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Hello and welcome to the programme. Your stories from where we live.


Here is what is coming up tonight. A harsher viewer warns of a cold


calling computer scam. It is like having a thief sitting there in your


kitchen waiting, just waiting for you to extract money from you. Nick


from the Voice meets a young fan trying to come to terms with


Tourette's. I do quite a lot of swear words and it can make you feel


embarrassed sometimes. And we discover the extreme measures that


were taken in the past to protect Brownsea. She would actually weighed


out and overturn any boats and was even known to throw them into the


sea. First, we spend our lives surrounded


by technology but the truth is that few of us know how it works. Someone


contact you and says your computer is at risk of a security breach,


chances are you would want it fixed and you would probably pay for that.


Last summer, Judy Brooks home was invaded. She wrote and told us about


it so we sent in an expert to help. Strange things had been happening to


Julie 's computer and she had a horrible feeling that someone was


watching their every move. Everything had slowed up. To be


honest, I have not dared come on it. This young man did say to me that as


soon as I went on the computer, you would know. So I have not been on


the computer. The most important thing on there that I really, really


regret is losing my desktop picture. I had a friend who came and


he was very talented and he sat on the other side of the kitchen and he


drew all this area and this and I had it on there for four or five


years, maybe. And it has gone. I am really sad about that. The only way


I can really get rid of this feeling of being invaded and having a


presence in the house, in that computer, is to get rid of it. I


feel very apprehensive about computers now.


Her problem started with a phone call from a man falsely claiming to


be from Microsoft telling her she had not registered. I felt guilty


because I had not registered. I was taken in and I said all right, I


will get registered. She said —— he said we will get you up and then we


will never hear from us again. So I did. And then I was approached by


the phone again and they sort of gave me the impression that they


were from the same people and it had been discovered that there was a


virus on my computer and it was being used by criminals and it was


vital that they should access it and discover what was going on. And


then, of course, it meant many. I said no and I was quite cross. I


said I am not. I have paid 300 in August. And now you want more money,


no way. I suppose we had been talking for about two hours. It is


incredible. He never stopped. And then he said, I must say, and he was


very convincing and plausible, if you don't comply with this, we have


the power to switch your computer off completely. She paid two bills


for work she did not need and what was worse, work that could allow


scammers to spy on her. We have heard of this one before and we have


been notifying clients of this scam. It is well known, people pretending


to be from Microsoft and saying that they have to register with Microsoft


to gain extra support. And once they do that, the user X at —— ends up


installing some software. Once the remote software is on the machine,


they can gain access to the machine at any time. Anything and absolutely


anything, it can be all your documentation, bank details,


whatever you use your machine for. They can get access to passwords as


you are logging into websites. It is the equivalent of opening up your


front door and saying, , help yourself. We managed to track down


the company to Calcutta in India. But by then the company had closed


and moved on. It seems call centres like this are opening and closing


all the time. Even in a house, you can buy a


computer and a phone and do that, one person calling up, making calls


after calls to just catch someone who can fall in the trap. When I


spoke to people, they were —— there were mixed reactions. There were


people that said it is wrong and they should not do it but they also


shared experiences, they also shared experiences, they used to feel


guilty when they used to call up somebody. And there were people who


also said it is fine. I want money and I am getting paid. It is OK.


People from the UK cheat us and we are treating them back. There are


strange reactions. I am taken aback that these things are happening and


people are cool with it. They don't find anything wrong with it. They


don't think it is wrong. Krusha managed to persuade a former


employee of a company like this to talk to us. I used to make 200 calls


a day. I used to call people in the UK. Basically my job was to tell


them to open the computer and show them the virus that they had. Then I


had to transfer the call to my senior supervisor just to guide them


forward and try to resolve the problem that they had in their


computer which was actually nothing. I would call up the customer, they


would pick up the call and I would say, excuse me, sir, you have some


malicious files. After that, I guess he knew about the process and he


was, how the use —— how do you sleep at night and I had to hang up the


call. I was thinking about the same thing.


I realised that it is a scam and it is not really done. From my part, I


realise it was really wrong. When somebody is doing something like


that, they make it sure that they make it worth believing. They


actually scare you and they actually make them see things so they feel


that is the virus. And they make you pay for those errors which are


actually not a virus. Back in Romsey, our computer technician


revealed exactly what was done to the computer. I can already see


there are a number of different antivirus programmes that have


recently been installed on there and this probably it explains why the


machine is running so slowly. They are conflicting with each other.


What I have also noticed it down on the bottom, where the clock is,


there is another piece of software, you can see it if I hover over, this


is a piece of remote control software, it notifies third parties


when you are connected to the machine and allows people to


remotely connect back onto your machine. It is a very bad experience


and what I am concerned about is that other people, vulnerable like


me, living on their own, my age group, are going to be similarly


sweet talked or mesmerised or hypnotised by this firm. But at


least there is one piece of good news.


Matt has found the precious picture Julie thought she had lost forever.


There it is, lovely. Thank you. You're welcome.


And if you have been caught out by scammers or you have got a story to


tell, drop me an e—mail. The address is on the screen. Next, he says


music is his medication. Nick Tatham from Dorset has Tourette's but his


recent appearance on a TV talent show raised awareness of and often


misunderstood condition. We thought we would give him the Voice to


explain a little more. My name is Nick Tatham and you might


remember me from the Voice back in spring.


Sadly, I did not get through but what I did do was raise awareness


about Tourette's, a syndrome I have which causes the body to make


involuntary noises and movements. And it seems like I am not the only


one who wants to talk about Tourette's. When I first saw him on


the Voice, I thought that he was amazing. Spencer is eight years old


and was diagnosed with threats a year ago. I do quite a lot of swear


words. It is basically swearing. BLEEP. I stick my fingers up, which


is basically another one. BLEEP you are BLEEP.


It can make you feel so embarrassed sometimes. I am travelling from my


hometown in Dorset to meet Spencer in Oxford and share my experiences


of living with Tourette's. I think that you can tell me a bit about how


to handle ticks. That would be good advice for me.


Being on the Voice was not the first time I have been on TV. This was me


at home on inside out back in 2005. I was 21 and really struggling with


the condition that I have now learned to live with.


This is bizarre. It is coming out wrong. Sorry.


I was also taking medication and lots of it. Now, music is my


medicine and I don't take any pills. Tourette's typically start in


childhood and for about half of children, it continues into


adulthood. Spencer lives with his mum, dad and


little brother. I have come to meet them all and maybe even sing with


them. If they are not careful! Hello, how is it going? Hello.


Over 300,000 people across the country deal with threats every. .


Those sick then so was diagnosed just 12 months ago, he has had the


symptoms for over two years. Spencer 's Tourette's started pretty much


overnight. That was a real shock for the factory. —— for the family. He


started making these little snorting noises and I was thinking, what is


that noise? He said I don't know why I am making the noise. It seemed to


be from that moment on, he was just doing these things. It is not really


a nice feeling. But you can't really stop doing stuff at first. You just


think, why am I doing this? I have a song called different. When I was


your age, I wrote this song. And BLEEP having Tourette's.


My ticks started when I was 11. It is not known exactly why Spencer


swears when he ticks. I insert the police cars quite a


lot. And I insult cars and some people quite a lot. I don't like


sweating in people 's faces, it feels like I am being mean to them


but I am not. I find it hard to explain myself. It is hard. BLEEP


BLEEP. It appears this little boy is


naughty, get to know him it's a tick. What do you think of that?


Spencer's form of Tourette's is rare. 90 per cent of people with the


syndrome don't have swearing tics What happened with the dinner lady?


I swore in her face. She said excuse me, I said I had a problem, I said I


had ticks, and then she had a chat with my teacher. It is really


difficult hearing this because it takes me back to my childhood and


bits of that of a knot in my stomach. He is a brave little kid. I


am very impressed. ?NEWLINE One of the things Spencer finds difficult


is going out in public. Today I'm joining him and his dad on a trip


into town. Do you have any advice? To improve


what we can do for Spencer. Just be there for him as much as possible.


Grin and bear that for now. It does get easier.


I was prescribed loads of pills when I was in my teens but the medication


didn't suit me. Eventually, I got help at Great Ormond Street


Hospital, which is where Spencer will be going too.


We've literally just been referred. I do not know how long it will take.


I highly recommend it. Definitely. It is a good one. Definitely a good


place to go and get some help and more information and help and advice


and stuff. He will learn to deal with it in the years to come.


I promise it does get easier. A few weeks later Spencer and his


family are off to London for their first appointment at Great Ormond


Street. I'm really looking forward to


getting help. BLEEP. I have been waiting today for a long time. Since


I got diagnosed. Ah don't sit there, no, no, no.


Train journeys like this are especially difficult for Spencer —


he really struggles to hold in his tics. I am trying to hold my breath


so I do not take. Because it is packed. No, no, no, no. That is


exactly what I didn't want to do. BLEEP.


It's taken the family months to be referred to Great Ormond Street


Hospital. The reason it's taken so long to get


an appointment because of funding, correct help. —— is because of


course, someone has 26 the bill. Our GP feels it is time that Spencer


comes to Great Ormond Street Hospital it is just a long journey


and a long battle to try and get the correct help that you think you


need. Spencer's consultant is Doctor Tara


Murphy. Tourette's is a neurological


condition — the brain has a hiccup. It is something the child can help,


swelling, gestures and words are more common in boys than girls and


tends to come and go and wax and wane over time.


There's no miracle cure, but the good news is Spencer's been signed


onto an eight week group—therapy course.


It's been two years of hard work, peace of mind. The help that we can


get no is not just a short—term thing. In two, three, four years


time, as Spencer gets older, things will change at the help will still


be there. That gives us great peace of mind.


I think my future is good now. Worse if they hadn't seen me.


I'm BLEEP drunk, I'm pregnant etc. Spencer in my opinion is, the best


we can. —— Spencer is the most wonderful little boy in the world. I


love him to bits. We have come on a journey with him and we will carry


on with that journey the best we can.


Finally tonight, can you believe it is 50 years since Bryn Sea Island


was opened the public? No, we think of nothing about jumping on a ferry


and spending the day in one of the soap's gems. You were not always


assured of such a warm welcome. Back in 1962, the future of the


remarkable property hung in the balance. And I went here in Poole


Harbour. The former owner was a close who barred visitors for more


than three decades. What happens next? Now that Mrs Bonham Christie


has died there cannot be many people who want to live in a castle with 42


bedrooms. Alternatively, it would make an ideal site for a holiday


camp. Rainsy was passed to the National trust and visitors have


been positively welcomed here ever since. How did merely Bonham


Christie keep people away from the island? We have stories of


patrolling the beaches with the shot gun, but she also employed a


bodyguard who was a female from Denmark who would actually weed out


and overturn the boards of anyone approaching the island and was even


known for throwing people into the sea. The real—life Amazon.


No wonder local children's author Enid Blyton called it 'keep away


island'. Some of the curiosities have become fixtures. The peacocks,


for example. But the island has lost a lot of the wild undergrowth which


covered it 50 years ago. This is Bonham Christie 's contribution was


to hand back the grounds of the islands to nature. The whole area


would have been covered with rhododendron, and where it is so


dense and thick it means nothing else can grow through. The first job


was to clear that so we can see the island and enjoy the open space. We


can hear 18 saw no. The island is more than 500 acres in


size, some of it tricky to get to, and it seems that every bit of it


has a story to tell. There is quite a bit of history to this side of the


island. Obviously, this is the flat is pointed the A1, the best place to


camp. This is where Baden Powell that his first experimental camp.


They were not kicked off? It was unusual, but she allowed the to come


account. Around the corner, an idyllic beach


and another chapter of Brownsea's history. Here in 1853 William Waugh


and his wife Mary made a discovery that was to change their lives. She


got her umbrella stuck in the sand on the beach, and when she pulled it


out she saw Clayson the very quickly but the island and set off to make


their millions by producing fine china. The obviously needed


somewhere to how is the workers, saw many land was erected. How did the


business go? Not well. Unfortunately the clay was not as good as they


thought and it was used for sewage pipes and bricks and we actually


went bankrupt. Where is merely a land, then? It is gone, in 1962 the


cottages were still standing but it was not safe to keep them that we


saw there were controlled explosions and that is why you cannot longer


see the village. If footprint was here and over the next few years we


will be working hard to open up many lands to tell the story.


Sadly for the Waugh's, Brownsea was their downfall. But others have


fared better on the island. Built on the foundations of a modest


Tudor blockhouse, Brownsea castle was embellished over four centuries


until newly fitted electric lights caused a devastating fire in 1891.


After a total rebuild, the castle was sold to the Van Raalt family,


who held high society parties. The Van Raalt's friends included


Lord Baden Powell and Marconi, who entertained guests with his wireless


sets. Brownsea was in its heyday. But in 1927, when Mary Bonham


Christie moved in, the great building followed the rest of the


island into decay. In 1962 the National Trust leased the crumbling


castle to the John Lewis Partnership, who set about


renovating it once again, this time as a private hotel. It was in a bad


state of repair, part of the roof was missing and the tree was going


in the centre of the building. Over the years what we have done is taken


each room in town and renovated it to a modern—day standard. Who stays


here? The castle is available to John Lewis employees, or partners


the call ourselves. People like Desmond, who's stayed


here almost every year since his first visit in the early 60s. Many


rooms were pretty basic, you ran the water for the bath and it was a deep


brown colour and the food was not terribly hot, we had a series of


cooks who were doing their best, the children were given the free rein


and went off and met their friends and no doubt got up to all sorts of


mischief which mum and dad did not know about. It feels like a blatant


come to life. Like every good castle, it has a few


ghost stories. Mrs Bonham Christie slept in room 38, which is where I


found paranormal author Neil Spring. All manner of strange things have


been reported in this castle including strange disembodied


voices, lists going up and down all on their own and a record player


which somehow was playing itself even when it was unplugged. Dot—mac


Ghosts or not, Brownsea is certainly rich with echoes of the past.


In 1964, while the harbour was being dredged, an iron age log boat was


found and brought to the surface. The boat is over 2,000 years old and


it's now on display in Poole Museum. Building it would have been a


skilled job — the question is, how did it handle on the water?


We're about to find out, because Brownsea Head Ranger, Reuben


Hawkwood has led a project to build a new log boat and it's ready to


launch. It took two solid weeks of work by visitors to the island,


staff and volunteers and residents, we felt the tree, had it in the


wetlands and people could come up and join in and to chip away at the


word. This is a baby version but it is really lovely to see a tribute to


this kind of dialogue box, which is a special thing. The original one


had some interesting modifications didn't it? Instead, it has some


quite detailed carvings inside and also underneath the home of the boat


it had a line card underneath. We do not know what the function is but it


might have been a kind of showing off then, to look more like the more


sophisticated kind of boards around at that time. The equivalent of a


hot hatch or you go faster straight. And it might have been. .


Well the big moment arrived and Reuben invited me to join him for


the maiden voyage. After a stunningly successful launch


we went for a cautious jolly into the harbour. Reuben thinks this is


only the second log boat on these waters in 2,000 years. We returned


triumphant — but as they say, pride comes before a fall! Oh well, still


a pretty good achievement for a 2,000 year old design.


Today Brownsea is a peaceful destination and a haven for


wildlife. The lagoon is one of the best places in the country for bird


watching. Lady Bonham Christie was the last in


a succession of private owners, each with their own vision of an island


paradise. People came here to get away from it all, but now everybody


can enjoy it. Absolutely and that is what is important for us. For me it


is views like this that bring it to life. That was Tom reporting. Far


more to Brownsea than just red squirrels and they did that. That is


ever this week. Goodbye. Just before we go, thank


you for getting in touch about last weeks programme. On the subject of


pressures on accident and emergency, Rachel Slade said stop winning the


end that might be elderly. She wrote:


and on a lighter note about laughter you were, Ben Carmichael tweeted:


keep your tweets and e—mails coming. Next week, radishes, rhubarb and


Romans. The Oxfordshire allotment holding the key to a forgotten past.


Clearly it was a place of significance with a lot of Roman


activity. You cannot kick the ground without potsherds coming up. The


Romans were here and did a lot of things that we did not know about.


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