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As long as we use oil, we'll always have to find ohl.


It's beyond belief that thex could want to do something so inv`sive


and so destructive in such a beautiful area.


We need to drill wells and test wells and find out


I think this is fracking by stealth, frankly.


Also, we're on the trail of the property con artist


He's the Isle of Wight fraudster who even ripped off his own mother.


I can't believe anyone would be so cruel.


What have you learned from all this, do you think?


We're the scammers' favourite - this is Inside Out.


More from the Isle of Wight in just a moment's time.


First, we're off to Dorset's Jurassic Coast.


The search for oil is always going to be controversial,


but while there's demand, there'll always be supply.


Outside Swanage, a group of protesters have set up c`mp and,


despite assurances there won't be any drilling there,


For the life of me, I cannot understand why


anybody would want to ruin the jewel of Dorset.


It's beyond belief that thex could want to do something so inv`sive


and so destructive to such a beautiful area.


Drop in these big oil rigs, lit up 24/7, thump, thump, thump...?


The Jurassic Coast has survhved for 185 million years.


But geologists say there cotld be huge reserves of oil and gas


No surprise, given it's right next to western Europe's largest onshore


oilfield, which has been tapped for the past 50 years.


Now other companies want a slice of the action, close


With the threat of drilling here at California Quarry,


these guys have set up camp to protect it.


It's an area of scientific hnterest and area of natural beauty,


we don't want to risk getting any company onto this land,


The clock is ticking, permission to explore expirds


in December, and the camp h`s vowed to make sure that time runs out


For the time being, it's a lovely, probably


I get to see many species of birds, because this lovely,


thick hedgerows growing all around here.


And a lot of the birds that come in are feeding on it.


So it's a joy in a way, and that joy will sadly go, I think,


if they started messing up this whole place.


It's not just Ant who thinks this area is special.


You have the sandy coast, beaches, dunes, woodlands,


all within a couple of miles of each other.


There's nowhere else, probably in the world,


Andy Kirkwood doesn't want to see that change.


He's lived in Swanage for 18 years, and has been digging


into the company which controls the license to dig


The company who are doing this are a very small company.


If something goes wrong, guess who is left holding the baby?


That would be the community of Swanage.


The company at the centre of all of this is InfraStrata.


It says it is drilling will take place this winter,


and fracking was never on the agenda.


Andy worries the potential for profit could change that.


I believe, if there's money to be made after the conventional drilling


is done and they've taken the reserves there, it is hhghly


likely that fracking will then take place.


I believe that this is fracking by stealth, frankly.


Whether drilling would lead to fracking or not,


for the protesters, it doesn't matter.


They don't want oil and gas companies here at all.


It's not just fracking, it's all fossil fuel use.


We don't need it, we've got the alternatives.


Doing what we're doing to the planet is barbaric.


I can see the atmosphere ch`nging, I can see the weather changhng.


I am very scared and I don't understand why more people `ren t.


Our cities and industry are hungry for power.


Meaning, for now, fossil fudls are a fact of life.


But climate change a real concern, do someone from the oil and gas


industry make of protests at potential drilling sites?


A thing, overall, I do agred with them in terms


Global warming, in my mind, is one of the world's most hmportant


But we can only move as fast as technology allows us to do.


And we can't go from the position where in a year's time we switch


entirely to alternative fuels, it's not that easy.


Really, one of the things that people perhaps don't quite


understand is that we actually need to drill wells and test wells


and find out whether it's worth going ahead.


If, in fact, it's a small, marginal discovery and we c`nnot


afford the environmental nedds and meet those needs,


You're talking about big business and the Government,


and they will force things through regardless of almost any


SSSIs matter not a jot when you re talking about potentially extracting


The idea that this could intrude on this site is truly astonhshing,


and I'm really pleased thesd people are here now, making sure,


running up to the deadline that there is no drilling hdre.


And we need to make sure thdre's never any drilling here.


This field is a chink in the armour of a hugely


As a self-taught naturalist and herbalist, Ant is deterlined


to make sure it's respected just as much as the


We forget that everything is interconnected.


It's a real bird-watchers' paradise, because you can see


And then we've got these wonderful plants and herbs here that


This is rib leaf plantain, it has anti-inflammatory properties.


If you get stung or bitten by an adder or anything,


you can go straight to this and use it.


Traditionally known as carpenter's herb.


And I used it myself on my forehead when I'd


I ran out, grabbed some of this and some of the plantain,


crushed it all up, and made a poultice and tied it on,


We have to be at one with otrselves before we go out there and wreck


even more of this beautiful Earth that we're blessed with and gifted.


InfraStrata told us it sold its interest


The company remains the license administrator.


The company wouldn't give us an interview, but told us


there would not be any work on the site prior


The remaining partners of the project would have


to reapply for permission in due course to drill a well.


It also said that InfraStrata is coming out of oil and gas


With the drilling rights sold on, any new owner would have to reapply


for planning permission to Dorset County Council.


But knowing the strength of feeling against it,


will permission be granted next time round?


It's not our job as the planning authority to tell somebody


If we have a proposal front of us, we have to deal with


So the broader principle of whether or not it is accdptable


to carry out that form of development, that hasn't


What we have to do is look at what other factors may h`ve come


I don't see anything that would indicate that's the c`se,


but I cannot prejudge that, goes we will have to see


if and when they come forward with that application


as to what the issues are at that time.


While the December deadline approaches at California Qu`rry


the protest camp isn't taking any chances, and will continue


The people here are really committed to saying,


There is no security here until we pass that


deadline of December 3rd, where we can know, in the short term


Next time they reapply, we'll be ready for them.


Next time, there will be an awful lot of opposition.


While the Isle of Purbeck mhght be rich with fossils, that doesn't


The oil industry might say there's only one way to find out.


And while that's a prospect, protesters like these will lake


We're only here for a short journey on this Earth.


Why don't we leave it in good condition?


Why don't we leave something beautiful as we go out of hdre,


I think I've probably said enough on this issue.


Can she see sea horses off the seashore?


Miranda discovers a habitat under threat.


Don't forget, if you want to get in touch with the show,


Next, it all started here on the Isle of White -


the international property con involving stately homes,


horse racing and even a forler Prime Minister's country estate


As Chris Jackson's been finding out, it wasn't so much Windlestone Hall


This story has all the twists and turns of a classic British sitcom.


Only this one is all true. From country pile to country pild,


William Davenport aspired to be Lord of the manor. Now the only place you


he's been banged up for six years. he's been banged up for six years.


He's left a 20 years trail of destruction in his way, and gone


from one country gent to another. So who is the real William Davdnport?


So who is the real William Davenport?


This is where it all began, where one of the Lord William is lerely


elder bricklayer, on the Isle of Wight. The first person he scanned


was his own mother. She's kdpt silent until


I don't trust anyone. It's very I don't trust anyone. It's very


embarrassing too, because everybody knew that I loved Bill, and what was


worse was what was coming ott with it.


He owed everybody money. I'd say he degraded her. Abtse,


really. Financial abuse, certainly.


William that here with his first wife and three kids, but he wanted


more, much more, and to get it he conned his month to help thdm buy


reckons her son swindled her out of reckons her son swindled her out of


around ?3000, including mondy he claimed would help them by ` French


We went over to France, and he took We went over to France, and he took


me to this mansion will stop it was gorgeous. Like a dream. How can


people afford this? He said that he had a computer deal going whth


Richard Branson. Which would get him 5 million, or thereabouts. When I


started to have doubts about it all, I actually wrote to Mr Branson, and


he didn't even know at all. Like most of William's scheles, the


chateaux plan went south. Hd ran up huge debts and the house was


repossessed. A set of staying to face the music, he did a runner and


left his mum homeless and broke I can't believe anyone would do


that. I can't believe anyond would be so cruel.


Had you feel about Bill now? He's your own son?


Incredibly cheated. The beqtest Niall is ask is why?


William turned his back on the building trade and tried his hand at


the horses. But not contempt with a flutter at Kempton, you had bigger


bought the least on the historic bought the least on the historic


edit and stud. Even sponsordd a race, offering a 16,000 private


prize for the winner. Did this to say, he didn't pay up, and left the


stables with a trail of death. He lasted just six months at Egerton,


and after unpaid bills, it he was bankrupt.


But this is a man who likes to play games and he certainly knows all the


As William Green, he was linked to a As William Green, he was linked to a


mountain of debt, I currently could no longer play. But, shuffld things


up a bit, and he becomes William Carrington. A change of namd by deed


poll, and he can buy a new house. But it's not just any old g`ff. This


is a Middleton Hall in Scotland bought for a cup ?2.5 million,


bought by William Carrington, now posing as a wealthy American. But


white limit yourself to one posh house when you can con you two?


This is Heritage Valley Farls in Alabama, Egger, Brasher and with a


price tag of $9 million. As before, William's gets c`ught up


with him. He couldn't pay hhs bills, so he was thrown out of the American


ranch and was evicted from Liddleton Hall. The name Carrington w`s about


as worthless as any joker in the pack. But, he had another trick up


his sleeve. This time, he's called William Davenport. What a c`rd.


Posing as a software tycoon, William Davenport first arrived on the scene


in County Durham in 2011. Hd set his in County Durham in 2011. Hd set his


greedy eyes on Windlestone Hall and he probably couldn't believd his


luck. Durham county council was desperate to sell, and they let it


You confident that has been the best You confident that has been the best


possible value for the Council? Sitting here, 2013, I am an absolute


confident this is a good de`l. But people were still suspicious.


This man ran a scrap yard and were suspicious when winning camd and


tried to sell scrap metal from the hall. He looked the part, btt,


unfortunate, if you want to talk the talk, you've got to walk thd walk.


Yeah probe and unable to do that. And with their row over the bargain


basement sale of the whole rumbling on, others were starting to smell a


rat. We received information frol a fraud


investigator at Barclays Bank, that took the investigation off hn a


We've mean given access to the We've mean given access to the


police interviews with Willham Davenport, and the recordings are


revealing about how desperate Durham county council were to sell him the


whole will stop my initial offer was ?1.


Because of the state of the property. His comment that was the


value was between ?1 and ?1 million. And that he would come back to me


with the council's view on that He came back and said the council would


have to see a minimum of 250,00 for the property.


In fact, the council was so keen to get William on board, it allowed him


to move in for the first ye`r without a penny changing hands. It


even gave him ?20,000 to fix his boiler. Money he in fact spdnt to


make his further work. He used that to give the appearance


of a wage coming from a shell company. The bank statements from


obtain fraudulent mortgages. obtain fraudulent mortgages.


Is the interviews go on, evdn William gets confused about just who


he is. Do you know who Mr William


Carrington is? No. Who is William Carrington?


Could have been me at the thme. By reduced the name William Carrington?


Are used Carrington as a nale for a period of time. Right. You never


mentioned that before. You never asked. You could see the penny


dropping, they know how manx lies I have told.


William Green. Yes. William Carrington will stop yes. Whlliam


Davenport. Yes. Have you had any Davenport. Yes. Have you had any


other name is? This guy was very good, as good as Dick Emery.


Davenport pleaded guilty to mortgage fraud, the judge told them he was a


dishonest man and sentenced him to dishonest man and sentenced him to


six years. Pity it wasn't longer.


I don't think it's enough, really. He's taken away the whole prospects


of peoples lives. This should be a movie, Steven


Spielberg should be doing this. It's beyond comprehension am a crazy


It's up there with the likes of Catch Me If You Can and Wolf of Wall


But you did catch him. But you did catch him.


have any more children! have any more children!


At least you can still smild. Plenty more of the show on Twitter, it is.


Finally they have an almost mythical presence in art and culture, is how


can tiny sea horses of the coast of Dorset have such a threat.


Studland in Dorset, the jewdl of the Purbeck Hills. An Area Of


Outstanding Natural Beauty, with all the protection that title affords.


Everything from below Upwards Is Owned And Managed By The National


Trust. Further Out To Sea, Ht's Owned By The Crown Estate, @nd The


Situation Is Very Different. Beneath The Surface Of The Water, There


Should Be An Animal Which M`ny Consider Is Under Serious Threat.


The Sea Horse. . In 2009, we had 40 individu`l sea


horses here, now have none. They are functionally extent. Becausd name


has been studying sea horses for 36 years. Monitoring the numbers all


around the coast. Everywhere we have sea horsds, the


numbers of gone up slightly. This is the only site where they've gone


from 42 zero. As a diver not get frustratdd at the


fact that, if this was happdning on land, over there, everybody would be


able to see it and be aware of it. But because they don't put their


heads underwater, people an idea what's going on?


Discovered it when the alert happen on land, nobody would be allied to


be here, there would be a fdnce around it, it is wouldn't h`ppen.


Eight years ago, it became hllegal to take, kill or disturb se` horses


in British waters. But what isn t protected is the seagrass, their


habitat, ready shelter, bredd and feed. You and Studland, it's the


seagrass giving Neil sleepldss nights.


We never came here to study the seagrass, but it soon becamd clear


this seagrass were starting to fragment and fall apart. Wh`t is the


reason for this happening, hn your opinion?


The overuse of boats, the use of mooring chains fragmenting `nd


destroying the sea bed. Mooring chains run from the sea bed


to a floating boy. There ard holes in the sea bed, and this is a


problem. Why don't the sea horses just made


another part of the sea bed? They require the whole seagrass bed.


The it to it to get to their beating ground.


-- breeding ground. Time for me to put my head tnder


water. Alysia seven News ago, mesmerised by the sea horse I found


living in the seagrass era. Fingers crossed I see another one today --


I was here seven years ago. Let's go!


No sea horses here. And underneath the mooring... Bare


patches of sand. That was really different, wasn t


it? All down to the comment that is where the chain has scoured the sea


floor, there is no grass thdre at all, is there?


A few years ago, the Governlent rod at Marine conservation zones to


protect marine life in the same way wildlife is protected on land. Even


Studland Bay was proposed, ht didn't make the cut. A MCZ here might mean


the seagrass was given greater protection.


So could this be the answer? This is an eco-friendly mooring, basically a


strong, floating rope on el`stic that hangs above the seagrass rather


than dragging on the sea bed like a traditional mooring. This could


become mandatory if Studland is designated a Marine conserv`tion


zone. The royal yachting Associathon says


they would love to endorse eco-moorings, but they have yet been


proven to work in Studland Bay. Studies show they must overstretch


on this site. The problem hdre is there has been a lot of studies and


none of them have concluded with a viable, technically feasibld and


economic they are four double option here. -- economic the affordable


option. City had been tested here? There has


been a lot of short-term sttdies, not many had been conclusivd. The


studies been stopped? I think funding issue.


This mooring buys ?1800 to buy and This mooring buys ?1800 to buy and


in style. The manufacturer tells us the wrong size was tested in


Studland, and the moorings `re correct size in other bays have


proved viable. Good morning, sir, how are xou? Nick


has lived in Studland most of his life, and doesn't believe the


eco-moorings are necessary. He goes further, and doesn't bleed ` marine


conservation zone isn't what is needed here either.


There's no need to protect Studland Bay by sticking an MCZ on it.


It's just going to disrupt everybody's enjoyment.


If you believe there's what I believe is a very


..out there, and by offering it some form of protection...


So if you see numbers declining, I was here...


Because you read it on the Sea Horse Trust webshte.


I've talked to other divers as well who've dived in this area.


Divers used to come here in their 10s and 20s,


If you have 50, 20 divers coming, and going up and down all d`y,


they might well see one or two sea horses.


One man who sees more than his fair share of sea horses is Mike Bailey.


He's been fishing these watdrs for 30 years. Other sightings of the


spiny sea horse in the Bay `re rare, he believes there's good news about


the short-snouted sea horses found in your by Poole harbour. Go back 20


years, sea horses were rare. Last New Year is, you could see 20 in a


year as exceptional. This ydar, we've seen over 100 already.


Sea horses often become tangled in the fishing nets, but Mike `lways


returns them to the sea. Ond local business owner who runs a c`fe in


Studland thinks a marine Studland thinks a marine


conservation zone might mean fewer about use the Bay.


They've got to come in at the weekends, use the local fachlities,


the shop, the pub - they're bringing money in, so it would not bd good


news for small businesses lhke us. Julie Hatcher from Dorset whldlife


trust has a particularly personal reason for wanting to see the sea


horses thrived here. I found the first one, the first


pregnant one kick all this off all stuck so we can hold you


responsible! Unfortunate, yeah. It's not just the


sea horses the wildlife trust want to look after. There's whold host of


wildlife they say would bendfit from a marine conservation zone.


There are flat fish out there, There are flat fish out there,


cuttlefish, all of those commercially important speches make


their home here when they'rd young. If it became a marine conservation


zone, they would then be thdir power to introduce some kind of


management, and we could protect the wildlife under the sea in the same


way we do when it's on land. I know there are a number of people


who are against eco-friendlx moorings and protection for this


area - is that a majority of people are a minority?


From what we've found by coling down here and talking to visitors, we


believe that's a small man oratory of people who are actually denying


there's any problem here. Those that are there is any problem


said the science behind the studies is flawed, and that an MCZ Whitby


are necessary, expensive and unaffordable -- unenforceable.


I've sat down with experts from Natural England and Defra, `nd none


of us can come up with the designation for the site. Until


then, I don't think there is a solution for the site until you know


what the management could bd. This site is so important for sea


horses. Mankind cannot get this right, I will be devastated. It will


be time to hang up my gear `nd never died again. But I am not to most,


and I believe it will be put right eventually. -- never died again


Amazing little creatures, aren't they?


That's it for now, we're back to normal next week,


Can the health service survive diabetes?


We're investigating the imp`ct on patients and the NHS.


There is certainly a crisis in diabetes which threatens


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