24/07/2014 Newsnight


In-depth investigation and analysis of the stories behind the day's headlines with Emily Maitlis. Including the latest from Gaza, a death penalty debate and throwaway economies.

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The UN in Gaza accuses Israel of failing to let children evacuate


this shelter before it was targeted. 15 people died when it was hit. We


ask the Israeli Government if they knew civilians were still inside?


We ask the leader of Hamas if they use women and children as shields?


It took him two hours to die. Now America is debating the death


penalty once again. You guys are blowing it all out of proportion


about the drugs. This man conducted a horrifying murder. We will talk to


a man who wants his own daughter's murderer to die.


Stuff, we want it, we get it and we want the next thing we chuck it. We


meet the designers looking to dispose of our throwaway habits.


This is a brilliant women. A Commonwealth confidence boost as


Scotland goes for gold on the first day.


But could success at Glasgow's games spell "yes" in September.


They fled the fighting near their homes in northern Gaza and came to


school seeking shelter run by the UN, it was there they were killed


with a direct hit, it appears tonight from an Israeli shell. 15


women and children died in the attack, 200 others were injured. The


school had been used as a safe haven for the past few days. Israel's


sophisticated weaponry tends to be precise. How did a place of refuge


come to be hit, and how does that change what has happened in the


conflict. We will speak to the Israeli Government in a moment, and


hear from the leader of Hamas too. First a look at what happened today.


Blockaded by Israel and Egypt, and densely populated, hiding places


from the shelling a are few and far between in Gaza.


The United Nations-run school was intended to be one of them. Up to


800 families were sheltering there when it was hit. 15 died reportedly,


including two UN staff, hundreds more were injured. The local


hospital struggled to cope. The multiple medical centres had to


receive the wounded. Many people are scared. Their children, the young


children and women. Israel says there was a four-hour window for


evacuation between 10.00 and 2.00 and Hamas prevented civilians from


leaving, and the building was shelled at two. 30. But a UN


spokesman posted on Twitterer and said precise co-ordinates had been


formally given to the Israeli army. He wrote a few weeks over the day


that UNRWA tried to negotiate a window for civilians to leave and it


was never granted. The UN has reiterated this statement. This was


an emergency shelter. We had given the Israeli authorities the idea of


the co-ordinates of this school on 12 separate occasions, most recently


ten. 56 this morning, they were fully aware it was a shelter. We


knew the situation in the area was deteriorating from a security


standpoint. So over the course of the day we tried to co-ordinate a


period, a window during which we could withdraw our staff and any


displace who had chose to go to a safer location would leave. We never


confirmed that window or time fared. The IDF is now investigating whether


the fatal shell was errant Israeli fire in response to a local Hamas


attack, and accused Hamas of firing rockets in the nearby area at the


same time. Israel also claims it has been warning civilians to leave the


area for days, because of intelligence that Hamas was


illegally exploiting it to store weaponry. What is clear that the


Palestinian death toll today climbed to 50, attempts at a truce appear


more distant than ever. I spoke to the Israeli Government


spokesman before coming on air. This is a tragedy, you see pictures like


this and you can't help but be moved. Israel does not want to see


any civilian casualties in our operation, not one. And of course


these deaths are indeed tragic. It is not yet clear to us exactly what


happened in this location. There are a number of different COMPLASHGS but


we will get to the bottom of it. But you accept Israel could have been


responsible for these deaths? Ut It could have been Israeli fire,


there were rockets landing in the area from Hamas, we can't exclude


the possibility it was Hamas fire, but it could have been our fire. Our


forces were receiving fire from that area, from the immediate vicinity of


the hospital, it is possible if our forces returned fire to that it


could have been our fire as well. But we have to investigate exactly


what happened. You had the precise co-ordinates of that shelter, a UN


spokesman tonight has said over the course of the day the UN tried to


co-ordinate a window with the Israeli army for civilians to leave.


It was never granted. Do you accept that? No, I do not. We accepted


there would be a humanitarian corridor to allow people to leave


between 10.00 and 2.00 in the afternoon, we accepted that. Why


didn't the army get that right? Our information is actually the Hamas


terrorists acted to prevent people leaving. Which actually is


consistent with a consistent pattern of behaviour that we have seen in


other places. We have requested people to leave because there is


going to be a combat zone, we don't want innocent civilians and Hamas


has asked them to stay. Did you know the building had not been evacuated?


At the time I don't know exactly we knew, it was a difficult combat


situation when our people were receiving for fire. We had been


calling for three days for civilians to vacate that facility, because it


was being abused by terrorists who were shooting from that vicinity on


our people. Let's be clear the UN... Did you find out if there was


children still in that building before you fired? We're not clear it


is our fire, you are jumping ahead of what the reality is, let's wait


and see. You knew in the morning to evacuate the building, you issued


the warning because you were going to fire on the buildings, did you


check it had been evacuated? Let's be clear, I didn't know what


happened and neither do you, one has to be more judicious before making


that sort I have a sum. Can I -- assumption. Can I say the following,


there are two example, not that Israel says so, there are two


examples that Hamas is storing munitions for their war machine to


fire rockets into Israel. The UN Secretary-General himself released a


statement, and I can quote, he said specifically those doing so are


endangering the lives of innocent civilians. If Hamas is turning UN


schools into area where it conducts its terror war machine against


Israel the UN Secretary-General said the primary responsibility rests


with those terrorists. We don't want to see any fighting around UN


facilities, unfortunately the terrorists have forced that fight


upon us. The UN told us it tried to co-ordinate a window with the


Israeli army for civilians to leave and that was never granted. Now


either the Israeli army is not speaking to the Government, or else


you are calling him a liar, which is it? Well first of all, let's be fair


in a combat situation, reality is very difficult. Anyone in an army


can tell you that and anyone who has seen combat can tell you that. My


information is Israel agreed to a four-hour period for a humanitarian


corridor, and that was disrupted by the Hamas terrorists themselves who


didn't want to let the terrorists leave. And that is a consistent


pattern. You knew there were children in that building? That is a


consistent pattern of behaviour by the terrorists, who deliberately


want to leave civilians to protect their military machine. You knew


there were children inside that building? I don't know that and you


don't know that, I'm sorry that is not correct. You knew it was being


used as a shelter by people fleeing the fighting in northern Gaza, you


knew there were women and children who had come there to seek shelte We


had been asking people to leave. You knew they hadn't been able to leave


that building? Once again you are making presumptions, based on


information that you have or have not, or what you are suggesting that


information you have, we don't know that for a fact. But you said you


were going to hit it, you hit it, you killed them, you knew there were


children in that building? Sorry, how do you know, the UN itself


reported that there was Hamas rocket fire falling in the area, how do you


know it was Israel. I'm not excluding the possibility, but it is


a difficult combat situation, and you have all the answers. If after


the fog of war has passed this does turn out to be the fault of Israel,


will you pause, will you reset your rules of engagment tonight? Our


rules of engagment are very clear, one does not target civilian, one


does not target civilian infrastructure, that is clear and we


hold ourselves to high standards. That is not working, if it is not


designed to hurt civilian, your strategy is manifestly not working?


We are trying to be as surgical as humanely possible in a very


difficult combat environment. But I ask you, if you say we cannot return


fire, that is forbidden for Israel to return fire because Hamas has


adopted these tactic, you are saying Israel has no right to defend itself


in the case of thousands of rockets fired at our people. We are trying


to be as surgical as is humanely possible in that difficult combat


situation, but don't deny country the right to defend itself from the


terrorists who are shooting rockets. You have a very effective defence


system, it is called the Iron Dome, it stops you for the most part being


hit, they don't and they are paying the price with their dead children?


No Hamas is responsible for the reality casualties and the


Palestinian casualties. They said no to a cease-fire a week ago, a


cease-fire proposed by Egypt and supported by the UN and the Arab


League. Why is the conflict persitsing because Hamas refuses to


accept an Arab League cease-fire proposal. Thank you very much. A


little earlier we caught up with the leader of Hamas to ask him whether


his organisation uses civilians as human shields, here is his exclusive


interview. What would it take for Hamas to sign


on to a cease-fire now? TRANSLATION: We want a cease-fire as soon as


possible, that's parallel with lifting the siege of Gaza. This is


the demand of the Gaza people, I call on the UN, Ban Ki-Moon, the UK


and the US to go to the people of Gaza and ask them what they want. I


am prepared to accept 100% the consensus of our people in Gaza.


What the Americans seem to be working on is a two-stage deal,


where there will be a truce were the guns the rockets will stop firing


and then there will be a serious negotiation about how to boost the


Gaza economy, how to ease the blockade on Gaza and to give the


people of Gaza a better life. Are you prepared to accept a two-stage


solution to this? TRANSLATION: Regardless of the


mechanism, what is important to me is that there should be a genuine


guarantee to lift the siege on Gaza. These promises have been made in the


past but nothing was done. People cannot go for medical treatment or


to work. Why are the people of Gaza being punished for the slow death in


the world's biggest prison. This is a crime. We want to halt in the


aggression and an end of the siege. We accept clear and precise articles


that the international community will commit to. We are eager that


the bloodshed should end in Gaza today. Talk of resistance, how can


any idea of resistance justify putting rockets in a school


building? TRANSLATION: Frankly this is a lie.


Let Israel show where are the rocket launchers in Gaza. This is not


something that has come from Israel, this is the UN relief and works


agency which has said that up to 20 rockets were deposited in a school


building inside Gaza, they are furious. The secretary-general of


the United Nations has expressed his outrage, he said those responsible


are turning schools into potential military targets and endangering the


lives of innocent children? TRANSLATION: This is not true.


Rocket launchers in Gaza belong to the resistance, they are hidden


underground and Israel is unable to reach them. This is why it pretends


that they are in civilian as so Israel is hitting hospital, mosques


and buildings. The world is sitting idle, it is hypocritical towards


Israel but blames the victim. Hamas stands accused of deliberately


endangering the lives of Palestinian civilians, the Israeli Government


has said you are using Palestinians, men, women and children as human


shields? TRANSLATION: This is a lie, Hamas is defending itself and


sacrificing its leadership for the sake of its people. The one who is


responsible for killing Palestinians is Israel, using F-16s, artillery


and all US and western weapons. Hamas and any resistance movements


when it defend against the occupier is actually defending its people. We


are doing what other people are doing when they are subject to


occupation and oppression. But telling people to stay in their


homes when it is clear that Israelis intend an attack is in a way


condemning them to death? TRANSLATION: This is wrong


information, Hamas does not give orders to people to stay inside


their homes. Hamas encourages people to stand fast and let the


Palestinians show their stead fastness. This is the will of the


people. Go to Gaza and see the people in hospitals and see the


areas destroyed. These people were determined to preserve their land.


You should not put the blame on the victims. The blame should go to the


Israeli that has committed this massacre. We have 700 Palestinians


killed, most of them are civilians. Where as Hamas is focussing on


killing Israeli soldiers who came to Gaza to attack Palestinians. This is


the ethical difference between the Palestinian resistance and the


Israeli aggression. Let me talk about Hamas's determination, it


seems, to continue with the rocket attacks into Israel. This is


statement issued by the outgoing President of Israel, Shimon Peres,


he said no state in the world would be prepared to accept rockets fired


at its mothers and children, or terrorists emerging from tunnels to


kill innocent people. Do you understand why the Israelis are so


utterly determined to end this threat to their civilian population?


TRANSLATION: Is there a state in the world that accepts an occupier and


enemy and usurper to come and occupy their land. Who has occupied


Palestinian, is it not the Palestine movement and Israel. Doesn't


international law state that the West Bank is an occupied land. What


has the international community done, the crisis is the problem that


the Palestinians are suffering from is the occupation, as Palestinians


we accept the international law. But it should be applied to us and the


Israelis. Israel is occupying, it is building settlements, Israel is the


one w kills, it is making people homeless. Is not the truth that


Hamas in many ways is weaker now than it has been for a very long


time. You have lost key allies, I'm thinking of the Muslim Brotherhood


in Egypt, I'm thinking of your allies in Iran no longer close to


you, you are in desperate financial trouble. You can't even afford to


pay the salaries of public sector inside Gaza?


TRANSLATION: Hamas will not surrender, yes Hamas is going


through a difficult time. This could be a wrong miscalculation by


Netenyahu, encouraged by sides here and there, that Hamas is weakened


and the Gaza people are weakened and exhausted through the siege. He


thought that Hamas would be an easy prey, and then he was surprised that


the people of Gaza and Hamas are stronger. Difficult circumstances


will not break us. Hamas does not fight because it has allies, it


fights because it has a just cause. Recession, what recession? The UK is


now set to grow faster than any other major economy this year,


according to the latest IMF forecast, which even suggests the


country has surpassed its previous peak. In terms of output we are back


to pre-2008 crash levels. But the financial crisis has radically


reshaped the way people are working and who they are working for. We


have this report. # A little bit independent


# In your walk # A little bit independent


# In your talk Figures out tomorrow shows the


economy returning to pre-recession peak. Employment was already higher


than when the recession began six years ago. More people are choose to


go stand on their own two feet and work for themselves. Fewer people


are working for the state. This Bristol cafe is owned and run by a


former teacher. Eight months ago Melody Beard left the public sector


and, with a little help from a local enterprise organisation called Brev,


set out for herself, opening The Hungry Catterpillar Cafe. I always


wanted to work for myself. I have that personality, maybe it takes a


certain type of personality to do that. Working for yourself is not


exactly child's play? You need to manage the cashflow and watch that


very closely, that is the difference of whether you will stay afloat or


not. All of those things you are going Toffler the to have to have


the initiative to do it. The three biggest self-employed strayed here


but the new self-employed are different. The largest rise is from


professional occupation, that is jobs like accountant, consultants


and lawyers. 5% of the self-employed describe


themselves as happy to be so. Although on average their earnings


are 25% below those of employees. The rise in self-employment has been


one of the most remarkable features of the recession and recovery.


People become self-employed for very different reasons. For some it is a


fourth forced choice, others value the freedom and get struck by a


great idea. And sometimes find it works better with childcare. In many


ways you have the best of bo worlds. There is days when it is a dream,


and other days are bonkers. Obviously I'm still providing the


lion's share of the childcare, as well as trying to juggle my own work


around things. And that can be really quite hardcore. I ask myself


do I want to get back into a company, and often the answer is,


yes, simply because security does mean a lot. You have a lot more


control over the work that you are doing, you can manage your projects


without extra pressures added to you, in the public sector everyone


wants you to do for more less all the time. That can lead toe a lot of


pressure. The big story of the 20th century was the rise of the state


and the increase in public sector employment. Already there are signs


that the 21st century might look very different. By 2020 more people


could be working for themselves than working for the Government. That's a


profound change in our economy, which could cause an equally


profound shift in our politics. The RSA think-tank has been examining


rises in unemployment, and believes it -- the rise of self-employment,


and believes it could herald a change in society. We are becoming


more individualistic as a society, because we know that one thing that


self-employed people enormously value is the freedom to make their


own successes and mistakes. They want to be accountable for their own


lives. It also has potentially quite big political implication, because


we know that people who work in the public sector are more likely to


vote Labour. But the research shows that around about 350% 35% of


self-employed people believe the Conservative Party to be best for


their business, where only 10% say Labour is. The smaller state and the


large rise in self-employment are two of many changes in our economy.


The economy might be back where it was in 2008, but the impact of the


reshaping of the last six years, will be felt for generations to


come. Whether or not you believe in the


death penalty, only a hardened few would suggest that those who die on


death row should take a good two hours to go. That is what happened


to double murderer Joseph Wood in a zone national cirriculum the third


botched execution in the US this year. Witnesses said he was left


snotting and gasping for air, under sedation, as a new cocktail of drugs


was administered to him. The cocktail of drugs has changed as a


result of embargoes of drugs in the EU who have made the drugs used on


death row illegal. This was no miscarriage of justice,


25 years ago Joseph Wood killed his ex-girlfriend and her father. He was


said to be smiling when he shot both in cold blood at their garage in


Arizona. So everybody here from what I heard said it was excruciating.


You don't know what excruciating is. What's excruciating is seeing your


dad lying there in a pool of blood, seeing your sister lying there in a


pool of blood. That's excruciating. This man deserved it. But Wood's


execution wasn't straight forward by any means. He hung on for two hours.


Gasping for air 600 times. Another controversial death as authorities


struggle to get hold of the chemicals needed for a lethal


injection. You guys are blowing this all out of proportion about these


drugs. This man conducted a horrifying murder and you guys are


going let's worry about the drug and how it affected him. Why didn't we


give him a bullet, some Draino, why not something else, everybody is


worried about the drugs. Drugs have been used on death row since 1982,


the idea was to make the process as quick and painless as possible.


Until recently three were used, first a sedating agent, then a


neuromuscular blocker to cause paralysis, and then a lethal dose of


potassium chloride, but a campaign by activists has brought a shortage


of one of the drugs. The key moment came in to 12 when a blanket EU


export ban came into force. We are seeing states scrambling around to


find any drugs and mixing them together in untested and


experimental combination, pulling this heavy shroud of secrecy around


the whole process. We don't know the quality of the drugs and whether


they have been tested to a sufficient degree and the effect it


will have on a human being when you inject these drugs. This is the


third botched execution this year. Clayton Lockett tried to get up 14


minutes after he was injected with a new drug mix. He later died of a


heart attack. And Dennis Maguire appeared to gasp and choke for half


an hour after he was given Minizolan and hydromorphone, the same two drug


combinations used last night. Ten Tennessee brought in new drug


cocktails. But they could be challenged in court named cruel


punishment which would be unconstitutional. The lethal


injection has never been humane, that is a myth. We are seeing the


debunking of the myth. The original cocktail had a par littic agent --


paralythic agent and that was only to prevent us seeing the torment the


victim was in. Now the medical veil is being pulled back and we are


seeing the reality of what is happening in the execution chamber.


The Governor of Arizona has ordered an investigation into last night's


execution, but she said justice had still been done. And Joseph Wood had


still died a better death than his two victims on another evening some


25 years ago. With me now is the head of Reprieve,


and Mark Class whose 12-year-old daughter Polly was raped and


murdered in 1993. Mark, where is your daughter's killer now? My


daughter's killer has been residing on death row at San equipment tan


prison in Northern California, only about fives mimes from my home for


the past 17 years. He's in a process of appeals now. The law in


California has recently changed which means he won't be executed?


There was a federal judge that deemed the death penalty in


California cruel and unusual punishment. I would personally take


exception with his definition of cruel, as was previously done in the


piece that you just showed. But I'm very confident that ruling will be


reversed upon appeal. So if your daughter's murderer had been Joseph


Wood, who we saw in that film from Arizona who took two hours to die,


would you have had a problem with that? No, not at all. From what I


hear, and I have heard, in fact, that he did suffer pain during


death, but nobody really knows that. The family members of his victim


said he died snoring, or that he was snoring for two hours, as did the


Sheriff and other representatives from the state. It was only his


defence attorneys that claim it w cruel and unusual. Claire? I'm not


sure that, my understanding is that various independent reporters also


said that it was very disturbing to watch, that he gasped over 600


times, and that it seems to me that this being the third one of these


botched executions in the past six months, the US really has to look at


whether it still gets to execute people, if such execution has to


pass the cruel and unusual punishment. Do you accept this is an


unintended consequence of the ban that you fought so hard to get, the


ban on the export of lethal drugs that has, if you like, left people


writhing in agony? It is not the European Union ban, it is the


pharmaceutical companies who have said, these guys make medicine, they


said they don't want their medicines used to kill people. That is


something an organisation can do and I believe it is commendable. What is


your response to Claire after hearing that? It is the European ban


on the drugs, on the sale of the drugs to the United States. So


frankly, there is the blood on the hands of people like Claire for all


of these botched executions. I personally wish they would step


aside and let us ajudicate justice as we deem fit in our country. It


does seem if they are going to kill them way, if they believe in the


death penalty it is only made worse for the ban, not better? It is not a


European ban, it is American companies that manufacture the drugs


and put these agreements in place. You support that? Yes, of course, I


believe the death penalty is not something that a state should... And


it makes it worse? I think Obama is looking into the question of the


death penalty, and the Governor of A Rhone to that is looking at it to --


a zonia is looking at it to -- Arizona is looking at it to see if


it should continue. Of course people affected by these crimes, including


the gentleman on the show, of course they will want to see the people who


have caused them that sort of pain torn limb from limb. I have a


daughter, if my daughter was killed I would absolutely want that to


happen. But I in that situation shouldn't be part of the criminal


justice system that deals with that. You could support the death penalty?


If somebody killed my daughter I would want the death penalty carried


out. That said I don't think I as that victim should get to dictate


what happens. Do you believe, that do you think the victims do have any


part to play in whether the death penalty should be carried out or


not? The word "victim" doesn't exist in the United States constitution.


But there are all kinds of rights put forward for the perpetrators of


crime. The only way I have in this system at all is if I'm approached


by a prosecutor as he's trying to make up his mind about imposing the


death penalty or to look for it. I want to be really clear here, I


don't want to see anybody torn limb from limb. I do want to see


individuals who have been found guilty of heinous murders to be


executed if in fact that is what a jury of their peers said and there


is no question as to whether or not these individuals are guilty. There


is a vast chasam between what she said and I just said. Do you believe


that every method used is equally acceptable, would there be a better


way, if you like of execution? Yes, absolutely, if people want to do a


painless execution that is not going to be prolonged or cruel or unusual,


they can do firing squads, that's pretty sure fire, or they can do the


guillotine, for odness sake, there is no ambiguity about that, once the


head rolls off there is no pain whatsoever, that is a done deal. The


guillotine may be a step too far, what about the firing squad, you are


not dealing with companies and not putting people in a place where they


have to ban exports? There is a specific problem with lethal


injection in that it appears to make executions surgical, it appears to


make it humane, and it is not. As you were saying earlier the effects


are actually horrible. The fact that people receive anaesthetic at the


beginning means nobody gets to see that. It is absolutely not the case


that lethal injection or execution is humane. At least if one were to


be talking about a firing squad or whatever, there would be something


less disingenious about that. I think in reality America has


invested a great deal in the idea of humane execution, and if someone


brought in the guillotine or the fire squad there would be


significant investigation around that.


Around ?75 million of salvageable material is buried in UK landfill


every year. Much of it the old toaster, the laptop and old model


cellphone. It includes precious metals too. How did we become such a


throwaway society. An audit committee says we need to re-think


our economy. We have this report. A kettle with a switch that doesn't


work, chuck it. One key on your keyboard not working, begin it. We


love our electronic gadgets and gizmo, but one tiny thing going


wrong or a new shiny model coming along, the old one ends up on the


scrap heap. Electronics is the fastest growing waste stream in the


UK. Every year thousands of tonnes of lap tops and other gadgets end up


in landfill. Our throw away culture is bad for the environment but good


for the economy. It drives innovation because new stuff is


better. Imagine if mobile phones hadn't changed in 20 years... Hello.


So how can we continue producing better things without throwing away


old ones. World record-breaking yachts woman, Dame Ellen McArthur


believes the answer lies in a circumstance hall economy. When you


sale around the world you take everything you need, and all you


have at the end of it is all you have. I have never thought about


that concept when I stepped off the boat and I realised the global


economy was similar and we have a fine night number of resources and


perpouring through them. We have a linear site, we take, make and


dispose, when we talk about a circular economy, we design it from


the outset for the cone components to flow within a system, rather than


stake, make and dispose, you take and make and then feed back into the


economy. Some forward-thinking designers are already embracing


circular economy ideas. Take the simple light bulb, the new ones are


energy efficient, LEDs are made from a complex mix of rare materials. At


the moment if you want a new light bulb, you take the old one out,


throw it in the waste bin and buy a new one. We create a bulb that means


you can update the LEDs in the middle, press the butt onnen to in


the middle and as a customer you get the latest one. New ones arrive in


the post and the old ones go back. Rather than something going off in


the waste treatment and you have no value from. You have can


remanufacture it and resell it as a new product.


I'm Dave, a designer from the Netherlands, I had an idea for a


modular smartphone. Smash the screen, clip on a new one. Want a


better camera, no problem. With the modular phone you only replace the


parts you need, not the whole handset. Currently they usually only


last for two years or something like that, this one you can upgrade every


time you get old or repair a part if it gets broken so you don't have to


throw it away. The problem is most manufacturers make money by selling


lots of products. Not by investing in designs that make their products


last longer. But some economists believe this


business model will change. That model of creating profits by


manufacturing material stuff and pushing it through the system relied


on the idea that we had cheap resource prices but resource prices


that were continually coming down. Since the millennium things have


changed dramatically. Commodity prices are rising fast, more


volatile than they ever were before. Two things are driving the change in


commodity price, massive expansion of demand, more people wanting more


of this material stuff, particularly in the emerging economies, and the


second is higher costs associated with supplying it. Our beloved


electronics are packed full of precious metals. Making them slim,


light and smart. Circuit boards rely on gold to conduct electricity.


There is one hundred-times more gold in smartphones than a tonne of gold


ore. Each year we dump about 20 tonnes of precious medals in


landfill. It would be more if it were for recycling plants like this


one in Kent. Many broken and unloved gadgets end up here, where their


precious contents are salvaged. What if our electronic goods didn't fail.


I'm going to cut this to generate really severe damage. As you can see


there is a crack and the only thing I have to do is close the crack and


wait for one minute. After one minute I tried to open the crack


again. As you can see it is very strong.


If we made our gadgets from self-healing plastics they would


always look shiny and new. And researchers in America have


developed an astonishing self-healing material that can fix


electronic circuits. This is a circuit brain, and the electronic


brain inside all of your gadget s. If one of them break everything


stops works. How the healing capsule works you have teeny amounts of


metal, and when it breaks it puts what is necessary in here. It is


products like this which will create a circular economy, to use throwaway


item, something we love and feel happy about and we don't have to


feel the guilt of throwing them away.


In case there was a danger that you forgot what was going on in


Scotland, a quick reminder of the Commonwealth Games so far.


It gives me great pleasure to re-Claire the 20 Commonwealth Games


in 2014. # On to the Highlands


# We're leaving the lowlands # The mountains and glens stretch


before you She's done it


# Nessie # I believe in you Ross Murdoch will


take the gold for Scotland. The Loch Ness monster and the tea cake, it


was a celebration of all things north of the border. Team GB does


not exist and Scotland has struck gold four times. But the games


finish six weeks before the country, Scotland that is, goes to the polls


to decide its future, will the patriotism and the pride play a role


in the ultimate result in the referendum. Joining me now musician


and commentator Pat Cane, and former minister Brian Wilson. Pat do you


believe it will ultimately help the yes campaign? I didn't until I


wandered through the streets of Glasgow today. If you are a Scottish


football fan you are at best ironic and at worst fatalistic about the


outcome of major sporting events. But the city was abuzz today. I


thought the ceremony last night was a combination of Gallicness and


beauty. The sense of conviviality and well being and gentle


positiveness of being a nation in the world whether it is sporting or


anything else, I got a sense of the "yes" campaign as well. Why does


conviviality and sunshine and happiness mean that Scotland is


better alone? Why do you feel and want your country to have a future.


Why do you want your country to have a positive future, and how do you


think you will get there. That has been the core of the yes campaign's


case for the last three years. I think there is an element of


demonstrating competence. If everything goes well with the event


it is a bit like the spectacle of the Scottish Parliament over the


next ten or so years, we have demonstrated we can govern


ourselves, one of the things about the event is we can show ourselves


off to the wider world. That is quite connected to wanting to be in


the world as a nation state. I would say that. I am ain the yes campaign.


I think these people in the streets of Glasgow their joy of the event is


unrelated to their political opinions and we should keep it that


way. What we should be celebrating is the internationalism of the


event. The sport, the wonderful weather, Glasgow showing its face to


the world, wonderful things to celebrate. Let's pay tribute to the


people with the vision to set all this in motion. Anyone who tries to


bring politicians into it or draw interm stations around people


enjoying themselves will pay a price for that. What I would say is don't


do it. Nobody is interested in talking about politics in this


context, we're interested in talking about the Commonwealth Games. It is


a cynical ploy isn't it, where the public think they are being pushed


into a feeling of happiness by a big event and they will resist that? The


original definition of the Olympics is 12 days of peace. It is slightly


niave to think you can separate international sporting events from


political processes. Come on! I think it is a demonstration of how


people of Scotland and Glasgow can demonstrate the friendliness and the


competence and ability to pull fantastic things off at a global


level to the wider world. People can connect that to politics if they


want. I will because that is my bent, but other people are happy to


enjoy the event. Of course. A lot of the debate up until now has been


over the dry macro-economics of what happened to Scotland, this is about


identity, pride, passion, it is hitting a different note isn't it?


You just stand very strongly against it trying to connect the two things.


We all know the timing of a referendum was meant to take account


or come off the back of this and the Ryder Cup coming up and so on. It


was always planned in that timetable. But I think even within


these two years things have changed, I think people have become very


resistant to the idea that sports events should be used or manipulated


by politicians in that way. Pat says you can't separate them, I think we


should all try to. I think 99% of the people out there in the streets


of Glasgow are having a great time and want to separate them. We should


celebrate the internationalism of is it all and have a good time. You


can't have internationalism without nations Bryan, forgot's sake?


Nations and states are different things. I believe we have a


disagreement on that in the Scottish context. Is there a moment where the


tot in you wants to change -- the Scot in you wants to change your


mind and say this is brilliant? What about independence? Go on Bryan,


break the habit of a lifetime. I didn't get the question, you keep


even which raising the question you are trying to introduce something in


it, and I don't think people want to be in it. There is more reaction to


introducing it as Bryan does, my attitude is suspend the hostilities


and let's not judge people on their private and patriotism. Everyone in


that swimming arena tonight and in Glasgow, they have exactly the same


sentiments of private and patriotism no matter which countries they are


supporting, let's celebrate it rather than being divided in any


way. Just time quickly to whizz through


the papers: That's all from us tonight, hope you


can join us again, from all of us here good night.


Hello again after another warm night it could be a grey start in the


morning for eastern England, the low cloud will get burned back to the


coast. More than we had today, mind you. Elsewhere lots of sunshine,


building heat triggering a few showers in the south. It is possible


we could get a shower along the north coast of Northern Ireland. It


will be the last hot day for Northern Ireland


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