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Brain and more rain. How much more can the South take? The perils of


easy money. Why are payday loan `` why are payday loan could seriously


damage your health. And the charity trying to help


horses and donkeys through violent times in Egypt.


First tonight, what a dramatic start to 2014 has been. We have had


torrential rain, gale force winds, and of course, all of this flooding.


It has turned thousands of people's lives in the South upside down, and


left many counting the cost. From Weymouth and Portland, along the


south coast and up to Oxfordshire, the Flood story just kept on


the residents of Purley on Thames are no strangers to seems like this.


Waders and canoes have been essential items, as finally, the


Thames could just not cope. Is that the worst of it there? Across


England, at least 1700 homes and businesses have been flooded,


bringing misery to scores of families. Questions are being asked


over what this means for property values, insurance premiums, and


house`building policy. The government says almost one in six


homes could face scenes like this in the future. For Purley, floods have


become a way of life. Some, like Rory West, are helping stranded


neighbours. This morning, we had to go and buy an inflatable kayak just


to take goods down to the neighbours will get anybody out, or get


anything out we can. At five o'clock this morning, I came out to see what


was going on. I realised the water was an inch away from the door, so


we decided to get out at that point, and we will truly taking the last


few bits out when the water started coming up between the floorboards. I


was coming out at regular intervals through the night, and the road up


there was breached at three o'clock in the morning. Then, I knew we were


going to get flooded quite badly around the back here. So on the


right`hand side, there is a line. That is where it was in 2003. That


is the 2003 tide mark. It is a lots of misery for a lot of


people, but it is just one of those. You've got to do your bit,


and that's it, really. As we all ask, is it ever going to stop?


Weather experts say it is true we are getting more and more of these


big blocks of whether that hang around for a long time. We seem to


be getting more of these extremes because the active seems to sit for


periods of time. `` the pattern. In 2012, at the beginning, we were


looking at drought conditions, so by the end of March, water levels were


exceptionally low, very close to the summer of 1976. And then everything


changed. By April, the heavens opened, and it was called the


wettest trout on record, because things change so quickly. Heavy


rainfall soon took away the drought conditions and brought exceptional


flooding conditions, and 2012 was one of the wettest years we have


seen on record. We seem to be swinging from one extreme to


another, and it is down to these weather patterns that stick for


weeks and sometimes months in patterns of either settled


conditions, bringing drier conditions, or the mobile westerly


winds we have at the moment bringing flooding conditions. So what is Liz


Bentley's best guess on the outlook for the rest of the winter? We are


about halfway through the winter months in the middle of January, and


it has been a mild month so far, and a wet and stormy winter. For me,


looking ahead, I am looking to the top of the atmosphere, the jet


stream, to see what happens in the next couple of weeks. It looks as if


things will settle down a bit once we get to the end of January. Things


start to settle down, and we should see less rainfall. Depending on


where high pressure builds, which it looks like it will, we will either


get a cold spell coming in, if we get Easter leaves like last winter,


or it might just remain mild but dry, so it is really depending on


the high pressure. Dorset was hit hard by the floods.


News teams descended on a mobile home park for the over 50s on the


banks of the river Stour. Residents here had to evacuate their homes


with just a few hours' notice. Some still staying with friends will .


Some were allowed to camp for the last fortnight in a nearby church so


they were close to home. Can I give supplies to someone? It is all we


could think of. We couldn't think of anything to do for you, and you


probably don't want to see any more liquid at all! I thought I would get


you milk. It will take more than tea and biscuits to ease the misery


caused by flooding here. We were woken up Christmas morning by a


knock on the door at about quarter past four in the morning, and that


was it. It was up to the bottom of that step, and we just had to get


out. Sue Holloway and her 80`year`old husband had just ten


minutes to lead before water levels rose and flooded the inside of their


park home. How deep was it in here? It was all up in this draw, and all


opinion. You are kidding. And in that cupboard. All the carpets have


gone. We have taken them out. Everything else is ruined, but we


have left it down. So there is water in there? Yellow matter yes, in


there. All the carpets have gone. We have taken them out. Everything else


is ruined, but we have left it down. So there is water in there? Yellow


matter yes, in there. Only mild stuff will stop the washing machine


is broken. That was filled up with water. And I think people forget it


is not clean water, river water. No, it is dirty, sewage. This is your


home. It must be heartbreaking. It is, really, because we have nowhere


to go now. We are homeless. Across the South, people are asking if it


is right that we are allowed to set up home in areas thrown to flooding.


It is a known problem. I am a local lad. I grew up in Burton. There have


always been floods. What can be done to stop this happening again? This


is of course, a flood plain, and by virtue of the name on the door, this


is a mobile home park. Everybody could be lifted off here. They are


not subject to any planning permission. These homes are


licensed. They are licensed by the local authority. So, should they be


licensed? Whether it is right or wrong, I guess that should be for


future meetings to be held and decided. At one time, 70 families


were trapped in their homes with six feet of sea water around them. In


1979, storms lashed the coast of Dorset and good even worse flooding


them this time. Rita Prescott was living in either doubt the time. ``


Peter Prescott. In the flood of 1979, we lost everything we have. It


was quite horrendous. However horrendous it was, he did not want


to move, but having been flooded once, as you can imagine, insurance


premiums rocketed. The insurance was quite considerable. We paid over


?600 insurance, and we had a ?1000 access on any flood damage, so it


was already prohibitively expensive. But we cannot afford not to be


insured. I said to my wife, we can't not be insured. But while insurance


premiums go up, our property values going down? There are two homes for


sale on the bike at the moment, all offering an affordable way for


anyone over 50 to live in this part of Dorset. But will anyone actually


wants to buy them? Are you seeing more worrying people buying property


near rivers? We have had a number of quite high profile winters and


floods and stuff. Are people more cautious? They take note of the


agencies and advice, and there are more searches to do these days, so,


yes, they are more aware of it. They don't just buy something and say,


this is OK. Look into it, and the 100% sure before you commit


yourself. Ayes what we got here? For sale currently is a two`bedroom,


about eight or nine years old. At the moment we are asking for sale


currently is a two`bedroom, about eight or nine years old. At the


moment we asking ?439,000. That is very realistic in the general market


conditions. `` ?139,000. Do you think what is happening in the last


few weeks will affect it? I think it will in the short term. How much


would it affect the price realistically? If it was


would it affect the price might have to drop 20,000, in the


short term, but if she has to stick out for her prize, we will keep on.


In the spring, it will bounce back. This is cyclical. I'm sure it


happened 1000 years ago, and it will happen in 1000 years time. It will


come and go just as quickly as it came. Peter Prescott has no doubt


there is anywhere else you would rather be living. Hopefully, a few


more years, but we would not live anywhere else. It is our little


kingdom. It is nice. We enjoy it. I would love to hear your thoughts on


how local agencies responded. I'll use salted now? `` all you sorted


now? You need a little bit of cash,


perhaps you are thinking of getting a short`term loan to pay off an


existing loan. Before you do, watch this.


On the high street where shops are shouting, you will find payday


lenders thriving. It is a ?2 billion industry which for some customers


can provide a lifeline, quick cash for people who cannot borrow money


elsewhere. But what happens when borrowers cannot pay the cash back


on time and the amount owed rockets thanks to hefty rates of interest?


The original loan amount, ?155. The current amount you owe, ?672. Wow.


When this coach driver found himself out of work, he borrowed a couple of


hundred pounds. Within months, he owed thousands. I am on my own. I


only have my income. I needed a bit of help. A loan, as bad as it was, I


thought it would be all right. Can you remember taking out your first


one? It was ?100. I had to pay back ?160. But it did not go to plan. You


have to pay more money back than you borrowed. It makes you that much


short of that month. So you have to take it out again. How many loans


did you have paying off other loans paying off other loans? About 13


towards the end. Paul is not the only one to struggle with paying


back loans. With interest rates up to 6000% APR, debt can easily spiral


out of control. On the Isle of Wight, there has been a 100%


increase in the number of cases seen by the Citizens Advice Bureau.


People are not doing it to buy flatscreen TVs, they are trying to


put food on the table and buy their kids new school uniforms and pay


rent. It is desperation. When people come to us, they are in crisis. It


is when the payday loans have stacked up and they have probably


got more than a handful of payday loans. They may owe ?6,000, ?10,000


at an interest rate of 1000%. Where are people going to get to the end


of that? They can't. Desperate measures.


It is horrible. You get another one each month. You have to pay off the


last one and the fees. A few clicks on the Internet and you can get the


money within an hour most of the time. Wow. Your next action, pay


?1117. They want that in full. Immediately. It is so easy for


people to go onto the Internet and they do not feel like they are


borrowing money. The next week, I will have that one. That goes on


from there. Robbing Peter to pay Paul. You will never get to the end.


It seems not all payday loan companies are being entirely fair


when their customers fall behind with payments. One woman's


experience with Toothfairy Finance has left the CAB deeply concerned.


The client had a debt of ?300 and she could not paid within the


specified two`week time frame. They added interest on the loan which


meant she could not afford the new increased loan amount which


unfortunately was passed on to election agencies, three different


agency at the same time. The debt is now over ?3000. Despite agreeing


with the collection agency and new payment plan, the woman who wants to


remain anonymous received ever`increasing demands for money.


She has been having text messages throughout the day and evening,


weekend, bang, days. She nights so it is quite disruptive and very


stressful. `` anchor holidays. Government guidelines say borrowers


should not be put under undue pressure and that charges are


supposed to be proportionate to the main debt. We wanted to ask


Toothfairy Finance first simple sums, how and why had heard that


multiplied by ten times the original amount? Welcome to Toothfairy


Finance. You are important to us. Please hold whilst we connect you to


an operator of who will be more than happy to discuss your options. But


we had to wait on our hands. `` a wait. Well, that is 20 minutes on


hold. They promise we will talk to an operator. We will keep waiting.


Cut off! Hello? It is cut off. After an hour and a half on hold, the


phone has just cut off. Could you imagine if you were paying for that


on a mobile phone? How frustrating! Toothfairy Finance appear to have


lost their sparkle in the customer services department. It is no wonder


we could not get through as Web Loans Processing who traded as


Toothfairy Finance was in the process of going into


administration. We have discovered the company had been under


investigation by the Office of Fair Trading. The government department


was unhappy with some of its working practices and proposing to remove


its credit licence. That is its ability to lend money. During our


investigation, we found other borrowers also upset with Toothfairy


Finance and the campaign group Toothfairy.con says it has received


hundreds of complaints. These are just some of them. Now that the


company Toothfairy Finance is out of business, the big question is, will


be borrowers have to pay back the money and more importantly, the


interest? Quite possibly, yes. Toothfairy Finance's books have been


sold to a company called, would you believe, Loads Of Dosh Ltd. They


have subsequently changed their name to DHR Capital. We want to ask that


very question to them, but as yet, no response. You know where we are.


The Consumer Finance Association which represents many of these sorts


of lenders says that payday loan is designed to be a short`term option


only and should never be used to try and fix larger long`term debt


problems. They state taking out one loan to pay off another is not


advisable and that they are working on a solution to let lenders see


when borrowers have other payday loans outstanding. The Financial


Conduct Authority is due to introduce new regulations for the


payday loan companies in April and the government too wants to put a


cap on the cost of payday loans. Campaigners say this is too little,


too late. There is a way somebody that exploits people's desperation.


These are the ones who have stepped in here. I think it is time for us


as a community and the society to stand up against and say, this is


not all right. We are due a change. However, the people who run the


payday loan companies are clever businesspeople. I am quite sure they


will find a way around it. Paul continued to see his step rise


because he could not afford to pay back his loans `` his debt rise. How


bad did it get? I was depressed. All of them wanted money on my back. The


letters coming through the door, the phone lines on the landline and the


mobile. I could not do my job. Did you get the knock on the door as


well from collectors? Yes. At the door, on the phone and through the


post. He sought help at the Citizens Advice Bureau but he was so much in


debt that the only thing he could do was declare himself bankrupt. It has


put a mark on my future. I cannot buy a house that at least six to ten


years time. I am screwed, basically. Do you regret taking out the first


loan? I do. I regret that first one when I click the button. I regret


that decision. That is half the reason that led me to the


bankruptcy. That one took of the mouse? That one click of the mouse.


You can find us on Twitter, don't forget. Finally tonight, the Sussex


woman who gave up everything to help animals abroad. When Kim Taylor set


up a sanctuary in Egypt, she had no idea of the turmoil the country was


about to descend into. Sally Taylor's report contains some


distressing scenes. Seven years ago, Inside Out made a


film about a West Sussex woman who ran a charity looking after horses


and donkeys in Egypt. Going really fast and he is still being beaten.


Kim Taylor gave up life in Boxgrove to move to Luxor, opening her


charity ACE, Animal Care in Egypt, in 2000. She wanted to teach people


how to look after working animals that often suffered appalling


neglect. Among the horrifying incidents we filmed was a horse


which had treated at the Centre for leg injury being put straight back


to work with devastating consequences. We have been able to


redraft its leg and it is now able to stand and eat and drink. Track


road we dress its leg. Around the corner was the Egyptian revolution.


We will see if we can convince the owner to let her out to grass for a


while. The struggle for democracy led to violent protest after 30


years of oppression. The first elected president Mohamed Morsi now


faces charges himself. The constitutional referendum is under


way and mid continuing violence and tourists are steering clear. Over


the last few years, Egypt has changed. Luxor has certainly


changed. At one time, there was boats going up and down the River


Nile, tourists everywhere. You had to queue to get into the temples and


tombs. Now it is deserted. Mostly because the Home Office have said it


is one of those places you should not go to. Therefore, people cannot


get insurance. No one is coming. It is really sad. Until 2010, we used


to receive 14 million clients every year. People were happy with this.


Now we are running between 3% and 4%. Most of the hotels are empty. We


have 286 boats. Many are now for sale. The government has to think


quick link what we will do. We have boats, horse carriages, buses,


everything has stopped. Life has stopped. It is nice of you all to


come today. There are hardly any tourists. With only a handful of


people now holidaying in Egypt, ACE has lost important funding from


international visitors. we were so impressed by the work that goes on,


it is so reassuring to know there is somewhere for the animals to come,


if they get hurt, which they often do. Kim says that one of the effects


of the revolution has been to bring up more animals on the streets,


which together with increasing poverty, this has meant a rising


workload the ACE. The working animals, they are bringing goods to


and from building sites. It is basically one vehicle, one animal on


the streets. There are so many animals working on the streets in


Luxor. It is quite a shock when you first go there. You think you will


see the donkey but there are so many, thousands of horses and


donkeys working on the streets, but especially donkeys. Since the


beginning of the Egyptian revolution, the Arab Spring we have


had no fuel. We have had shortages of petrol and diesel. People have


been going back to animals they do not use any more, they are getting


them out. At least then they have some form of transport. There has


not been any petrol or diesel. The people just generally use animals in


a way that is like a tool. When it is broken, they will try to find


another tool. Some people are learning that if they take care of


their animals they will last longer and work better. That is something


we have been trying to instil in people from the beginning. This is


your business, your taxi. If you take care of it, it will last a long


time. Then it will work for you longer and work harder. But you have


got to put the effort and money in and food into the animal to get the


best out of it. We see lots of very bad traffic accidents. You do not


see that he is so much because people do actually go around horses


slowly. Whereas in Luxor, the traffic is moving very fast and


people do not really seem to care very much. We often have carriage


horses that have a foal tied beside the mother and the traffic will come


around and not see the baby and smack into it. Often horses get


loose and crash into each other. We see some really major traffic


accident wounds which are very bloody and graphic and horrible. At


the moment, people are also downgrading the food they give their


animals because they have not got the money to spend so they are


trying to cut down. They are feeding them something which will keep them


alive, but actually, they are not putting on weight. If they are


working, they are losing weight. That is horrible. We are trying to


feed as many animals as we can not coming to us just to try and keep


them alive, really, keep them balanced. As the constitutional


referendum gets under way, Kim is hopeful things will begin to settle


and the tourists will return. In the meantime, she is determined to carry


on running the centre than no salary with the help of a sympathetic


ex`husband, her family and well`wishers. The local people said,


you should be helping children. If you are coming here as a foreigner,


you should help the children or the poor people. I think everybody finds


their niche in life and it was something that I saw that people


were not maintaining their animals and the poorest of people are trying


to get the best from their animals and there was nobody there to help


them to do that. That is what we wanted to do, help those people to


get the best from their animals, look after the animals as we go


along the way and educate children along the way as well so that the


future will be better. I think you can think, yes, there are so many


problems on the planet. I see so many things and it brings me to


tears all of the time. But I have to blinker myself because it is


bettered to try and do one thing well done to do so many things and


then you just get lost. To be able to help the local poor people is to


help their animals. You could not go there and give poor people money. It


would not work. It is a way of helping poor people, the poorest


people. And the people accept me as the Mount Englishwoman that wants to


do something positive and not something destructive `` the mad


Englishwoman. Kim Taylor there, no relation to


Sally. That is it for this week. Don't forget my e`mail. I will see


you next time. Next week, how to heat your home for ?3 a month. I


think people are learning that you have got to keep yourself warm. You


cannot expect the house to do it all the time. And after the lights went


out at Christmas, who is to blame and could it happen again?


Hello, I'm Ellie Crisell with your 90-second update.


The PM has backed fracking. He's promised councils incentives if they


let companies drill for shale gas. Critics have called the offer a


bribe, but the Government claims the process will give us cheaper energy.


More at 10pm. The biggest public inquiry into


child abuse in the UK has begun in Northern Ireland. It's looking at


care in church and state-run homes over 70 years. More than 400 people


have asked to give evidence. Mark Bridger was convicted of


murdering April


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