13/08/2014 Newsnight


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David Cameron insists there will be no military intervention to tackle


ISIS and no recall of Parliament, but is the Islamic state threat


growing by the day and fatally undermining Iraq?


I have been talking to senior Kurds about exactly what they need to


defeat the forces of the Islamic state.


We will discuss this with a former special forces officer


If you were having a heart attack, would you prefer to be injected


A new experiment will see 8,000 people unwittingly given a sea


You are not very hot, only at times. Sometimes I knew exactly what you


are going to say most of the time. The other times... The other times


No-one messed with the characters Lauren Bacall played


But why are those parts for women few and far between?


And as NASA suspends collaboration with Russia,


is space exploration an unexpected victim of the Ukraine crisis?


Earlier today a team of US special forces landed on Mount Sinjar in


Iraq to look at the options for rescuing an unknown number of


Yazidis who remain stranded. David Cameron insisted there would be no


military intervention in Iraq and no recall of Parliament. Britain will


contribute to the humanitarian operation, but what will that


involve. The BBC's siege purity correspondent Frank Gardner is here.


Have we got any idea what they will be given? There are a number of


tasks that have to be done. One is the immediate aid and rescue to get


these thousands of refugees out of danger and to somewhere safe. They


will have to be housed and somebody will have to do something about


Islamic state. The immediate priority according to the Government


today was the rescue package for those refugees. This is what David


Cameron had to say. The first thing is to deal with this


desperate humanitarian situation with people who are exposed,


starving, dying of thirst on this mountainside and getting


them to a place of safety. Yes, of course we should continue to


support the Kurds and in terms of the ammunition they are getting


Britain is going to be playing a role in helping to get that to them.


We have heard that the SAS are already on the ground. We get so


many conflicting figures about what is happening on Mount Sinjar and who


is there. I have just got off the phone to the man who is coordinating


this whole humanitarian rescue effort. It is his first interview


with the broadcast media. He tells me there are 300,000 displaced


people, including 50,000 questions. 300,000? 300,000 overall that are in


need of rescuing. This is a massive operation. Britain is sending


slightly mixed signals.


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