22/08/2012 Newsnight


Kirsty Wark asks why British tabloids will not print Prince Harry's naked pictures. Plus MP Louise Mensch on male politicians' attitude to rape.

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Tonight in hock up to its neck Greece pleads for just a little bit


more time. But after the long hot summer is the promise of September


action about to materialise? We'll ask the world biggest bond trader


if the printed money's soon going to rain down. Fear of clothing in


Las Vegas. He's third in line to the throne, he's naked, but Fleet


Street wont touch it with a barge pole. Have they suddenly developed


a conscience or have they got the fear of Leveson in them. We have


Neil Wallis, a former deputy editor of the News of the World, the


publicist Max Clifford and Vanessa Feltz. The airwaves have been alive


with male politicians sounding off about rape. In her first interview


since resigning Tory MP Louise Mensch says she's fed up with them,


and has challenged David Cameron to put women in senior positions in


the Justice Department. Also its game over for the man who stole


multi millions from Polly Peck shareholders. He protested his


innocence until the end. A man worth hundreds of millions of


pounds, spending dozens of millions of pounds a year on charity, what


Good evening. Global investors have sitting like hawks on telephone


wires watching the drama in Athens as the Prime Minister, Antonis


Samaras begs for his colleagues for more time. Since July big stock


markets have risen of the expectation in the end the European


cl bank will intervene, but with people waiting for the news, to see


if they're stepping in to purchase the debt and ease the crisis the


As our mini-heat wave comes to a end, Continental Europe have been


suffering under dangerously high temperatures for weeks. The Euro


crisis, which is over a thousands days old, is suffering again. And


shock horror, Greece is in the frying pan. It want a two-year


extension on the 130 billion Euro loan on troick ker, which was


agreed last March. The new Greek Prime Minister, Antonis Samaras


hosted the conference, with Jean- Claude Juncker who alongside the


rest f the troick ker, bailed Today body language expert were


deployed to see if there were changes in the mood at least.


have to discuss, the lengthening of the period, and other die mentions


of the problem, when we are taking the findings of the troika.


Any economy in prolonged recession, with soaring unemployment,


particularly among young people, cannot stand on its own feet.


Afterwards, Mr Samaras invited Mr Juncker to further talks in his car.


Can you join me in my car. Tomorrow he flies to France, before jeting


to a nipier Berlin, for talks with Merkel measuring, who he will hope


is fully refreshed and upbeat after her holiday in Salzburg But


creditor nationness the north are cooler on the yfd of a pause in


Greek repayments. German MP, hinted today that Germany was already


throwing good money after bad by lending money to Greece. "what's


the point of the German taxpayer IOUs if the debtor will not pay."


Why give Greece more time when it is barely making the structures it


agreed to. There is a recognition amongst the troika, there is need


to provide relief for the new Government can meet its fiscal


targets. But that of course, creates additional financing meeds


and that's a difficult conversation amongst the creditor countries.


Meanwhile something big is the offing in Frankfurt. Home to the


European Central Bank. It looks set to finally use the biggest monetary


weapons in the Arsenal, through a programme of unlimit buying, that


means the ECB will buy up Government bonds of weaker eurozone


countries in the hope of ending the volatility which doged the zone for


almost three years. Expect to hear new C words in the coming weeks,


conditioningality and convertability. It is the strings


if it is to buy bonds on the open ended basis. The Spanish and


Italians may formally apply for a bailout from the bailout programmes.


As convertability that might account for the softening of the


German stance of late. If the future of the currency is called to


doubt, that is you cannot convert the currency, the Germans hay allow


the ECB whatever, and we mean whatever is necessary, to save the


single currency. That talk of major intervention has already stopped


the slide in the Euro against most currencies and dramatically lowered


Italian and Spanish borrowing costs, down 11 and 17% respectively. If


all markets, politicians taxpayers and the weather, were to line up


correctly, could we ever arrive at Utopiaville, where coolness lives


comfortablely, side by side with southern spending heat. We could


see them buy time to slowly and incrementally, and deliberately


move towards a banking and political union. Unless we


eventually get to debt neutralisation or monetaryisation,


or both, we will not see eqib lib reium in the area. It remains a hot


issue, but citizens drift towards a banking, fiscal and political union,


which few would have forecast, even a year ago. Well watching that from


a studio in California, is a man who knows a thing or two about the


market, Mohamed El-Erian is CEO of the world's largest bond investors.


Hearing German politicians, particularly, saying that it


wouldn't really matter, if Greece left the Euro, what's your


assessment of that? I think long- term it would be better for the


eurozone if Greece were to exit, sixly because Greece has enormous


problem generateing economic growth and jobs within the zone and Greece


has too much debt so. The solution within the eurozone is difficult.


The problem is there is no short- term solution. There is no killer


rap to get Greece out without disrupting the rest of the eurozone


so no-one makes the decision or go down in history as having that


decision made. We have to muddle through again. Are you betting on


that? What I'm thinking is going to happen, I want to make a distinct


what is likely to happen and what should happen. What is likely to


happen is very messy compromise that involves giving some more time


to the tkpwreecks but not very much. And - Greeks and involves the


creditor giving more money, but not very much, and it will break apart


in a few weeks anyway. That's what likely to happen. What should


happen is people step back, recognise they've been adapting the


wrong approach for the last three years, and making the courageous


decision. We will end up getting to the difficult decisions but


unfortunately, they're going to be forced on Greece, rather than taken


by Greece. The expectation is, and the ECB will come in and Hoover up


Spanish and Italian bonds, Hoover up their debt. Do you think that's


the most likely thing to happen? I don't think the E contribution


becomes will do that for Greece. I think the ECB will make a distinct


tweeng Greece on the one hand and Spain and Italy. And that is a


really important distinction that the ECB wants to make and should


make, because Spain and Italy are not where Greece is. In terms what


they'll do for Spain and Italy, expectations are high, people


listen very carefully to the President in London, when he said


the ECB is committed to serving the Euro, and do whatever it takes, and


believe me it will work, that's what he said. Markets will see


words translated into actions, we don't think the translation is that


simple. How disappointed will you be if this doesn't happen? I think


that the market in general, will be disappointed. All of us should be


ready for renewed volatility. We've had a wonderful four weeks of


tranquuillity, that tranquuillity was caused by words, not actions.


Now we need actions. And I think it will be very hard for the ECB to


deliver what both Germany wants which is can't and what Spain and


Italy want which is cash. Right, and they're going to have to strike


the delicate balance, and it is a very delicate balance to strike.


looks like the ECB will do whatever it takes, this will be a open-ended


of all debt and printing money, what will that do to the global


markets? So F the ECB, does that, and I stress, if, in capital


letters, because it is still uncertain, first, that would be


tremendous support for Italy and Spain. That would come down. Second


it would undermine the long-term credibility of central banks,


central banks are not supposed to take on the credit risk. This is


for the fiscal agencies, so there's a question about the functioning of


institutions, third, it would impose significant political stress


within the eurozone for the reasons you heard earlier in your report.


Which is the Germans don't think that's the right approach to


solveing the problem, they want conditionality, rather than cash.


So I think it would solve short- term but come plicate the eurozone


long-term. The three things, neutralisation, conditionality and


acceptance by citizens in Europe. So far it's been difficult to meet


the three criteria. Thank you very much for joining us x. Now, when


Prince Harry got his kit off in a Las Vagas hotel room, perhaps he


had expectation what went on in a private room in Vegas, stayed in


Vegas, he reckoned without a camera phone, and American chat website,


has been snapped naked. Like father like son, Prince Charles naked


appeared in 1949, but Prince Charles was not a in clairch with a


naked woman. Not a single newspaper has done images of Prince Harry,


but the Sun which looks nothing like Prince Harry, they were taking


no risks. Is it because editors have come on overbarb flee about


privacy or fear Lord Justice Leveson is breathing down their


necks? Here is Stephen Smith. Keeping a low profile, in cerise


bermudas and straw panama, the third in line to the throne has


been enjoying down time in Las Vagas, after the duelties of the


Olympics. He challenged, Ryan Loche to a race in a nightclub pool. Not


sure that was the legacy, everyone was talking about. The Prince


invited a whole bunch of people back to his sweert for a few rubers


Overnight, celebrity web sites in the States ran fuzzy snaps of a


naked Prince Harry, in clinchs with women, also wearing very little.


Christmas for the tabloids, or so you'd think. It is a fantastic


story, he has no clothes on in a bear hug with a lady which appears


to be wearing no clothes in a hotel room, literally any journalist


worth his salt, whether at one end of the market or the other, would


have said, thank you God. It doesn't affect Prince Harry at


aufplt because in a way, people would say, he's 28-year-old army


officer, he's single and cavorting with ladies who wish to be Kay


vorted with, so where are the issues. There are none, accept one,


Leveson. Air strikes yes, Leveson, with his Lordship's judgment coming


soon, British newspaper websites so far declined to run the pictures.


Quite right too, say some: We have to remember that although this is


Prince Harry, and two girls, this is a 27-year-old, single male who


hasn't done anything wrong and who ought to be allowed something of a


private life. The palace played this exactly right, saying they


won't make any comment whatsoever about it. Now, over and above that,


there isn't any scandal that he's done something that is wrong.


There's no criminal aspect of it, there's no leadership aspect of it,


so he's entitleed to have a private life. So it seems that while the


old media will of course be invited to royal photo OPs, such as the


work out with Bolt, but less obliging on other stories, like


websites which lie out Leveson remit. One well known gossip site,


written here, posted the Harry pictures. At the end of the Leveson


Inquiry, and summation of News International barrister gave to the


inquiry, he actually said, it is all right for the Fawkes blowing,


they will have a advantage if they clach down on us, so the newspapers


are aware this situation cannot exist. And as things get difficult


for the old dead tree press, it is to my advantage the Leveson Inquiry


It had all been going so well for Prince Harry.


So, as we countdown to tomorrow morning's papers, what do you do if


you're an editor? Risk the wrath of the owner, the lawyers? So I'm the


editor of the Sun, I have loads of other issues flying around me, I


don't want to embarrass Rupert Murdoch or cost myself my job, in


case I get it wrong. The bold move should be to run the damn things. I


understand that links later, and Herbert Smith will be all of you,


but there's a reason for doing T it is not as though, it is a hole in


the wall camera. This is obviously, clearly surrounded by a group of


other young people and said that's rather good, we'll have a picture


of that. This strip pool party is bad for who exactly? Harry, the


palace, the press? It is beginning to look like a cue.


Joining me now, we have the evergreen PR tkpwruer rue, Max


Clifford, victim of phone hacking, Feltz felt and Neil Wallis who is


on police bail as part of the phone hacking investigation, and unable


to answer any questions involving that investigation. If you were at


the height of your powers, one of the tabloid papers, would you have


printed? PreLeveson yes, now no. Because you're afraid, it is either


a good photograph or not. situation is fun, it's a good


classic newspaper situation. The problem is, in this post-Leveson


era, where newspapers are sixly terrified of their own shadow, they


daren't do things that most of the country, if they saw it in the


paper, would think, that's a bit of a laugh, there there would be no


harm done, and they would not think any worse of either the paper, or


of Prince Harry. If you thought it was a laugh, what is the public


interest defence in these piketures? It is straightforward.


He is the third in line to the throne, he has been on the world


stage for weeks and weeks. He is supposedly, rounded by police


security officers. The truth is, those girls: Clothed or unclothed.


Those girls are a group he met at the hotel. That's fine if you are


my 27-year-old son, but this is the third in line. For goodness sake F


he were in a state or public capacity, if he was suddenly,


striping off, at the Olympic Games in full view of the billion viewers,


that would be shocking, and that would be a matter of public


interest. What he does, in a private hotel room, is what we


expect him to be doing, he is a young fellow, he is not married or


on state business not representing the Queen, he is having a good


laugh. He deserves it, he has been a great ambassador. Any editor who


says Prince Harry is doing what he does in private, get naked and cop


off, with the opposite sex, that tickles their fancy, and say it is


is a private matter S right. If one of the young women, came to you


with that photograph, would you take it to a paip sner There's no


point because they wouldn't publish it. In a previous life, pre-


Leveson? I wouldn't have done, because I have a lot of time for


Prince Harry, I like him. Permly, I wouldn't have done, and I think


from a PR prers spective, this won't affect his popularity, in


terms of what he does with the armed forces, he does a lot in the


kids and charities. I have seen him, he has done a lot he and William to


make the Monarch as popular as they are today. It is about why the


editors make the decision to do that. You see, this is a perfectly


reasonable point of view, and if an editor sits and say on journalistic


decisions I will decide to or not, that's fine. They're not, that's


not the reason, it is not in the Sun tonight. Hang ong, I want to go


back, absolutely, Harry is a really decent guy, the Olympics, he's done


so and ofpblt but you represent Rebecca Lewis, David Beckham was


perfectly decent guy, wasn't he? David Beckham was married.


Allegations all the time. I never didn't say it was. But David


Beckham was a family man and the whole brand of Beckham was family,


family. That's how he was being solid to the world, Rebecca, if the


allegations were true, showed that was rubbish and hypocrisy. And the


public were being deceived, that's a justification, if there was any


in that situation. There's nothing Prince Harry is pretending to be.


What is the line now though, I think you would say, that actually,


public interest defence may be 20% now? Absolutely right. It is


totally changed. As Neil said, basically, before Leveson, and


since Leveson, it's totally changed. And my experience, probably, 80%


would have made the front page, don't. Why is it a bad thing that's


changeed What you're suffering from is knew neutered newspapers. Max is


a great example, he mentioned David Beckham's story, do we believe if


the story arose now, whether we would get it in a newspaper, I


would suspect, that most editors would be embarrassed if you put it


to them, because they would be frightened of the consequences,


because if you got attacked by Leveson, he would lose your job. If


your paper was criticised, the advertisers would flee. You're


saying to me, actually the papers are neutered and editors are


sitting on legitimate stories? Dels a load of stories, people have


come to me, in the last two or three years, were legitimate public


stories, exposing paedophiles, editors are frighteneds because


this is their private lives, therefore we can't go will.


there a bad effect? This is fabulous, awakening of a dormant


conscience, if fear is the catalyst for the conscience, who cares. If


there's some kind of moral, awakening, then it is about damn


time because they're far too many people's lives have been paid fast,


if you ask the public, are you suffering a dreadful dirth, is


there a famine of fabulous stories you feast, the public will say,


what, they wouldn't know what you're talking about. Have you seen


this page, it is not, you seen the photographs., It is something else,


everyone has seen the internet, that's hilarious. The reason the


Sun that is done this, is Leveson. The point of it is, that if you


take away the significance of Prince Harry today. What we're


talking about is an issue whereby, we have a culture, that means that


here in Britain, in Ireland tonight, you stand on the border, one foot


on one side, the Irish, herald has the picture ton its front page. You


stand on the other side on the border and the British newspapers


are too scared to show that picture. Yet you go on the web, and all over


the world you can see these piketures. The only people who


can't are British newspapers. It is a response face nat, decent.


The point is it is the next stage of news, isn't it? As you said,


it's on the web. Lots have looked at it, would you have bought a


newspaper if it was in it? To have a good look, he looks fantastic, I


would buy a centrefold with Prince Harry looking like that. It is he


will straight wheen News of the World closed and Sun took over. It


is nothing like it the News of the World, because the British public


wanted the scandal, the things that are exposed in the News of the


World, that doesn't happen any more. Whether it is a good thing or not


it another matter. We talked about:. British public miss it.


In advance of Leveson, finally on the question of the Royal family.


It will be a very, very, interesting paper that would


publish anything in the Royal family now, do you think it is off


limits, do you think they've successfully managed the PR. They


were off limits until 40 years ago, and suddenly, things were appearing


that you would never have dreamt off. Now the Royal family, along


with everybody else major store is getting massive protection, mainly


because of Leveson and everything has changed out there. There's an


argument for and against, you must have a free press, and responsible


press, but now, the press's hands are tied behind their back. It is


the bad guys that get away with it as a result. The Conservative MP,


and author, Louise Mensch wrote a piece in today's Daily Telegraph,


about MPs attitude to rape. From Henri de Galle to Todd Akin to the


mouriesry Senate race. What could be her last salvo, she challenged


David Cameron to put a woman in the senior department. She's fed up


with male politicians demeaninging the more risk crime of rape. Here


are a few of the comments that annoyed her. Not everybody needs to


be asked prior to each insertion, some people believe that when you


go to bed with somebody, take off your clothe and have sex with them,


and then fall asleep, you're already in the sex game with them.


It seems to me first of all, from what I understand from doctors,


that's really rare, if it's a legitimate rape the female body


that's ways to shut that whole thing down. Assume that didn't work


or something, I think there should be punishment, but the pun yushment


ought to be on the rapeest and not child. The allegations are rape


though aren't they? It is well worth people watching us tonight to


go go on-line and discover what they can about the allegations how


they were made. Who made them, what those people who made them, did


afterwards. And, looking at what happened. Serious rape, I don't


think many judges give five years for a forcible rape, frankly. The


tariff is longer than that. And a serious rape, where violence, and


unwilling woman, you attach much longer than that. A few comments


from prominent people. Louise, first of all, there's a serious,am


Biff lens here amongst male politicians and not just men, about


the idea of a violent stranger rape, and coercion in the home? This


gradeation, which is recognised in Swedish law in a strange way?


That's the point of my piece, all too often male politicians


recognise one type of rape, when a stranger holds you off out of the


bushes and rapes you. They don't want to look at the areas of


consent or believe a wife for example could say no to her husband


and be raped within marriage. They aren't interested in shades of grey.


A and that's something we have to change. When you look at it, in


England and Wales T became illegal to rape within marriage, 21 years


ago, is this a kind of relic of old attitudes or new attitudes as well?


Unbelieveablely, shocking, so it is an attitude that has gone on for


ages, we should have had marital rape for ages as a crime. It is


shocking that took us that long. Those attitudes are still there.


And people, actually for whatever reason, have sway? Yes., you mean


the politicians have sway, these are the people, this is why it is


more important than celebrities making stupid comments about rape.


These are the law-makers, that will affect how rapists are punished


lepbl slated against and recognised in the courts, and also, they set


the culture. And sometimes, women, have been driven to feeling that


men just don't get it, they fundamentally don't get it. We've


seen politicians from the extreme left, like Craig Murray naming an


accuser, live on your programme, former Lib Dem. We've seen people


from the extreme right. Ken Neath Clarke. Although I do in Ken's case,


he really did mis-speak, he was talking about aggravateing factors.


Was ust way of putting things. you have things like Whoopi


Goldberg, saying it wasn't rape, rape, it is not just men, who are


voicing these attitudes? No it isn't just men, and Helen Mirren,


made ust remarks as well. But it is far more often men than women.


Whilst it is disgraceful that whoopy as activists seekss to


justify the film maker. There is only one type of rape, when a


victim of rape does not give consent to sex. That's what makes a


in rape. How can this be addressed. What you talked about, is ask David


Cameron in a senior role. We have a female Home Secretary? It isn't


necessary change, I wish to take issue the idea I'm demanding or


challenging David Cameron to do anything, I would encourage him to


consider it. I think it would be a great idea to do it. This is


already his man, I believe. He inherited a parliamentary party


with not very women. He did a lot to change that permly and now we


have Anna, who will make a fabulous minister. David Cameron made a big


effort to change that, and you were one of the people he chose to make


that effort with. And you, potentially were a high


flyer, you could have been the woman in the Justice Department.


I'm not a lawyer. You could be one of the women who, were there to be


making changes N the law, changes in attitudes. More than you even


have done so far? Well, think, luckily you're not limit speaking


out by sitting in a parliamentary seat. The way David handled the


difficult resignation, gives him credit. He supported women in


Parliament. Do you think you were able to push the envelope, with


younger female MPs. I remember when you came on, and it was interesting,


because it was unusual to have a young Conservative, we were talking


about nextism so openly, did you contribute to the attitude no


changes I hope so. I'm not alone. There's Claire Perry, and a whole


bunch of Tory women, very many, women, Tory feminists who self-


identify as feminists, that's the important thing, to say nextism is


not about the right or the left. Femism is about women. And there


are people who support the nextist role across the political spectrum.


If we debt that across that's a good thing. On your decision, to go,


it is come plicate, but is it possible to have a senior role in


politics and raise a family? Absolutely, in my case, it wasn't


about having it all or children, as I said the Prime Minister supported


flexible working and made that happen in my case. My circumstances


are unique, it was more about a family that was split across the


Atlantic and strains of doing that, more than a working mother. The


Prime Minister has backed women and will continue to do so. Will you


ever return to front line politics again? Never say never, but I have


a lot on my plate right now. As on the Polly Peck tycoon, whose name


was synonymous with the get rich fast will be sentenced tomorrow of


ten charges of theft, between 1987 and 1990, amounting to 61.8 million


today. His conviction is the end of a fraud office investigation, which


had stalled when Nadir fled the country, two years ago, he returned


voluntarily to Britain, promising to clear his name.


We look back at an extraordinary He was the astonishingly successful


millionaire businessman. Whose FTSE 100 company was brought crashing


down by an investigation, that's taken over 20 years to complete.


Throughout that time, Asil Nadir protested his innocence. There was


gross totally, gross conduct of the graveest kind in this whole affair.


Now, it's finally ended in his conviction. The Serious Fraud


Office's long pursuit of Asil Nadir has been vindicated. 19 80s was the


get rich quick decade and no-one got richer, quicker than Asil Nadir.


Starting in the rag trade in 1980, he made an investment, that was to


He paid nearly �300,000 for a stake in a small textile company, called


Polly Peck. As it expended he devoured more and more companies,


by the end of the decade, Polly Peck had00 subridries -


subsidiaries, and he was a donor to the Conservative Party. By the end


of the decade, Polly Peck was one of the leading FTSE 100 companies.


But things started to fall spectacularly apart for Asil Nadir


when the Serious Fraud Office, raided his offices in Mayfair. They


were investigating allegations of insider trading and that triggered


the collapse of Polly Peck A very public raid, the newspapers there.


With inknew when doe, they create a cloud of you. Rl which is very


damaging. Confidence in any company, doesn't matter which company it is,


it could be a massive bank or anything else, it can have


devastating effect. The September 1990 raid was followed by a


shocking series of events x The next day, the Polly Peck share


price collapsed. The following month the company went into


administration. Then the SFO raided Polly Peck's headquarters, and in


December, Asil Nadir was arrested in dramatic circumstances as he


arrived back in London on the private jet. There was a massive


arrest procedure with dozens of armed surrounding the plane.


Ridiculous affair, and I was arrested, taken to holborn place


station x It was a catastrophic fall from grace for Asil Nadir who


was charged with theft and false accounting on a massive scale.


the company collapsed, shareholders, individuals and corporates lost a


huge amount of money, various people lost their jobs as well,


when PPI collapsed. As far as the reputation of London is concerned


as a financial centre, if that sort of thing can occur, it damages our


reputation. A mother with five young children, who had used her


savings to buy several thousands pounds worth of Polly Peck stock


was caught completely by surprise. I had a brilliant annual report


from the accountants which gave you no reason to think they would be


bad in any way, that it would suddenly go broke. Then a few days


later, complete collapse. investigation was run by the


Serious Fraud Office which was set up a few years earlier, because of


the failure to deal with the wave of financial scannedals. Its


reputation was to be severely tested during the pursuit of Nadir.


He was accused of zaeling �150 million 348 from Polly Peck's


accounts, obviously routeing it vaia the Channel Islands and


complex web of companies which the Nadir family controlled. The


prosecution said he used 25 million to buy thousands of shares to prop


up the price, and 25 million went into family trusts. Then trfs the


vanity projects. Stolen money helped buy this 17th century estate


in Rutland. He planned to turn in into a gox course. This stately


home in Leicestershire, which he bought for himself. After PPI


collapsed, the administrators, went to northern Cyprus, to attempt to


recover the cash, but found only a black hole. Did you steal that


money? Absolutely not. It makes you wonder, a man worth hundreds of


millions of pounds, spending dozens of millions of millions of pounds


on charity. What motive does he have, for God sake to actually


steal money? You steal money from an enterity you created yourself?


Absolutely not. In 1993, with his trial date approaching, he decided


to flee the UK. Asking a pilot friend to drive him to this remote


airfield in Dorset. We came right up to this gate, left the car where


it was, walked through, the engines were Turkish r turning the door was


open, within 35 seconds we were air borne. The SFO had let the man at


the centre of one of the biggest ever fraud trials, slip will you


its fingers. And they had no prospect of getting


him back. The Turkishish control part of the


island has no extradition treaty with the UK for 17 years he lived


there, beyond the reach of UK law. With Nadir out of the country,


serious questions about the SFO's conduct continued.


Tory Government minister, Michael Mates was concerned about the


taking and copying of the SFO of legally privileged defence papers,


belonging to Asil Nadir. But he was forced to resign, when it was


revealed after Nadir's arrest, he'd sent him a watch, engraved with the


words "don't let the bugers get you down". In an explosive resignation


speech, he lambasted the SFO. God, it is all coming back. Do you


remember it. Is it pain snfl This is the moment I was absolutely


disturbed, I was in despair. If one cannot come to the House,


and tell them what is wrong with the system... If one cannot speak


in this place, not about innocence or guilt, not about trial, not


about subduediesity, but what has gone wrong with the system, then


Madame speaker, what is the point of being here It is after the trial


the honourable gentlemen must give this information, that is the point.


The SFO's case controller, was disciplined ost cop ig and


distribution of the legally privilegeed defence papers, seized


in the 1990 raid on Nadir's office. And for failing to fully Brave the


then Attorney General. That's enough. But the judge in Nadir's


trial, ruled that her conduct, didn't affect the fairness of the


trial. The former President of northern Cyprus, who spoke to us


shortly before his death last year. He revealed how soon after Nadir


arrived back, he was asked by a member of the British Government to


have him arrested. I was shocked. I said, under my


constitution, he has committed no offence here. We cannot deport a


subject. And I cannot arrest a man just because you request it. I'm


really shocked. He was shocked. a way I said, well I haven't heard


this, forget it. Speculation about why he'd return to Britain remains.


But in January, after 20 years of investigations, arrests, claims and


counter claims, the trial of Asil Nadir finally got under way.


Wearing an electronic tag and bodyguards in tow, he arrived at


the Old Bailey. His liberty and reputation of the serious faued


office from on the line. A Dad's Army of former board directors,


financial expert, police officers, and others, would give evidence of


event that happened two decades earlier, leading to the raid on


Polly Peck. At his plush officeness Mayfair, Nadir ran things with an


autocratic management style. Under a single signatory system he was


able to move company money without any other board member having to


countersign. Nadir never dispute he moved Polly Peck's money out of


accounts in London. His defence to this complex fraud was very simple


- it was all about how business was done in Cyprus, back in those days.


As Nadir always said that, before he took any money from the company


in London, he'd always deposited equivalent amounts of money into


company bank accounts here in northern Cyprus. So there could


never have been any theft. The justification for that, was that


Polly Peck in northern Cyprus needed large amounts of the local


currency, Turkishish leera, and his family, and in particular his


Under cross-examination, Asil Nadir was asked repeatedly if he could


provide evidence of the massive deposits of Turkishish lira. He


said it was cuss tum to keep vast stores of cash in secure rooms in


wealthy houses and not keep records of the deposits. Defence witnesses


spoke about ferrying suitcases full of cash to banks. It would have


been brought in by her security guards, plural, but, even then, we


think inheritly probably you have a nx security guards going down the


street with a number of wheeled suitcases containing these vast


amount of cash. The jury agreed. Their verdict, finally delivered


just fis for the victims of the collapse of Polly Peck.


But that's not quite how Asil Nadir sees it.


Something in the region of 70 or 80,000 people lost their jobs, as a


result of the downfall of Polly Peck. Shareholders lost billions,


of pounds, how do you feel about that? Well, all I have to do is


remind you, that I was the biggest shareholder, I was the creator of


the company. So in a funny way, I've been the biggest loser in this


affair. Tomorrow morning's front affair. Tomorrow morning's front


page now, we begin the w the Sun Harry naked romp was sensation says


the Daily Mirror. Telegraph, and picture of Harry, in Los Angeles,


hours after the pictures went on- line. The palace moved to ban naked


photographs, the Prince confirmed they've spoke ton the complaints


commission. On the left hand side hups of schools face axe as GCSE


grades stall. The right to die campaigner, finds a victory in


death. The Guardian, class divide in


health widens, and Tories under pressure. Well that is all from


Newsnight tonight. The Russian media reported today that sipgel,


Sarah Brightman is in talks to become the eighth space tourist to


visit the International Space Station. We find archive of her,


that might explain why she's so keen to go.


# I lost my heart to a star ship trooper


Prospects for the weekend don't look Rosie. Thursday morning dawns


on a bright cheerful note. Cloud will thicken and we'll see rain


arriving. Before that happens across the heart of the Midlands


the sunshine will hang on in the afternoon. This is 4.00, a bright


prospect for most, the London area, certainly. Koofl at 21-22 degrees.


Further west, the cloud will be increasing, filling the sky and


producing a few showers across the West Country and Wales not a


washout, but will be getting cloudier and damper in some places,


will you the second half of the day. It won't feel that warm out there


either. Dampness filling in to south-west Scotland. Further east


and north, it will abbrighter prospect.


Long last, the heavy rain will fade away. Friday, it looks particularly


wet. Not a pleasant toned the week. Gusty winds, particularly down


towards English Channel coast. Low pressure, approaching our


In-depth investigation and analysis of the stories behind the day's headlines with Kirsty Wark. She asks why British tabloids will not print Prince Harry's naked pictures. Plus MP Louise Mensch on male politicians' attitude to rape.

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