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Hallow from the new Forest and welcome to Inside Out with more of


your stories from where we live. `` hello. The record`breaking rain


bringing more ground water flooding to the south. Have you ever seen


anything like this before? Yes. You have. Yesterday. The hunt for the


fight window ``. White widow. By this woman became one of the most


wanted people in the world. And an extraordinary tiny world growing on


some wonderful sites. It is a complete miniature garden and the


closer you get, the better it looks. Good evening. Welcome to Inside Out.


First denied it has been another weekend of rain and weather warning


from the Environment Agency. This time specifically to do with ground


water flooding. Dorset was put on alert and the people of Hambledon in


Hampshire have been fighting a battle with ground water flooding


for more than one week. They have had their homes flooded and raw


sewage pouring down the street and they said they had had enough.


Hambledon, in Hampshire. A village nestled at the bottom of a chalk


valley. But maybe now feeling a bit too nestled. In January the water


table rose 20 metres in five days turning the main street into a


tributary of the River Meon. With the surrounding hills completely


saturated, water is running straight into the village and into people's


homes. With drains overflowing an emergency


sewage pump was installed. We have asked for no cars to go down here at


all. Then the ramp over the temporary


sewage pipe got stuck under a lorry trying to deliver even more liquid


to the village. . You either driver. What you have done is you have


broken the supplied to the village. Of course, Hambledon's just one of


many places battling against ground water flooding in the South, but


here it's becoming a bit of a habit. In 1994 the village flooded for 40


days and 40 nights, it flooded again in 2000 then again a year later.


This time villagers are praying something will be done to stop it


ever happening again. There is a river having all the way through.


Houses are pumping out water. Businesses are pumping out water.


Trucks are here to deliver sandbags and also try and keep the sewage


levels under control. Hambledon has had a history of flooding over


hundreds of years. We are at the bottom of a dry River Valley. We are


at the bottom of the chalk basin. It is like a sponge. If you spill up a


sponge the water will come out. `` if you fill up a sponge.


With the emergency sewage pipe reconnected and the beer safely


delivered to the pub it was time to get the kids to nursery. What we are


going to do now is get the young children to school. But none of the


cars can get here so we are getting the children walking. They are very


determined. They did not realise it is dilutive sewage which is pretty


horrible. It is now steeper dogs and pets and everyone.


Have you ever seen anything like this before? You have. Yesterday.


Did you walk through it yesterday as well? Did you splash in it? . Yes.


Do you like it? Every day for 49 years Neil Mason's


family has been measuring rainfall in Hambledon and sending the results


to the Met Office. December was the wettest December since 1973. Over


seven inches of rain. And now we have the next month and there is a


pretentious. It is unbelievable. As if the flooding isn't enough


there's been a series of power cuts ` exactly what you don't need when


relying on electric pumps to bail water out of your house. We were


within just a few inches of disaster most of the time, that is even with


the pumps on. It you lose electricity the pumps will go off


and properties of blood. Element that one is going. `` properties


will flood. Mike Leonard's one of the villagers


checking pumps through the day and night. It. She was an inch away from


having her downstairs flooded. The Aussie lucky one.


Diana Sims hasn't been so lucky and it's not the first time. I am going


to have to move out. It will be several months. They will have to


come in and try the place out. The plaster will have to come off the


wall. It is contaminated. Diana has been flooded three times. She has


this beer every year. In the 21st century, why should you love like


this? `` why should you live. We pay a lot of money to Southern Water.


They do nothing to support us. Southern Water says it's not to


blame and a long term environmental solution is needed so their drains


don't become overloaded. We have a sewer system to run. We must make


sure that this is working so people can live. And then we must work with


other agencies to upgrade the drainage system or have a flood


defence system or something that can stop this water running off and


getting into the sewage system and making it the Lubbock water. There


does not assigned to carry that. Hambledon used to be home to a


brewery which used the village's spring water. This photo of


Hartridge's from over 100 years ago might hold the answer to how to deal


with ground water today. My great`grandfather stood exactly here


in 1884 or something. You can see the steps down. That was probably


have a meter and the water could slow down here of this road.


And in other parts of the village there were culverts or covered


drainage ditches which are no longer there. The water had a natural way


to flow. It's thought the ditches were filled


in to make the roads wide enough to accommodate tanks. 1944 villages


across the South were used as assembly points ahead of the


Normandy landings. In order to land on D`day a large number of tanks and


people had to be taken. They were all stored here.


There was a ditch that they built along the side of the road.


They left the tanks through and build the ditches in and concreted


them. They are gone. The other problem seems to be that


what drains there are have got much smaller. To confirm this we asked


the oldest resident in the village. I am 102 and I have lived here all


my life. Ena remembers the old drains well as


they were her favourite hiding place. The drains did get smaller


because I once hidden them. I hidden them from my father! They were big


and I could get in there. Dad never used to think of looking in the


drains for me! That would appear to be the main


pipe. How wide is that? So everything you have seen us to come


through here. I think we need a bigger pipe.


One of the options is to put a pipe down the centre of the road to help


channel the water in a controlled way, rather than take it overland.


This problem will not go away. It must be dealt with and faced up to.


We have around 50 people who are working on a daily basis to try and


keep the village afloat. It is cheaper and more efficient to put


some proper pipework underground to sort this out.


And has this winter that anything else in store? We will wait and


see. Do not forget you can contact us by e`mail. Next, the


international search for Samantha Lewthwaite continues. The so`called


White widow is accused of plotting terror attacks in the name of Islam.


It's thought she is hiding in Africa thousands of miles from


Buckinghamshire where she grew up. From smiling schoolgirl to


Interpol's most wanted list, Samantha Lewthwaite continues to


make headlines. She was married to a London bomber.


Is she now a terrorist herself? I've come to Aylesbury, where Samantha


Lewthwaite grew up. The family moved to Buckinghamshire when she was a


child, because like many here, her father was in the armed forces. And


typically, it was as a teenager that Samantha Lewthwaite started to


develop her own identity. This is where Samantha Lewthwaite went to


school, and it was a particularly important time in her life because


it was when she became a Muslim. In those years she changed how she


dressed. She changed who she hung around with. In those first few


months of being a Muslim, she was guided by a local Pakistani family


and about the same time, she met Germaine Lindsay on the internet. He


was a carpet fitter in Aylesbury. ??He also became Samantha


Lewthwaite's husband.? ???And he was one of the London 7/7 bombers.??


Former mayor of Aylesbury, Raj Khan, ?knew Samantha Lewthwaite from an


early age. ??In 2005, he bumped into her in town with Germaine Lindsay.


?A young couple who'd just become parents, they were looking for a


family house. I probably saw here a month or two before what happened,


seven /7. Germaine, her husband, came to see me in this town centre


while I was doing some activities. Because I knew Samantha, she came up


and exchanged pleasantries. She asked me if I could help them. That


is where she introduced her husband to me. How did they come across? As


a couple in love? They were a normal average couple. I have to feel on


reflection that Samantha didn't come across as in control. It was


Germaine. They both were very pleasant. Samantha came across as


the same person I knew. She was a follower, not a leader. She wasn't


strong headed. At the time of the bombings, Samantha Lewthwaite and


Lindsay were renting a house ?in Northern Road. ??It's not clear


whether or not it was here that plans were made?for the attacks on


London which took the lives of 56 people and left hundreds more


?injured. ??Lindsay and the three other suicide bombers were caught on


CCTV. I remember reporting here in 2005 after it came out that Germaine


Lindsay from Aylesbury was one of the suspects in the London bombings.


When I got there, the road was closed off and this whole area was


completely packed out with media from all over. I could see the


police forensics going in and out of the house he shared with Samantha


Lewthwaite, who was his wife. A few days later Samantha Lewthwaite was


in the papers herself, and she came across as this grieving wife,


heartbroken parent and she completely condemned what her


husband had done. But since then, Samantha Lewthwaite has become an


increasingly elusive figure.? Rumour has it there's a Twitter account she


uses, but it's unconfirmed if postings are actually hers.


uses, but it's unconfirmed if She's been seen in Aylesbury, but


more recently it's ?thought she's set up home 6000 miles away in South


Africa. In 2011 there were sightings reported of her in Kenya where a


police raid on another suspected terrorist unearthed a fake passport


using Samantha Lewthwaite's picture, but with the name Natalie Faye Webb.


By 2012 she was even being linked in the media with Al Qaeda. Professor


Roger Griffin is an expert in the psychology of terrorists. I see all


the signs of someone who was searching for higher purpose. Who


was given a sense of religion from Christianity but it was not


satisfying and there was something in the who wanted to go forward.


That urge has a dark side and it can take you into the realm of


fanaticism and I do not think she was predestined to it but there was


something in her personality that could not be satisfied with shopping


and text then and watching television. There are different


degrees of obsessiveness. A terrorist is someone who takes those


feelings and turns themselves into an activist at the cost of their


lives. The Samantha Lewthwaite story has become even more problematic.?


Linking terrorism and Islam plays into the hands of racism and gives


rise to prejudice against Muslims. ? I was invited to this prayer group


in Oxford. Many of the women here are British`born and have recently


converted to Islam.?? When there are stories about extremism, what impact


does it have on your lives? I think it meant she feel you have to


justify the activities of those people and what they have done even


though that is not what you stand for and it is not who you are. It


does not represent Islam fairly. Still you find yourself having to


justify their actions are cos they are Muslim by name. It can make such


a difference and bad stories come out and it can affect middle


millions of Muslims. Thinking back to Lee Rigby, I remember walking


into college and seeing everyone look at me as I walked into the


library and I felt like I had to justify myself and they were showing


me pictures and I didn't know what to say or where to go. I felt


ashamed that this is what Islam has been shown to be and it's not the


truth. It was really kind of, it was quite emotionally difficult that


day. In Aylesbury, I find even stronger opinions about the few who


use terror in the name of Islam. It never says in is land that you


should kill, even in Islam it says, even if you are going to fight with


somebody, make sure you do not kill children or women, and these people


are telling everybody else and I don't know, I don't call the


Muslims. They are spreading the wrong word of Muslims and they


should be ashamed of themselves calling themselves Muslims. Pretty


much everyone I've spoken to resents that there's this link between


Aylesbury and terrorism. Because Samantha Lewthwaite is still out


there, the stories keep coming every time she sends a tweet or there is a


possible sighting, and that means Pillsbury is in the paper as well.


`` Aylesbury. In 2010, tensions were heightened when the English Defence


League marched through Aylesbury protesting against Islam. They were


chanting EDL. A few local people who we knew were there, they just said


it was done for fun. People you have seen in Aylesbury? Yeah, people from


the local area or at the March, so local people were there. We can


front of them and they said two was it was for fun. How is this for


fun? Have you seen them since? Yeah, I play football with them. For every


story like this, you'll find many more about?the Muslim faith


transforming lives for the better. Islam is the fastest`growing


religion in the UK. Around 5,000 people converted last year. Assia


Kaci was brought up as a Roman Catholic in Poland. She now lives in


Oxfordshire, as a Muslim. Is it quite different now, what you eat


compared to before? Yes, first time I try lamb in England here. What you


eat is such an important part of being a Muslim. Yes, it has to be


halal meat. What about not having alcohol any more? It was very hard.


Everyday I could have one or two bottles. It's nonalcoholic, I can


drink it now. When you think back now, what do you think? I am shy


even talking about that. I didn't respect my mother much. When she


spoke to me I was laughing at her, completely not respect, I was not a


girl, drinking, smoking cigarettes, even I tried smoking marijuana.


Assia was introduced to Islam by a friend, who gave her a copy of the


Koran. I started to read from the first page, and after four hours, I


was still reading and I still wanted to read. It was so fantastic for me,


completely different, and I said I want this for myself. I really want


this for myself. And is lamb, I found it peace, quiet, be patient, I


have to share what I have and give what I have, and that is what is


completely different, what I learnt. If I could have this is lamb


20 years ago I probably would have been more happy. Like Assia,


Samantha Lewthwaite is a white woman?who was brought up as a


Christian before embracing Islam. But at some point, her path and that


of terrorists have crossed. ??Or so we've been led to believe.


Speculation that she orchestrated the siege in a Nairobi shopping


centre last year, in which 67 people died, has certainly never been


proven. There has been a lot of allegations. At one stage they were


talking about White Widow, white female being shot in the Ruby. The


Foreign Minister saying that was a white lady but all of that has been


rubbished. I think unless there is ever `` there is any evidence we


have to be careful what we say. If she is involved she has to be


brought to justice like anybody else. There is no sympathy and no


justification for acts of violence or terrorism. If you could get a


message to her now, what would you say? I would say to Samantha, if I


was in your position today, give yourself in. But there's no sign of


that happening. For now, the whereabouts of Samantha Lewthwaite,


the White Widow, remain a mystery. Now, who says that here on


Jeremy Stern on reporting there. Don't forget you can find us on


Twitter. Finally, tonight you can never accuse us of ignoring the.


Four. `` ignoring the little stuff. In our next film, our long`haired


reporter Richard Reeves has taken himself off to two of the South's


most iconic locations, where he's completely ignored the big,


in`your`face stuff and got up close to the absolutely beautiful and


magical world of lichens. Many people come to the New Forest


to see the magnificent trees, but miss what's growing on them. What


I'm talking about is lichens, and this one is covered top to toe.


Lichens are in credible life forms because they are actually two


species working in conjunction to the mutual benefit of one another.


There is a fungus and an algae, usually an algae, sometimes a


bacteria, but the fungi provides a home for the algae and the algae


provides the food by way of the visitors. The fungi may also whether


the surface it is going on and provide nutrients, so there is this


two`way partnership. It is amazing humans don't get on so well. You can


see there is a variety of colours and these bits between which look


like Bach are and other species of lichen. It forms a little map under


all sorts of bodies, so these bodies tend to give their nicknames, so for


instance fruit pastels, jammed parts, pepper pot. There is another


called beer, but it is because they only have last names they get these


regional nicknames. One here tends to be nicknamed the barnacle lichen,


and it does resemble a tiny barnacle. It is a perfect


representation. There is one down in the gap year which looks like


handwriting. Hours of interest there. I am an enthusiastic amateur


at this game, but what I don't know, Neal Saint`Saens does. He agreed to


join me in the New Forest to give me a private tour of their miniature


world. We have this ranch community, and appear we have this


committee. He can make an currently dead tree team with life again. We


have these leafy species everywhere. Becoming more dominant


as well. A magnificent little sick up there. `` little pixie couple


there. What got you into lichens? There are just so many varieties and


shapes, and when you get into their scale there are super. There was


also the science side, complex ecologies and they reflect deep


history, so you can read a lot about the environment, and also this year


excitement of finding species. You can still find new species to


Britain quite easily, new species to Hampshire. Much more exciting than


plants where everyone found everything in the 19th century.


Let's continue onward. Never go for a walk with the lichenologist. What


do you have now? How many species would you say is on this tree? If


you add the whole thing together you could get up to 100. There is about


250 of this would, so that a good percentage of what is in the wood.


`` in this wood. But of course, it isn't just trees that lichens take


two. They love stones. Gravestones are a favourite. Really important


stones to. They need so few nutrients they can live were


practically nothing else can. 77 different species have been


identified on stone hedge, making it a nationally important site apart


from its heritage. The stones have been here for millennia. The lichens


have recolonised ever since they were erected. They are as much part


of the historic landscape as the stones themselves. Through the


lichens you can even tell something about which of these stones were in


their original place and which were stood up by the Victorians. The more


lichen there is, the longer they have been standing. What is this


wish you stuff? That is one of the special features of Stonehenge. That


is C ivory, which is a very coastal species. That suggests it is not in


its standard habitat. It is a standard coastal cliffs PCs, very


salt dependent, `` cliffs PCs. Otherwise it is completely unknown


inland. Lichens can be pretty good at recording some of our modern


history. You have the graffiti here. Apparently this was from around 60


years ago, when someone sprayed "Radio Caroline" across them.


Various solutions were tried to remove the graffiti, and whatever


was used to remove the D and I from radio, this particular variety of


lichen seems to thrive on it! It took off the existing lichens and


they were replaced by these orange lichens. They like a bird droppings,


and we have seen the top of the bluestones, so when they cleaned the


graffiti off, it imitated bird droppings. Didn't quite work, did


it? It has made it more spectacular than it was before. I wonder if it


was only in black, now it's yellow. I did just that pink colour there.


That is a parasite. Most lichen parasites are very species specific.


This one just eat lichens. The pink lichens are the active edge, so


after a while maybe the parasite will eat off the orange. It is


ripping through where the contamination is, so it may have


made the lichen tastier. If we have whetted your appetite and you would


like to find out more about this world, get in touch with the British


lichen Society. Who knows, you could be the person to discover a whole


new species. Richard Reeves proving it is the


little things that count. That is it for this week. Don't forget the


e`mail. I will see you next week. Next time, how are taste for fast


food is fuelling a rise in the theft of used cooking oil. Around 400


litres up to 1000 a day get stolen. And the care home crisis. Our local


authorities now paying too little to ensure good quality care for the


elderly? A longer day, more exams and tougher


discipline. That is what the government wants for pupils in


England's state schools. Ministers believe it would bring standards


closer to those in private schools. There is a warning over a social


network raise after it was linked to guess in Ireland. It involves


drinking and filming a stun. The body of the young man was found in


the River. Tributes have poured in for the actor Philip Seymour


Hoffman. It is thought he died from a heroin overdose.


More of us are undergoing plastic surgery. The number of operations


jumped 17% last year. Most were for breast implants, but the biggest


rise was for liposuction. Imagine parking your car outside


your house and waking up to this dash a


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