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In-depth investigation and analysis of the stories behind the day's headlines with James O'Brien. The programme looks at in-fighting between Brexit campaigners.

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Tonight - the rival groups campaigning for Britain to leave


We'll ask the chair of Labour Leave why they want to leave Vote Leave.


You're making a terrible snake. My guess, nobody wants this, we're


supposed to be professionals. This is a victory that


cannot be denied. Julian Assange thinks he's been


vindicated by today's UN opinion. We'll ask one of its authors what


arbitrary detention really means. Also tonight - the rise


and rise of Marco Rubio. Tea Party candidate,


conservative, or the man who could unite the Republican


party of America? We're on the trail in


Miami, his home town. And in tonight's Artsnight -


a look at the power of masks. I'm the conduit


for Nina's true self. It would take an optimist


of Pollyannaish proportions to describe the reception here this


week for David Cameron's EU renegotiation as anything


better than mixed. The Danish Prime Minister likes it,


though, and today pledged his full support for the so-called


brake on benefits his UK There has, however, been arguably


even better news for Mr Cameron today from the most unlikely


of sources: the competing and increasingly conflicting


campaigns to leave the European Newsnight's Chris Cook has been


trying to make sense of a day that's seen more comings and goings


than a Eurostar terminal. You don't need proof when you have


instinct. It's at the final scene from Reservoir dogs, that is what


lead member for one of the groups campaigning to leave the EU said


tonight. The Eurosceptics have had a good week, but they are locked in


office politics. Why? No need for this.


by Lord Lawson, the former Tory Chancellor.


Then, there is Leave.EU, a separate campaign backed


by Aaron Banks, a prominent Ukip donor.


He also supports Grassroots Out, a separate campaigning organisation


which has support from Tory MPs and one Labour MP.


And they are fighting between them for something big.


The Electoral Commission double donate one campaign group as the


official voice of leaving and it gets higher spending limit and the


right to a television broadcast and probably funded mailshot, so to get


picked, each campaign is trying to show off that their support base is


a broader representation of the Eurosceptic movement than the


others. So it matters that Labour Leave,


which is designed to be a vessel to build support for Brexit from


among members of the Labour Party, seems to be drifting


from its affiliation to Vote Leave Vote Leave strikes a different tone


to the other campaigns, it talks about science and the cost of the


EU. The others, closer to Ukip, are stronger on immigration. So there


are differences of opinion between those campaign groups.


In an internal e-mail sent to Vote Leave staff early this week,


the chair of the organisation, John Mills, said...


The bottom line is that Labour Leave are fed up with the way


that they have been treated by Vote Leave and the intransigent


and insensitive, from their perspective, policies it proceed.


Their abrasive Campaign Director, Dominic Cummings, was criticised


Dominic, what on earth are you doing?


Generating more and more ill-feeling like this entirely unnecessarily.


I thought you had promised to stop doing this sort of thing.


The result is politics as scripted by Abbot and Castella. The chair of


Labour Leave says they should vote for Vote Leave but John Mills says


Labour Leave should stay as part of Vote Leave. The result is, if Labour


Leave stays affiliated to Vote Leave, the leaders of Labour Leave


will probably leave Labour Leave because they want Labour Leave to


leave Vote Leave. Anyway, the bad news perhaps for these grassroots


activists meeting tonight is that Vote Leave are still the favourite


for designation but the big weakness is among Labour and Ukip Brexit fans


so if Kate Hoey has taken Vote Leave out of Vote Leave, that is an


important blow. Joining me now from Salford


is the Labour MP Kate Hoey. Are you still in Labour Leave or


Vote Leave or both or neither? It all sounds very amusing but it is a


very serious thing because I have been to a huge meeting tonight of


grassroots people from all over this area who just want to work together


to get out of the EU and Labour Leave has had difficulties within


Vote Leave, the staff were not happy about the way they were treated and


really it is more about the kind of campaigning, we want to get out


there and get on with it whereas a lot of time is spent clearly by Vote


Leave on wanting to get designation. Designation will come at some stage


but we have all got to work together, there is a lot of people


involved in campaigning against the EU long before the referendum was


announced and they are there to play their part and I think what the


messages, the message we have been getting in Labour Leave for the last


week or two from supporters across the country is everybody should be


getting together and also they were delighted that finally the voices


are coming out of Labour saying that we're not all into being part of the


EU. Yes, the one thing everyone can agree on is that you are keen to


leave the EU. That was not really what I was trying to establish, is


Labour Leave still part of Vote Leave? I'm still very much part of


Labour Leave, there was one of the founders. Is Labour Leave... Let me


finish, a number of MPs all involved with grassroots -- Grassroots Out,


this is a movement bringing people together across the country and we


saw that in Kettering last week and these people in the public, who


finally have the vote, not MPs or the elitists of this country, they


are the people who want us to have one campaign and work together and


by leaving out becoming independent and Labour Leave and those of us who


are active in that we'll be working with independently but with people


across the country in grassroots campaigns. John Mills has been a


wonderful supporter of getting out of the EU for many years and he may


well decide, because he has been involved with Vote Leave as a donor


and very business for Britain, he might decide to stay with Vote Leave


and that is fine, we have not fallen out, we just want to make sure that


we and our members... Understood, you're keen for everyone. I think I


understand. I would appreciate it is complicated. People really care


about designation on the doorsteps. I was going to ask you about that.


Asking everybody to put together and you are affiliated to the Grassroots


Out... We are not affiliated to any thing. Bankrolled by Aaron Banks,


who described develop the top of your previous organisation as being


two of the most unpleasant people he ever had the misfortune to meet.


Sorry, two of the nastiest individuals. That is not sound like


it is dedicated to pulling together. Vote Leave has the only Ukip MP on


the board so they actually have the Ukip MP on their board. Ukip is


going to play a very big part in whatever campaign gets designation.


Aaron Banks today said... Who bankrolls Grassroots Out. And


Leave.EU? You are wrong, there are five big donors supporting


Grassroots Out and we're getting even more and after today more


people will be prepared to support a campaign that is going to bring in


everybody that I would say that everybody has their views about


different people and I am not genuinely interested in


personalities, about who like Sue or who has done what, I am interested


in getting a mobilisation of people across the country and the people


who are best able to do that at the moment are grassroots people. Which


is Grassroots Out? Yes. I was speaking at the rally tonight. The


mist circling, does Labour Leave still exist? Yes, we are a minority


of MPs, were without doubt a minority of MPs but we have become


very active, strong MPs like Kelvin Hopkins, we have many people who


voted for Labour in the past and who would run away from Labour because


we never were prepared to take on the issue of the EU and support a


referendum who are now beginning to say, actually, if we have people in


the Labour Party who say that there is a difference and they want to


come out, they will look again at the Labour Party. I hope that the


leadership realises that if you want to really genuinely engage with all


of those people that we have lost over the years, we should be


allowing, as I know the Jeremy Corbyn has no objection to, people


like myself campaigning strongly to leave the EU, it has to be the


people of this country deciding that and they will. This is it, no more


shuffling around? I am not shuffling anywhere, I want to get around and


talk to people and persuade them. Glad to hear it. Many thanks indeed.


Jeremy Corbyn tonight faces calls to halt the allegedly widespread


practice of Muslim men preventing Muslim women from becoming


The accusation has been made by the Muslim Women's Network UK


and a letter sent by them to the Labour leader this evening


describes "systematic misogyny displayed by significant numbers


In this exclusive report, Newsnight's Katie Razzall reveals


accusations of sabotage, smear campaigns and slander borne,


it is claimed, of a cultural mindset imported from India,


No prizes for spotting who was missing in these pictures are mainly


Muslim Labour Party gatherings. In this recent tweet from a Birmingham


MP, he writes... If Muslim women are not in the


picture, is this a coincidence? Or is there something more troubling


going on? People were turning up at the family home to humiliate my mum


-- my mother. The cars they did not have my father 's consent, I had to


step down. Labour officials must be allowing this to happen, this is not


happening in a vacuum. In parts of the UK with large Muslim


populations, where voting Labour is traditionally a given, locals often


choose Muslim men to represent them that there is mounting evidence of


Muslim women being denied the chance to face the electorate. Their route


into politics is blocked by Labour men from their own community and the


women are fighting back. Newsletters in a letter that has just gone to


the Labour leader from Muslim -- from Muslim Women's Network UK,


demanding an enquiry into what it calls systematic misogyny in the


selection process. These men have a cultural mindset, they come from


places like India and Pakistan and Bangladesh and operate this rather


Male kinship system and they do not like women being empowered the cause


then we're going to then challenge the status quo, we're going to


challenge the misogyny, we're going to challenge the fact that our


rights are being denied in our own community. I very enjoyed being a


councillor, and meeting people. This woman is one of the dozen women use


that has spoken to with claims of sabotage as they try to become


Labour councillors. This activist who grew up in Birmingham told me


the local parties male Muslim members told me a woman would never


be elected sure. Other time I was aware of a smear campaign, they said


I was having an affair with one of the existing councillors, who was


still a councillor in the area. So I was quite upset about that and taken


back that people would say that without any evidence. People were


turning up at my family home and is trying to intimidate my mother. We


want to stop her daughter from pursuing becoming a councillor. Do


you know who they were? It would be members of the Labour Party. My


mother saw them. She said they were members of the Labour Party. Muslim


men. Newsnight has spoken to other Muslim women who claim to have been


blocked as councillors. One said that they spread the standard about


me being a shut, that is where they get here. Another search of a stool


that Islam and feminism are not compatible and another different


gay-rights says this is not Islamic. Many talk of being criticised for


being too westernised and behaving like a white woman. The Muslim --


the Muslim Women's Network UK accuses the national party of being


complicit. Muslim women are telling us that we have been complaining of


this, but we do not get listened to and we have examples of where we


have tried to circumvent local councillors to sidestep them and


tried to go to more senior politicians and they say we do not


get listened to. Nobody comes back to us. But they are obviously quite


scared to come out with those e-mails because of the backlash they


might face. Hello. Do you live in the local ward? These kind of


allegations are very hard to prove. It is often one person's word


against another. This woman is an advocate for local woman is its in


her hometown of Peterborough. A Labour Party member for years, she


was the first choice to stand for a particular council seat in 2007. She


claims from her father refused to allow that, the local Labour branch


respected his wishes. I didn't think it has to do with religion, because


religion empowers women and it gives them their rights, it is a culture


because they didn't have my father 's consent and support and I had to


step down. I was pressured into that. How old were you? 31, married


with two children. We have spoken to senior Muslim men within Peterboro


Labour who say she decided to step down if own accord due to family and


not Labour Party pressure. She is now standing for the Conservatives,


cleaning that is the only way she can represent women in the area. All


political parties want more women and minority candidates into


politics and the Labour Party has a better record than others. It


introduced positive action including all women short lists to get more


women into local government. But this sitting councillor in Leicester


told me there are ways in some parts of the city with high Muslim


populations that her local party deliberately gets around the


national party's guidance to select women. They would say there will not


add a great candidates among the women. Was that true? No, they were


brilliant candidates among the women. By the Met them and had


discussions with them, they were brilliant. They were barred. By the


membership. Of course Muslim women are getting through. On Birmingham


Council, over 20 also Muslim councillors, three women. On the


face of it the party has made real progress. We've come on in leaps and


bounds in Birmingham 's this 2007, it's nowhere near perfect, our


chambers need to look like the communities they serve. How


difficult has it been to persuade the membership in those areas to


agree with you when it comes to women? I would not say we had 100%


agreement. But by and large the leadership have been very


supportive. But last year it did not seem that integration was going well


in Birmingham when this picture was treated by a Birmingham MEP showing


how man and woman were segregated. We found another post online for a


rally of the year before. On both occasions what is described as a


women's section was organised by one local councillor. It is the first


time she has spoken publicly about it. It was not forced segregation.


That would be inappropriate for anyone to do that. The post itself


said that women, it said something like a councillor Khan is inviting


women to attend. It said councillor Khan is organising a women's


section. The reason was to try to encourage women to attend and not


say that they would sit separately. If it was going to be segregated I


would not be sitting on the platform with man. There would not be women


speaking, being actively involved in doing speeches. You are saying that


on the post-it said that you were organising a women's section and


that did not mean that you were organising a section where women


could sit. It did not mean that we were organising a section for women


only to sit away from men. Even though that is what happened. That


is how the women chose to sit. Labour councillors who told me that


was the start of political engagement. Even with more women


councillors will their female residents get the representation


they deserve? The Labour Party has no record


of complaints on behalf of any


of the women in that film. The party told us its: "selection


procedures include strong positive action procedures such


as All-Women Shortlists and rules to ensure women are selected


in winnable council seats. We have the best record of any party


in selecting women and BAME candidates, and we will continue


to do all that we can to make sure candidates are representative


of the communities It was 'a victory of historic


importance' according to Julian Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond,


by contrast, described a UN working group's decision today


that the WikiLeaks founder is being arbitrarily detained


at the Ecuadorian Embasasy, where he claimed asylum in 2012,


as 'frankly ridiculous'. It's hard to see how


they could both be right, but is it also possible


that they might both be wrong? Setondji Adjovi is a member


of the five=person panel which delivered the decision


and joins us now from Philadelphia. There are two words here, we cannot


pick what the word arbitrarily means until we are clear on what detained


means. Julian Assange arrived at the Ecuadorian assembly of his own full


issue and could walk out at any time, how is he being detained? --


of his own full issue. In the few of the working group, as it has been


explained in the opinion, there is a continuity between the time that he


was arrested in 2010 and spent ten days in detention and the time he


was on bail under house arrest. That continuity led to when he was in the


embassy and if he left there he would continue in the deprivation of


liberty. That is why we consider that his stay in the amnesty is


detention time. So the deprivation of liberty represented by what you


describe as house arrest is a fairly normal implementation of British


bail conditions. I use suggesting that everybody on bail in Britain


required to remain at a certain address and present themselves to a


police station is under house arrest? -- are you suggesting that?


In our view, in this case, yes. What is the difference between this case


and every other case on bail? We were not discussing every other


case, we were discussing the Assange case and we considered it was a


detention period, if you are under house arrest it is a time of


detention... How can you describe it as house arrest if it is bail


conditions? What you describe as house arrest was bail conditions.


Are you hearing me? Loud and clear. How is bail house arrest? That is


what we had in the facts presented to us. And that is what we


concluded. The reason why he would face arrest and a return to bail


conditions if he left the embassy was that Swedish prosecutors want to


talk to him about an allegation of rape but has been brought against


him. How does that play into your judgment, the fact that he would be


deprived of his liberty because the authorities want to talk to him


about the very real allegation of rape? How does that play in your


understanding, that they can only talk to him when the arrest him? In


five years of an investigation, why have they not been able to come to a


conclusion as to whether he should be tried or not? Because he will not


go to Sweden and when they tried to extradite him he sought asylum at


the Ecuadorian Embassy. Normally an action taken to avoid persecution,


not prosecution. What you might not want to understand here is the lack


of due diligence in the work of the prosecution. That is what the


working group is criticising. So it is a question of punctuality rather


than legal principle? They should have moved quicker? Yes, it's a


matter of timing. The working group has made it very clear in the


opinion we issue that five years of preliminary investigation, without


coming to a final conclusion, where he adjudged the individual or not,


to move to a trial is too long. How can they come to a final conclusion


if they cannot interview the only suspect? If the only way of


interviewing the only suspect is arresting him and taking him to your


country. Can he not be interviewed anywhere else, in your view? He has


offered to be interviewed here by Swedish authorities, yet when they


acquiesced, you changed his mind. Were you not aware of that? -- he


changed his mind. I'm not going to discuss those details because you


and I are not part of this process. The fact we had before us showed


that the Swedish prosecutor did not want to interview him in the


embassy. And even the Swedish judge criticised the Swedish prosecutor


for this. Thank you very much. It normally takes failed drugs tests


and multiple medal strippings for a person who came third


in a contest to end up being hailed This, though, seems to be


the outwardly remarkable achievement of Florida senator Marco Rubio


in his bid to become the Republican Beaten by both Ted Cruz


and Donald Trump in their first electoral test - the Iowa caucus -


the son of Cuban immigrants is the man many Republicans now


believe offers their best chance of getting back


into the White House. Emily is on the campaign trail


in Florida, a battleground so big that - as you'll remember


from the Gore/Bush battle in 2000 - it can ultimately


decide the Presidency. Miami, wrote the novelist Tom Wolfe,


is a melting pot in which none of the stone smiled, they rattle


around. But doesn't do it justice, they move with style, but it is true


that the groups that make at the city often remain true to their


constituent parts. None also perhaps than Cuban community. -- none more


so. He's leading a salsa class in the neighbourhood called Little


Havana. I have Cuban parents and I was born in Miami, first generation


immigrant. Budget his story is when you will hear all over the city and


it is the story of the senator that many Republicans now see as their


best chance of the presidency. I want to thank the people who voted


for me. You started in local politics, his rise to power swift,


he's still the youngest candidate in the race. He has now overtaken the


man who once captained him, another son of Florida and presidential


candidate, Jeb Bush, brother of the more famous George. My campaign will


be about the future of America, not about attacking anyone else on the


stage. But the person who shaped his career more than anyone, this first


medal, is Rebecca, now a commissioner in Dade County. He came


to my door one September, introduced himself and said, are you the Maher,


I would like to run for Commissioner and they said I had to come and see


you. When he began responding to me, the reasons why he wanted to run, I


stopped everything I was doing. And I thought, let's go in, let's drink


Coffey and let's talk. She remains close friends with his mother and


says his family were his core inspiration and his drive.


For a well Michael Rubio's father worked here on the beaches of Miami,


selling my non-deckchairs but much of his working life was spent in big


hotels where he worked as a bartender. Michael Rubio used to


joke that his father stood at the back of those large ballroom is so


that his son would eventually stand at the front. His father died some


years ago yet much of his family still live in West Miami, where he


grew up. His nephew works on his campaign. That sense of family


present in his speeches and also their immigrant past even if it was


not quite as it seemed. His family came here from Cuba in the 1950s but


after that the details get hazy. He has long maintained they fled


commoners and Vidal Castro in 1959 until it emerged that they had


arrived here several years earlier before Castro was in power. In other


words they fled poverty under capitalism, economic migrants, not


political ones. That becomes a more complicated story. Mariella, who


left Cuba when she was seven, has known Marco for much of his life and


grew up in that same neighbourhood. I would see him in the grocery store


buying diapers and I would say, I did not know politicians went to the


store! Gibbons, she says are politically ambitious because they


have seen what happens when thing goes wrong. Kim Jong-un Cubans. We


came here with nothing. Nobody gave us anything. But we succeeded and it


is incredible that so many Cubans in America are so successful. They need


to succeed and do something for the country because we already lost one,


we don't want to lose another. Lunch Mike Ray Anthony was taught by Marco


Rubio at Florida University until last spring. How does it feel when


your professor turns up and says is going to run for president. Seeing


this is incredible, seeing somebody like us aspiring to the highest


office in the land, it's only in America. Outside the salsa club on a


sultry night they slapped Domino's and beckoned us over. They seem less


convinced that he really is one of them. He wants to cut relations with


Cuba, says this man. It almost seems he is against Cubans. His friend at


the other end agrees, she's not some pathetic to us at all, he is not


really Cuban. Of course Miami is more than Little Habana and Florida


is much more than Miami, the state divides into two demographics, the


Latina, female, voters, and the older conservative white vote in


other areas. Yet the hope for Republicans is that Marco Rubio


could unite the two. And it is impossible to overstate the


importance of Florida in a presidential election. It is of


course fiercely contested, 29 electoral college votes, the points


system by which the Americans choose a president, it is the largest


battle ground state. Many will remember the fight between George


Bush and Al Gore and the hanging chads in 2000. Yet few will have


realised that after several days George Bush won by it a hairs


breadth. Hair's-breadth doesn't even cover it. Clearly a tough state to


crack. Make no mistake, Marco Rubio will not be a panacea for many of


the Democrats who find him hawkish on foreign affairs and deeply


conservative on foreign issues. His pitch sounds identical to that of


Ted Cruz yet he sells itself as one that the Democrats fear, the only


one who could beat Clinton. Nine months to go, a presidential


pregnancy had, and there are plenty of us still trying to figure out its


rhythm, another son of Miami, rapper, puts it better than I could.


To still be free from Pitiful, he may not be Mr Wright but he is Mr


right now. Comedian Nina Conti looks


at the power of masks which includes a look at how


David Bowie used masks Also, we should say this programme


does contain strong language.


In-depth investigation and analysis of the stories behind the day's headlines with James O'Brien. The programme looks at in-fighting between Brexit campaigners and also asks whether Julian Assange was arbitrarily detained. Plus, are Muslim men stopping Muslim women becoming Labour councillors? And a look at US politics.

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