21/08/2012 Newsnight


With Gavin Esler. An investigation into postpartum depression, the row over the American Senate candidate who thinks rape victims don't get pregnant, and government borrowing.

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Tonight the darkness that leads There's nothing new in the idea of


Baby Blues, but one in five may suffer from postpartum psychosis


with catastrophic consequences for some. I started getting unpleasant


the stairs. I was just so my boy. In Newsnight exclusive,


we'll see how the problems can be three days. We'll ask what more can


thought British men had peculiar pregnancy. If it is legitimate rape,


they can shut that down. We'll see how the views can be used


by the Democrats. Rape is rape. borrowing going up, big economic


minds have advice for the Prime you lose touch with reality,


case it is can lead to a mother recognise the symptoms, but women


who have suffered from it, are trying to change this. Newsnight


have been given access to the lives shortly after coming birth. The


I was just so frightened, I didn't want to hurt my boy. I knew


somebody had to help me. Women are more at risk of severe


mental illness after giving birth than any time in their lives. One


day I thought about doing it, about smothering the boys while they had


their lunch time sleep. This woman did kill her baby and then herself.


What I saw that night, my beautiful wife and daughter, even now, I


can't come prehend that. We've been extraordinary access to the lives


of three women, who all became ill, Shelley Blanchard's baby is due in


the next few weeks, and she's come into her final checkup. But it is


not the baby that medical staff are It is her. One in ten new mothers


suffer from post-natal depression, but shelly is at risk something


Postpartum psychosis. Mental health problems of varying degrees will


affect one in four of us at some pointed in our lives. But women


given birth are susceptible to the most serious illness. I'm scared,


emotional now. I'm scared I'm going to harm the baby, or, I've read


some things that ,, sorry, I've read some things that women think


the baby is talking to them and telling them to do things and that


the baby will get taken away from me, that's my biggest fear. It is


not known what causes postpartum psychosis, but the massive more


mopbl changes that follow child birth are thought to play a


significant role. How are you well, since the last time I saw you?


Mood-wise, I'm agitated, sleep pattern is terrible. One in 500


women who have given birth will suffer from postpartum psychosis.


And it can strike out of the blue. The majority of women who have a


post postpartum psychosis or very, very severe depression illness,


will have no risk factors, they have no family history or past


illness, there is a proportion of women who you can predict. Shelley


Blanchard has buy polar disorder and means she's a one in two chance


of becoming severely ill after having her baby. Everyone looking


after her, knows they need to be alert. Dr Nick Best is a


psychiatrist. Who specialises in caring for pregnant women and new


mothers with mental health problems. OK, a long time no see, since I saw


you. He will be seeing Shelley Blanchard regularly over the few


months and she gets home visits from the community psychiatric


nurse. When the mood change happens, if it is, it can be rapid, so


that's where the eyes and ears of the midwife and health visitor is


helpful. If we got a call from anybody who expressed concern, we'd


come out immediately. Cool. It is the speed with which


the condition develops, together with the severity which makes it


dangerous. A person can move from being relatively ameanable and


understanding of a situation, to floridly unwell, psychotic,


delusional and paranoid, in the Daksha Emson knows how serious,


postpartum psychosis can be. I know about 5.30 or so, and, as I got to


the front door, I smelt a burning smell, normally I'd call out, honey


I'm home and she replied that she's here, and "oh Dave, ""and I'd hear


the baby babbleling away. It was Wait until you have another one. Oh.


When Dave's daughter, fraya was three months old his wife stabbed


her and then set both herself and baby on fire in their bedroom.


Daksha Emson died from her burns three weeks later. She'd left a


note. "Dave I'm absolutely convinced now of bad forces being


at work here. Our baby has to be protected from these forces... And


I'm going to protect her. I love her, she means everything to me.


And I'll do whatever I can to protect her from evil" It is only


now, 12 years since Daksha Emson's death that Dave can sort ourt her


text books, she studied psychiatry, and she was about to be a


consultant when she died. But few people knew about her condition.


She was afraid of the stigma. The inquiry into her death led to new


guidelines in the NHS, for the treatment of staff with mental


illness. Dave's writing a book about her story to help other


people in similar situations. Primarily, it is to speak to me,


speak to brothers and sisters, people that are suffering, fellow


mental health workers, people that are suffering with mental health


conditions, that you are not alone Shelley Blanchard is about to give


birth. Shelley's husband is in the Army, but he is able to come home


for a few weeks, and he is worried about what will happen to her after


the birth. It is not Baby Blues, is it, it is quite sieve, worst case


scenario, I could end up without a wife and child. So yeah, it is


worrying, but the fact that we're already, the knowledge that we have


enables us to understand or look for any signs of it. And with her


network of medical carers, it is unbelieveable the amount of people


she's got caring for her. Shelley's labour has gone on for two days,


Hello little man. Her teenager son That very first evening she starts


her anti-psychotic drugs. How are you coping emotionally? Doing


really well. I'm happy to have olive. He's just so gorgeous.


Oliver is a week old, Shelley is relaxed and happy with the support


she's getting. But Lee is going back to Northern Ireland soon.


boy. Hello, Best it is Shelley Blanchard here, I'm aware you're on


leave, but I wondered if you could give me a call because I'm feeling


unwell at the moment, thank you. Shelley's mood has begun to drop.


She's stopped taking the drugs because they make her drowsy, she


knows she needs help. That would be enough to get rid of an elephant.


It is scary. Especially feeling the way I'm feeling A few weeks later,


she's admitted to a special unit in Winchester, where mothers and their


babies can be kept safe during treatment. I started getting


unpleas isn't thoughts about Oliver. About wanting to hurt him. Dropping


him on purpose, and throwing him down the stairs. I was just so


frightened, I didn't want to hurt my boy. And I knew somebody had to


help me. But the thoughts were getting stronger and more frequent.


So, I had to tell somebody. I had to get some help. OK I have your


methods here. Will I put them in your hand.


Sometimes I feel lost being in here. I feel lonely sometimes. But Lee


comes in to see me every day, that's nice. It is nice to have a


visitor. Because it breaks up the day a little bit. Otherwise they


could be long and drawn out With postpartum psychosis still poorly


understood, and frequently misdiagnosed, psychiatristness


mental health workers are here to listen to to a woman who has been


through it herself. I became psychotic a few days leaving


hospital, when late one night, having just fed Finlay, who was


still very much in the cast iron grip of feeding routine, I faced


his sleeping body down on the bed and my brain snapped. It felt like


somebody had flicked a switch in my head. I looked at him and was


filled with an urge to kill him. I put my hand around his tiny neck,


not strong enough to hold his own head and began to squeeze. I wasn't


trying to harm him, I knew I musdont that, but I want to know


whether I was capable, and whether it is true or not, I convinced


myself I was. Jo, head of maths, became ill after her senged son was


born. She'd never suffered mental health problems before and I was


terrified her children would be taken away.


She decided her only way out was to commit suicide, and take Tom and


Finn with her. One day I thought about doing it about smothering the


boys while they had their lunch time sleep. I was met particular


lus in my thinking, I had to make sure the boys and dog were dead


before my own life, because I couldn't survive if they didn't.


is fully recovered now. But she's spent more than six months in a


secure psychiatric hospital while her husband cared for the boys. Jo


feels compelled to raise awareness of the condition, particularly with


health workers. Women are dying sixly because they had a baby,


which, shouldn't be happening. And, I feel, very strongly that because


I came so close to losing my life, that, I am in a position to be able


to talk about the extremes of the illness. And a lot of sufferers,


Oliver is now five months old and both he and Shelly are doing well.


If it wasn't able to go in the unit I think that I probably would have


ended up taking an overdose. Possibly killing myself. Because I


It is such a dark time. But out of that dark time I've managed to


learn a little bit more about missile and I think to come out of


it, and - myself and I think to come out of it and feel so happy,


I'm actually feeling really well now, I feel I could possibly say I


feel fantastic. Well I'm joipd by Jo Lyall who you saw in the report


and Dr Nisha Shah a consultant psychiatrist, who runs a service in


north London. Thanks very much for talking about this publicly.


What do you think mothers and health care professionals most need


to know about this? I think they need to know it exists. Because


there is so little awareness amongst mothers, well amongst the


general public and health professionals. And I think it was


very clear the lady who had bipolar, Shelley, they have a team looking


out for her. And that doesn't happen for other women. If they


haven't an existing mental health problem. Lots and lots of people


around me realised something was wrong and said, would say to me or


my husband, something is with Jo, my mum said it seems somebody else


in inside her body but none of us thought I was ill. Presumably you


were told by health care professionals, about physical


things that could go wrong about child birth but not mental side?


woman is more likely to have a mental health problem, than any


physical health problem. It is the biggest health problem that women


in the perinatal period are likely to suffer.


Dr Nisha Shah, the there remains a stigma with all mental health


problems, particularly with child birth and children, you're supposed


to be happy, and if you're not it is perhaps more of a stigma? That's


right, exactly what Jo is saying, to raise awareness is impeded by


people's fear what will happen when they present with a problem, that


is out of the range of what is considered to be normal. There's a


real anxiety, that we hear about things like baby P, we know about


what happens when children are mistreated and all mothers worry


about not treating their children properly and being separated by


them and that prevents people coming forward. What do you do with


health care professionals, saying you have to be aware of it and


sensitive to it and you're there to help, not to intervene, and protect


the child, but help the mother? think, perinatal health services,


that have slowly started growing, since, really the tragic death of


Dr Emson in 2000, bring it in their remit. That's what we do, making


sure maternity department, at the Whittington, we spend training


midwives and obstetricians, making sure everybody knows that mental


health problems are very common, that they are very, very treatable,


and that there are services, in some place, that exist to try and


help people deal with them. Did you feel the stig marks and


feel you should lied it? How did it creep up on you, how did you become


aware you had to start talking about it? Well, first I hid it for


months, because having a baby is supposed to be a joyful time. I


started to have delusions I was evil and not supposed to be a


mother, how do you tell anybody that, when you believe it so


completely that, well, I actually believefy told anybody, the boys


would be adopted and I would be put into prison, even though I did


nothing wrong. And I just had a moment of clarity, one day, and


realised I needed help. This was some months after I'd become ill.


What Dr Nisha Shah was saying, was it difficult to ask for help, not


because of the stigma, but because the boys might be taken away?


was, I had no idea how ill I was. I lost all sense of reality, I went


to the GP, and said I made plans to kill myself, the dog and myself, I


think I may be ill. That was Monday, by Friday, I was a patient on a


psychiatric unit, without my babies. But, it is treatable, that's the


whole point? It is, it is not always straightforward. Because


we're all individuals, and different treatments work better


with different women. And it didn't help I went months before I had any


treatment at all. That definitely complicated things a lot. But,


there are psychological interventions, medication, and I


was treated eventually with ECT, and that was what cured me, and


cured my psychosis. But, there will problems with each. Obviously ECT


is controversial and there are problems associated with it, but


when it works it is successful. Medication, has all sorts of side


effects. You could see from the film, that one of them is


unprecedented weight gain. And in six months in hospital, I put on


five stone. It is extraordinary. And psychological intervention


sometimes aren't enough, you need some sort of chemical intervention


as well. There's problems with each, but using a combination of them all,


it's possible to have a full recovery. We said earlier in the


report, that it is treatable, and it is also, sometimes, you can


predict it. But sometimes presumably you can't, and it creeps


up on people? Yes. Postpartum psychosis is a subtype really. It


is found it emxass many things and there's a blurring between Baby


Blues, which is not an illness it is something dirve. It is common?


50-60% first time mothers will experience that, but that's not


what we're concerned about, there's awareness and knowledge, to be able


to differentiate babey blues from post-natal depression, post-natal


depression from postpartum psychosis which is a different


illness, and therefore, does require a different set of


treatments. OK, but thank you very much and


we'll hear a lot about that. Now, if you want details of


organisations, which offer advice and support on postpartum psychosis


Now, if the coalition Government stands for one thing it is to


improve the economy. A central plank of that is to reduce


borrowing, as Opposition leader, David Cameron coin cyst tantly


argued you do not borrow your way out of a debt crisis. While one


month's borrowing figures are �600 million deficit for July may not


demonstrate that everything has gone hay wire, politically it is


bad news for the Government and in particular, George Osborne.


Newsnight heard rumblings that spending cuts had been considered


for the Autumn. We explore the Chancellor's options in a moment.


First, David Grossman with the extent of the problem. Very


carefully the Chancellor plotted a route out of deficit. Unfortunately,


the journey time has already had to be revised up once and now he is in


danger of having to do it again. The latest figures show the


Government borrowed �600 million last month. That is up 3.4 billion


on the same month last year, then there was a surplus of 4.2 billion.


Normally, in fact all but two of the 50 years, July has been a


banker of the month for the Treasury, and they can expect for


surplus because of income and corporate tax receipts. In July


this didn't happen. Corporate tax receipts so far has been going


slowly, relative to what the RBR is expecting in March. Today we see


the fecked of four large installments T reflects the


profitable of company, and the July receipts reflect the first payment


of profits on 2012, which suggests companies are less profitable this


year than was expected. Another factor was the closure of the he


will begin gas field, leading to lower than expected revenues from


the North Sea. Well they shoal that there are plane challenges for the


UK economy. They are difficult figures, but they show how


important it is to stick to the plan, to deal responsibly with


Britain's debts and not to add more to that. So, if you look at into


the figures what you see, driving them, I think, is a decrease in tax


receipt, mainly corporation tax, with an interesting factor in the


North Sea. As I say, what the figures really show is the


importance of sticking to the plan this Government has set out.


Treasury has a feeling of great solidity about it, but, when it


comes to the numbers upon which it bases Government policy, well, a


little more spongey. It is a noteable feature of this recession


that almost every set of Government projections, with time, begins to


look like the work of a wild-eyed optimist. For example, back in June,


2010, the Office for Budget Responsibility forecast for the


current year, we'd been borrowing �89 billion. That was revised in


March, 2011, to �101 billion and March 2012, the forecast had gone


up again, to �120 billion. And that could still be optimism, because


the first three months of this year, we're �10 billion behind where we


should be. Suggesting to some, that we could be looking at a total


deficit of a year, of �1670 billion. Or about 80% higher than the 2010


initial forecast. Well these are serious figures, and


they suggest that the central goal of George Osborne to reduce the


deficit, has not just not happened, but going the wrong way, he's


adding to the deficit, these borrowing figures are going higher,


and it is because he's driven us back in recession, and we have such


expensive costs of welfare benefits and keeping people on the dole


rather than seeing them in work and paying back into the xeck ker. It


is a failure of George Osborne's planning and he needs to change


course right now. So, what happens now? In Thais economic times, the


political rumour mill is in overdrive. A little while back it


was George Osborne's going to lose his job. Now, Newsnight hearse


rumblings that the Treasury has ordered new Government cuts, every


department to do their share for an emergency budget statement in the


Autumn. That may turn out to be nonsense, but what is true, is that


the politics of this get harder and harder for the Government. Some


Conservatives for example, point out that the Chancellor hasn't even


started down the road of cutting Increased.


There have been individual areas where there have been difficult and


painful cuts. But overall, there's been a big expansion of public


spending in cash terms and increase ever are I year in real terms. We


have to accept for a bit we can't have increaseness spending and we


have to try and keep it under better control and renew our attack


upon the costs of Government itself, because that would be the most


popular way of doing it. Government is deliberately pursuing policies


raising energy costs for example, it is watered down the proposals


forever planning liberal sedation, it is not moving rapidly as far as


Labour market is concerned, it imposed a lot of New Labour market


regulation upon employers, and yes it does need to take a closer look


at the policies and reverse them. So, how much longer will the jourpy


time wack to budget surplus be? And crucially is the Chancellor going


to have to step on the accelerator. David Grossman, well no-one from


the Treasury team was available to come on the programme tonight. We


did ask. We could have a couple of fine economic minds with us. Port


port port and - portsport ports, is worrying, 26% ahead of where we


thought we'd be. It is back in deficit in 2009. It could be a


blip? It is a big blip though. Actually a lot of damage being done.


All kinds of things are not working out as hoped. Basically the


Chancellor started off as Government betting on growth, and


no actual cuts to get rid of the deficit. The growth was never


likely to happen, hasn't happened, and so we just stacking up more and


more debt. The issue which nobody is very comfortable about is how


long can we stack that debt up. What do you make of the figures


think as the Treasury secretary said, they're volatile from month


to month. The underlying picture is this is what you would expect when


the economy is flat. We have had essentially no growth for the last


18 months. Where I would differ with John, is this that is at least,


in part a direct result of over rapid fiscal consolidation,


unnecessary cuts to the deficit too quickly, have actually in one of


the reasons why we have no growth, and that in turn, meant the deficit


hasn't come down as quickly as the Chancellor hoped. Let's look at


simplistic terms, the two possibilities is one is, is there


scope, because borrowing costs are low, to borrow more and have a big


stimulus, do you think that would work? That's clearly possible.


Remember, that. Advisable? Both, one thing we do know is when we


listen to what onsays, and what the Treasury Minister say, is that two


years ago, they said if we went on borrowing as we were, interest


rates would soar, the credit agencies would down grade us, we


would have to call in IMF, what happened? We're now borrowing, more,


than was forecast before the Chancellor introduced figurecal


consolidation programme. Not less but more. What happened? Well,


interest rates, compared to where they are two years, are


considerably lower than they were divo years ago. We can afford to


borrow more, and we should. I don't disagree with you. The reality is


we don't know, when foreign investors, in gilts will panic. We


don't know when interest rates go out of control. We've tested all


kinds of things in the economy, with masses of quantity Tateive


easing, very lose credit, nobody knows where that ends, accept it


must end in higher interest rates, and it must end in inflation. Maybe


years away, and you may be right in a year or two, you can get away


with spending and trying to stimulate the way out of it. If you


do that, remember what you're doing is immoral. You are living better


today at the expense of the people who follow us. So it may give rise


to less pain in the short-term. What it does is not good for the


next generation. I think, quite wrong actually. Borrowing now is


not borrowing from our children. We borrow from ourselves, debt is


finance now, you can't borrow from your unborn children. What we would


do now by borrowing is enable us to invest in things, and be good for


your children, getting jobs for young people, building roads and


bridges and schools. Great if the money is used for, but it is not


always used for such useful things. Absolutely you're borrowing from


your kids, you have no intention repaying the principle and interest,


they will. Onwhat is the alternative Basically, carrying on


as we are, isn't going to cut it. The mudling through, isn't going to


achieve what the Conservatives need to do by the next election, get


signs of growth in the economy, and they're going to either lurch in


one of two directions - either to go for more stimulus, that side of


the table. Or this side, the other way the Vicky Redwood approach,


which is to actually cut, expenditure, to actually take more


pain short-term, in return for getting a better economy, medium to


long-term. It is done places on earth, successfully, even on the UK,


on previous cycles. The state is too large, the state, the size it


is, means we have low growth baked in. If the Chancellor were to


decide to go down the route T would take a degree of political courage?


A lot of courage. He is according to an ITV poll tonight, 16%


effectively saying he is he's doing OK. It is difficult when you are in


the bigger political hole to take those strong economic decisions and


I know you are disagree. Maybe take the view, it can't get much worse,


he might as well take a go. Previous recessionss, I was working


for a Conservative Chancellor in the Treasury, in 1992, and Norman


Lamont took the right decision, he said we need to make savings and


cut spending, and raise taxes to get the Budget back to BA but we're


not going to do it now, until the economy starts recovering. The


fiscal tighting then didn't begin until 1994, until it was on an


upward trajectory. Basic economics of the same period, during the 90s,


we took 7% out of the size of the state and the state grew at 3% for


ten years, boy would that be an outcome now. Now the Republican


presidential candidate, Mitt Romney called on one of his own Senate


candidate to pull out of the race in a row over race. Todd Akin say


the women who are victims "legitimate rape" could not get


pregnant. What takes Congressman, Todd Akin away from challenged from


basic biology, is the Democratic party seized on the comments and


used them to attack Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan on attitude to abortion.


Congressman, Akin's latest ad campaign is called "forgiveness.


I'm Todd Akin and I afrof this message. Rape is an evil act, I use


the wrong words in the wrong way and I apologise. Todd Akin may be


contrite but he is not stepping down as candidate from mass youry,


despite pressure from fellow Republicans, so Democrats are


piling in. Views expressed were offensive, rape is rape, and the


idea that we should be persing and qualifying, and slicing what types


of rape we're talking about, doesn't make sense to the American


people. And certainly doesn't make sense to me. Since the 196 0s,


abortion has been one of the litmus test issues in America's culture


wars. Congressman, Akin is so- called pro-life. He was asked if he


opposes abortions, even in cases where the woman gets pregnant


through rape This is what he said. First of all, what I understand


from doctors, that's really rare, if it is a legitimate rape the


female body has ways to shut that whole thing down. President Obama


who holds a significant lead of Mitt Romney over women voters,


seized the opportunity to draw attention to the wider Republicans


positions on social issues. Romney's advice presidential


running mate, Paul Ryan is flatly against legal abortion. Even for


rape or incest. Accept where the woman's life is at stake.


Congressman Ryan worked with Todd Akin in Washington to narrow the


definition of rape, so the state would pay for fewer abortions. Mitt


Romney condemned Akin's comments and says, he does support legal


abortion for women who have been raped. I can't defend what he said.


I can't defend him. One reason support for Romney has been tepid


amongst Conservatives, is his pro- choice past. And he is seen by


critics as Governor Flip-Flop. believe abortion should be safe and


legal in this country, I have since the time that my mum took that


position when she ran in 1907s as a Senate candidate. I since since


this has been law for 20 years, I sustain and support t I sustain and


support that, of a right of a woman to make that choice. In 2012,


Romney says his thinking has evolved, and as a Pro-Life


President he would nominate Supreme Court justices who overturn Roe


versus Wade. If polls indicate majority of Americans support legal


aborgs, including the independent and moderate Republican voters, is


it really an issue that can help win or lose a presidential


election? Joining me now from Washington is, Craig Ferguson


director of Republican majority for choice, and Lila Rose founder of


life action. What do you think should happen to Todd Akin? I think


he should step down, that the number pro-choice and anti-choice


Republicans in are leadership and party have called for him to step


down, and I think it is time for him to take that lead. What do you


make of him, step down, and get out of it, because he is peopleersing?


Representative Akin apologiseds the comments that were clearly using


poor words, choice words were poor. What he was saying, and that's the


fact if it is conceived in rape, does not warrant the death penalty


of a abortion, and should not be killed because of the crimes of the


father, rape is a horrible thing, victims should be fought for and


protected but rapists should be held accountable of the law and not


the child. That's the position that Todd Akin was taking. It is


completely oppose today what his opponents, Claire McCaskill stands


for, which is funding of the biggest abortion chain and she


voted against a law that would stop, sexual predators were taking minors


across state lines which would hurt little girls of statutory rape.


some of that, would chime very much with what Paul Ryan has been saying,


the vice presidential hopeful for your party, no abortion, even if


the case of rape or incest, what do you think of that? We completely


oppose that position, the majority of Americans and Republicans oppose


that position, even the Romney/ Ryan ticket has come out to say, to


say there should be exceptions in the case of rape and incest. The


problem is he apologised for the words he used not the policy he is


pushing. It is a policy not supported by majority of


Republicans and Americans and it is akin to saying, that there's, we


need to punish the victim, the perpetrator of the crime and take


care of the baby, but the woman in the middle which has the crime upon


her is a vessel. It is a crime committed against a woman, it is a


violent and sexual crime, she needs medical resource available to her.


It should not be inputing our position and opinion in controlling


that position. I Can't agree more, but having investigated the biggest


abortion pyramid and cover up with little girls with secret abortions,


across the board.... I know that's an important issue in the United


States, but the important issue for the people in the world is what


impact if any this will have on the presidential race. I'm wondering


whether you feel, in Mitt Romney given his previous record, actually


he doesn't care very much about the issue but he has Paul Ryan on the


ticket, because people like you will be energiseed, so Mitt Romney


is Governor Flip-Flop? We need to get past the sound bites and look


at the issue, we are talking about the fundamental right to life,


which is the right to life for all people. If we can't protect that,


and don't have politicians protecting that, if our President


Obama is the most historic. think Mitt Romney is the man to


protect it? We need him to be President, because he will apoint


for life judges and stop funding the biggest abortion chain. Do you


think there are people within the Republican Party, who run for


office, but don't like to say they're pro-choice because it will


run them into problems. Frankly, some politicians, are lying on the


issue? Our party has created a system that makes it very difficult


for Republicans to get through a primary system who are pro-choice.


Our system is prochoice organisation is not the party


should be pro-choice entirely and promote a platform because that


doesn't represent the make-up of a party or party calling for a


constitutional ban on abortions with no exceptions. We should not


put this front and centre, as they did today, promoting this as one of


the top priorities of our country, and applauding we're pushing a


human life amendment with no exceptions. I wanted to know if it


put off people who are fiscal Conservatives for voting the


Republican Party because of the issue, does it put people off?


Tifplt detracts from a the strongest message we as rep


Republicans have which is the fiscal issue. We need to stand for


human rights, that's the life to right, Americans are listening,


young people are listening and women, we care about the right to


life and protecting women, protecting young girls who are


victims of rape and unborn children who deserve to be protected as well.


And deserve their fundamental right to life to be protected that's why


we're standing for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. Planed parenthood denies


some alkpwaigss that was made Prince Harry on front of The


Telegraph. Do it now and do it now, tells Osborne chefs. FT has the big


business story about glon core bot wot and finally the Daily Mail has


wot and finally the Daily Mail has Well that's all from Newsnight for


tonight. Kirsty has much more Hello. I've got showers in the


forecast again for tomorrow but probably not as heavy or wrieed


spread and there will be sunshine in diveen. Southern and eastern


part could stay largely cry. Heavy showers for England and Northern


Ireland and one or two sharp ones across the Midlands in the aifpb as


well. You will notice a breeze, change from recent days, but


temperatures not too bad. 21 degrees, that's a good average,


high teens for the west, but good weather on the beaches for the


south-west of England and South Wales too.


Sharp showers of possibility across North Wales. And Northern Ireland


too, but the change from today, showers will be moving smartly, so


you get sunshine, shower, and then it will move off. Showers for


western Scotland, many eastern parts of Scotland, could escape


them through the afternoon, and see sunshine, but a brisk breeze


blowing in here as well. Sunny intervals and showers, not many of


In-depth investigation and analysis of the stories behind the day's headlines with Gavin Esler. An investigation into postpartum depression - the little understood mental illness that can make mothers kill themselves and their newborns, the row over the American Senate candidate who thinks rape victims don't get pregnant, and why is government borrowing still going up?