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Welcome. Later in the programme - it was it responsible to broadcast


this interview, predicting financial Armageddon. I dream of


another recession. First, it was Ed Miliband's moment in the public eye.


His speech on Tuesday was going fine, until 15 minutes in, this


happened. My message to the public is simple... Ed Miliband having a


few technical problems, we rather having technical problems. We would


try to find another link to pick up on this. This led to this, and,


what kind of broadcaster are you? It is only from the double, it is


not rocket science. It took five minutes until the picture was


restored. The news channel played some of the audio feed from the


speech. An absolute disaster for his media Presteigne here. Everyone


seems to have lost power with Liverpool, which means nobody is


able to broadcast this page life. All TV channels were affected by


the problem, which stemmed from a generator failure in a contractor's


truck. No plane to be attached to the BBC there. On Tuesday evening,


Ed Miliband was again cut off, this time as a result of an editorial


decision. The Government's austerity plan is failing. You can


sense the fear people have as we watch the economic crisis that has


bought a country in 2008... Arab ologies, we will return to the


Labour Party Conference later. We go back to Los Angeles, where


proceedings have continued against Dr Conrad Murray. Who was the cause


of Michael Jackson's death? Here is what a viewer had to say it - I am


aghast that you are suddenly speaking -- switching from a Labour


leader's speech to inconsequential vision of a trial from Michael


Jackson's doctor. I am a Tory voter, so I am simply left utterly


speechless and frustrated at the decision of this trial being more


important than British politics. When BBC interview this week caused


a huge storm of protest. This man is described as an independent


financial trader speaking to us on Monday. I am very confident that


this particular rescue plan - it does not matter how much money they


put in - it will not work. This problem cannot be solved. I am


fairly confident the euro is going to crash. It will fall harder.


Markets are ruled by fear. For most traders, it is not about - we do


not care much about how to fix the economy. Our job is to make money


from it. Personally, I have been draining of this moment for three


years. I have a confession, I go to bed every night and dream of


another recession. If you could see the people around me, jaws have


collectively dropped at what you have just said. We appreciate your


candour, but it does not help the rest of the eurozone. I will say


this to everybody who is watching this. These economic crisis is like


a cancer. If you just wait thinking this is going to go away, just like


a cancer it will grow. Tweedy users immediately question his


credentials, asking whether the new channel had been hoaxed. -- Twitter.


The BBC said it had carried out detailed investigations and could


not find any suggestion that it was a hoax. Was is a suitable


interviewee? It turns out he had never been approved. He told a


newspaper that he was an attention seeker. By Wednesday he had


capitalised on the interview Bibury branding his YouTube Journal. It is


guidance of as one more concerned about the interview. -- one viewer


We wanted to talk to somebody from BBC News about why he had been


chosen to appear on the Channel, but our request was refused. They


referred to the state then there was no evidence that he was a


hoaxer. Instead, I am joined by the presenter of Radio's for news show.


He may not have been a hoaxer, but was the appropriate to have on a


national news channel on the subject? The problem is that in his


own words, he is a self-confessed attention seeker, who describes


financial trading as more of a hobby. You are left wondering quite


how this person appeared on BBC News. Not just in any or raw, but


in a role of financial expertise. Should his credentials had been


checked before he was suddenly thrust to national fame? I do not


know what can do Chelsea has. -- credentials. The BBC represents a


wide view of the opinions. In this particular case, this man was put


up as someone who knew what he was talking about the global financial


crisis and matters of business. As I said, he is a buy at -- self-


confessed attention seeker who does financial trading as a hobby, not a


profession. He has never been registered already a thing of the


sword. His incredible as a financial trader? Make your own


mind. With markets in volatile and possibly influenced by a broadcast


like that, should the BBC had been more careful? They did not race


represent in in the says they said he was not something he wanted --


wasn't. But is he the most credible voice of opinion on these things?


Iffy happen to agree... If his views ended up representing a


broader base of opinion amongst financial traders, one would guess


that it was good judgement. This apparently went through a general


producer, rather than a specialist business producer. Is that a


problem? I would be surprised at this being a big problem. It was


not a hoax. And what he said it does not to be too far out of


kilter with what other big -- others think. Thank you very much


indeed. They were more question marks over


best selection after Wednesday night's question night. It involved


a spokesman from the European Commission and an opinionated


journalist. These guys are in total and utter denial. It is terrible


frightening listening to that idiot in Brussels. Mr idiot in Brussels,


would you like to respond? I think the words speak for themselves.


Will be stopped to have -- the Beast of referring to him as that?


You may think he is out of contact with reality, but that one has


stopped him walking out of the studio in Brussels.


There were a number of viewers who were offended by what they saw. One


Meanwhile, I never asked: -- If I said we are currently in the


year of 2011 C E, what you know what I was talking about? Well, the


sea stands for, and Iraq. A newspaper has reported that the BBC


has decided to use this term instead of BC or ad. Many of you


were furious about the suggestion. Sunday's into Marcio discussed the


story in the pay review. According to the Mail on Sunday, BBC turns


its back on year of Our Lord. We are going to say, Iraq and the poor,


near Rye. I say ad and PC, because that is what I understand. I agree.


What was going on? The Mail on Sunday and Boris Johnson on the


next paper based their stories on the BBC website, saying it used BC


and BC be. Is there a corporation wide then on the use of the terms?


No, according to a statement we No shortage this week of criticisms


about BBC News. Finally, there was a reminder on Tuesday that other


broadcasters are not perfect. ITV admitted that images used in its


new current affairs series, supposedly of the IRA shooting down


a helicopter with pilot -- weapons supplied by Colonel Gaddafi, or


actually taken from a computer game. Please keep your eyes and ears on


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