of the land forces of the Commonwealth. When it


was opened to great fanfare by the Queen, nobody realised that a


handful of criminals were included in the roll of honour. All upheld


the proud traditions of their Why have we got spies and


murderers? It seems incredible, but at the end of the war, the War


Office made a decision that anybody who died in military service,


however they died, would be commemorated. These people who were


executed felons were at the time of their death serving personnel,


because the Army either overlooked or forgot to give them a


dishonourable discharge. The day they were executed, they were


serving personnel. One of there is here on panel 17. Shurck, a serving


British soldier, was captured by the Germans at Tobruk in North


Africa. He was imprisoned, and it was then that his loyalties changed.


Whilst in the camp, he turned across to the enemy side, and he


would go round, befriending the British officers within the camp,


trying to extract information from them. How was he caught? It was


realised at the time by other officers. At the end of the war,


the matter was reported to the authorities, and he was arrested.


What was his fate? He was hanged in a British prison and buried in the


prison yard. This memorial for heroes with no known grave, we know


where he lies. Absolutely. Perhaps one of the most disturbing stories


is that of Gunner Ernest Kemp. On a cold February in 1944, Iris Miriam


Deeley was returning to RAF Known as Miriam to her friends, she


had been away for the weekend to visit her fiance. Due to an air


raid, she missed her connecting train and found herself walking the


final part of her journey to her barracks from Lewisham station on


foot with three others. Just outside Kidbrooke Church, only 400


yards from her destination, two of her fellow travellers turned for


home, leaving Miriam and the Her body was discovered two days


later by allotments here. She had been strangled with her own scarf.


Gunner Ernest Kemp, an army deserter, was arrested. He then


confessed to her murder. During his trial, compelling evidence led the


jury to find Ernest guilty of Miriam's murder. On the morning of


6th June 1944, Kemp was executed. And his body was buried within the


And it wasn't just British criminals who mistakenly ended up


gracing the tablets on Brookwood's war memorial. On this panel, we


have got a man from the Royal Canadian Infantry Corps. He was a


North American Indian, convicted for the wigwam murder. He had a


relationship with a younger girl. The circumstances of the murder of


vague and obscure, but he murdered her and buried her body on an army


training ground not far from here. He was a North American Indian, and


he constructed a wigwam, which they lived in on the edge of this


training ground. They were there for some weeks, they were


occasionally moved on, but this was their home. There was a rumour that


she was pregnant? Yes, it is possible that was the motive. He


protested his innocence until the end, but too much time had elapsed,


and at the post-mortem, they could not tell if she was pregnant or not.


He was executed as a murderer in a British prison. And buried in a


mass grave? Yes. While some people are calling for the names to be


removed, others say the time has passed, and although a few names


are there in error, the memorial itself remains a moving tribute to


some of the most heroic deeds of the Commonwealth in the Second


World War. Although Iris Miriam Deeley was buried with military


honours at her local cemetery, the fact that her killer's name still


adorns a national memorial is a source of shame to historian Andy


Here we are, in a memorial for he raised, and we have these men who


were far from heroes. In my view, they should not be here. It is an


insult to the family is of the victims, and to the family's of the


people who are commemorated here. From that point of view, the names


should be removed. We traced one of Miriam's surviving relatives to


Australia. In a letter to us, he said that he regards it as an


abomination that the murderer's name is commemorated alongside


those of decent men and women who paid the supreme sacrifice. He goes


on to say that he feels entitled in one of her precious memory to


request that the killer's name be removed from the memorial.


Despite the family's requests, the MoD says there are no plans to


change the memorial. Do not forget the e-mail address. I


will see you on next Monday. Next week, the big university


challenge. With fees set to rocket across the South, is that degree


going to be worth the cash? And, bringing the wild back home.


These are not cuddly bears. They can be, on their terms. What price


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