11/10/2012 Newsnight


Newsnight investigates the failure of some of the country's most treasured national institutions to prevent Jimmy Savile's abuses of children. With Eddie Mair.

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If all the allegations about Sir Jimmy Savile are true, he raped and


sexually abused girls across the country for decades. At the BBC, in


Children's Hospitals, at Broadmoor, yet he died with his reputation


intact. On Newsnight tonight, why did the


institutions that could have stopped him, failed to do so.


In the studio, people who know the working of the BBC, the tabloids


and children's charities. There is news tonight that seven Royal


Marines have been arrested on suspicion of murder in Afghanistan.


We will be here with the latest. They killed an insurgent on the


battlefield, but the military police now believe they should face


trial for it. Also tonight: It is a very simple question. What did you


say. The question that dogs Andrew Sir James Wilson Vincent Savile, BE,


KCSG. The first presenter of Top Of The Pops. For 20 years, the man who


made children's dreams come true on Jim'll Fix It. A man believed to


have raise personally raised �30- �40 million for charity. He was


described as one of the most established showbiz figures and


leading charity worker, when he died. The obituary in the Times saw


him as an he can tent trick contributor to British life. He


could never be pigeonholed, and some said he could be a saint. And


an expression of sorrow from the Prince of Wales and others. No-one


is saying that now. The flood of allegations about


Jimmy Savile's behaviour is now engulfing some of the many


institutions he was involved in. The NHS, the care system, and, of


course, the BBC, including Newsnight. 13 police forces are now


investigating multiple claims of the sexual abuse of children and


teenager. Why weren't the victims given greater protection?


At Stoke Mandeville hospital in Buckinghamshire, Jimmy Savile


roamed at will. He was given a room, and welcomed as a celebrity


fundraiser. Sprinkling Stardust and targeting young patients. I was


quite taken that we had a popstar patient. Caroline was 13 at the


time and being treated for spinal injuries. He bent down and he


rammed, that was the only way I can describe it, he rammed his tongue


right down my throat. I told my mum and dad, and I told people that I


came into contact with. But, nothing. I don't even think my


parents took it seriously. Because I was a 13-year-old girl. He was


who he was. Or who he was suppose to have been. I don't think they


necessarily believed, they never took it seriously. Jimmy Savile


volunteered as a night porter at Leeds General Infirmary, sickness


and disability were no protection for the patients he abused.


started kissing her neck. Running his hands up and down her arms, and


then started to molest her. When the nurse eventually came in,


because I was hourly observation, I mentioned Jimmy Savile, pointed


over to where he was. And I said, if he comes anywhere near me, I'll


scream the place down, and yes I would have done. It's emerged that


some nursing staff at stoke Mandeville, were aware of the


Savile prob -- Stoke Mandeville, were aware of the Savile problem.


The nurses weren't happy, they weren't at all enthused about his


impending arrival. But there was an air of res in this case, something


they had to put -- resignation, something they had to put up with.


There was ironic chatter between them about who would be the lucky


one to go off with him to his room. And one of them lent over my bed,


and said the best thing you can do is stay in bed and pretend to be


asleep. The two hospital trusts are helping the police establish how


those in their care were let down. They are not alone. The care system


designed to protect some of society's most disadvantaged young


people is accused, once again, of failing them. Duncroft school in


Surrey, is now a block of smart flats. As an approved school in the


70s, it housed troubled and very bright teenage girls. Again, Jimmy


Savile was welcomed in by staff. represented, in a way, this idea


that he was going to be our saviour. In fact, it was completely the


antithesis, because what he did was abuse us. The girls were just


saying that he never stopped eying up their tits, and how he lined


everybody up to kiss them all goodbye. And he stuck his tongue in


their mouths and he touched their breasts. And this was common


knowledge about him. This was the sort of thing that you knew about


him. It wasn't accepted, it was "oh Jimmy Savile's coming". You knew,


but you didn't have any power to do anything about it, he still rep


presented this idea that he was going to -- represented the idea he


was going to give you some hope. Savile would sweep up in his Rolls-


Royce, dolling out cigarettes, and offers -- doling out cigarettes and


offers to watch his shows being produced. There is nothing in the


least unusual about the fact that these victims are coming forward


now. But there were complaints about


Savile at Duncroft. And in 2007, Surrey Police began investigating.


A file was sent to the Crown Prosecution Service, only for the


investigation to be dropped through lack of evidence. The now notorious


children's home, Haut de la Garenne, in jersey, was also visited by


Savile, resulting in further accusation. It wasn't just Surrey


Police that investigated Savile, a total of five forces received


complaints while he was still alive. So why was he never held to


account? This former officer from Thames Valley Police was told by a


nurse at Stoke Mandeville that Savile was abusing patients. He


took the matter to his superiors, but was rebuffed. I was not


believed. No. I think purely because at that stage, and for many,


many years, of course, Savile was an icon. When rumours attach


themselves to public figures, the media are often the first to get


wind of it. It has become clear that happened in this case, and yet


newspapers and broadcasters didn't run with the story. Why not?


Several former BBC staff have come out to say they were aware of


Savile's predatory behaviour, in the 1970s and 1980s. The BBC has


announced they will hold an independent inquiry, into who knew


what about their fallen star, once the police give the green light.


More recent decisions are also under scrutiny. After Savile died,


I was part of a Newsnight team that investigated claims of sexual abuse.


The allegations centered on Duncroft School in Surrey, but they


included Stoke Mandeville hospital, and Television Centre. Newsnight


decided not to run the story for editoral reasons. The BBC is under


pressure to explain why the story was not broadcast. And whether any


influence was brought to bear by senior executives, ahead of the


Christmas tribute programmes for Savile. Once senior executives at


the BBC knew that there was an investigation into Jimmy Savile,


and they could see their Christmas schedules, and they could see


celebratory programmes about Jimmy Savile, it is absolutely the first


thing you do is, can I see the item, before I do anything else.


January, newspapers knew about the Newsnight investigation. But most


only took an interest after the ITV documentary into Savile, screened


last week. This scandal began with one man, but it doesn't end there.


Some of the country's most powerful institutions are having to ask


themselves searching and uncomfortable questions.


With me, John Brown of the NSPCC, Paul Conew who has worked in senior


politicians on papers, Vanessa Feltz, and Kevin Mash. I want to


ask you Kevin, the BBC declined to appear in this discussion. As a


former editor, you can help us understand how the BBC's decision-


making process works. First of all, the suspicion that Newsnight


dropped its investigation because of pressure from other bits of the


BBC. Also, the bewilderment in many parts that Newsnight didn't go


ahead with broadcasting allegations, which, when they turned up on ITV,


have had the devastating effect we know about? They are two separate


questions. I find it inconceivable that the


editor of the programme was pressured by anyone more senior in


the BBC not to run the Newsnight investigation. It isn't how the BBC


works. The chairman has denied it, the DG has denied it and the editor


of the programme has denied it. I see no reason not to believe those


denials. I have never had any of that kind of pressure on me as 20


years as an editor in the BBC, to run or not run a story. There is


something cucid about BBC editors that if a boss tried to pressure


them, they would make sure it would get on air. The BBC is not that


sort of organisation, it is hard to understand it from the outside.


What about the point f you had Jimmy Savile, with a big Christmas


tribute coming up, and a boss saying, I'm not sure about the


investigation? It is not how the BBC works, you can get theological


about it, dance on the head of the pin, and who knew what, did the DG


know, head of television know. Did someone pick up the phone and come


around to the editor of this programme's office and say, pull


the plug on that investigation, I don't believe that happened. What


about the question of editoral judgment, about Newsnight not going


ahead with something that ITV eventually did? That is not quite


right. Some of the evidence overlaps. Some of the evidence was


different. I have no special knowledge of it. I know how the


editing process goes on a programme like Newsnight. Clearly the initial


investigation was focused in a very narrow area, it was about whether


Surrey Police had acted properly that is the kind of journalism that


the BBC is there to do, actually. To hold institutions to account, to


find, including theself, incidently, which I believe we are doing


tonight. To hold institutions to account, and to see if there is any


evidence that those institutions haven't act properly. That was the


focus of the investigation. Yes it is true, there were other issues


around that shregs, but that was the focus -- that investigation,


but that was the focus. When the editor of the programme judged that


there was a reason for Surrey Police dropping the investigation,


that was in his view, adequate. He decided he didn't have, as I


understand it, sufficient evidence to run a piece on the own,


levelling allegation at Jimmy Savile. We are talking, obviously,


about Newsnight investigations, and other investigations, after Jimmy


Savile's death. The tabloids, over all the time that Jimmy Savile was


a huge star, did they have a whiff of any of this, why didn't they do


more? Yes, they did. I did back in 1994, in the Sunday Mirror, we had,


we met two former Duncroft girls, separately one came to us through a


an intermediary, she managed to help us track down another girl.


Both of them alleged they had been assaulted by Jimmy Savile. We


actually checked them out, we interviewed them separately, even


put trick questions to contradict them, their story of compelling and


convincing. The problem was, that they were terrified of Savile, they


didn't think they would be believed. They thought it would be the


catalyst, rather than going into a witness box. In the end they were


afraid to go into the witness box. To swear affadavits. There was,


much to my frustration, I had to bow to the legal advice that this


would be suicidal in terms it of reputation and libel damages.


though, it has been the life blood of tabloid newspapers, particularly


Sunday's, down the decade, to expose the private lives of


celebrities. That is what told papers. The News of the World did


great work exposing paedophile, but Jimmy Savile, despite a lot of


newspaper people knowing the allegations, got aand we way with


it? There were whisper -- who got away with it? There were whispers,


I heard them in America back in the 1980s. The occasion in the 1990s


was the only occasion I had had two people sitting down and talking


about their experiences with him, when they were 14 and 15. At this


stage they were well into their 30s. The dunceen to connection raises


the own prob -- Duncroft connection raises questions, they were bright


girls with troubled background. They were saying, who will believe


us. Because, you know, he's friends with the Queen, Princess Diana, in


fact, Prince Charles. John Brown of the NSPCC, troubled girls, hard to


believe? Absolutely, what we have heard so far about Jimmy Savile is


not surprise. It is very typical of sex offender behaviour. Preying on


and targeting young, vulnerable girls, maybe who have already


experienced problems. Maybe who have already been sexual low abused.


That is not untypical. Sexual abuse of children, primarily, is about


the abuse of power, coupled with a sexual interest in children. When


someone's in a particularly powerful situation and position,


it's very easy for them to silence their victims and keep their


victims quiet. What about the police, I should say, someone from


the Association of Chief police officers was going to join us


tonight, but had to pull out at the last minute. Would the police have


had the same trouble, if they were coming across statements from


"troubled" girls. The threshold for gaining a conviction in this


country is high, of course, it is based on reasonable doubt, you need


a clear and consistent statement from a victim of child abuse. That


can be incredibly difficult when you think about the dynamics of


child sexual abuse, where the only witnesses to the coim are the


victim themselves and the -- crime are the victims themselves and the


abuser, where the abuser has told the victim that if they say


anything nobody will believe them. They may be taken into care, their


family may be split up. That is terrifying for a child to


comprehend. The easiest thing for a child to do keep silent. Even when


they are approached by another person in a position of authority,


having been told they won't be believed. I would reinforce that,


earlier in the News of the World we did a carefully legaled story about


Gary glit, which effectively said he was -- Gary glitter, which


expectively said he was involved with a 13-year-old girl. We passed


the information to the police, over and above the story we were able to


publish, pretty strong any way. The police got nowhere with it. Eight


years later we know what happened to Gary Glitter and the girl and


the case against him. How much did Jimmy Savile's celebrity play in


his getting away with it? His fame was incalculable it was so


venerated, he was venerated, he was a living saint, raising �40 million


for associated charities. Even then there was more Niamhity about it


than there is now the public adored him. They felt that you had to pass


an examination in goodness to be on the television. If you are on the


television you have to be an especially nice person, you there


with that lovely Trevor McDonald and Michael Parkinsons, and they


must be all nice people. If you met a butcher or social worker or


librarian, and they said would you like me to give your 12-year-old


daughter a lift home and take them home for lunch, you would say, no.


But if it was someone on the television, known to be beatified


in his own lifetime, would you say, yes please, thank you very much.


have to conclude that in Jimmy Savile's charity work, it was, in


many senses, his calm playing jacket to cover the dark --


camouflage jacket to cover the darker side of him. It is not


untypical. We have to wait until the investigation under way is


concluded to gain as full a picture as we to this case. We know abusers


will go to great lengths to target, groom and abuse children. What a


better way, to set up a charity, working with children, and having


access to children, and able to be alone with them and abuse them.


What about the duty of care, we are talking about the various


institutions, the BBC, the hospitals and charities too. The


duty of care that all of those institutions had to the young


people, who, it turns out, were abused? It appears to be an


appalling combination of deriliction of duty, even being be


dazzled by fame, overawed by the amount of money he was raising


Oregan rating by a tremenduously attraction in the audience to keep


huge figures and a combination of all those things. One consolation I


had, small now though it is, because I feel a sense of guilt and


frustration. Do you? Yes, I do. A few years later, my PR man is a


working with a well known charity, and working with lots of well-


meaning celebrities. A corporate sponsor asked to involve Jimmy


Savile to the charity, I privately pointed out what I knew and why we


wouldn't be touching him with the proverbial barge pole. We have


heard a lot about it being the 70s and a different era. You wonder if


there was a modern Jimmy Savile out there, would it be any more


difficult for him to operate? don't think we can possibly know.


The allegations that we are hearing now, the suffering that these women


are telling us about is horrific. It really is horrific. But we do


have to think what we knew at the time. What the hard evidence of,


for any of the institutions involved, to act upon, and for all


sorts of reasons, some of which are quite reprehensible, taking the


testimony of vulnerable young women, seriously, totally reprehensible.


But an institution can only act on hard evidence, not rumour alone.


Although we were all aware of rumour, I was aware of some of the


rumours around Jimmy Savile. I hear the rumours from my friend in the


tabloid press, rather than people in the BBC. With the popular press,


I do hope Lord Justice Leveson is watching the unfolding saga, this


is the flip side of the Leveson Inquiry, I would like to see


Leveson, as the Mail staid this morning, I don't always agree --


stated this morning, I don't always agree with this, but for Leveson to


look at this would be a strong case. The point about the tabloid press


and Leveson, while the press was abled to act in an unfettered way,


it lauded Savile and built him up into the figure that made him up


there. I'm puzzled by the way that why Newsnight didn't carry it. I


don't know the reasons for that. I'm sure the women who took part in


the Newsnight inquiry, then of course with ITV, must be asking


themselves why. Is this still part of the legacy of Savile's power.


You can understand how they feel there. But I also feel that we have


a situation here, if Levein is too severe in his recommendation, it


would make it harder for the press to act. I was trying to find this


morning, any evidence that the tabloids were even nodding and


winking towards this story over the ten years previous to Savile's


death. I could find nothing whatsoever. Quite the opposite,


actually, I was seeing this guy being built up by the tabloid press,


into the kind of hero figure that made him as untouchable as he was.


Finally, want your thoughts on whether thinking about whether


Savile could happen again now. Is the legislation appropriate, do we


need to look at that again? I say this with a degree of caution. We


are in different times now. There has been a whole welter of


legislation in the last 40 years, we have had the charge act of 1989.


We have had Sir William Puttings report of child protection into res


relation children's homes, we have the UN Convention on The rights of


a child. The list goes on. We are in different times, public


understanding in terms of child abuse, and what makes paedophiles


and child abusers operate and the modus operandi. Could it happen


again?, yes, because fundamentally the basics about child abuse, the


abuse of power, sexuality fundamentals about children are


still there, we need on our guard, and encourage children and adults


when we have concerns to voice them. Social networking might help too.


Thank you all. The Ministry of Defence has confirmed that seven


Royal Marines have been arrested on suspicion of murder in Afghanistan.


This news has emerged in the last couple of hours. What sort of


detail do we have? Very scant. It has only come out less than two


hours ago. The MoD has not said where it happened. Or exact low who


was involved. We know it happened last -- exactly who was involved.


We know it happened last year, there were two major Royal Marine


units in Afghanistan at the time 42 Command, and the Special Boat


Service, conducting special operations there. It could be one


of those two units. They did, however, say, that this is really


around the issue of rules of engagment. It may well be that the


soldiers did not follow the right procedure, for want of a better


word. The MoD said no civilians were involved in the incident. It


seems to suggest that these soldiers killed, an insurgent,


that's their word, and perhaps they didn't follow the proper rules of


engagment. That is due to positively identifying that the


person is armed and a threat to you, before opening fire. It may also be


something to do with what happened once that person had been captured.


We also want to ask you tonight about the seemingly ever increasing


tensions between Turkey and Syria? Of course this has always gone up


another ratchet because what was happening this time last night.


That was an incident involving a Syrian Airbus.


The Syrian air flight from Moscow to Damascus, was intercepted last


night. Turkish F-16 fighters buzzed the aircraft and ordered it to land


to Ankara, the Turkish Government said it was carrying arms.


TRANSLATION: This is equipment and munitions sent to the Syrian


defence agency by the Russian Government. Syria and Russia have


denied the arms smuggling accusation.


TRANSLATION: What happened could be described aspirecy, Turkish


areopiracy against the civilian Syrian claim on the regular flight


to Damascus. Can Turkish troops operating in strength on -- with


Turkish troops operating in strength on the border, and


authorisation from their parliament to enter Syria. The scene is set


for further confrontation. It has brought opposition criticism of the


Turkish Government. Now that the Syrian civil war has been dragging


on, Turkey finds theself in a very difficult position, unable to


influence events in the country. It has also increasingly lost their


close ties they enjoyed with the countries in the region, Iraq,


China, Iran. Last night's incident adds to the recent shelling along


the Turkish-Syrian border, as tensions worsen between the two


nations. Polls show many Turk are worried about the Government siding


with the Syrian opposition. For those living in the frontier zone,


the upsurge in military action has been unwelcome.


TRANSLATION: Three days ago, we were working, we were harvesting


cotton, a bomb fell here. We all ran. Now fighting continues in


these village, it doesn't stop. Bombs are always falling, but we


have to stay here for work. Every day, every hour, there is


fighting, no-one knows what to do. Listen to that, you can hear the


fighting from here. With refugees still escape the ing -- escaping


the war by crossing into their country, Turkey can't remain


uninvolved. It is hoping to escalate the role to speed the


toppling of President Assad. Do we know what was on the plane? Apart


from 35 passengers, it would seem, so far, simply normal cargo and


luggage. The Turk have had 24 hours to produce evidence for the claims.


There have been vague hints about communications equipment or


ammunition, nothing has been produced. The longer it goes on,


the more the suspicion will be that this was either faulty intelligence


that lay behind this, or the desire to provoke some kind of incident.


Either way it doesn't set a particularly good tone at the


moment when tensions are so high between the two countries, and the


risk of further open hostilities between the Syrian and Turkish


armed force seem to be very severe. As you know, Syria has been kornd


concerned for some time. For months the Republican former presidential


candidate, John McCain, has been urging President Obama to arm the


rebels in Syria. It doesn't seem the President is listening, but


neither is Mitt Romney. First we talk about the diverted Syrian


plane. I think it is a symptom of the increasing tensions throughout


the region, particularly Turkey and Syria. They have exchanged


artillery fire, as you know. Erdogan, the Prime Minister, has


gone from a close relationship with Bashar al-Assad, to one of outside


empty. There was, already, as you eluded to, trouble on the border,


skirmishes, big wars can start from small skirmishes? One of the things


from the beginning I was very concerned about, that we have now


got Jordan flooded again with refugees, hundreds of thousands,


last check was 150,000. There is a million-and-a-half refugees in


Syria, several hundred thousand in Turkey, and Lebanon is feeling the


strains of it as well. There could be an outbreak either in Lebanon or


the Turkish border very easily. could that be stopped? I'm not sure


how it could be stopped. I know how it could be prevented from starting.


That is, a long time ago we should have supplied arms and equipment to


the Syrians resisting Bashar al- Assad. What do you understand, Mitt


Romney's position, on the arming the opposition to be?


understanding of his position is he wants a ply of arms, into -- a


supply of arms into those resisting. Whether he's not reached the point


where it is direct supply of American arms. Facilitating arms


into Syria. I would like to see him say more. I hope maybe I can


convince him over time. He's your man, he's on the rise after that


debate, you are fundraising for him tonight in London. Why, when you


talk to him, why isn't he persuaded about your point of view? I think


he's persuaded by the point of view that they need arms to have a fair


fight. You have the Iranians on the ground bringing weapons, the


Russians bringing weapons in. I don't think he's quite ready to go


the next step. Are you saying he would find it impossible to be


elected f he explained to the American people, if his view before


the election of that America needed to arm the opposition? I don't


think in this environment that it would be very easy for him to


explain to the American people. Obviously, there would be the


counter-attack, that he's unqualified, inexperienced, all of


those things. In part of his public statements on this, he says he


wants to work with partners to identify and organise those members


of the opposition who share our values? How on earth do you idea


foi them? It is very difficult. Because, as I say, now 17, 18


months later, we have seen this inflow of Jihadists, we always fish


in troubled waters. That is the nature of Al-Qaeda, it argues, in


my view, for us to have taken action earlier and more vigorously.


Turning to the vice-presidential debate tonight, what are your


thoughts? I think it will be very interesting, you have two different


personalities here. If there was ever a clash in personalities, it


certainly is there. Obviously as a Republican I


anticipate that Paul R -- Ryan, he will do well, he uns the issue, and


how well will he do it. The danger he has is saying something that


Americans would be asking what he are talk about. I don't think he


will do that, he's well rehearsed. A lot of the criticism from


democrats about the President's performance is less about the


detail, and more on the fact that he didn't appear to be in the room.


He didn't appear to want to be there. Do you reflect if you had


had been debating that guy, things might have been different? In 2008,


the President did very well in the debates against me. Maybe that is a


commentary on my all lents. As, the President didn't have a record to


defend at that time. It was hope and change, now it is despair and


danger. That is a pretty good line. I think the President has had


difficulty in defending his record. One of the seminal moment was when


the moderator said, what about working together, and Romney talked


about being Governor of Massachusetts, working with


Democrats, what did the President say? He said sometimes you have to


say no to people. If there's one thing the American people want, and


I'm stopped in the street by people, say work together and avert this


physical cliff. That was one of the moments in the debate.


Thank you. It's good to be back with you.


Andrew Mitchell is still in his job as the Conservative Party's Chief


Whip, responsible for maintaining party discipline. He survived


coverage of his Downing Street encounter with police. He survived


the slings and arrows of the party conference, though he judged it


best not to turn up for his own. Could he still be on his way out.


Tomorrow's Telegraph is demanding he should go. It is the kind of


prime time exposure any politician would die for. We don't know if the


Chief Whip watched BBC One on Friday night. If he did, he


probably wasn't laughing. Victoria asked me if I could give her any


tips, said, of course I can Moy dear. Now, look, if the BBC


security man asks you to get off your bike and come in through the


side gate. Whatever you do, don't call him a pleb.


Now, in this long-running series, it could soon be crunch time for


Andrew Mitchell. He has the dance floor to himself, and three members


of the Police Federation in the judges' chairs. Mr Mitchell will


sit down with those police representatives here at his local


constituency office n what is called a "clear the air" meeting.


Get this one right and he might be ablable to draw a line under the


affair. Use his rag now, and his political future might not look too


healthy. This is the row that refuses to die down, it all started


three week ago, when a clearly angry Chief Whip, let loose at


policemaning the Downing Street security gates, as he left on his


bicycle. The official police log claims he uses the world BEEP plebs.


It was the end of a long and extremely frustrating day, not that


is an excuse for what happened. I didn't show the police the amount


of respect I should have done. We should all respect them, they do an


incredibly difficult job. I have apologised to the Police and the


police officer involved on the gate. He has accepted my apology. And I


hope very much we can draw a line under it there.


Not much chance of that. He was forced to stay away from his own


party conference last week. Local police, though, did turn up,


wearing pleb-themed T-shirts. Despite the policemen involved


accepting his apology. Many other young rank and file officers remain


upset. Their anger now seems to be shifting, away from any words he


might have used, to a Mo tensionly more damaging allegation -- a


potentially more damaging allegation. And he seems to be


protecting those lying. This is one of the lead judges? It is a simple


question, what did you say, and that is what we want to know. If he


did say the words he can apologise again, the offices have accepted


the apology any way. That is not where we are at now. We are not


really that bothered about the words. The issue is honesty and


integrity, and who is telling the truth here. The Conservative Party,


meanwhile, will be hoping the public will start to get tired of


the row. When member of the Government told Newsnight, that out


of his 80,000 constituency, he has received one e-mail about it. The


public aren't interested. He has apologised, it has been accepted,


it is time to move on. Even the police admit there is another


agenda here though. Any criticism of Mr Mitchell feeds into wider


anger about cuts to police budgets. Cuts many officers feel are unfair.


This thing would have blown over if he had answered all the questions


in the first place. That is what would have happened. You know. But,


again, I would bring it back to the fact that the attitude of Mr


Mitchell, may be reflective of the general attitude of the


Conservative Party towards police and police officers. Mr Mitchell's


position, does now seem to be under serious pressure. Several Tory MPs


are said to have written to the chairman of the backbench 1922


Committee, asking why he's still in a job. Like Strictly, it is not


just the judges' vote that counts, it is the public's vote too. Are


the police right to pursue it? is water under the bridge, they


should let it go. I think this one is not a big issue what he is


supposed to have called them. would you like to be called a pleb?


Sfrpblgt I would brush it off. I could be called a lot worse. As a


position of power in the police, it is disrespectful, and soen. They


have a right to pursue it if their case is valid. If I'm asked whether


or not he can survive, I think he can.


I doubt if the police will come out and say, suddenly, they are


complete lie satisfied with the situation. They will clearly have


an attempt to keep it all going. At the end of the day, I think he he


can survive, it is a clearly a difficult situation for him. It


could all come down to one performance for Mr Mitchell


tomorrow. A poor showing and he might have a lot more time on his


hands, for Friday night TV? And old Brucie's gags.


Ever since Barack Obama became the first black President of the US.


People have discussed what affect his election would have on black


people in America. As he fights for a second term, we decided there is


no better person to hear about from a man who is the Poet Laureate of


the ghetto, soul singer, Bobby Womack.


Most people go down, I'm going up. It is just taking the guitar, and


turning it upside down, and making all the chords backwards. Does


anyone else do that, that you know of? No to.


# Stop and take # A real good listen


Bobby Womack has been singing and writing songs since he pinched his


dad's guitar and taught himself to play.


As unorthodox in his way, as one- time band mate, Jimi Hendrix.


Jimmy just was different. Than anybody, when I say R & B, they had


never seen a Jimi Hendrix. To them, for a I go that would be playing


and then take -- a guy that would be playing and then take it off and


light it guitar. He had had to put it out real quick because it look


like a piece of burnt barbecue. They are all great, and a lot late.


Womack is the survivor who has outlived most of the stars he has


written for or played with. Most, though not all.


Womack was persuaded by his friend Sam Cooke, to let the Rolling


Stones cover this song .Le # I used to love her


# Well it's all over now. He said one day you will be part of


history. Group is going to be huge. I said why don't they get their own


songs. We became friends. played with them, didn't you. You


toured with him? Two or three tour. Everyone has a bit of a down on


banks at the moment. I was reading in your book, that you used to keep


your money in your shoe. Do you think we were better off when we


kept our money in our shoes? If you had as small an amount as I stkp,


unless you were you were -- z unless you were a huge shoe. I went


to Wilson Pickett's house, and he said, look in the closet, it was


stacked to money all up to the top. I have never seen that amount of


money. I said man, are you crazy, why not put it in the bank and you


can draw off the interest. He said, no, I can't go asleep and then


somebody steal my money. He was serious about that. I thought I


wouldn't put mine in the bank either.


When you count the Presidents we had before Obama showed up. It was


telling me. 50 years ago, he said bobby we have a black President I


want to see that. I knew he was drinking gin, I said, he said he


was serious. What do you think of Obama? Trying


to clean up the mess he has stepped into, he has done all he could do.


You have to understand politic is politic. You know. He has to take


care, each situation is a bad day. People think, four years to change


it all right away. It takes four years to mess it up.


Quentin Tarantino, borrowed the tune, Across 110th Street for the


movie Jackie Brown, it was originally written about life in


Harlem and New York. We don't hear about the ghetto at the moment for


some reason, has it got better? is still the ghetto, nobody focus


on it. I'm talking about Presidents, withstand FA bee President, talking


about the middle class -- wannabe President talking about the middle-


class. They never mentioned the poor people. They don't care. Even


if they all came together, they have to take care of them.


Bobby Womack has a new record out, on a British label, featuring


rising star, Lana Del Rey. # Everything is everythingle


The singer has been clean for more than 20 years. After brushes with


drugs, booze, firearms, marriage break-up, and premature death, does


he have any regrets. Sometimes I do regret. But I keep


thinking if I wasn't high maybe my life wouldn't have lasted for the


better. I think certain things I did, I shouldn't have got married,


or, you know, as soon as I got married the woman started playing,


not just with my head, but my head. When your heart says, let's stop


here. You have no choice. Your heart or other organs?! # I'm not


just a President of loveful An absolute legend. Shall we put


the day out of the mystery, why the day out of the mystery, why


not? Good night. There is a potential core of


intense wet weather to continuing across north eastern Scotland, the


warnings are in force, the intensity of the rain 80mms before


the system clears through. A case of sunny spells and shattered


showers. The brighter yellows and greens denoting heavier pulses.


Cloudy skies generally in Scotland, once we get into the borders across


England, prominently dry and sunny. Showers should be few and far


between. We keep the showers clinging on to the south coast for


a time. Highs of 13 degrees. It is a case of sunny spells and light


showers. It won't be long before the showers waiting in the wings in


the south west and South Wales during Friday evening.


Enjoy the sunshine while I have you have it. A better day for the Isle


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