02/11/2016 Newsnight


Evan Davis has the latest on the US presidential election and hears the views of Susan Sarandon. There are also reports on UK inflation and prison reform.

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I love that sign, blacks for Tromp, I love that's fine, thank you. We're


doing great with the African-American community.


But it is right to say that Hillary Clinton has


The early signs are that black voters are not yet turning out


in the numbers that the Clinton campaign would want.


We'll ask why, and take the measure of what is happening


A black church in Mississippi is torched and vandalised with the


words vote Trump. Democrats believe it is an attempt to keep


African-Americans away from the polls.


And we're in Florida, a state without which no candidate


Also, we'll hear from Hollywood actress Susan Sarandon,


who is not voting for either of them.


I don't vote with my joiner, this is bigger than that. I don't want to


spend a lot of time talking about Trump and Hillary.


Also tonight - anyone out there old enough


We're right to be scared about inflation. It tells us somewhere or


other, the macroeconomic framework is wrong. It tells us about


dysfunction somewhere in the economy.


And this - on British television's 80th birthday,


the lengths we go to to track down, or even remake, the lost classics.


Someone once said that the only reason we have elections is to see


Not quite true in the case of this American election,


where a lot is at stake, but the polls are complex to read,


and the late Trump momentum makes it an interesting contest to watch.


Trumpeters might like to argue that there is increasing


We'll see that it may more likely be a lack


But let's go straight to Florida, where Mr Trump was campaigning


Mark, everybody has memories of Florida playing such a big part on


results counting night of American elections past. What is the picture


that tonight? Well, absolutely, as you say, in 2012 Eric Obama won this


state by just 74,000 votes. But because of the way the system works,


that gave him the thumping 29 seats all vote of the electoral college,


the Florida electoral college. More than 10% of the total you need


across this whole country to get the White House. It is the key battle


ground state. Since 2012, the number of registered Republicans has grown


by 400,000 vis-a-vis Democrats. So that's why Donald Trump today was


saying that he is confident they are going to win, but they don't want to


show too much confidence. Can you call it? Well, look, it's definitely


got... Hillary Clinton was in the lead. It has definitely got title.


It is now too close to call. One poll today had Hillary Clinton one


point in front, others say it is within the statistical margin of


error. One key thing here - 3.7 million Florida citizens have


already voted. The polling amongst them should give the hell Hillary


Clinton camp some confidence. Thank you, Mark. Sorry about the delay on


the line. Somehow, she is not getting support


from those that might support her. There are those on the left


who don't like Trump, but simply think voting for more


of the same old people like Hillary I suppose it is a philosophy that


says you don't use a vote to select Someone who encapsulates this


problem for Clinton is the Hollywood actress and activist Susan Sarandon,


and I spoke to her A Bernie Sanders supporter,


she has strong views At the moment, she is opposing


a proposed oil pipeline. As you will hear, it's


the Dakota Access pipeline. It's an oil pipeline


which is stretching across North Dakota and an area


of land belonging to She's also concerned about it having


a similar effect to fracking I started by asking her why


she was campaigning on the issue. These corporations, these big banks,


everybody who is funding this makes sure that people don't know what is


going on. People didn't understand fracking for the longest time. In


order to stop the fracking in the States that have stopped it, it


wasn't because it was progressive, it was because people finally


understood, and people were turning on their taps and finding out water


shooting out of it, they were not Democrats or Republicans, they were


people who couldn't even live in their houses. This is not a partisan


issue, except for the fact that nobody has information. One of the


things we have to do now, just like in South Africa, is to start


withdrawing our money from the big banks that are funding the


pipelines. People like me who know about the pipeline and have been


opposed to the pipeline, we have to put our money where mouth is. You


have to stop liking the wit and passing pleats around. If you can't


go there, at least withdraw your money -- liking tweets. I understand


why supporting the Green candidate, there are so many people that will


have the worldview that you have who will say, that is an indulgence at


this point, it is a battle between Clinton and Trump, ultimately you


have to make a choice between one of those two. OK, ultimately I don't


have to make the choice to vote against my own best interests,


because the reason we are in the situation we're in is because


everyone has been voting the lesser of two evils also wrong. It's


important to have a new party it is important to get these independent


candidates to 5%. Hillary Clinton is almost certainly going to win, she's


got all of the press, the networks, the newspapers behind her. It's


important to vote not only with my conscience but to get that 5% up. A


lot of people don't want to vote at all. I would urge them to vote the


down ticket, but for the future. Abraham Lincoln was the third party


candidate. The DNC, having seen what I saw during the primary, is so


corrupt it is not worthy of our votes. If you woke up on Wednesday


morning next week and it is president Trump, you won't feel an


ounce of contrition or regret? Everything that I care about, I'm


worried about the war is, I'm worried about Syria and all of these


things that actually exist. I'm worried about fracking and the


environment. No matter who gets in, they don't address these things,


because money has taken over our system. For me, it doesn't matter.


The fact that Bernie Sanders, you have been a big fan of him and


supported him, he says, you've got to vote for Hillary and make that


choice in this election. Does that carry no weight with you? Bernie


also said, no matter who I tell you to vote for, don't vote with me,


vote with your heart. The thing you should be focusing gone, that we


have to focus on, is taking the Senate and the House back. If you


notice all the talk about the Supreme Court, Judge Obama hasn't


been able to get his guy in there. We have to take it with


progressives, the House and the Senate. That is where things are


going to be decided. We have to get the money out of that part of the


super delegates who also lobbyists. Citizen united has done terrible


things to the government. You have to go and vote down, that is equally


as important, that's what we are going to be left with. Depending on


what happens the House and the Senate, nobody can get anything


done. A lot of young women think it is the most natural thing in the


world that you might have a woman president. A lot of women of your


generation might take the view that that is a big thing for the United


States to elect a woman president. Does that not sway you to say,


Hillary Clinton, first woman president, that would be a big


moment for the US, in a good way? You know, I want the right woman.


There are women that have, you know, great women that have, that I


admire, that have headed nations, and you've had a woman, and I don't


know how you felt about that. I don't vote with my gender, this is


bigger than that. I don't want to spend a lot of time talking about


Trump and Hillary, that's not why I'm here. This is bigger than who


wins the election. This water... I mean, what is everything, it's not


going to matter what happens in this election if we don't have water. And


we are in a very, very dangerous place all over. You have fracking


issues in England. We have to start looking at the greed that is


corrupting our water source for future generations. And on top of


that, the racism that goes into what's going on in this pipeline.


Susan Sarandon, it's been interesting hearing that


perspective, thank you so much. You're welcome.


Now, Hillary Clinton's problem Part Two.


She needs black and Hispanic voters on her side.


Not just to support her in opinion polls, but to actually go out


African Americans certainly did vote when Obama was on the ticket,


and for the Democrats, it would be huge if they could


bottle that support and carry it into this and future elections.


But the indications from early voting though are that the Obama


Perhaps lack of enthusiasm affects that community.


It is no wonder, that it's all hands on deck to mobilise that support.


Here is somebody who has dedicated her life to making


While Donald Trump and his dad were being sued, by the Department


of Justice for denying housing the African-American families...


No, I'm not making this up, I'm just stating facts.


At that same time, Hillary was going undercover from school


to school to make sure that disadvantaged kids were getting


That tells you something about their respective values.


And Hillary hasn't stopped fighting for justice.


Hasn't stopped fighting for equality ever since.


Her heart has always been in the right place.


Race is definitely an issue. What are you hearing that? Well, today we


awoke to news that a black church in Mississippi had been thwarted and


found lies with the words, vote Trump. Police are calling it a hate


crime that amounts to vote in the mid-. It is an extreme case, but one


that the Democrats fear is happening in several other states, suppression


of the black vote. North Carolina, a critical swing state, has seen early


voting Beckett hailed in many black neighbourhoods through a new


Republican-backed law, indeed, a federal appeals court has accused


those behind it of an almost surgical assault on back turnout.


Other residents have found themselves removed from the


electoral register without being advised how or even why. Democrats


believe it is a thematic attempt to keep African-Americans from the


polls, knowing or believing that they would go frequent and over


Trump. Hillary's problem is not just the suppression of those black


votes, is it? I guess it's not. It's also of course the personalities


involved. Obama won 92% of the African-American vote and be under


45 is. They fear that Clinton just won't have that same appeal. Here is


what you have to wonder is Donbas might early voting is where


Democrats get their numbers up. Republicans tend to leave it


conservatively until the day itself. Nobody has counted any actual


ballots yet. But the data suggests that African-Americans are failing


to vote at those levels they did four years ago. We've heard Obama


earlier, we've heard him on the stump for Clinton, he is usually


relaxed, dropped joking around. But last night there was a new urgency


in his voice. It was petitioning people to go out and vote. Clearly


there may not be the same incentive for them to vote Clinton as they did


Obama. But think about this, if the black vote stays at home it is also


in some sense a referendum on what he himself is achieved or fail to


achieve in his time in power. Thank you, Emily.


We're joined now from Florida by Leslie Wimes,


founder and President of the Democratic


Thank you for joining us. Just describe what you think is


happening? In Florida, do you think there is a large degree of


African-American abstention in this election? Thank you for having me. I


think what has happened is Hillary Clinton's campaign decided that they


were going to just use surrogates to get the African-American vote out.


And that was a mistake. We love President Obama, we support


President Obama, but that love and support has not transferred to


Hillary Clinton. What she needed to do was engage the African-American


community on her own. Her campaign needed to get into the communities,


engage the people and, you know, encourage the African-American


community to vote for her on her own merit. And that didn't happen.


Because that didn't happen, she's not seeing the numbers in the early


voting. You know, we're going to go out, we're going to listen to Barack


Obama, we are going to enjoy his rallies. But, you know, she did not


present her case to the community. And you're seeing it in the numbers.


She is not getting people to the polls. Would you say that the


African-American community or indifferent between a Clinton


victory and they Trump victory? Are they quite prepared to say, Trump


wins, that's OK with us? I don't think that it is... I wouldn't look


at it that way. I think what it is is the community is saying, you


know, what's the difference? I think they are saying that, you know, no


matter who gets in, is it going to make a difference to our issues? She


needed to get into the community and speak to the issues. She couldn't


just rely on President Obama, and that's what she did. Right now, with


President Obama being the president, we're still seeing our young men


being shot dead in the streets, we're still seeing our unemployment


rates sky-high, and systemic racism. She needed to get in and really,


really say, hey, I'm for you, I'm rooting for you. She didn't do that.


If she is not going to get into the communities and make her case,


what's the difference between her and Trump? It's interesting you


should put it that way. Many would say, I mean, you could characterised


the Trump candidacy as something of an angry white backlash against


political correctness and things that have been done over the last 30


years in the United States. I'm interested that that is not how


people are reading it. They are saying, they are all as bad as each


other. I'm sorry, what was that? It's just interesting that people


would be saying, all of the candidates or as bad as each other,


you know, given what looks like quite a big difference between the


candidates, from here. What you have do understand is that the black


community feels like their boat has been taken for granted for a very


long time by the Democratic party. So what the Clinton campaign needed


to do was to get into the community and say, we're not taking due for


granted. There is not a push to quote the vote, to say, hey, I'm not


taking you for granted. It's the same old, same old. If she is not


getting into the community and engaging the community it's like,


hey, you're taking before granted so why should I get out and support


you? You have to look at it like, 2008 and 2012 was historic. You have


the first African-American president. There was a connection


there. She doesn't have that same black Obama connection, she needs to


really get into the community and really push her candidacy, and she


didn't do that. How many black Americans do you know that are going


to vote for Donald Trump, who say, actually, I like what Donald Trump


says about Mexicans and building walls and all that other stuff? To


be perfectly honest with you, I know one!


LAUGHTER One person has said, I'm going to


vote for Donald Trump. I don't know anyone who is going to rush out and


vote for Donald Trump, it's just that they are not enthusiastic about


Hillary Clinton, that's the big. Is that thing you must reflect on, when


Barack Obama became president, we thought we might be in an era of


post-racial politics in the US and everything would stabilise. It feels


from here as boat race is as big or bigger issue than it has been for a


long time. -- that race is as big an issue. It is a remarkably divided


society at the moment. You know, it is sad, it is sad that it had to be


that way, but it is. That's another reason why she needed to get into


the community and say, hey, I'm really pushing for change. It was a


great opportunity for her to do that. It is a missed opportunity.


We've got rather used to low inflation,


So you might like to brace yourself for something a little


The fall in the pound is pushing up import prices, and that is feeding


One reputable forecast, from the National Institute


Now that 4% is best viewed as a one-off price hike.


So the good news is that inflation will recede after that.


and that will be a hit on living standards.


Is this the Brexit bite? Or will we find a way around it?


VOICEOVER: For hundreds of years, we have changed our notes and our coins


but always asked the same question, how far will our money takers? The


past couple of years the cost of living has barely risen at all, we


have even had a glee flurry of deflation, but now, prices are on


the up, 1% last month. -- a brief flurry. We are now told that was


just the start, inflation could hit 4% next year. Inflation works by


eroding the buying power of a set amount of money and here is a good


example, this is a heavy silver ornate coin, from 1887, this was


worth four shillings. Back then, we can establish that it would have


bought you about ?25 worth of goods, using today's values, but it was


actually worth it for shillings, and in today's money, that is the


equivalent to just 20p. The intervening 130 odd years, the


buying power of a coin like this has gone down by over 100 times.


Inflation has been low for years, today's report predicted rising


sharply in the coming months, it puts the blame for that in one


place, the plunging value of the pound, which will make imported


goods more expensive. Once you get to four or 5%, you will notice, the


price of milk, other prices, will be rising. It is something that is


going to hurt people. Next year will be worrying for other reasons as


well. There is the risk associated with the exit from the European


Union and we must understand the responses of firms and households,


which may be to rein back investment and increase levels of saving, all


of which will add to their down demand. I am worried for that reason


and naturally I worry for people who will feel of worse in the year then


they are today, that is not a good place to be. For the now, the Bank


of England has targeted inflation of 2%. Economists have long agreed that


gently rising prices are good for the economy, but still, you mention


inflation and lots of us tend to shudder. Why are so many people


nervous about inflation? They have heard about things like this, this


is a Weimar Republic 50 million mark note, remember, the hyperinflation


there, it was dwarfed by Yugoslavia, in the 1990s, this banknote is worth


500 billion! This is the highest in the nomination banknote ever


printed, from Zimbabwe, the $100 trillion note...! Nobody is


suggesting that hyperinflation is on the way to Europe or the UK, what it


is the memory of economic disasters such as this which still cloud


thinking. We already seeing a real-world impact on the fall in


sterling, tomorrow the RAC will announce research showing the price


of petrol rising at its fastest rate in three and a half years. Diesel


has gone up even more, all because oil is sold in dollars. For those on


tight incomes or getting by on limited savings, the prospect of


high inflation is an unwelcome spectre. This does look like bad


news for savers, there is a growing gap between the rate of interest


they can get on cash, because of monetary policy, and the standard of


living costs, inflation numbers, which will squeeze the spending


power of the savings they have got. It will further force savers to look


at the stock market as an alternative, the only place that can


generate meaningful long-term returns but that does come with


investment risk. There has been a run of inflation forecast recently,


and 4% is the highest peak I have heard predicted, few doubt inflation


is coming back. With it, questions that banks and households have not


had to worry about full-year. -- have not had to worry about for


years. STUDIO: Prison staff are warning


of a crisis in the jails and it seems their concerns


about violence and suicide The Justice Secretary Liz Truss met


union leaders today, and is publishing


a white paper tomorrow. Now, if there are two


approaches to penal policy, the reformist one and the "lock em


up and throw away the key" one, it seems that Liz Truss is more


on the reforming side. Our Political Editor


Nick Watt is with me. Big moment tomorrow, this takes


place against the backdrop of increased violence in prison the big


announcement from Liz Truss, she will announce she is setting aside


another money to recruit an extra two and a half thousand prison


officers, to deal with that end violence and increased use of drugs.


Whitehall sources are saying this is absolutely a break with the approach


of her predecessor but one, Chris Grayling, as part of the deficit


reduction plan, cutting the number of prison staff as the prison


population increase. What about the broader issue, of how you look upon


and reform prison system? If it is adios Chris Grayling, it is viva


Michael Gove, there had been an assumption that she was distancing


herself from him when she said she could not commit to his prison


reform plan, but she is going to embrace the key elements of that,


and there are two key principles, principal number one, greater


autonomy from prison governors, helping them to set health and


education budget so that they can give prison is purposeful activity


so they are better placed when they come out of prison and you hope to


reduce the reoffending rate. In return for the autonomy, much


greater transparency, the publication effectively of league


tables of prisons, to identify the successful ones and the failing


ones. Why, if Liz Truss is embracing this revolution from Michael Gove,


was she so cautious in September? When she turned up in the department


in July, she opened the prison reform locker, it was empty, because


Michael Gove had been thinking of other things...! The referendum.


Amid ongoing tensions between Vladimir Putin and the West,


Ukraine's President Petro Poroshenko recently warned that his country


could face a "full scale invasion from Russia".


One woman who says she is determined at all costs to fight Russian


Earlier this year, Savchenko, a former Ukrainian military pilot,


was released from a Russian gaol in a prisoner exchange.


She had been sentenced to 22 years for killing two Russian journalists


in eastern Ukraine, charges she denied.


On her return home she was hailed as a hero and a symbol


She's now a member of the Ukrainian Parliament and has


been mentioned as a future presidential candidate.


Kirsty Wark has been to interview her and hear her


First, what was behind her recent trip to Moscow,


her first time on Russian soil since her release.


Did you fear for your safety? Are you afraid of anything?


You were the very first Ukrainian military pilot who was a woman. How


did you get to do that? The day that you were captured, it I


think you said, I think I read that if you had had a grenade in your


hand, you would have set it off. When you were captured, you went to


court, you were in front of Russian judges


you define them by giving them the middle finger!


You deny that you had anything to do with the deaths of the Russian


journalists? He went on hunger strike, several


times. Once, for 83 days. How did you keep going, you must have been


weak. How did you manage to deal with not


eating? President Petro Poroshenko awarded


you hero of Ukraine, the highest award for Ukraine. Now, your


approval ratings for Nadiya Savchenko our 44%, for the


president, 3%! What you think about that?


You very much wanted to be seen as an anti-corruption politician, what


do you make of the story in The Times of London today, saying


Ukrainian MPs are forced to declare their million pound fortunes, and


indeed, each MP on average has close to ?1 million in cash?


Do you believe that Crimea will ever be part of Ukraine again?


Tell me, how do you think the rest of the world should view Vladimir


Putin? Finally, do you ever miss being a


fighter pilot? STUDIO: That was recorded earlier


today in London. Regular television services


in Britain are 80 years old today. We were first with that news


because we did it last week. But in those 80 wonderful years,


a lot has been broadcast and a lot has been lost,


in the old days TV was not really considered a medium to record and it


certainly wasn't all uploaded and stored on a big


server in Oregon. However, bits of old archive do


surface from time to time, and to celebrate TV's 80th,


our technology editor David Grossman has been looking at some material


that has remained unseen, VOICEOVER: There are not


many people alive today for whom television is not


woven into their lives. But for most of its history,


it has been a fleeting Then...


Gone forever. Preserving television has always


been a fabulously The film cans here at the BBC's


archive in Perivale have to be capped at just the right


temperature and humidity. And then there's finding


the space for everything. The financial incentive


has always been there, for television companies to dump far


more than they hang onto. Like a play or a concert,


TV wasn't meant to survive. Keeping it meant pointing a film


camera at a TV screen, only worth the trouble


to sell something abroad. Here, an insect has inserted itself


into an early episode And this is a Wombles?


That's a Wombles, yes. That's not missing?


No, it's not missing. Kaleidoscope is a group of TV


historian is always looking Although most of the film in this


box was never lost, it was a job lot bought


from a private collector, I guess the kind of proudest one


is that, He didn't even know


it was an avengers episode from 1961 because he hadn't actually played it


at all, ever. Only two episodes were thought


to survive from the first Before this projector illuminated


this old film, this episode of The Avengers hadn't


been seen for 55 years. You were'nt by any chance


a Desert Rat, were you? Well, you may remember this


sort of thing. As soon as it reaches that mark,


it blows this place to smithereens A jab against the wall, same thing.


You're bluffing. Well, you've got about 30


seconds to find out. Hand me that cigarette.


Take it. So few episodes survive


from the first series. Anything you find from that


tells me a little bit more about the development


from that show. And you can see just


how far it plays. These episodes have come back,


written by top quality writers. Troy Kennedy Martin,


the creative talents behind I'll have no sugar.


I heard you were like that. I don't know how Madigan


puts up with you. I bear his children.


Some of them, no doubt. Well, one of them is my Tommy


and he's going out with He's more than going out with her,


he's courting her. As long as I'm alive,


no one of those cousins are going to Television is such an ephemeral


medium, It holds a great mirror up


to society as it was. It shows how people looked,


how they talked, what their attitudes were,


what their aspirations were. And so I think just as a social


document they are very important. Can this old footage


ever be more than a Can it do what it was intended


to do when it was made, To modern viewers,


the pace can seem leaden, and the comedy, well,


not necessarily very funny. Some of those things we have


released in the past I never would have thought would have


sold as many copies. I know there is an audience


for a lot of this stuff. There will always be some kind


of audience, but whether it is in


the low hundreds you can't always ascertain until you


actually release it. what someone is going to want in 30


years' time, that is why Kaleidoscope


has bought fought tooth Even though many people


have said, you're mad to keep it all, who is going to


want to watch it? Even the bits between the


programmes, you know, the kind of continuity announcers


and those old trails, Happy birthday to you,


happy birthday to you. Come on, it's got to be,


you're having a wash! There is a lot that can be done


to old footage to smooth its reception


with a new audience. A colour broadcast archived in black


and white, can sometimes have


its colour recovered. All the information needed


is miraculously contained in the And where no pictures


survive, a fan's DIY audio recording can be


brought to life with new animation. This is an episode of Doctor Who,


the sound from 1966, the pictures


recreated 50 years later. It's available from


the BBC's online content Like a black and white 60s drama,


the world of archive TV is full of bold characters,


and not a little intrigued. We have a couple of leads that


were given to us of a few episodes that are known


to be missing from the BBC archive. You can't say of what?


No, I can't. It's terribly sad when you know


there are things out there that you know they are stuck


in somebody's hands, whom, for whatever reason doesn't


want to part with them. It can be quite


heartbreaking, you know. And sometimes you have


to play a long game. Eighty years of television have


generated more hours than anyone could


possibly watch or keep. Nevertheless, like prime-time


gumshoes, the heroes of archive TV


battle on against the odds. Against time, greed,


and of course... STUDIO: We all have nights where


frankly we would feel like it was recorded! Britain's political class


has been at the parliamentarian awards, Theresa May has proven she


had a sense of humour, when she showed up to accept an award from


none other than George Osborne wearing a hive is best and a hard


hat! The former number ten spin supremo Craig Oliver may not


appreciate her sense of humour. -- high-vis vest. She said that when


she saw that he had the night it in the New Year 's Honours list, she


felt like retching in the street. We leave you with news


that the BBC Director General got a bit of a wigging


from the Welsh Assemby Cultural Affairs committee today for failing


to get the Corporation to represent So, to get help get Lord Hall


off the naughty step, and with thanks to Times journalist


Kaya Burgess for alerting us, we leave you with the Welsh story


of the day, the announcement of


the first female Bishop It gives me enormous pleasure to


announce that the bishop elect of Saints Davids is Canon Joanna, she


is in a parish centred in Wales.


Evan Davis has the latest on the US presidential election and hears the views of Susan Sarandon.

There are also reports on UK inflation and prison reform and the Ukrainian fighter pilot who has returned home after being detained in Russia since 2014.

Plus the 80th anniversary of Britain's very first TV broadcast.

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